Baptist Church, Ashfield Road

Read the centenary pamphlet by two long-time members...

Gordon Goymer, who lived in Elmswell as a boy in the 30s and 40s, referred to this building as the 'tent'. Well, it had started life as a tent in about 1883/4 (see article and photo below) but that was more than 50 years previously!

Harry Pearson was Treasurer, Secretary and Sunday School Supervisor for many years.
Charles and Doreen Rudland gave long service, he as Secretary and she as organist. They thought the first mission, before 1884, was held in a thatched cottage called Homefield on Ashfield Road (now demolished), and the tent (see photo below) in the field behind; then the "small iron church" mentioned in the centenary pamphlet was located in the front yard of Homefield, roughly where the barn is in Photo No.4 below. The 1887 "tin tabernacle" couldn't have been intended to hold 300 people - Kelly's directory was mistaken - even for 100 there is standing room only. The vestry added in 1922 was half a WW1 army hut!

Centenary photo

More pictures.....

1. Ashfield Road

2. Ashfield Road

3. Ashfield Road

4. Ashfield Road

5. Original tent mission
in about 1884, Lord's Meadow; Miss Watts in the centre. I wonder if that's Homefield in the background?

6. Baptist mission, 1932
in Mulley's Meadow, New Road (Lufkins bungalow in the background). Harry Pearson carrying little Doreen, far right.

Caroline Watts

Decease of sister Elizabeth