Eastwood Farm

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In the 1841 Tithe Apportionment, the property is occupied by Nathan Warren, managing a large woodland area for Lord Thurlow; the 1841 census has him as a woodman aged 55 (so he is not to be confused with the blacksmith Nathan Warren).

An article of 1885 refers to "Nathan Warren, late of East Wood farm", though he had not lived there for many years: by 1864 William Horrex was farming here.

Eastwood Farm was an arable farm of 20 acres run by Alfred Pearson from1925 or earlier until about 1950. During the war it lost a certain amount when John Laing's, the civil engineering people, built the American bomber base. In 1951 there was a Capt. Porter in occupation, and in 1961 a Frederick Finch. From about the early '80s Peter Middleditch the gamekeeper resided here.

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2. Eastwood Farm