Farm Meadow

1. Pond (off School Road) .. Full size

George Russell: As promised, a short piece about Farm Meadow as it was in the 1920's
The meadow was in School Road, nearly opposite the Railway Tavern - the boundary hedge, about 100 yards long, contained two large elms and a horse chestnut tree. The entrance to the meadow was by a stile and a five-barred gate.
On the left side it was bordered by the gardens of the two cottages which still stand endways to the road. There were a lot of buildings at the back and front of these cottages, used to keep pigs and chickens.
The large barn that stood on the right of the cottages was used to store machines that were not in frequent use on the farm - binders, grass cutters, seed drills, etc.
Through the five-barred gate was a footpath across the meadow, leading to the thatched cottage which stands on its own at the far end.
Attached to the end of the barn was a large stable, which Bill Elliston used to keep pigs in. At the right of the boundary was the bake house - Mr Faiers used the meadow to graze his horses there during the sumner.
The school children used this meadow as a playing field; in the winter time when the pond froze over they would slide on it on their way to school. Mr Henry Stearn, the headmaster used to ring the bell at five minutes to nine to make sure they were al
Travelling fairs, with a showman's engine and horse drawn vehicles used to stop on the meadow for a few days sometimes. Also, the County Council used to stand their steam roller there (the driver was Percy Clarke) and the steam haulage road engine, wh
I often wonder why it was called Farm Meadow; with its large barn and numerous outbuildings with the cottages which could have been a farmhouse divided into two, could it ever have been the Home Farm to Elmswell Hall?
So today - the meadow has gone, the pond has been drained and there is the fire station and some houses - and our memories!

Ray Eyres: Grandfather (Charles Gould) hung himself in a barn in Farm meadow by the pond, before 1929.

May Fox: Skating on pond in front of Redits, dangerous

Dot & John Redit: Dot didn't skate on the pond, her children did, doesn't remember whether her siblings did
John: bit of an old boot (boat) on there, an American fuel? tank; float in water and push it across
Catching lizards and newts, tie a worm on a bit of string; get a jar full of them; big ol' skippin' rope across School Avenue

Stan King: Pond where the fire station now is - skating; sledging at the back of the church, which was meadows then.

Jill Jacob: Born VE Day, mid-1945; father farmed the whole garden, where they've now built Farm Meadow, supplied Mr Leeks with lettuces etc to sell in his shop
The pond (where the FireStn now is) - used to go skating on it. Cousin almost drowned falling through;
Colin Finch fell through too (he's Jill's cousin - mum's sister's boy) - been in Elmswell all his life.

Jean Folkard: 5-barred gate {paul64} into where the farm buildings were (near OldFmCott on mapnw).