Hawk End Lane Shops

George Russell: No.l (on the corner) was a small shop which sold sweets and tobacco. I remember Mrs Hawes, Mrs Clarke and then Mr Elliston owning this shop.
No.4 was also at one time a butchers' shop, run by a Mr Cooper; then by the Goymer family and then Fred Cardy.
Butchers: There were several in the village, [including] Cooper (Hawk End Lane), Elliston (School Road)..... Bill Elliston was a 'back door butcher' and would kill and dress a pig on your own premises.

May Fox: Corner of Hawk End Lane was a shop in a front room, run by Mr Elliston.

Dot & John Redit: They remember a butcher at the corner of Hawk End Lane, but not the owner's name; there was some discussion as to whether it was butcher or grocery. John says Gordon Goymer remembers a double door round the back (of this corner shop) where they used to hang the meat
Dot: Nevvy? Elliston's wasn't a butcher's shop - we got sugar, tea and things like that.

Stan King: First house in Hawk End Lane was a shop when he was a kid, general store just in someone's front room.