Inhabited by Bob & Margaret Dow and family from the 1950s to the late '90s. The spacious surroundings included many fruit trees, an extensive rose-garden in the north-west corner (top-right in the aerial photo, which is rather earlier and shows an outbuilding of some kind there), a large lawn (masked by the big tree which has since been removed) on which St John's Church annual fête was held in late June, and another smaller garden to the north to which French windows gave access.

After Margaret's death Bob moved away, and the property was, regrettably, divided up: first the lawn and rose garden gave way to a large new house where the outbuilding (on the photo) was, with an access driveway along the northern boundary; then the remainder was halved again, losing most of the north garden, and bringing the boundary fence to just a few feet from the leaded lounge windows.

1. Roseacre .. Full size

2. New Road
(Paul Peachey Coll. No. 74)

3. Roseacre

4. Before the final infill