Station Garage

Map Location c16

Situated between Victoria Terrace and Jewers Sack Store near the level crossing, this was originally a cycle hire shop belonging to William Nunn (Frank Nunn's brother); it was bought in 1920 by W.F. (Bill) Jacob. The business expanded into motor cycles, selling, hiring and repairing them as well as cycles. At some time in the late 1930s (?) Bill moved his business from Victoria Terrace to The Lion, and his son George took over Station Garage, developing a transport business there: this served, among other customers, the bacon factory, the Tate & Lyle depot, and the sugar beet trade.

When Bill died in 1957, George and family moved "Station Garage" along to The Lion, but kept this place near the railway as an extra workshop and showroom, as well as for its storage space. Unfortunately it succumbed to a fire on 5th January 1960, most of the contents being lost.

In picture No.4 the garage can be seen dead centre, in the distance.

1. Station Garage .. Full size

2. Station Garage

3. Fox and cycle shop

4. Station Road