The Willows, New Road

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This is the earliest picture we have, probably dating from 1920-25. The downstairs windows are still of the old 3x3 pattern, the middle-lower two panes being an openable window. The middle upstairs window is false - quite possibly there had been a real window there before window-tax days. Three windows seem to have blinds as well as curtains...

The roof, previously thatched, has already been replaced by tiles, probably not long before the picture was taken.

The porch you see today was added by Bill Armstrong in the 1950s.

Mary Mulley is the girl on the left; the other chap is unknown.

The fine trade sign to the right announces "Mulley Bros. Builders Contractors & Undertakers"

Just past the right of the house one can see an outbuilding, long since disappeared. The 1904 map shows an outbuilding in that position, though I'm not sure about the orientation!

This picture, date unknown, is clearly later than that above, but we don't know whether it antedates the one below.

Notably, the downstairs windows are now sash windows (the current ones), and the false window has been painted as 4 panes. The side windows are as now, except that the attic has none. There are two terminals above the false window - electricity or 'phone?

There is a bare rose-climber over the front door, and a flower box above.

The gent is unknown.
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I cannot prove this the later photo, but perhaps the path/driveway has changed and maybe there is a flower bed to the left? No rose-climber, but the bench is there and a bush by the door, visible also in the photo with the car.

The business has changed - only "Undertakers and Funeral Furnishers" now, and the sign is crummier.

Dorrie and Bill Mulley.
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