The Willows, New Road

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This picture, taken outside the back door, date unknown, shows Bert Mulley with Dorrie and Gwen the dog.

Nowadays a large wistaria screens the back wall, which has been uniformly rendered, but still where the clapboard was, and above it to the roof, the wall is thin - just studwork with rendering outside and plasterboard inside.

This picture, date unknown, was taken by the flint-faced stone wall which still exists. Gwen the dog is unmistakeable; the lady could be Susie or Dorrie.

There is a 6ft gate into the front yard, bricked up some time ago. You can just make out that the false upstairs window is in its 4-pane period.

To the far left you see one of the white uprights of the (later) signboard.

Date unknown. The Goymers told me that Luther's wife, presumed to be the demonstrative lady here, was "on the stage in London". The other person is not recognisable.

Date unknown, but note that there are now some flowers to the left of the front door. Fred Mulley and Dorrie Goymer - from the confetti on his jacket I presume they are the happy couple, not father and bride!