The Willows, New Road

We (Norman & Rita Kenyon) moved into The Willows in the summer of '88.

Between 1985 and 1988 two different couples had owned the house. The first couple renovated it, removed a false interior wall in the oldest part, and opened up the inglenook there; they named the house 'The Lilacs', as the previous name was no longer significant. The second couple (O'Neill) called it 'The Willows' (one willow was destroyed in the '87 storm, the other still stands) - they were here only 10 months and left no forwarding address!

Bill and Eve Armstrong owned the house from 1948 to 1985 (Bill's long association with the village was recognised by naming a close off Bennett Avenue) after him. Bill's father bought the house in 1947 from the Mulley family, who had been there since 1906 or earlier. Mary (?) Mulley, mother of Alan Goymer (one of our local postmen, 2001), was born in the house in about 1909 - sadly she died in the 1990s without our meeting her. We know from the Tithe Map and Apportionment that the house was owned and occupied by Mary Cook in 1841, and probably still in 1848, though she is not to be found in any census or parish register. The Lord family, who owned Street Farm for many years in the 19c., seem to have acquired some interest in our house, though the matter is far from clear. Other than this, our researches have so far proved rather disappointing! We'll keep trying.

1. Taken in the winter of 88-89 .. Full size

2. Around 1925?

3. Late 1920s or -30s?

4. 3. Late 1920s or -30s?

5. Back door

6. Walled Garden

7. Actress and motor

8. Wedding

9. 1960s?