Dora Handyside was born Dora Manning.
Rosalie, mother of Algy & Gerald Rice and their sister Rosalie, was a Manning, and some photos of the Manning family appear in the Algy & Betty Rice Collection.

This article appeared in the Newsletter in 1994

Elmswell Wheelchairs

You may think it is a new venture for Elmswell to help people in need of a wheelchair. In 1927 a wheelchair was given to Mrs Rose Manning by the Haverfield family who lived in The Manor now known as the Old Rectory. Mrs Manning was a Parlour Maid at The Manor and suffered with TB of the Hip. Her Doctor advised her to sleep outside and she and her husband built a shed in the garden of The Rectory Lodge where they lived for more than 50 years.

Mr and Mrs Manning moved to Thedwastre Close in 1958 and Mrs Manning continued to use her wheelchair until she died at the age of 80 in 1963.

Mrs Manning's daughter Mrs Olive Dalton has lived in the village all her life and has memories and photographs going back to before the turn of the century. She is sister to the late Bill Manning mentioned in the June '93 Newsletter where it stated he used to collect bread from the Bakery. He was in fact a baker, making bread until his recent death, starting work for Mr Hicks at the Bakery in 1918. Mrs Dalton remembers a blacksmith's shop in the 1920's when a Mr Redit worked in a long shed near Merryville, in New Road.

The following was received in August 2004 by e-mail from Susan Brunner

My mother's maiden name was Manning. The first trace I can find of this family is when William Manning and Sophia Manning were married in Elmswell in 1821. According to the 1851 Census, William Manning was born about 1801 in Elmswell and Sophia Manning was born about 1803 in Langham.

Their children, all born in Elmswell were:
William, born about 1822 (Cannot find any trace of him)
William, born about 1823 (Cannot find any trace of him)
Charles, born about 1824, who married Eliza Faires (Fayres), in 1854 in Stow. She was born about 1833 in Elmswell. Their Children, all born in Elmswell were:
Martha Louisa, born about 1860, married Walter Abraham Fenson (Fensom) in 1888 in Hackney, London. He was born about 1860 in Edmonton, Middlesex, London. Their children were, all born in Edmonton, London, in Hornsey were:
Martha Louise, born about 1888
George Edward, born about 1890
Charles Frederick, born about 1892
Edith Alice, born about 1895
Sidney Harold, born about 1897
Alice P., born about 1870.
Charles William, born about 1873, married Lilley Sophia Fisher in 1900 in Stow. Their Children, all born in Elmswell were:
Agnes Amelia, born about 1900
William James, born about 1902
Maria, born about 1826.
Samuel, born about 1833, who never married
Martha, born about 1834.
Sophia, born about 1836, who married James Farrow, a widower with children, in 1873 in Stow, when she was 37.
And finally, my direct ancestor, John, born about 1843. He married Louisa Charlott Hutson (Hudson) in 1872 in Paddington, Kensington, Middlesex. Their children, all born in Edmonton, London were:
Louisa Elizabeth, born about 1874, who married James Edward Press in 1898 in Edmonton
William John, born about 1875, who married Annie Louisa Harrison, 11 1898 in Edmonton
Eleanor Sophia, born about 1877, who married Tom Henry Geddes, in 1900 in Edmonton
Frank Charles, born about 1880
Frederick, born about 1883
And finally, my direct ancestor, Thomas Arthur in 1884. He married Lillian Herd in Tottenham, Edmonton in 1908