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Entry from "Olive M" dated 28th September 2009

John ALEXANDER run over by horse 1824

Evening All

After a much longer break than I'd intended (18 months or so) I'm at it again. From the excellent I have found the following Article from the Suffolk Chronicle, dated 2nd April 1825
Robert Baker, aged 21, was tried on the Coroner's Inquisition, for having, on the 9th of August last, assaulted John Alexander, by riding over him with a mare, by which he received a mortal contusion which occasioned his death. The story goes on at some length but ends with the accused being acquitted.

From the same brilliant site I have found that John was buried 15 August 1824 in Elmswell. Now this is where I would appreciate some help. Please can anyone locate a spouse, siblings or offsping for John. My GG Grandmother Hannah Alexander was born in Elmswell in 1805 and I'm trying to find if there's a link.

All help and suggestions are, as always, greatly appreciated.

Olive Olive M.

Reply from "Tom Piper" dated 3rd October 2009

Was that the same Hannah Alexander of Elmswell who was imprisoned in Bury gaol on two occasions for the same offence in 1828 and 1833?

Both times she had children born to her out of wedlock, which was an offence punishable by a prison sentence of one year, because the children would be the responsibility of the parish.

Both occasions are reported in the Ipswich Journal, in January 1828 and May 1833. The Ipswich Journal Saturday, January 12, 1828 Committed to Bury Gaol:

Hannah Alexander, by R. N. Cartwright, Esq., and the Rev. G Boldero, convicted of having been delivered of a male bastard child, which is yet living and chargeable to Elmswell, to be imprisoned for one year.

The Ipswich Journal Saturday, May 25, 1833 Committed to Bury Gaol:

Hannah Alexander, for having been delivered of a male bastard child, which is living and chargeable to Elmswell, being her fourth offence, to be imprisoned 12 months.

No mention of being linked to John Alexander whose story is in same newspaper.


Further from "Olive M" dated 12th October 2009

Hi Tom

Thanks for your reply. I've been away for a few days and have just read it.

I hadn't seen this info before but must say it does sound like her. Seems she was 'a bit of a girl'! I have her with four children, John (b1834, d 1841 Stow Union Workhouse), James (b 1838) , Rebecca (b 1841, d 1934) and William (b 1843, d 1919) (g granddad). All born out of wedlock in Elmswell. Seems the last two were from Jeremiah Burrows, who she married in 1855. William used the surname Burrows from this point. I haven't found a father for the first two.

If I add these to your information it appears she had seven or eight children in total. The 1833 and 1834 might be the same child. Seems I've got a lot more digging to do.

From the Ipswich Journal 27 October 1849. Patience Armstrong, 15, Hannah Alexander, 46 and James Alexander, 10 were charged with having stolen 8 ½ lbs of flour, the property of Walter Lord, of Elmswell, farmer. Armstrong and Hannah Alexander were convicted of the charge; the latter sentenced to one year’s imprisonment, and the former to 14 days. James Alexander was acquitted.

So it seems she knew the inside of Bury gaol quite well!!

Thanks again for your help.