1841 Census - alphabetical list

Although the original census did not mention marital status or relationship to head of household, these can generally be inferred from the order of entries, so for the purpose of the following alphabetical 1841 list, and for the more general indexes covering 19th century records, I have included such inferences. There may be some resulting errors: the spouse of someone listed as widowed may just have been absent; a younger person of same surname may not be a son or daughter.

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OccupationSuffolk-born?Address (Head only)Page
Adams, ElizaDaur 5. y.14
Adams, GorgeSon 8m. y.14
Adams, HarriottDaur 11. y.14
Adams, JohnHead 35 MAgLab y.13
Adams, JohnSon 3. y.14
Adams, MaryAnnDaur 13. y.14
Adams, RobertSon 15AgLab y.14
Adams, SarahAnnDaur 9. y.14
Adams, SusanWife 35 M. y.13
Adams, SusannahDaur 7. y.14
Alexander, George 15M.S. y.23
Armstrong, Eliza 5. y.14
Armstrong, MaryAnnDaur 3. y.13
Armstrong, MaryAnnWife 30 M. y.14
Armstrong, PatienceDaur 7. y.14
Armstrong, SusanWife 20 M. y.13
Armstrong, ThomasHead 25 M. y.13
Armstrong, WilliamHead 30 MAgLab y.14
Armstrong, WilliamSon 1. y.14
Atkins?, MaryAnn 15. y.25
Avis, ElizabethWife 55 M. y.7
Avis, ThomasHead 55 MFarming Bailiff y.7
Baker, Benjamin 4m. y.15
Baker, CharlotteWife 20 M. y.19
Baker, ElinerWife 20 M. y.15
Baker, ElizaDaur 2. y.15
Baker, GeorgeHead 30 MBroom maker y.15
Baker, GeorgeSon 3. y.15
Baker, Gorge 1. y.15
Baker, HeneryHead 20 MAgLab y.1
Baker, HenerySon 3m. y.15
Baker, JacobHead 55. y.15
Baker, JacobHead 20 MBroom maker y.19
Baker, JosephHead 65 MShomaker? yHill House22
Baker, Maria 25F.S. y.10
Baker, MaryDaur 9. y.13
Baker, MaryAnnWife 20 M. y.1
Baker, RobertHead 45 WAgLab y.13
Baker, SamuallSon 14AgLab y.13
Baker, SarahDaur 13. y.13
Baker, SarahWife 60 M. y.22
Balham, MaryAnnHead 40 W. y.21
Balham, MaryAnnDaur 15. y.21
Balls, Joseph 8. y.4
Barker, SamuallHead 60AgLab y.24
Barrall, JamesHead 50 MGardener y.23
Barrall, JohnSon 3. y.23
Barrall, PatenceWife 30 M. y.23
Barrall, PatenceDaur 15. y.23
Beeton, ElizabethWife 35 M. y.8
Beeton, JohnHead 40 MFarmer y.8
Borley, ElizaDaur 15. y.18
Borley, GeorgeSon 13. y.18
Borley, HarriottDaur 11. y.18
Borley, JohnHead 50 MWoodman y.18
Borley, John 20Woodman y.26
Borley, LewisSon 5. y.18
Borley, TabathaWife 50 M. y.18
Borley, WilliamSon 25. y.18
Bradley, AnnDaur 7. y.26
Bradley, ElizabethWife 40 M. y.26
Bradley, ElizabethDaur 1. y.26
Bradley, FrancesDaur 12. y.26
Bradley, JohnHead 35 MSheppard yWarran Lane26
Bradley, JohnSon 5. y.26
Bradley, ParlettSon 3. y.26
Bradley, ThomasSon 10. y.26
Bridges, CharlesSon 3. y.12
Bridges, DennisHead 45 MFarmer y.12
Bridges, ElizabethDaur 20. y.12
Bridges, EllenDaur 11. y.12
Bridges, HenerySon 9. y.12
Bridges, JaneWife 40 M. y.12
Bridges, JaneDaur 7. y.12
Bridges, Maria 20. y.12
Bridges, MaryHead 65Ind. y.8
Bridges, MaryWife 45 M. y.12
Bridges, ReubenHead 45 MFarmer y.12
Bridges, SarahWife 45 M. y.12
Bridges, Walter 14. y.21
Bridges, WilliamHead 40 MFarmer y.12
Brown, MaryHead 60Ind. yNew Bilden24
Bruce, MarthaWife 30 M. y.17
Bruce, MaryHead 75 MInd. y.8
Bruce, MaryWife 55 M. y.8
Bruce, RobertSon 2. y.7
Bruce, RobertHead 30 MAgLab y.17
Bruce, SallyWife 20 M. y.7
Bruce, ThomasSon 20AgLab y.8
Bruce, WilliamHead 25 MAgLab y.7
Buckell, Eliza 11. y.17
Buckell, PearelHead 60AgLab y.4
Bull, DavidSon 30Tailor y.11
Bull, JohnHead 55 MTailor y.11
Bull, MaryAnnDaur 25. y.11
Bull, SethSon 2. y.11
Bull, SusannahWife 55 M. y.11
Burmon, ElizabethHead 30 W. y.19
Burmon, HenerySon 14. y.19
Burmon?, SarahWife 45 M. y.7
Burmon?, ThomasHead 45 MAgLab y.7
Burras?, ThomasHead 70AgLab y.10
Burres, DavidSon 10. y.5
Burres, EdwardSon 14. y.5
Burres, JamesSon 12. y.5
Burres, JeremiahHead 35 WAgLab y.5
Burres, JosephSon 12. y.5
Burres, MaryannDaur 8. y.6
Burres, RobertSon 15. y.5
Cabbon?, James 10. y.10
Catchpole, ElizabethWife 50 M. y.3
Catchpole, LauraDaur 8. y.3
Catchpole, PriscillaDaur 12. y.3
Catchpole, SarahDaur 15. y.3
Catchpole, ThomasHead 60 MFarmer & Malster y.3
Catchpole, William 70AgLab y.15
Clarke, AbrahamHead 85Woodman y.21
Clarke, AbrahamHead 55 MAgLab y.22
Clarke, Ann 66. y.23
Clarke, Charles 20M.S. y.17
Clarke, DavidHead 25 MShoem y.9
Clarke, DavidSon 2. y.9
Clarke, EdwinHead 45 MWoodman y.21
Clarke, ElizaHead 21 W. y.27
Clarke, ElizabethWife 30 M. y.13
Clarke, ElizabethWife 50 M. y.22
Clarke, GeorgeSon 1. y.27
Clarke, HarriottWife 25 M. y.9
Clarke, HarriottDaur 12. y.18
Clarke, JamesSon 7. y.18
Clarke, JohnSon 12. y.13
Clarke, JosephHead 40 MWoodman y.13
Clarke, Lucy 15F.S. y.2
Clarke, MariaDaur 14. y.18
Clarke, MarthaHead 70. y.27
Clarke, MaryWife 45 M. y.21
Clarke, MaryAnnDaur 2m. y.27
Clarke, RebakahWife 50 M. y.18
Clarke, Sarah 45. y.23
Clarke, ThomasHead 50 MAgLab y.18
Clarke, WilliamSon 4m. y.9
Clarke, WilliamSon 15Woodman y.21
Clarke, Winifred 15F.S. y.24
Cobham, William 15Woodman y.24
Cocking, JaneDaur 8. y.16
Cocking, MaryDaur 40. y.16
Cocking, RobertSon 10. y.16
Cocking, ThomasHead 66 WAgLab y.16
Cocking, WilliamSon 12. y.16
Cole, EbenezerSon 50Famer y.2
Cole, ElizabethDaur 50. y.2
Cole, RogerHead 80 MFarmer y.2
Cole, SusanWife 85 M. y.2
Cooke, SarahHead 70Ind. y.26
Copping?, ElizabethWife 40 M. y.27
Copping?, WilliamHead 50 MFarmer y.27
Cornish, AnnHead 80. y.23
Cuthbert, DianahWife 50 M. y.18
Cuthbert, JohnHead 60 MWeelrite..? y.18
Cuthbert, JohnSon 14. y.18
Cuthbert, MaryAnnDaur 15. y.18
Cuthbert, SarahDaur 2. y.18
Cuthbert?, Amelery?Daur 7. y.5
Cuthbert?, DianahDaur 3. y.5
Cuthbert?, JonathanSon 5. y.5
Cuthbert?, RobertHead 40 MAgLab y.5
Cuthbert?, RobertSon 11. y.5
Cuthbert?, SusannaWife 30 M. y.5
Cuthbert?, WalterSon 1. y.5
Davey, JohnSon 25AgLab y.25
Davey, ReubenSon 25AgLab y.25
Davey, SusanHead 75 W. y.25
Dew, AbrahamHead 60 MAgLab y.6
Dew, GorgeSon 15AgLab y.7
Dew, HannarWife 55 M. y.6
Dew, HarriottDaur 13. y.7
Dew, HenerySon 7. y.7
Dew, IsaacSon 25AgLab y.6
Dew, IsabellDaur 1. y.7
Dew, JamesSon 9. y.7
Dew, John 20M.S. y.24
Dew, OlliverSon 11. y.7
Dixon, Ambros 25AgLab y.22
Drinkmilk, JohnHead 75 MAgLab y.11
Drinkmilk, MaryWife 80 M. y.12
Eastgate, Mary 20F.S. y.1
Elliston, AmosSon 15. y.21
Elliston, HarriottDaur 7. y.21
Elliston, John 25M.S. y.23
Elliston, MaryWife 40 M. y.21
Elliston, ThomasHead 45 MAgLab y.21
Elliston, ThomasSon 13. y.21
Elliston, WilliamSon 10. y.21
Elmer, John?Head 25 M. y.3
Elmer, MaryWife 30 M. y.3
Elsey, HenerySon 8. y.6
Elsey, JamesSon 4. y.6
Elsey, JohnHead 35 MAgLab y.6
Elsey, JohnSon 15. y.6
Elsey, SarahWife 20 M. y.6
Elsey, ThomasSon 20AgLab y.6
Elsey, WilliamSon 12. y.6
Fairs, AnnDaur 6. y.15
Fairs, ElizaDaur 8. y.15
Fairs, ElizabethDaur 3. y.15
Fairs, JosephHead 35 MAgLab y.15
Fairs, JosephSon 10. y.15
Fairs, LouisaWife 35 M. y.15
Fairs, WilliamSon 2m. y.15
Farrow, Anne 15F.S. y.9
Farrow, Eliza 20F.S. y.4
Farrow, ElizaHead 30 W. y.10
Farrow, ElizaWife 30 M. y.22
Farrow, GeorgeSon 2. y.10
Farrow, JamesSon 12. y.8
Farrow, JohnHead 55 WAgLab y.8
Farrow, JohnHead 25 MAgLab y.22
Farrow, LidiaDaur 15. y.8
Farrow, Roseetor?Daur 5. y.10
Farrow, SophiaDaur 3m. y.22
Farthing, AbrahamSon 25. y.11
Farthing, JohnHead 55 MAgLab y.11
Farthing, MaryWife 55 M. y.11
Fenton, EdwardHead 30Nurseriman n.13
Fenton, FredrickSon 15Gardener y.12
Fenton, SarahWife 45 M. y.12
Fenton, ZachariahHead 40 MGardener yGarden House12
Fenton, ZachariahSon 10. y.12
Ford, Susan 15F.S. y.17
Fordham, AdamHead 65 MSheppard y.14
Fordham, MaryWife 55 M. y.14
Fuller, HarriottDaur 11. y.20
Fuller, John 25AgLab y.5
Fuller, Keziah 8. y.2
Fuller, MarthaDaur 5. y.20
Fuller, Mary 6. y.2
Fuller, MaryWife 40 M. y.20
Fuller, MaryDaur 3. y.20
Fuller, MaryAnnDaur 8. y.20
Fuller, RobertHead 40 MBrickmaker y.20
Fuller, Sarah 50. y.2
Fuller, SarahDaur 13. y.20
Fuller, SophiaDaur 3m. y.20
Fuller, Walter 13. y.2
Garnham, MaryWife 55 M. y.3
Garnham, ThomasHead 55 MAgLab y.3
Gaymer, CharlotteWife 40 M. y.27
Gaymer, ChinerySon 13. y.17
Gaymer, ElizabethDaur 11. y.27
Gaymer, HarriottDaur 2. y.27
Gaymer, Harry 3. y.23
Gaymer, JamesSon 15. y.17
Gaymer, JamesSon 9. y.27
Gaymer, JonathanHead 45 MAgLab y.17
Gaymer, JosephSon 4. y.27
Gaymer, MaryDaur 15. y.27
Gaymer, MaryAnnWife 45 M. y.17
Gaymer, MaryAnnDaur 10. y.17
Gaymer, NathanielSon 15AgLab y.17
Gaymer, SamuallHead 40 MAgLab y.27
Gaymer, SarahDaur 10. y.17
Gaymer, SusanahDaur 7. y.27
Gaymer, WilliamSon 13. y.27
Goddard, AnnWife 30 M. y.22
Goddard, ElizaDaur 2. y.10
Goddard, HarriettWife 25 M. y.10
Goddard, HenerySon 15. y.22
Goddard, JamesHead 30 MAgLab y.10
Goddard, JamesSon 10. y.22
Goddard, John 15M.S. y.17
Goddard, LionalHead 45 MAgLab y.22
Goddard, LydiaWife 45 M. y.22
Goddard, MaryAnnDaur 4. y.10
Goddard, RichardSon 8. y.22
Goddard, WilliamHead 30 M. yHall End?22
Goldsmith, ElizabethDaur 20. y.9
Goldsmith, EmmaDaur 15. y.9
Goldsmith, JohnSon 25Farmer y.9
Goldsmith, ThomasSon 20Farmer y.9
Goldsmith, WilliamHead 50 WFarmer y.9
Goodman, Mary 60. y.4
Goodman, Vincent? 25Gardener y.5
Goodrich, Clement 30AgLab y.16
Goold, JohnHead 20AgLab y.2
Grace?, Hannah 25F.S. y.26
Graham, AnnWife 20 M. y.17
Graham, HenerySon 1. y.17
Graham, IrelandHead 35 MFarmer y.17
Gray, ConstantineWife 30 M. y.5
Gray, James?Head 30 MTinker y.5
Gray, James?Son 7. y.5
Gray, LazarusSon 3. y.5
Gray, Miranda?Daur 2. y.5
Gray, WilliamSon 6. y.5
Harsant, Eliza 30. y.1
Hart, ElizabethWife 25 M. y.23
Hart, JohnHead 25 MAgLab y.23
Hart, WilliamSon 0. y.23
Hart, William 15M.S. y.24
Hart?, AnnDaur 12. y.17
Hart?, GorgeSon 8. y.17
Hart?, HarriettDaur 10. y.17
Hart?, Saphar?Daur 20. y.16
Hart?, SarahWife 45 M. y.16
Hart?, WilliamHead 50 MAgLab y.16
Hawes, AnnHead 75. y.23
Hawes?, DanielHead 50 MAgLab y.25
Hawes?, SarahWife 50 M. y.25
Horrex?, Susannah 12F.S. y.15
Howes, ElizabethDaur 1. y.2
Howes, ElizabethWife 60 M. y.10
Howes, GorgeSon 5. y.2
Howes, JemimaWife 20 M. y.2
Howes, RobertHead 30 MAgLab y.2
Howes, RobertHead 70 MAgLab y.10
Howlett, Maria 60Ind. yFox & Goose?24
Hunt, John 80Ind y.22
Hunt, Susan 20F.S. y.1
Hunt, William 40Farmer yCrossways25
Jackson, Sarah 15F.S. y.17
Jarman?, Elizabeth 20. y.25
King, DennisSon 8m. y.3
King, GorgeSon 3. y.3
King, JamesHead 35 MWheelwright y.3
King, JamesSon 11. y.3
King, JemimaWife 35 M. y.3
King, JosephSon 13. y.3
King, MaryHead 55. y.4
King, ReubenSon 5. y.3
King, RobertSon 7. y.3
Kitchen, HannahHead 65Farmer yHall Farm23
Knights, SamuallHead 35 WAgLab y.14
Knights, SamuallSon 11. y.14
Laughlin, AlfredSon 13. y.8
Laughlin, BenjaminHead 40 MAgLab y.8
Laughlin, BetsyDaur 20. y.8
Laughlin, DavidSon 8. y.8
Laughlin, MarthaWife 40 M. y.8
Laughlin, MarthaDaur 4. y.8
Laughlin, ThomasSon 15. y.8
Laughlin, WalterSon 11. y.8
Laughlin, WilliamSon 15. y.8
Lawton, CatherineWife 55 M. n.1
Lawton, EdwardSon 35. y.1
Lawton, EllenDaur 20. y.1
Lawton, FrancesDaur 15. y.1
Lawton, HenerySon 25. y.1
Lawton, JohnSon 30. y.1
Lawton, JosephHead 60 MClerk nRectory1
Lawton, SarahDaur 25. y.1
Lawton, ThomasSon 30. y.1
Leder, ElizabethWife 55 M. y.18
Leder, MaryDaur 15. y.18
Leder, WilliamHead 45 MBrickmaker y.18
Lord, ElizaDaur 8m. y.4
Lord, EmilyDaur 6. y.8
Lord, JamesSon 30Farmer y.4
Lord, LouisaWife 20 M. y.8
Lord, MaryWife 60 M. y.4
Lord, SarahDaur 20. y.4
Lord, Semenon?Son 2. y.8
Lord, WalterHead 55 MFarmer y.4
Lord, WilliamHead 32 MFarmer y.8
Manning, AmasSon 12. y.6
Manning, AnnWife 40 M. y.6
Manning, AnnDaur 15. y.6
Manning, CharlesSon 15. y.16
Manning, JamesHead 50 MAgLab y.6
Manning, JamesSon 6. y.6
Manning, MariaDaur 14. y.16
Manning, RobertSon 15AgLab y.6
Manning, SamuellSon 9. y.16
Manning, SapphiraDaur 9. y.6
Manning, SophiaWife 40 M. y.16
Manning, SophiaDaur 5. y.16
Manning, WilliamHead 40 MAgLab y.16
Manning, WilliamSon 15AgLab y.16
Markall?, Rose 70. y.1
Markell, John 40AgLab y.14
Melton, MaryAnnWife 20 M. y.7
Melton, MaryJaneDaur 3. y.7
Melton, RichardHead 25 MAgLab y.7
Melton, WilliamSon 2. y.7
Morley, BridgetWife 30 M. y.2
Morley, JonathanHead 35 MAgLab y.2
Morley, MarthaDaur 11. y.2
Moss, AnnaDaur 15. y.22
Moss, JamesHead 40 MAgLab y.22
Moss, SusanWife 50 M. y.22
Moyes, AmeyWife 25 M. y.4
Moyes, DennisSon 7. y.5
Moyes, DorothaDaur 16. y.10
Moyes, ElizaDaur 5. y.5
Moyes, JamesHead 25 MAgLab y.4
Moyes, LionelSon 14. y.10
Moyes, MaryAnnDaur 3. y.5
Moyes, WilliamSon 1. y.5
Moyes, WilliamHead 75 WAgLab y.10
Mulley, AbrahamSon 8. y.13
Mulley, AnnDaur 15. y.1
Mulley, AnnaWife 20 M. y.12
Mulley, BenjaminSon 4. y.7
Mulley, Betsy 10F.S. y.12
Mulley, Camelia?Daur 14. y.1
Mulley, DavidSon 25. y.7
Mulley, DavidSon 30Thatcher y.10
Mulley, David?Head 25 MAgLab y.3
Mulley, DennisHead 25Thatcher y.6
Mulley, ElizaWife 20 M. y.15
Mulley, ElizabethWife 30 M. y.9
Mulley, ElizabethDaur 12. y.9
Mulley, FannyWife 30 M. y.13
Mulley, GorgeHead 25 MBaker yBake office12
Mulley, GorgeSon 1. y.12
Mulley, HannahWife 20 M. y.21
Mulley, HarriottDaur 15. y.1
Mulley, HenerySon 4. y.9
Mulley, IsaacSon 1. y.9
Mulley, JamesSon 6m. y.7
Mulley, JamesSon 10. y.13
Mulley, JamesSon 20Bricklayer y.19
Mulley, JamesHead 45 MAgLab y.20
Mulley, JamesSon 20AgLab y.20
Mulley, JaneDaur 20. y.1
Mulley, JaneDaur 9. y.9
Mulley, JohnHead 45 MGrocer yGrocer Shop1
Mulley, JohnHead 40 MShoem y.9
Mulley, JohnSon 6. y.9
Mulley, JohnSon 15Bricklayer y.10
Mulley, JohnHead 25 MAgLab y.21
Mulley, MarthaDaur 9. y.20
Mulley, MaryWife 45 M. y.1
Mulley, MaryWife 45 M. y.19
Mulley, MaryWife 45 M. y.20
Mulley, Mary 15F.S. y.23
Mulley, Mary 20F.S. y.24
Mulley, Mary?Wife 25 M. y.3
Mulley, MaryAnnDaur 15. y.19
Mulley, ReubenSon 25Tailor y.1
Mulley, RobertHead 30 MAgLab y.7
Mulley, RobertHead 30 MAgLab y.13
Mulley, RobertSon 1. y.13
Mulley, RobertSon 15. y.20
Mulley, SamuelSon 13. y.19
Mulley, SaphiahDaur 11. y.19
Mulley, SapphiraWife 20 M. y.7
Mulley, SarahDaur 10. y.1
Mulley, SarahDaur 10. y.9
Mulley, SusanDaur 5. y.21
Mulley, SusannahHead 70 WInd y.10
Mulley, WilliamSon 15. y.9
Mulley, WilliamSon 1m. y.12
Mulley, WilliamHead 25 MBricklayer y.15
Mulley, William 30AgLab y.15
Mulley, WilliamHead 45 MBricklayer y.19
Mulley, WilliamSon 13. y.20
Murton, Sarah 30. y.2
Murton?, RobertHead 30AgLab y.27
Nutting?, Rebecca 20Teacher y.3
Pamment, CathrineHead 25 W. y.14
Pamment, JohnSon 5. y.15
Pamment, MaryAnnDaur 4m. y.15
Pamment, SarahDaur 2. y.15
Pamment, WilliamSon 7. y.14
Parce?, JaneDaur 8. y.21
Parce?, MariaWife 35 M. y.21
Parce?, MarthaDaur 6m. y.21
Parce?, Mary Daur 10. y.21
Parce?, RobertSon 4. y.21
Parce?, WilliamHead 45 MAgLab y.21
Pattle, DanielHead 75Warrant Officer y.1
Pechey, EllenWife 30 M. y.3
Pechey, Jabez?Head 30 MInd y.3
Peck, Robert 20M.S. n.12
Pegg, IsaacSon 5. y.11
Pegg, IsaacHead 65 MAgLab yHill House23
Pegg, JamesSon 9m. y.11
Pegg, JohnHead 30 MAgLab y.11
Pegg, SusanWife 30 M. y.11
Pegg, SusanahWife 60 M. y.23
Pegg, WilliamSon 4. y.11
Pegg, WilliamSon 20AgLab y.23
Pilbrough, ElizabethHead 65. yAlms House23
Plummer, EleanorDaur 10. y.14
Plummer, ElizaDaur 16. y.14
Plummer, RobertHead 55 MAgLab y.14
Plummer, RobertSon 13. y.14
Plummer, UnicaWife 60 M. y.14
Ralph, ElizabethHead 65 W. y.23
Ralph, EmilyDaur 9. y.23
Ransom, Mary 20F.S. y.23
Ranson, ElizabethWife 80 M. y.20
Ranson, WilliamHead 75 MInd. y.20
Read, Elon 60Hauskeeper y.11
Ribbins, AnnHead 65Shopkeeper y.4
Ribbins, JamesHead 50AgLab y.2
Rice, AnnHead 60. y.23
Rice, AnnHead 20 W. y.23
Rice, BridgetDaur 4. y.24
Rice, FannyWife 20 M. y.16
Rice, HarriottWife 45 M. y.9
Rice, HenerySon 14. y.9
Rice, IsaacHead 25 MCochman y.16
Rice, JaneDaur 4. y.9
Rice, MaryDaur 7. y.9
Rice, SarahDaur 15. y.9
Rice, SusanahDaur 4. y.16
Rice, WilliamHead 55 MAgLab y.9
Robinson, CharlesHead 35 MButcher y.13
Robinson, CharlesSon 3. y.13
Robinson, Elizabeth 6. y.7
Robinson, EllenDaur 4. y.13
Robinson, GorgeSon 3m. y.13
Robinson, JohnHead 35 WCarpenter y.11
Robinson, RobertSon 12. y.11
Robinson, SaphaWife 30 M. y.13
Robinson, SaphaDaur 2. y.13
Robinson, SarahDaur 6. y.11
Rout, Sarah 50Ind y.12
Rowe, JohnHead 50 MInd y.10
Rowe, MatildaWife 50 M. y.10
Ruddock, David 25Sho Maker y.16
Ruddock, EllenDaur 6. y.22
Ruddock, GeorgeSon 2. y.22
Ruddock, JohnHead 60 WAgLab y.21
Ruffels?, HarriottDaur 1. y.19
Ruffels?, JaneHead 25 W. y.19
Ruffels?, JaneDaur 3m. y.19
Sadler, Matilda 15F.S. y.13
Salmon, DavidSon 15AgLab y.19
Salmon, ElizaDaur 11. y.19
Salmon, ElizabethWife 65 M. y.16
Salmon, ElizabethDaur 5. y.19
Salmon, EmilyDaur 7. y.19
Salmon, EmmaDaur 9. y.26
Salmon, GeorgeSon 8. y.26
Salmon, HarriottDaur 3. y.26
Salmon, HenerySon 1. y.19
Salmon, JamesSon 6. y.26
Salmon, JohnSon 20. y.19
Salmon, JohnHead 30 MAgLab y.26
Salmon, JohnSon 1. y.26
Salmon, MaryWife 40 M. y.19
Salmon, MaryWife 30 M. y.26
Salmon, RobertSon 15Tilemaker y.16
Salmon, SapphiahDaur 9. y.19
Salmon, ThomasHead 70 MAgLab y.16
Salmon, ThomasHead 40 MGardener y.19
Salmon, ThomasSon 13. y.19
Salmon, WilliamSon 15. y.19
Salmon, WilliamSon 11. y.26
Sayer, AnnDaur 2. y.4
Sayer, JohnSon 13. y.20
Sayer, MaryWife 50 M. y.20
Sayer, MaryAnnDaur 15. y.20
Sayer, ReubenHead 25 M. y.4
Sayer, RichardSon 15. y.20
Sayer, SusannaWife 25 M. y.4
Sayer, SusannaDaur 5m. y.4
Sayer, WilliamHead 50 MBricklayer y.20
Sayer, WilliamSon 20Bricklayer y.20
Sayer?, EdwardHead 25 MBricklayer yCross Street27
Sayer?, MaryAnnWife 20 M. y.27
Sewell, MaryAnn 35F.S. y.24
Sillett, MaryAnn 30F.S. y.24
Simons?, John 45AgLab y.11
Skace?, Lydia 11. y.22
Skace?, Robert 13. y.22
Skace?, William 20AgLab y.22
Smith, AlexanderSon 20. y.10
Smith, AnnWife 30 M. y.2
Smith, Christian 35Ind. y.24
Smith, GorgeSon 3. y.2
Smith, MaryWife 55 M. y.10
Smith, RobertSon 15AgLab y.10
Smith, SamuelHead 55 MAgLab y.10
Smith, SarahDaur 5. y.2
Smith, WilliamHead 30 MInnkeeper yLion Inn2
Snelling, Mary 10F.S. y.2
Spencer, AnnaWife 30 M. y.4
Spencer, BenjaminSon 15. y.4
Spencer, DavidSon 15Cabnettmaker y.4
Spencer, ElizabethDaur 25. y.4
Spencer, MaryDaur 10. y.4
Spencer, PeterHead 40 MBlacksmith y.4
Spencer, PeterSon 20Blacksmith y.4
Spencer, WilliamSon 20Butcher y.4
Stevens, ElizabethWife 20 M. y.15
Stevens, SimeonSon 3. y.16
Stevens, ThomasHead 25 MButcher y.15
Stevens, WilliamSon 6m. y.16
Syer, AnnDaur 10. y.17
Syer, JosephSon 11. y.17
Syer, SarahHead 25 W. y.17
Syer, WalterSon 7. y.17
Syer, WilliamSon 5. y.17
Thomson, James 50AgLab y.11
Turner, Gorge 45AgLab y.10
Walker, Elizabeth 70Ind y.12
Warren, CharlesSon 15. y.6
Warren, JamesSon 11. y.6
Warren, JohnSon 20Woodman y.6
Warren, MargreatDaur 25. y.6
Warren, NathanHead 55 MWoodman y.6
Warren, SusannarWife 50 M. y.6
Warren?, KeziaDaur 15. y.27
Warren?, MaryAnnDaur 15. y.27
Warren?, SharlotteHead 50 WInd. y.27
Welham, FrancesWife 55 M. y.21
Welham, NunnHead 55 MGardener yHall End?21
Witton, Emma 25F.S. y.24
Wretham, AmbrossSon 11. y.24
Wretham, BellWife 50 M. y.24
Wretham, Edmand? 7. y.22
Wretham, EdmundHead 50 MWoodman yBunkrs Hill24
Wretham, George 20Woodman y.20
Wretham, GeorgeSon 7. y.24
Wretham, JamesHead 30 MGardener y.24
Wretham, JamesSon 5. y.24
Wretham, JohnHead 25Woodman y.2
Wretham, KeziaWife 30 M. y.24
Wretham, MaryDaur 2. y.24
Wretham, RobertSon 9. y.24
Wretham, ThomasSon 4m. y.24
Wright, AmeliaDaur 15. y.25
Wright, Ann?Daur 15. y.25
Wright, BenjaminSon 11. y.26
Wright, BridgetWife 25 M. y.11
Wright, CharlesHead 20 MAgLab y.19
Wright, CharlotteDaur 15. y.25
Wright, DavidHead 30 MThatcher y.11
Wright, ElizaDaur 15. y.3
Wright, ElizabethWife 20 M. y.8
Wright, ElizabethDaur 7. y.25
Wright, EmmaDaur 9. y.26
Wright, EnochSon 15. y.25
Wright, GeorgeHead 14 WBrickmaker y.24
Wright, HannarWife 25 M. y.18
Wright, JamesSon 9. y.25
Wright, JamesSon 6. y.26
Wright, JaneWife 45 M. y.25
Wright, JohnHead 50AgLab y.18
Wright, JohnSon 1. y.25
Wright, JohnSon 25. y.25
Wright, MarianDaur 4m. y.8
Wright, MarthaWife 20 M. y.20
Wright, MaryWife 50 M. y.3
Wright, MaryWife 20 M. y.7
Wright, MaryAnnDaur 4. y.11
Wright, MaryAnnDaur 11. y.25
Wright, MaryAnnDaur 14. y.26
Wright, Naomi?Daur 15. y.25
Wright, PhilipHead 20 MAgLab y.7
Wright, Rebbacca?Daur 7. y.11
Wright, RebeccaDaur 13. y.26
Wright, ReubenHead 40 MBrickmaker yBrickln25
Wright, RichardHead 50 Mbroker y.3
Wright, RobertHead 25 MFarmer y.8
Wright, RobertHead 45 MBrickmaker y.25
Wright, SarahDaur 3m. y.18
Wright, SarahDaur 6. y.25
Wright, SophiaDaur 10. y.11
Wright, SophiaWife 35 M. y.25
Wright, SophiaDaur 4. y.25
Wright, SophiaDaur 4. y.26
Wright, ThomasSon 20. y.25
Wright, WalterSon 7. y.18
Wright, WilliamHead 25 MSho maker y.18
Wright, WilliamSon 3. y.20
Wright, WilliamSon 13. y.24
Youngman, Mary 25F.S. y.1