1851 Census

This census is in two parts, roughly south and north of the railway, so the serial numbers in the right-hand column are prefixed with S or N.

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OccupationWhere born Census entry, Address
Adams, E . WoolpitN.50
Adams, ElizaDaur 16. ElmswellS.75
Adams, GeorgeSon 12. ElmswellS.75
Adams, HarriotDaur 21. ElmswellS.75
Adams, JaneDaur 7. ElmswellS.75
Adams, JohnHead 47 MCoal Porter ElmswellS.75
Adams, JohnSon 12Coal Porter's son ElmswellS.75
Adams, Robert . TostockN.50
Adams, Sarah . StowmarketN.50
Adams, SusanWife 46 M. NortonS.75
Adams, SusanG-Daur 2. ElmswellS.75
Adams, Susanna . ElmswellN.50
Alderton, David . WoolpitN.59
Alexander, James 12? ElmswellN.19
Alexander, Rebecca 8. ElmswellN.19
Alexander, W 7. ElmswellN.19
Armstrong, AnnaDaur 6. ElmswellS.48
Armstrong, ElizaDaur 15. ElmswellS.48
Armstrong, ElizaDaur 1. ElmswellS.58
Armstrong, EllenDaur 8. ElmswellS.58
Armstrong, JaneDaur 4. ElmswellS.58
Armstrong, MaryWife 42 M. ?S.48
Armstrong, Patienceservant 17. ElmswellS.14
Armstrong, SusanWife 31 M. WoolpitS.58
Armstrong, ThomasHead 41 Ma ElmswellS.58
Armstrong, WHead 47 M. ElmswellS.48
Armstrong, WSon 9. ElmswellS.48
Armstrong, WSon 6. ElmswellS.58
Avis, E . DrinkstoneN.63
Avis, Thomas . ElmswellN.63
B, MarthaWife 40 M. ElmswellS.40
B, RobertHead 40 M. PakenhamS.40
Bailey, JohnLodger 39Woodman & Farmer ElmswellS.84
Bailham, JamesSon 2. ElmswellS.66
Bailham, MarianWife 27 M. NortonS.66
Bailham, RobertHead 26 Ma ElmswellS.66
Bailham, RobertSon 5. ElmswellS.66
Bailham, Sarah ADaur 8. ElmswellS.66
Bailham, WSon 8m. ElmswellS.66
Baker, (absent)Head x M. ElmswellS.59
Baker, Betsy servant lab indoors Walsham-le-WillowsN.47
Baker, BridgetDaur 3. ElmswellS.39
Baker, EDaur 1m. ElmswellS.59
Baker, EleanorWife 38 M. ElmswellS.39
Baker, EleanorDaur 6. ElmswellS.39
Baker, ElizaStep-D 13. NortonS.37
Baker, ElizaDaur 11. ElmswellS.39
Baker, Emma . ThurstonN.56
Baker, GeorgeSon 29a ElmswellS.52
Baker, GeorgeSon 4. ElmswellS.59
Baker, George RHead 46 MInnkeeper & Beermaker employing 1 man ElmswellS.39
Baker, HenrySon 10. ElmswellS.39
Baker, HenrySon 8. MiddlesexS.52
Baker, HenryHead 31 MThatcher ElmswellS.56
Baker, JacobLodger 69a ElmswellS.65
Baker, Jacob RSon 8. ElmswellS.39
Baker, JamesSon 12. ElmswellS.52
Baker, MaryWife 46 M. ElmswellS.52
Baker, MaryAnnWife 29 M. Badwell AshS.56
Baker, MatildaDaur 4m. ElmswellS.39
Baker, RobertHead 47 Ma ?S.52
Baker, RobertSon 21a ElmswellS.52
Baker, SarahWife 33 M. RickinghallS.59
Baker, SarahHead 85 WLiving in the Almshouse ?S.96
Baker, SophiaDaur 5. ElmswellS.39
Baker, SophiaDaur 10. ElmswellS.52
Baker, SophiaDaur 2. ElmswellS.59
Balaam, JohnLodger 23Journeyman Carpenter BactonS.61
Ballam, Jamesservant 14. ElmswellS.64
Balls, Joseph Miller NortonN.57
Barker, SamuelHead 73 WCooper ?S.79
Barrell, JamesHead 35 MAgLab & Gardener ElmswellS.87
Barrell, JamesSon 5m. ElmswellS.87
Barrell, JamesS-in-law 54 MChurch Clerk & Gardener ElmswellN.26
Barrell, MaryWife 30 M. ElmswellS.87
Barrell, PatienceDaur 3. ElmswellS.87
Barrell, SarahDaur 6. ElmswellS.87
Barrell, SusanDaur 4. ElmswellS.87
Barrett, LouisaNiece 22Dairy maid NorfolkS.23
Belman, W lab indoors TostockN.47
Bloomfield, Mariaservant 55. not knownS.19
Borley, EWife 60 M. ElmswellS.25
Borley, Edward?Grandson 14. ElmswellS.25
Borley, ElizaDaur 28. ElmswellS.25
Borley, GeorgeSon 22Woodman ElmswellS.25
Borley, HarriotDaur 20. ElmswellS.25
Borley, JohnHead 63 MFarming 45 acres employing 1 man & 1 boy HaughleyS.25
Borley, WSon 36Woodman ElmswellS.25
Bradley, AlexanderSon 23Labourer RattledenS.18
Bradley, AnnDaur 17. ElmswellS.18
Bradley, EWife 50 M. NorfolkS.18
Bradley, E LDaur 10. ElmswellS.18
Bradley, FrancesDaur 22. WetherdenS.18
Bradley, Isabel? MariaDaur 7. ElmswellS.18
Bradley, JohnHead 49 MShepherd LawshallS.18
Bradley, JohnSon 15. ElmswellS.18
Bradley, Parlett JSon 13. ElmswellS.18
Bradley, ThomasSon 20. WetherdenS.18
Bridges, DennisHead 60 MFarming 9? acres of land ElmswellS.69
Bridges, EDaur 37. Wickham SkeithS.69
Bridges, EHead 78 WLiving on independence ElmswellS.97
Bridges, MaryWife 62 M. ElmswellS.69
Bridges, MaryHead 79 WRetired farmer's wife ElmswellN.31
Bruce, EDaur 1. ElmswellN.32
Bruce, HarrietDaur 4. ElmswellN.32
Bruce, MaryHead 68 WLiving in the Almshouse ElmswellS.93
Bruce, SarahWife 32 M. ElmswellN.32
Bruce, ThomasHead 33 Ma ElmswellN.32
Bruce, WSon 11. ElmswellN.32
Buckel, Robert 46a HoningtonN.20
Buckel, Sarah 43. Badwell AshN.20
Buckle, EStep-D 21. ElmswellS.40
Bull, David . ElmswellN.58
Bull, John Tailor & Draper WetherdenN.58
Bull, MaryAnn . MoultonN.58
Bull, Seth . ElmswellN.58
Bull, Susanna . AshfieldN.58
Bullet, JohnGodson 18a BrettenhamS.70
Burmingham, B?Lodger 31Police Officer ?S.59
Burton, AnnaDaur 8. ElmswellS.76
Burton, MariaWife 41 M. ?S.76
Burton, RobertHead 41 Ma HunstonS.76
Carter, CharlotteWife 34 M. ?S.43
Carter, EDaur 5. DenhamN.35
Carter, GeorgeSon 1. DenhamN.35
Carter, HephzabahDaur 7. ?S.43
Carter, JohnLodger 78 WParish relief BradfieldS.77
Carter, MaryDaur 2. ?S.43
Carter, MaryAnnDaur 11. UffordN.35
Carter, PatienceWife 41 M. MiddletonN.35
Carter, RobertHead 36 MRailway Porter NorfolkS.43
Carter, SophiaDaur 4. Needham MktS.43
Carter, SusannahDaur 9. ?S.43
Carter, WHead 41 MFarmer of 59 acres employing men & 1 boy DenhamN.35
Catchpole, E . HunstonN.55
Catchpole, PriscillaVisitor 22Milliner & Dressmaker ElmswellS.57
Catchpole, Sarah employed at home ElmswellN.55
Catchpole, Thomas ...farmer LavenhamN.55
Charles, JohnSon 13. WoolpitS.7
Charles, WoolseySon 15Nothing to do besides collecting manure WoolpitS.7
Clark, AbrahamHead 64 Wa FakenhamS.49
Clark, CharlesSon 31 Ma ElmswellS.49
Clark, CharlesGrandson 2. ElmswellS.49
Clark, ElizaG-Daur 4. ElmswellS.49
Clark, MariaD-in-law 25 M. ElmswellS.49
Clark, Robert CLodger 27. ElmswellS.51
Clarke, 46Farmer & Malster employing n men NorfolkS.64
Clarke, 30?? man ElmswellS.64
Clarke, 47. HaughleyS.64
Clarke, ??Wife M. LawshallS.63
Clarke, DavidHead 36 MShoe maker ?N.39
Clarke, David JSon 11. ?N.39
Clarke, EdwardHead 56 MWoodman ElmswellS.63
Clarke, HarrietWife 35 M. ?N.39
Clarke, John 32Woodman ElmswellS.64
Clarke, Joseph CSon 6. ?N.39
Clarke, MarthaLodger 78Receiving Parish Relief ElmswellS.73
Clarke, MaryAnnDaur 3. ?N.39
Clarke, SophiaV 45. HaughleyS.64
Clarke, ThomasLodger 60Wood ?? ElmswellS.66
Clarke, W DSon 9. ?N.39
Cocksedge, DavidSon 6. ElmswellS.70
Cocksedge, MaryHead 50 W. ElmswellS.70
Cocksedge, RobertSon 20a ElmswellS.70
Cocksedge, WSon 22a ElmswellS.70
Cole, EWife 60 M. DebachS.22
Cole, EbenezerHead 62 MSchoolmaster IpswichS.22
Copping, . ElmswellN.46
Copping, E . KentN.46
Copping, W pensioner StowmarketN.46
Cornell, AnnWife 58 M. NorfolkS.23
Cornell, SarahDaur 20. CheshireS.23
Cornell, WHead 54 MFarming 100 acres employing 4 Labourers Higham...S.23
Corner, EdwardHead 31 MMerchant's Clerk IpswichS.4
Corner, JemimaWife 31 M. StowuplandS.4
Corner, JuliaDaur 3. StowmarketS.4
Corner, MathiasSon 5. StowmarketS.4
Corner, Sarah AnnDaur 1. ElmswellS.4
Cornish, MaryHead 62 WLiving in the Almshouse ElmswellS.94
Cross, Althia . ElmswellN.59
Cross, Amelia . CambridgeN.59
Cross, Josiah . HunstonN.59
Cross, Laura . ElmswellN.59
Cross, MaryAnn . ElmswellN.59
Cross, Pearl . CambsN.59
Cross, Philipina . CambridgeN.59
Cross, W ..maker & Wheeler CambsN.59
Cross, W Employed as wheelwright to father WoolpitN.59
Culham, EllenDaur 1. ElmswellS.32
Culham, MariaWife 24 M. ThornhamS.32
Culham, SamuelHead 35 MRailway Gatekeeper ReddeshamS.32
Culham, SarahDaur 3. ThornhamS.32
Cuthbert, DinahMother-in-law 63Shopkeeper WetherdenS.26
Cuthbert, JohnFather-in-law 75Wheelwright ElmswellS.26
Dew, AbrahamHead 70 MPensioned out WetherdenS.74
Dew, AbrahamHead 38 Ma NorfolkS.81
Dew, AnnaWife 29 M. ElmswellS.81
Dew, EDaur 3. ElmswellS.81
Dew, GeorgeSon 26 Ma ElmswellS.74
Dew, HannahWife 68 M. NorfolkS.74
Dew, HarrietDaur 4. ElmswellS.81
Dew, HenerySon 1m. ElmswellN.25
Dew, HenrySon 17a ElmswellS.74
Dew, JohnHead 27 Ma ElmswellN.25
Dew, MargetD-in-law 30 M. NortonS.74
Dew, Sonia?Wife 23 M. WoolpitN.25
Dill, Elmily . Badwell AshN.49
Dill, Harriet . WetherdenN.49
Dill, Isaac . NorwichN.49
Dill, MaryAnn . ElmswellN.49
Dixon, AmbroseHead 35 Ma ElmswellS.45
Dixon, ElizaDaur 4. ElmswellS.45
Dixon, FrancesDaur 3. ElmswellS.45
Dixon, GeorgeSon 1. ElmswellS.45
Dixon, MaryWife 38 M. ElmswellS.45
Easlea, GeorgeHead 36 MMalster to J Mills of Norton Merchant StowmarketN.4
Easlea, HannahWife 35 M. NorfolkN.4
Elliston, ElizaDaur 9. ElmswellS.29
Elliston, Ellenor BDaur 2. Needham GazelyN.7
Elliston, GeorgeSon 7Scholar ThurstonN.7
Elliston, Harriot AnnDaur 17Dress maker ElmswellS.29
Elliston, John GHead 42 MFarmer's Bailiff to .... ElmswellN.7
Elliston, MarianWife 30 M. ThurstonN.7
Elliston, MaryWife 49 M. ElmswellS.29
Elliston, RebeccaD-in-law 23. ElmswellS.29
Elliston, Robert FSon 6m. ElmswellN.7
Elliston, ThomasHead 59 MHay trusser & AgLab WyverstoneS.29
Elliston, ThomasSon 23Brickmaker's Journeyman ElmswellS.29
Elliston, Thomas Farmer receiving relief ThorndonN.44
Elliston, W RSon 5Scholar ThurstonN.7
Elmer, JesseHead 37 MFootman in Chappmans House HaughleyS.5
Elmer, MaryWife 40 M. BardwellS.5
Elsey, EWife 60 M. ?N.40
Elsey, HenerySon Railway lab. ?N.40
Elsey, James Employed by Salmon ElmswellN.40
Elsey, JohnHead 57 Ma ?N.40
Elvey, ElizaDaur 5. ElmswellN.33
Elvey, MaryAnnDaur 3m. ElmswellN.33
Elvey, SharlotteWife 29 M. BrettenhamN.33, north080
Elvey, SharlotteDaur 3. ElmswellN.33
Elvey, ThomasHead 30 Ma ElmswellN.33
Faiers, EDaur 12. ElmswellS.35
Faiers, ElizaDaur 18. ElmswellS.35
Faiers, JamesSon 7. ElmswellS.35
Faiers, JosephHead 48 Ma AshfieldS.35
Faiers, LouisaWife 46 M. WelnethamS.35
Faiers, WSon 10. ElmswellS.35
Fairs, E . ElmswellN.45
Fairs, Joseph farmer WickhamN.45
Fares, Joseph lab indoors ElmswellN.47
Farrow, HenerySon 7Scholar ElmswellN.20
Farrow, JamesSon 21a ?N.37
Farrow, JohnHead 88 Mout Pensioner ?N.20
Farrow, MaryHead 68 WFarmer's ?? wife Being relict ?N.37
Farrow, MaryAnnWife 31 M. Badwell AshN.20
Farrow, RachelDaur 3. ElmswellN.20
Farrow, SarahDaur 9Scholar Badwell AshN.20
Farthing, AbrahamHead 36 Ma HaughleyS.82
Farthing, HephzibahDaur 5. ElmswellS.83
Farthing, IsaacHead 35 Ma HaughleyS.83
Farthing, JemimaDaur 32. HaughleyN.3
Farthing, JohnHead 77 MFarmer's labourer receiving parish relief ElmswellN.3
Farthing, MaryWife 76 M. HaughleyN.3
Farthing, MaryAnnWife 48 M. ElmswellS.82
Farthing, MaryAnnWife 42 M. FinninghamS.83
Fenton, ZachariahHead 57 WNurseryman employing 3 men RisbyS.19
Fenton, ZachariahSon 20Employed in the grounds ElmswellS.19
Fisher, Alice ?Daur 4. ElmswellS.90
Fisher, CharlotteWife 35 M. RoughamS.90
Fisher, EDaur 10. HartestS.90
Fisher, FrederickHead 33 MBrickmaker & Farmer employing 10 labourers WoolpitS.90
Fisher, KateDaur 8. ElmswellS.31
Fisher, Mary JaneWife 38 M. ElmswellS.31
Fisher, PhilipHead 35 MBrickmaker (by Profession) WoolpitS.31
Fisher, RebeccaDaur 3. WoolpitS.31
Fisher, RoseDaur 7. ElmswellS.90
Fordham, AdamHead 77 MParish relief ?S.77
Fordham, MaryWife 65 M. ?S.77
Frost, 39Tailor & Shopkeeper ElmswellS.37
Frost, 41. MildenhallS.37
Frost, JamesHead 27 MHarness maker HaughleyS.36
Frost, SusanWife 23 MMilliner & Dressmaker DagworthS.36
Frost, W lab indoors BradfieldN.47
Fuller, Annservant 16Kitchen maid ElmswellN.1
Fuller, AnnaDaur 12. ElmswellN.21
Fuller, JohnHead 33 Ma ElmswellN.21
Fuller, KeziahDaur 17. ElmswellS.8
Fuller, MaryAnnWife 27 M. HunstonN.21
Fuller, SarahHead 60 WReceiving Parish Relief ElmswellS.8
Fuller, WSon 3m. ElmswellN.21
Fuller, WalterSon 19a ElmswellS.8
Garnham, CharityDaur 11. ElmswellS.24
Garnham, GeorgeSon 15. Needham MarketS.24
Garnham, Kezinhousekeeper 30Housekeeper GosbeckN.36
Garnham, MaryAnnDaur 7. ElmswellS.24
Garnham, RachaelWife 47 M. FinninghamS.24
Garnham, ThosFather-in-law 76 WLabourer receiving parish relief BardwellS.5
Garnham, WHead 44 MRailway Porter Petistree?S.24
Garrood, AliceWife 40 M. Badwell AshN.28
Garrood, HarrietD-in-law 20 M. WoolpitN.28
Garrood, HonourDaur 1. ElmswellN.28
Garrood, JamesSon 21 Ma ElmswellN.28
Garrood, WHead 40 Ma ElmswellN.28
Gill, EllenWife 27 M. HawsteadS.47
Gill, FrederickSon 4m. ElmswellS.47
Gill, James HSon 3. BentleyS.47
Gill, James ParkHead 26 MRailway Station Master IpswichS.47
Girling, Juneservant 16General servant WetherdenN.6
Goddard, EWife 25 M. HitchamS.72
Goddard, ElizaDaur 12. ElmswellN.2
Goddard, HenryHead 27 Ma ElmswellS.72
Goddard, JamesHead 42 M. Badwell AshN.2
Goddard, JamesSon 4. ElmswellN.2
Goddard, LionellHead 59 Ma ThorndonS.38
Goddard, LydiaWife 58 M. DebenhamS.38
Goddard, MaryWife 27 MScholar ElmswellN.2
Goddard, RebeccaDaur 8m. BurstfordN.2
Goddard, RichardSon 17. ElmswellS.38
Godina, Susanservant 14. WoolpitS.90
Goldsmith, WHead 62 WFarmer of 114 acres employing 3 lab & 1 boy RoughamN.36
Goode, AlbertSon 1m. ElmswellS.6
Goode, CharlesHead 19 MLabourer HaughleyS.6
Goode, SophiaWife 19 M. ElmswellS.6
Goodman, ??Brother-in-law 40Employed for gardening ElmswellS.61
Goodrich, CathrineWife 35 M. ElmswellS.30
Goodrich, CharlesSon 6. ElmswellS.30
Goodrich, ClementHead 41 MMole & Rat Catcher ElmswellS.30
Goodrich, ElizaDaur 3. ElmswellS.30
Goodrich, GeorgeSon 4. ElmswellS.30
Goodrich, LucyDaur 11m. ElmswellS.30
Goodrich, MaryDaur 10. ElmswellS.30
Goodrich, SarahDaur 15. ElmswellS.30
Goold, Drusilla . ElmswellN.51
Goold, Henry . ElmswellN.51
Goold, John . ElmswellN.51
Goold, MaryAnn . ElmswellN.51
Gorleton, Mariaservant 35. WalshamS.13
Goymer, ChinrySon 23Gardener & Nurseryman ElmswellS.67
Goymer, EDaur 3. ElmswellS.65
Goymer, HannahWife 36 M. ElmswellS.65
Goymer, HarrietDaur 11. ElmswellS.9
Goymer, JamesSon 19a ElmswellS.16
Goymer, JamesSon 25a ElmswellS.67
Goymer, JosephSon 14. ElmswellS.16
Goymer, MargetHead 60 W. ElmswellS.67
Goymer, MargetD-in-law 19. ElmswellS.67
Goymer, MaryDaur 1. ElmswellS.65
Goymer, NathanielHead 27 Ma ElmswellS.65
Goymer, SamuelSon 52a ElmswellS.16
Goymer, SusanDaur 17. ElmswellS.16
Goymer, SusanG-Daur 3m. ElmswellS.67
Goymer, WSon 4. ElmswellS.65
Grafton, EppyG-Daur 5. LondonS.15
Graham, Ann . HerfordshireN.47
Graham, Ireland . WoolpitN.47, Elmswell Hall
Halls, JamesLodger 19Bricklayer DissS.51
Harsant, ElizaDaur 45 W. ClaydonS.13
Hart, AnnDaur 22. ElmswellS.68
Hart, GeorgeSon 17. ElmswellS.68
Hart, WHead 61 Wa Badwell AshS.68
Hart, WSon 27. ElmswellS.68
Hawes, EM-in-law 75 WAgLab wife AshfieldN.Page missing
Hebrew, Robertservant 28Footman in Clergyman's Ho. FinboroughS.98
Hews, W & Bailif indoors HerfordshireN.47
Hibbert, CatherineNiece 35. EssexS.13
Hinson, AnnDaur 13. CambsS.10
Hinson, EWife 47 M. HantsS.10
Hinson, JohnSon 9. CambsS.10
Hinson, JosephHead 46 MDraper & Grocer ElyS.10
Hinson, JosephSon 6. CambsS.10
Hinson, MaryDaur 7. CambsS.10
Hinson, Sears?Son 1. CambsS.10
Hinson, WelhamSon 11Assistant in the shop CambsS.10
Hooker, EmmaWife 25 M. ?S.44
Hooker, Emma GDaur 2. ?S.44
Hooker, GeorgeHead 31 MPlatelayer on Railway ?S.44
Hooker, Harry JSon 5m. ?S.44
Horrex, EWife 58 M. HitchamN.13
Horrex, RobertSon 35 Wa HitchamN.13
Horrex, WHead 56 MFarmer 27 acres employing 2 men 1 boy HitchamN.13
Howes, Head 36 M. ElmswellN.23
Howes, EmmaDaur 11. ElmswellN.23
Howes, HannahDaur 11. ElmswellN.23
Howes, JamesSon 6. ElmswellN.23
Howes, JemimaWife 34 M. ElmswellN.23
Hunger, MarthaDaur 25. ElmswellS.38
Hunger, RobertSon-in-law 22. ElmswellS.38
Hunneyball, CharlesSon 8. StowmarketS.2
Hunneyball, EbenezerSon 2. StowmarketS.2
Hunneyball, ElijahHead 41 WCoal Porter Wickham SkeithS.2
Hunneyball, ElizaDaur 10. StowmarketS.2
Hunneyball, JosephSon 4. StowmarketS.2
Hunneyball, MaryAnnDaur 14. StowmarketS.2
Jolly, EWife 58 M. LondonS.15
Jolly, ThomasHead 68 MRetired from Business - Baker Badwell AshS.15
King, E . NortonN.62
King, JamesS-in-law 22 Ma ElmswellN.17
King, JamesGrandson 1. ElmswellN.17
King, JosephBrother 17a ElmswellN.16
King, MaryAunt 79 W. LavenhamS.87
King, RobertHead 23a ElmswellN.16
King, SophiaDaur 24 M. ElmswellN.17
Knights, EWife 55 M. WoolpitS.7
Knights, SamuelHead 49 Ma HunstonS.7
Laughlin, BenjaminSon 1. ElmswellN.34
Laughlin, DanilSon 6Scholar WoolpitN.34
Laughlin, ElizaWife 25 M. DissN.34
Laughlin, ElizaDaur 4. WoolpitN.34
Laughlin, Harriet W . ElmswellN.45
Laughlin, JohnHead 28 Ma ElmswellN.34
Laughlin, MaryAnn W . ElmswellN.45
Lawton, Edward CSon 51Curate of Elmswell ClaydonS.13
Lawton, Fanny GraceDaur 31. ElmswellS.13
Lawton, JohnSon 43Farmer of 310 acres employing 15 men & 4 boys all outdoors Brent EleighS.13
Lawton, Joseph ThosHead 77 WRector of Elmswell EssexS.13
Lawton, Joseph ThosSon 49Rector of Chigwell... ClaydonS.13
Leader, WBrother-in-law? 27 WLabourer ElmswellS.42
Leeder, JamesLodger 19Bricklayer DissS.26
Leeder, SimonLodger 12Bricklayer's Lab. DissS.26
Lord, E F . ElmswellN.57
Lord, Frances . AssingtonN.57
Lord, MaryWife 70 M. ElmswellS.14
Lord, WalterHead 64 MFarmer of 7 acres employing 1 labr. outdoors LanghamS.14
Lord, Walter ...5 acres employing 8 labourers LanghamN.57
Manning, CharlesSon 27Farmer's servant ElmswellS.21
Manning, CharlotteDaur 6. ElmswellS.54
Manning, GeorgeSon 1. ElmswellS.54
Manning, JamesHead 60 Wa Walsham-le-WillowsN.17
Manning, JamesSon 17a ElmswellN.17
Manning, JohnSon 8. ElmswellS.21
Manning, ReubenHead 29 Ma ElmswellS.54
Manning, SamuelSon 18. ElmswellS.21
Manning, SophiaWife 44 M. LanghamS.21
Manning, SophiaDaur 14. ElmswellS.21
Manning, WHead 50 Ma ElmswellS.21
Manning, WSon 3. ElmswellS.54
Manning, WinifredWife 25 M. ElmswellS.54
Martin, Maryservant 28. RattlesdenS.13
Merton, CharlotteV 28. HaughleyS.12
Merton, RobertHead 41 Ma HaughleyS.12
Merton, SarahWife 45 M. WyverstoneS.12
Miller, EdwardSon 6. HaughleyS.33
Miller, HenryHead 28 MShoemaker HaughleyS.33
Miller, SusannahWife 24 M. HaughleyS.33
Morley, BridgetWife 44 M. ElmswellN.27
Morley, Caroline . ThurstonN.62
Morley, Charles Scholar ElmswellN.41
Morley, E Dressmaker ElmswellN.41
Morley, Hannah School mistress ElmswellN.41
Morley, HarrietDaur 22Milliner & Dressmaker ElmswellN.27
Morley, Henery a ElmswellN.41
Morley, Isaac Scholar ElmswellN.41
Morley, John . ElmswellN.41
Morley, John Bricklayer's lab. ElmswellN.41
Morley, JonathanHead 44 Ma HoningtonN.27
Morley, MarthaDaur 21Employed at home ElmswellN.27
Morley, W . ElmswellN.41
Morley, W . ElmswellN.62
Morley, W . ElmswellN.62
Morley, Walter G . NortonN.62
Moss, JamesF-in-law 57 Ma RoughamS.81
Moss, SusanM-in-law 60 M. LavenhamS.81
Moyes, employed at home YaxleyN.42
Moyes, . ElmswellN.42
Moyes, Amy . BeytonN.42
Moyes, David . ElmswellN.42
Moyes, George . ElmswellN.42
Moyes, James a YaxleyN.42
Moyes, Jane Scholar ElmswellN.42
Moyes, John . ElmswellN.42
Moyes, Louisa . ElmswellN.42
Moyes, Martha . ElmswellN.42
Moyes, MaryAnn employed by J Amos ElmswellN.42
Moyes, Menahim a NortonN.42
Moyes, Thelma Scholar ElmswellN.42
Moyes, Thomas employed at home ElmswellN.42
Moyes, W . FinninghamN.42
Moyse, Dennisservant 17a ElmswellN.35
Mulley, Woodside ElmswellN.1
Mulley, AbrahamLodger 17a ?S.77
Mulley, AnnaWife 33 M. ElmswellS.27
Mulley, BenjaminSon 14Employed in Agric. Lab ElmswellS.34
Mulley, BenjaminSon 9. ElmswellS.62
Mulley, DavidNephew 20Carpenter WickhambrookS.28
Mulley, DavidBrother 38a ElmswellS.34
Mulley, Dennis . ElmswellN.53
Mulley, EdwardSon 9. ElmswellS.71
Mulley, ElizaDaur 7. ElmswellS.27
Mulley, ElizaWife 28 M. ElmswellS.62
Mulley, GeorgeHead 38 MBaker ElmswellS.27
Mulley, GeorgeSon 12. ElmswellS.27
Mulley, GeorgeSon 7. ElmswellS.34
Mulley, GeorgeSon 10. ElmswellS.62
Mulley, GeorgeSon 4. ElmswellS.73
Mulley, HannahWife 34 M. AshfieldS.71
Mulley, HannahWife 29 M. ElmswellS.73
Mulley, HarriotDaur 2. ElmswellS.73
Mulley, JamesHead 59 Ma ElmswellS.51
Mulley, JamesHead 30 Ma ElmswellS.73
Mulley, James JSon 10Employed in Agric. Lab ElmswellS.34
Mulley, JohnSon 24. ElmswellS.55
Mulley, JohnHead 36 Ma ElmswellS.71
Mulley, JohnSon 1m. ElmswellS.71
Mulley, John Lucius . ElmswellN.53
Mulley, Maria . CockfieldN.53
Mulley, Marthaservant 19. ElmswellS.26
Mulley, MaryWife 50 M. ElmswellS.51
Mulley, MaryWife 59 M. ?S.55
Mulley, MaryAnnDaur 6. ElmswellS.73
Mulley, RachaelDaur 2. ElmswellS.71
Mulley, RobertHead 40 Ma ElmswellS.34
Mulley, RobertSon 2. ElmswellS.34
Mulley, RobertSon 20Brickmaker ElmswellS.51
Mulley, SamuelSon 22. ElmswellS.55
Mulley, SamuelSon 7. ElmswellS.73
Mulley, SarahDaur 6. ElmswellS.71
Mulley, SophiaWife 33 M. ElmswellS.34
Mulley, SusanDaur 15. ElmswellS.51
Mulley, SusanahDaur 9m. ElmswellS.73
Mulley, SusannaHead 81Proprietor of houses ElmswellS.28
Mulley, WSon 10. ElmswellS.27
Mulley, WSon 47Thatcher ElmswellS.28
Mulley, WHead 61 MBuilder employing 2 labourers ElmswellS.55
Mulley, WHead 30 MBricklayer's Journeyman ElmswellS.62
Mulley, WLodger 42Farmer's labourer ElmswellN.1
Nobbs, RobertNephew 9Scholar HitchamN.13
Offord, Hannahservant 19House maid StowmarketN.1
P, Jane EG-Daur 2mIllegitimate child of ?? NortonS.46
P, MariaHead 40 WCharwoman receiving relief NortonS.46
P, MarthaDaur 8. ElmswellS.46
P, MaryDaur 19. ElmswellS.46
P, RobertSon 13. ElmswellS.46
P, SamuelSon 7. ElmswellS.46
Patience, Wife 41 M. ElmswellN.26
Pattle, . WetherdenN.58
Pattle, Benjamin . Badwell AshN.58
Pease, Wservant 30Farmer's lab. ElmswellN.36
Pegg, Anna Scholar ElmswellN.60
Pegg, ElizaWife 31 M. ElmswellS.85
Pegg, EmmaDaur 2. ElmswellS.85
Pegg, GeorgeSon 11m. ElmswellS.85
Pegg, HarriottDaur 6. ElmswellS.85
Pegg, HenrySon 4. ElmswellS.85
Pegg, IsaacFather 75 WReceiving relief ?S.85
Pegg, Isaac ...gardener ElmswellN.60
Pegg, James Scholar ElmswellN.60
Pegg, JohnSon 8. ElmswellS.85
Pegg, John a ElmswellN.60
Pegg, Susanna . ElmswellN.60
Pegg, WHead 33 M. ElmswellS.85
Pegg, W . ElmswellN.60
Petitt, EHead 61 WLiving in the Almshouse ElmswellS.95
Petitt, EmmaDaur 19Living in the Almshouse WoolpitS.95
Pettit, Charlotte servant lab indoors WoolpitN.47
Pilbrough, Eservant 21General servant WyverstoneN.36
Pilbrow, EHead 83 WLabs widow living in almshouse WoolpitS.96
Powell, JohnLodger 57Shoemaker ??S.71
Quinton, JamesFather-in-law 71Corn Porter Earl StonhamS.4
Ralph, EHead 78 WLiving in the Almshouse ElmswellS.92
Ralph, JohnS-in-law 27 Ma ?N.37
Ralph, LydiaWife 25 M. ?N.37
Ralph, MaryAnnDaur 1. ?N.37
Ralph, SarahDaur 2. ?N.37
Reddit, ElizaWife 26 M. ElmswellN.24
Reddit, GeorgeSon 1. ElmswellN.24
Reddit, JamesHead 24 MWorking Blacksmith ElmswellN.24
Reditt, Inc?Wife 34 M. ElmswellS.60
Reditt, WalterHead 28 MBlacksmith ElmswellS.60
Rednall, CarolineWife 27 M. ThetfordS.9
Rednall, CarolineDaur 2. WoolpitS.9
Rednall, EphraimHead 29 MCarpenter & Builder employing 2 men WoolpitS.9
Rednall, RosaDaur 5m. ElmswellS.9
Rednall, Sarahservant 24. Honington?S.13
Retham, AmbroseBrother-in-law 21Woodman ElmswellS.45
Revard, Mariaservant 20. DrinkstoneS.57
Revins, Ann . ElmswellN.54
Rice, AliceDaur 9mtwin ElmswellS.11
Rice, AnnDaur 7. ElmswellS.11
Rice, BridgetDaur 20employed at home ?N.38
Rice, CathrineDaur 9mtwin ElmswellS.11
Rice, EllenIlleg.GD 5. ?N.38
Rice, FannyWife 32 M. HaughleyS.11
Rice, HarrietWife 64 M. ?N.38
Rice, HenrySon 9. ElmswellS.11
Rice, IsaacHead 33 MChappman's Coachman ElmswellS.11
Rice, LouisaDaur 2. ElmswellS.11
Rice, SusannahDaur 14. ElmswellS.11
Rice, WHead 65 Ma ?N.38
Rice, WSon 26a ?N.38
Risby, AnnDaur 1. ?S.80
Risby, EmmaDaur 3. ?S.80
Risby, JamesHead 26 Ma ?S.80
Risby, SarahWife 28 M. ?S.80
Risby, WalterSon 6. ?S.80
Robinson, CharlesHead 46 MButcher & Dealer WetherdenS.20
Robinson, CharlesSon 13. ElmswellS.20
Robinson, EDaur 15. ElmswellS.20
Robinson, EllenDaur 14. ElmswellS.20
Robinson, EstherDaur 2. ElmswellS.20
Robinson, GeorgeSon 10. ElmswellS.20
Robinson, JamesSon 6. ElmswellS.20
Robinson, MatildaDaur 9. ElmswellS.20
Robinson, RebeccaDaur 7. ElmswellS.20
Robinson, RobertV 22Carpenter ElmswellN.1
Robinson, SophiaWife 42 M. ElmswellS.20
Robinson, SophiaDaur 11. ElmswellS.20
Rodrick, MariaV 64. Walsham-le-WillowsS.60
Rose, AnneWife 45 M. HessettS.3
Rose, CharlesHead 40 MOut of business (Farming) TrostonS.3
Rose, Gertrude AnnDaur 10. DrinkstoneS.3
Rowe, John ...rictor of houses and land ThurstonN.56
Rowe, Maria . BeytonN.56
Rowlinson, Georgeservant 28Threstler NortonN.1
Ruddock, HarriotSister 22. ElmswellS.53
Ruddock, JohnFather-in-law 73 WReceiving relief ElmswellS.53
Salmon, ?Son 1. ElmswellN.15
Salmon, ArthurSon 9. ElmswellS.53
Salmon, DavidHead 28 Ma ElmswellS.50
Salmon, DavidSon 3. ElmswellS.50
Salmon, EDaur 15. ElmswellS.53
Salmon, EWife 78 M. ElmswellS.86
Salmon, EDaur 1. ElmswellN.18
Salmon, Elizaservant 22Domestic servant ElmswellS.98
Salmon, ElizaDaur 9Scholar ElmswellN.18
Salmon, EmmaDaur 19employed at ? ElmswellN.18
Salmon, GeorgeSon 17a ElmswellN.18
Salmon, HenrySon 1m. ElmswellS.50
Salmon, HenrySon 11. ElmswellS.53
Salmon, JamesHead 82 MReceiving relief ?S.86
Salmon, JamesSon 15a ElmswellN.18
Salmon, JohnHead 29 MGardener ElmswellN.15
Salmon, JohnHead 42 Ma ElmswellN.18
Salmon, JohnSon 11a ElmswellN.18
Salmon, KateDaur 5. ElmswellS.50
Salmon, MaryHead 49 W. ElmswellS.53
Salmon, MaryWife 42 M. BeytonN.18
Salmon, MaryDaur 6Scholar ElmswellN.18
Salmon, SarahWife 28 M. ElmswellS.50
Salmon, SarahDaur 4. ElmswellN.18
Salmon, SophiaWife 25 M. ElmswellN.15
Salmon, ThomasSon 24Carpenter ElmswellS.53
Salmon, WSon 26Gardener ElmswellS.53
Salmon, WSon 21a ElmswellN.18
Sayer, . ElmswellN.54
Sayer, . ElmswellN.54
Sayer, Ann . ElmswellN.54
Sayer, Caleb . ElmswellN.54
Sayer, Henry . HorleyN.52
Sayer, JamesSon 3. ElmswellS.17
Sayer, JohnSon 3m. ElmswellS.17
Sayer, JohnSon 23a ElmswellS.42
Sayer, John . NortonN.52
Sayer, LucyWife 25 M. ElmswellS.17
Sayer, MaryWife 62 M. PakenhamS.42
Sayer, RebeccaDaur 21. ElmswellS.42
Sayer, Reuben . ElmswellN.54
Sayer, RichardHead 29 MBricklayer ElmswellS.17
Sayer, Robert . ElmswellN.52
Sayer, Robert . ElmswellN.54
Sayer, Susanna . ?ostonN.52
Sayer, Susanna . IpswichN.54
Sayer, Susanna . ElmswellN.54
Sayer, WHead 61 MBricklayer ElmswellS.42
Sayer, W . ElmswellN.52
Sayer, W . WoolpitN.52
Shepherd, ?Son 12. ElmswellN.13
Shepherd, MarthaWife 21 M. ?N.13
Shepherd, SarahDaur 8. ElmswellN.13
Shepherd, ThomasHead 34 MJourneyman butcher to ... ?N.13
Shepherd, WSon 9. ElmswellN.13
Smith, AnnWife 40 M. NortonN.1
Smith, Robert . ElmswellN.48
Smith, Samuel a WethersfieldN.48
Smith, WHead 40 MInn Keeper Londin?N.1
Sp...ly, AnnWife 61 M. ElmswellN.22
Sp...ly, WHead 66 MWoodman ElmswellN.22
Spinko, Sarahservant 21. ElmswellS.91
Steel, JohnV 22Stone Mason Cambs.S.89
Steward, Deborahservant 19General servant in ? WetherdenN.5
Susan, Daur 8. ElmswellN.26
Syer, Henry GoldsmithSon 7(illegitimate child) ElmswellS.41
Syer, SarahHead 39. Badwell AshS.41
Syer, WSon 15. HaughleyS.41
Syer, WalterSon 17a HaughleyS.41
Tarrant, EDaur 6. ElmswellN.14
Tarrant, ElizaWife 40 M. ElmswellN.14
Tarrant, EmilyDaur 2. ElmswellN.14
Tarrant, GeorgeSon 13. ElmswellN.14
Tarrant, HenerySon 9. ElmswellN.14
Tarrant, JohnHead 29 MShepherd ElmswellN.14
Tarrant, SamuelSon 4. ElmswellN.14
Tarrant, SophiaDaur 11. ElmswellN.14
Thaxted, . ElmswellN.Page missing
Thaxted, . ElmswellN.Page missing
Thaxted, DaisyWife 28 M. ElmswellN.8
Thaxted, ElijahHead 37 MFarmer'slabourer NortonN.8
Thaxted, MaryDaur 5. ElmswellN.Page missing
Thaxted, PhilipSon 7. ElmswellN.8
Thaxted, RobertSon 8. ElmswellN.8
Turner, Eliza . KentN.44
Turner, Eliza . ElmswellN.44
Turner, George employed by farmer ElmswellN.44
Turner, John . ElmswellN.44
Turner, MaryAnn . ElmswellN.44
Turner, W a ElmswellN.44
Turner, W . ElmswellN.44
Underwood, MaryAnn ...daur. AssingtonN.57
W....ghman, Sarah . HoningtonN.61
W....ghman, Thomas a HadleighN.61
Welham, NunnHead 69 WGardener AshfieldN.26
Woods, MaryAnnWife 28 M. ElmswellS.26
Woods, WalterHead 25 MCarpenter WyverstoneS.26
Wretham, E ..serv. LanghamN.57
Wretham, EdwardHead 38 MWoodman Badwell AshN.30
Wretham, EdwardSon 17. ElmswellN.30
Wretham, JohnHead 36Woodman WoolpitN.20
Wretham, MariaWife 35 M. ElmswellN.30
Wright, . ElmswellS.89
Wright, CharlesHead 38 Ma ?S.78
Wright, DavidSon 19a WoolpitN.19
Wright, EDaur 16. ElmswellS.89
Wright, ElizaDaur 26. ElmswellS.1
Wright, ElizaDaur 4. ElmswellN.5
Wright, EmmaDaur 18. ElmswellS.88
Wright, GeorgeSon 34Employed on the farm ElmswellS.88
Wright, HannahWife 36 M. WetherdenN.5
Wright, HarrietDaur 25 M. NorfolkS.18
Wright, JamesSon 15Employed on the farm ElmswellS.88
Wright, JamesSon 17Employed in the business ElmswellS.89
Wright, JamesSon 21a WoolpitN.19
Wright, Janeservant 17. ElmswellS.47
Wright, JaneWife 54 M. ElmswellS.88
Wright, JeremiahHead 47a WetherdenN.19
Wright, JohnSon 10. ElmswellS.89
Wright, JohnHead 36 WFarming 80 acres employing 4 labr. ElmswellS.91
Wright, JosephSon 19a WoolpitN.19
Wright, LucyWife 62 M. WetheringsettS.1
Wright, MargetDaur 24. ElmswellS.88
Wright, MarthaWife 33 M. ?S.78
Wright, MaryAnnDaur 13. WoolpitN.19
Wright, ReubenHead 51 MBrickmaker & Farmer employing 5 men ElmswellS.89
Wright, RichardHead 70 MShopkeeper & Broker ElmswellS.1
Wright, RobertHead 54 MBrickmaker & Farmer employing 5 men ElmswellS.88
Wright, SarahDaur 14. ElmswellS.89
Wright, Sarah JDaur 11. ElmswellN.5
Wright, SophiaDaur 16. ElmswellS.88
Wright, SophiaWife 40 M. ElmswellS.89
Wright, ThomasGrandson 1. Bacton?S.18
Wright, ThomasSon 30Employed on the farm ElmswellS.88
Wright, WSon 12. ?S.78
Wright, WSon 22Employed in the business ElmswellS.89
Wright, WHead 38 M?? house keeper ElmswellN.5
Wright, W EGrandson 1. ElmswellS.29
Wright, WalterSon 17. ElmswellN.5