1851 Census

I did this from photos: some fields were out of focus or off the edge - I'll fill them in later. There are question marks where I could not read the handwriting, which is generally quite good.

For this census the village was divided into north and south - probably at or near the railway, which has been built during the last decade. There is little indication of address, other than a number in each half - although there was a column labelled "Name of Street, Place or Road, and Name or No. of House" is was not used.

The full heading of the Name column is: "Name and Surname of each person who abode in the house, on the night of the 30th March, 1851".

All ages are now recorded properly (in the 1841 census they were in steps of 5 years for the over-15s).

Status ("Condition" on the original): M=married, W=widow(er); there was no consistency about the use of "U" for unmarried, so I have omitted it.

Use the alphabetical list to find a particular name.

Household. PLACE NAMES of each person who abode therein the preceding night Relation to Head of FamilyAge Condition as to marriage PROFESSION, TRADE, EMPLOYMENT, or of INDEPENDENT MEANSWhere born
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1. Richard Wright Head70 M Shopkeeper & BrokerElmswell
.Lucy Wright Wife62 M .Wetheringsett
.Eliza Wright Daur26 .Elmswell
2. Elijah Hunneyball Head41 W Coal PorterWickham Skeith
.MaryAnn Hunneyball Daur14 .Stowmarket
.Eliza Hunneyball Daur10 .Stowmarket
.Charles Hunneyball Son8 .Stowmarket
.Joseph Hunneyball Son4 .Stowmarket
.Ebenezer Hunneyball Son2 .Stowmarket
3. Charles Rose Head40 M Out of business (Farming)Troston
.Anne Rose Wife45 M .Hessett
.Gertrude Ann Rose Daur10 .Drinkstone
4. Edward Corner Head31 M Merchant's ClerkIpswich
.Jemima Corner Wife31 M .Stowupland
.Mathias Corner Son5 .Stowmarket
.Julia Corner Daur3 .Stowmarket
.Sarah Ann Corner Daur1 .Elmswell
.James Quinton Father-in-law71 Corn PorterEarl Stonham
5. Jesse Elmer Head37 M Footman in Chappmans HouseHaughley
.Mary Elmer Wife40 M .Bardwell
.Thos Garnham Father-in-law76 W Labourer receiving parish reliefBardwell
6. Charles Goode Head19 M LabourerHaughley
.Sophia Goode Wife19 M .Elmswell
.Albert Goode Son1m .Elmswell
7. Samuel Knights Head49 M AgLabHunston
.Elizabeth Knights Wife55 M .Woolpit
.Woolsey Charles Son15 Nothing to do besides collecting manureWoolpit
.John Charles Son13 .Woolpit
8. Sarah Fuller Head60 W Receiving Parish ReliefElmswell
.Walter Fuller Son19 AgLabElmswell
.Keziah Fuller Daur17 .Elmswell
9. Ephraim Rednall Head29 M Carpenter & Builder employing 2 menWoolpit
.Caroline Rednall Wife27 M .Thetford
.Caroline Rednall Daur2 .Woolpit
.Rosa Rednall Daur5m .Elmswell
.Harriet Goymer Daur11 .Elmswell
10. Joseph Hinson Head46 M Draper & GrocerEly
.Elizabeth Hinson Wife47 M .Hants
.Ann Hinson Daur13 .Cambs
.Welham Hinson Son11 Assistant in the shopCambs
.John Hinson Son9 .Cambs
.Mary Hinson Daur7 .Cambs
.Joseph Hinson Son6 .Cambs
.Sears? Hinson Son1 .Cambs
11. Isaac Rice Head33 M Chappman's CoachmanElmswell
.Fanny Rice Wife32 M .Haughley
.Susannah Rice Daur14 .Elmswell
.Henry Rice Son9 .Elmswell
.Ann Rice Daur7 .Elmswell
.Louisa Rice Daur2 .Elmswell
.Alice Rice Daur9m twinElmswell
.Cathrine Rice Daur9m twinElmswell
12. Robert Merton Head41 M AgLabHaughley
.Sarah Merton Wife45 M .Wyverstone
.Charlotte Merton V28 .Haughley
13. Joseph Thos Lawton Head77 W Rector of ElmswellEssex
.Edward C Lawton Son51 Curate of ElmswellClaydon
.Eliza Harsant Daur45 W .Claydon
.Joseph Thos Lawton Son49 Rector of Chigwell...Claydon
.John Lawton Son43 Farmer of 310 acres employing 15 men & 4 boys all outdoorsBrent Eleigh
.Fanny Grace Lawton Daur31 .Elmswell
.Catherine Hibbert Niece35 .Essex
.Mary Martin servant28 .Rattlesden
.Maria Gorleton servant35 .Walsham
.Sarah Rednall servant24 .Honington?
14. Walter Lord Head64 M Farmer of 7 acres employing 1 labr. outdoorsLangham
.Mary Lord Wife70 M .Elmswell
.Patience Armstrong servant17 .Elmswell
15. Thomas Jolly Head68 M Retired from Business - BakerBadwell Ash
.Elizabeth Jolly Wife58 M .London
.Eppy Grafton G-Daur5 .London
16. Samuel Goymer Son52 AgLabElmswell
.James Goymer Son19 AgLabElmswell
.Susan Goymer Daur17 .Elmswell
.Joseph Goymer Son14 .Elmswell
17. Richard Sayer Head29 M BricklayerElmswell
.Lucy Sayer Wife25 M .Elmswell
.James Sayer Son3 .Elmswell
.John Sayer Son3m .Elmswell
18. John Bradley Head49 M ShepherdLawshall
.Elizabeth Bradley Wife50 M .Norfolk
.Harriet Wright Daur25 M .Norfolk
.Alexander Bradley Son23 LabourerRattleden
.Frances Bradley Daur22 .Wetherden
.Thomas Bradley Son20 .Wetherden
.Ann Bradley Daur17 .Elmswell
.John Bradley Son15 .Elmswell
.Parlett J Bradley Son13 .Elmswell
.Elizabeth Lucinda Bradley Daur10 .Elmswell
.Silvia? Maria Bradley Daur7 .Elmswell
.Thomas Wright Grandson1 .Bacton?
19. Zachariah Fenton Head57 W Nurseryman employing 3 menRisby
.Zachariah Fenton Son20 Employed in the groundsElmswell
.Maria Bloomfield servant55 .not known
20. Charles Robinson Head46 M Butcher & DealerWetherden
.Sophia Robinson Wife42 M .Elmswell
.Elizabeth Robinson Daur15 .Elmswell
.Ellen Robinson Daur14 .Elmswell
.Charles Robinson Son13 .Elmswell
.Sophia Robinson Daur11 .Elmswell
.George Robinson Son10 .Elmswell
.Matilda Robinson Daur9 .Elmswell
.Rebecca Robinson Daur7 .Elmswell
.James Robinson Son6 .Elmswell
.Esther Robinson Daur2 .Elmswell
21. William Manning Head50 M AgLabElmswell
.Sophia Manning Wife44 M .Langham
.Charles Manning Son27 Farmer's servantElmswell
.Samuel Manning Son18 .Elmswell
.Sophia Manning Daur14 .Elmswell
.John Manning Son8 .Elmswell
22. Ebenezer Cole Head62 M SchoolmasterIpswich
.Elizabeth Cole Wife60 M .Debach
23. William Cornell Head54 M Farming 100 acres employing 4 LabourersHigham...
.Ann Cornell Wife58 M .Norfolk
.Sarah Cornell Daur20 .Cheshire
.Louisa Barrett Niece22 Dairy maidNorfolk
24. William Garnham Head44 M Railway PorterPetistree?
.Rachael Garnham Wife47 M .Finningham
.George Garnham Son15 .Needham Market
.Charity Garnham Daur11 .Elmswell
.MaryAnn Garnham Daur7 .Elmswell
25. John Borley Head63 M Farming 45 acres employing 1 man & 1 boyHaughley
.Elizabeth Borley Wife60 M .Elmswell
.William Borley Son36 WoodmanElmswell
.Eliza Borley Daur28 .Elmswell
.George Borley Son22 WoodmanElmswell
.Harriot Borley Daur20 .Elmswell
.Louis Borley Grandson14 .Elmswell
26. Walter Woods Head25 M CarpenterWyverstone
.MaryAnn Woods Wife28 M .Elmswell
.John Cuthbert Father-in-law75 WheelwrightElmswell
.Dinah Cuthbert Mother-in-law63 ShopkeeperWetherden
.Martha Mulley servant19 .Elmswell
.James Leeder Lodger19 BricklayerDiss
.Simon Leeder Lodger12 Bricklayer's Lab.Diss
27. George Mulley Head38 M BakerElmswell
.Anna Mulley Wife33 M .Elmswell
.George Mulley Son12 .Elmswell
.William Mulley Son10 .Elmswell
.Eliza Mulley Daur7 .Elmswell
28. Susanna Mulley Head81 Proprietor of housesElmswell
.William Mulley Son47 ThatcherElmswell
.David Mulley Nephew20 CarpenterWickhambrook
29. Thomas Elliston Head59 M Hay trusser & AgLabWyverstone
.Mary Elliston Wife49 M .Elmswell
.Thomas Elliston Son23 Brickmaker's JourneymanElmswell
.Rebecca Elliston D-in-law23 .Elmswell
.Harriot Ann Elliston Daur17 Dress makerElmswell
.Eliza Elliston Daur9 .Elmswell
.William E Wright Grandson1 .Elmswell
30. Clement Goodrich Head41 M Mole & Rat CatcherElmswell
.Cathrine Goodrich Wife35 M .Elmswell
.Sarah Goodrich Daur15 .Elmswell
.Mary Goodrich Daur10 .Elmswell
.Charles Goodrich Son6 .Elmswell
.George Goodrich Son4 .Elmswell
.Eliza Goodrich Daur3 .Elmswell
.Lucy Goodrich Daur11m .Elmswell
31. Philip Fisher Head35 M Brickmaker (by Profession)Woolpit
.Mary Jane Fisher Wife38 M .Elmswell
.Kate Fisher Daur8 .Elmswell
.Rebecca Fisher Daur3 .Woolpit
32. Samuel Culham Head35 M Railway GatekeeperReddisham
.Maria Culham Wife24 M .Thornham
.Sarah Culham Daur3 .Thornham
.Ellen Culham Daur1 .Elmswell
33. Henry Faiers? Head28 M ShoemakerHaughley?
.Susannah Faiers? Wife24 M .Haughley?
.Edward Faiers? Son6 .Haughley?
34. Robert Mulley Head40 M AgLabElmswell
.Sophia Mulley Wife33 M .Elmswell
.Benjamin Mulley Son14 Employed in Agric. LabElmswell
.James J Mulley Son10 Employed in Agric. LabElmswell
.George Mulley Son7 .Elmswell
.Robert Mulley Son2 .Elmswell
.David Mulley Brother38 AgLabElmswell
35. Joseph Faiers Head48 M AgLabAshfield
.Louisa Faiers Wife46 M .Welnetham
.Eliza Faiers Daur18 .Elmswell
.Elizabeth Faiers Daur12 .Elmswell
.William Faiers Son10 .Elmswell
.James Faiers Son7 .Elmswell
36. James Frost Head27 M Harness makerHaughley
.Susan Frost Wife23 M Milliner & DressmakerDagworth
37. Reuben Mulley Head39 M Tailor & ShopkeeperElmswell
.Susannah Mulley Wife41 M .Mildenhall
.Ellen Fakes Step-D13 .Norton
38. Lionell Goddard Head59 M AgLabThorndon
.Lydia Goddard Wife58 M .Debenham
.Richard Goddard Son17 .Elmswell
.Martha Skinser? Daur25 .Elmswell
.Robert Skinser? Son-in-law22 .Elmswell
39. George R Baker Head46 M Innkeeper & Beermaker employing 1 manElmswell
.Eleanor Baker Wife38 M .Elmswell
.Eliza Baker Daur11 .Elmswell
.Henry Baker Son10 .Elmswell
.Jacob R Baker Son8 .Elmswell
.Eleanor Baker Daur6 .Elmswell
.Sophia Baker Daur5 .Elmswell
.Bridget Baker Daur3 .Elmswell
.Matilda Baker Daur4m .Elmswell
40. Robert Bruce? Head40 M .Thorpe Morieux
.Martha Bruce? Wife40 M .Elmswell
.Elizabeth Buckle Step-D21 .Elmswell
41. Sarah Syer Head39 .Badwell Ash
.Walter Syer Son17 AgLabHaughley
.William Syer Son15 .Haughley
.Henry Goldsmith Syer Son7 (illegitimate child)Elmswell
42. William Sayer Head61 M BricklayerElmswell
.Mary Sayer Wife62 M .Pakenham
.William Leader Brother-in-law?27 W LabourerElmswell
.John Sayer Son23 AgLabElmswell
.Rebecca Sayer Daur21 .Elmswell
43. Robert Cowles? Head36 M Railway PorterNorfolk
.Charlotte Cowles? Wife34 M .Wetheringsett
.Susannah Cowles? Daur9 .Mendlesham
.Hephzabah Cowles? Daur7 .Mendlesham
.Sophia Cowles? Daur4 .Needham Mkt
.Mary Cowles? Daur2 .Needham Mkt
44. George Hooker Head31 M Platelayer on RailwayHampshire
.Emma Hooker Wife25 M .Ipswich
.Emma G Hooker Daur2 .Stowmarket
.Henry J Hooker Son5m .Elmswell
45. Ambrose Dixon Head35 M AgLabElmswell
.Mary Dixon Wife38 M .Elmswell
.Eliza Dixon Daur4 .Elmswell
.Frances Dixon Daur3 .Elmswell
.George Dixon Son1 .Elmswell
.Ambrose Retham Brother-in-law21 WoodmanElmswell
46. Maria Purves? Head40 W Charwoman receiving reliefNorton
.Mary Purves? Daur19 .Elmswell
.Robert Purves? Son13 .Elmswell
.Martha Purves? Daur8 .Elmswell
.Samuel Purves? Son7 .Elmswell
.Jane E Purves? G-Daur2m Illegitimate child of daur MaryNorton
47. James Park Gill Head26 M Railway Station MasterIpswich
.Ellen Gill Wife27 M .Hawstead
.James H Gill Son3 .Bentley
.Frederick Gill Son4m .Elmswell
.Jane Wright servant17 .Elmswell
48. William Armstrong Head47 M .Elmswell
.Mary Armstrong Wife42 M .Ashfield
.Eliza Armstrong Daur15 .Elmswell
.William Armstrong Son9 .Elmswell
.Anna Armstrong Daur6 .Elmswell
49. Abraham Clark Head64 W AgLabFakenham
.Charles Clark Son31 M AgLabElmswell
.Maria Clark D-in-law25 M .Elmswell
.Eliza Clark G-Daur4 .Elmswell
.Charles Clark Grandson2 .Elmswell
50. David Salmon Head28 M AgLabElmswell
.Sarah Salmon Wife28 M .Elmswell
.Kate Salmon Daur5 .Elmswell
.David Salmon Son3 .Elmswell
.Henry Salmon Son1m .Elmswell
51. James Mulley Head59 M AgLabElmswell
.Mary Mulley Wife50 M .Elmswell
.Robert Mulley Son20 BrickmakerElmswell
.Susan Mulley Daur15 .Elmswell
.James Halls Lodger19 BricklayerDiss
.Robert C Clark Lodger27 .Elmswell
52. Robert Baker Head47 M AgLabWest Stowe
.Mary Baker Wife46 M .Elmswell
.George Baker Son29 AgLabElmswell
.Robert Baker Son21 AgLabElmswell
.James Baker Son12 .Elmswell
.Sophia Baker Daur10 .Elmswell
.Henry Baker Son8 .Middlesex
53. Mary Salmon Head49 W .Elmswell
.William Salmon Son26 GardenerElmswell
.Thomas Salmon Son24 CarpenterElmswell
.Elizabeth Salmon Daur15 .Elmswell
.Henry Salmon Son11 .Elmswell
.Arthur Salmon Son9 .Elmswell
.John Ruddock Father-in-law73 W Receiving reliefElmswell
.Harriot Ruddock Sister22 .Elmswell
54. Reuben Manning Head29 M AgLabElmswell
.Winifred Manning Wife25 M .Elmswell
.Charlotte Manning Daur6 .Elmswell
.William Manning Son3 .Elmswell
.George Manning Son1 .Elmswell
55. William Mulley Head61 M Builder employing 2 labourersElmswell
.Mary Mulley Wife59 M .Bury St. Eds
.John Mulley Son24 .Elmswell
.Samuel Mulley Son22 .Elmswell
56. Henry Baker Head31 M ThatcherElmswell
.MaryAnn Baker Wife29 M .Badwell Ash
57. Priscilla Catchpole Visitor22 Milliner & DressmakerElmswell
.Maria Revard? servant20 .Drinkstone
58. Thomas Armstrong Head41 M AgLabElmswell
.Susan Armstrong Wife31 M .Woolpit
.Ellen Armstrong Daur8 .Elmswell
.William Armstrong Son6 .Elmswell
.Jane Armstrong Daur4 .Elmswell
.Eliza Armstrong Daur1 .Elmswell
59. (absent) Baker Headx M .Elmswell
.Sarah Baker Wife33 M .Rickinghall
.George Baker Son4 .Elmswell
.Sophia Baker Daur2 .Elmswell
.Elizabeth Baker Daur1m .Elmswell
.Ben Bunningham Lodger31 Police OfficerMiddlesex
60. Walter Reditt Head28 M BlacksmithElmswell
.Susan Reditt Wife34 M .Elmswell
.Mary Rodwell V64 .Walsham-le-Willows
61. Richard Melton? Head36 M AgLabIpswich
.MaryAnn Melton? Wife34 M .Haughley
.William Melton? Son11 .Elmswell
.Maria Melton? Daur9 .Elmswell
.Vincent Goodman Brother-in-law40 Employed for gardeningElmswell
.John Balaam Lodger23 Journeyman CarpenterBacton
62. William Mulley Head30 M Bricklayer's JourneymanElmswell
.Eliza Mulley Wife28 M .Elmswell
.George Mulley Son10 .Elmswell
.Benjamin Mulley Son9 .Elmswell
63. Edward Clarke Head56 M WoodmanElmswell
.Drusilla Clarke Wife M .Lawshall
64. Edward Fenton Head46 Farmer & Malster employing n menNorfolk
.Joseph Clarke Lodger30 Machine manElmswell
.John Clarke Lodger32 WoodmanElmswell
.Elizabeth Clarke Lodger47 HousekeeperHaughley
.Sophia Francis V45 .Haughley
.James Ballam servant14 .Elmswell
65. Nathaniel Goymer Head37 M AgLabElmswell
.Hannah Goymer Wife36 M .Elmswell
.William Goymer Son4 .Elmswell
.Elizabeth Goymer Daur3 .Elmswell
.Mary Goymer Daur1 .Elmswell
.Jacob Baker Lodger69 AgLabElmswell
66. Robert Bailham Head26 M AgLabElmswell
.Marian Bailham Wife27 M .Norton
.Sarah AgLab Bailham Daur8 .Elmswell
.Robert Bailham Son5 .Elmswell
.James Bailham Son2 .Elmswell
.William Bailham Son8m .Elmswell
.Thomas Clarke Lodger60 Wood labourerElmswell
67. Marget Goymer Head60 W .Elmswell
.James Goymer Son25 AgLabElmswell
.Marget Goymer D-in-law19 .Elmswell
.Susan Goymer G-Daur3m .Elmswell
.Chinry Goymer Son23 Gardener & NurserymanElmswell
68. William Hart Head61 W AgLabBadwell Ash
.William Hart Son27 .Elmswell
.Ann Hart Daur22 .Elmswell
.George Hart Son17 .Elmswell
69. Dennis Bridges Head60 M Farming 9? acres of landElmswell
.Mary Bridges Wife62 M .Elmswell
.Elizabeth Bridges Daur37 .Wickham Skeith
70. Mary Cocksedge Head50 W .Elmswell
.William Cocksedge Son22 AgLabElmswell
.Robert Cocksedge Son20 AgLabElmswell
.David Cocksedge Son6 .Elmswell
.John Bullet Godson18 AgLabBrettenham
71. John Mulley Head36 M AgLabElmswell
.Hannah Mulley Wife34 M .Ashfield
.Edward Mulley Son9 .Elmswell
.Sarah Mulley Daur6 .Elmswell
.Rachael Mulley Daur2 .Elmswell
.John Mulley Son1m .Elmswell
.John Powell Lodger57 ShoemakerWoolpit
72. Henry Goddard Head27 M AgLabElmswell
.Elizabeth Goddard Wife25 M .Hitcham
73. James Mulley Head30 M AgLabElmswell
.Hannah Mulley Wife29 M .Elmswell
.Samuel Mulley Son7 .Elmswell
.MaryAnn Mulley Daur6 .Elmswell
.George Mulley Son4 .Elmswell
.Harriot Mulley Daur2 .Elmswell
.Susanah Mulley Daur9m .Elmswell
.Martha Clarke Lodger78 Receiving Parish ReliefElmswell
74. Abraham Dew Head70 M Pensioned outWetherden
.Hannah Dew Wife68 M .Norfolk
.Henry Dew Son17 AgLabElmswell
.George Dew Son26 M AgLabElmswell
.Marget Dew D-in-law30 M .Norton
75. John Adams Head47 M Coal PorterElmswell
.Susan Adams Wife46 M .Norton
.Harriot Adams Daur21 .Elmswell
.Eliza Adams Daur16 .Elmswell
.John Adams Son12 Coal Porter's sonElmswell
.George Adams Son12 .Elmswell
.Jane Adams Daur7 .Elmswell
.Susan Adams G-Daur2 .Elmswell
76. Robert Buckle Head41 M AgLabHunston
.Maria Buckle Wife41 M .Harleston
.Anna Buckle Daur8 .Elmswell
77. Adam Fordham Head77 M Parish reliefBarnham
.Mary Fordham Wife65 M .Woolpit
.John Carter Lodger78 W Parish reliefBradfield
.Abraham Mulley Lodger17 AgLabElmswell
78. Charles Wright Head38 M AgLabBeyton
.Martha Wright Wife33 M .Elmswell
.William Wright Son12 .Elmswell
79. Samuel Barker Head73 W CooperWoolpit
80. James Risby Head26 M AgLabRattlesden
.Sarah Risby Wife28 M .Rattlesden
.Walter Risby Son6 .Gedding
.Emma Risby Daur3 .Rattlesden
.Ann Risby Daur1 .Elmswell
81. Abraham Dew Head38 M AgLabNorfolk
.Anna Dew Wife29 M .Elmswell
.Harriet Dew Daur4 .Elmswell
.Elizabeth Dew Daur3 .Elmswell
.James Moss F-in-law57 M AgLabRougham
.Susan Moss M-in-law60 M .Lavenham
82. Abraham Farthing Head36 M AgLabHaughley
.MaryAnn Farthing Wife48 M .Bury St Eds
83. Isaac Farthing Head35 M AgLabHaughley
.MaryAnn Farthing Wife42 M .Finningham
.Hephzibah Farthing Daur5 .Elmswell
84. John Bailey Lodger39 Woodman & FarmerElmswell
85. William Pegg Head33 M .Elmswell
.Eliza Pegg Wife31 M .Elmswell
.John Pegg Son8 .Elmswell
.Harriott Pegg Daur6 .Elmswell
.Henry Pegg Son4 .Elmswell
.Emma Pegg Daur2 .Elmswell
.George Pegg Son11m .Elmswell
.Isaac Pegg Father75 W Receiving reliefHalstone
86. James Salmon Head82 M Receiving reliefOnehouse
.Elizabeth Salmon Wife78 M .Elmswell
87. James Barrell Head35 M AgLab & GardenerElmswell
.Mary Barrell Wife30 M .Elmswell
.Sarah Barrell Daur6 .Elmswell
.Susan Barrell Daur4 .Elmswell
.Patience Barrell Daur3 .Elmswell
.James Barrell Son5m .Elmswell
.Mary King Aunt79 W .Lavenham
88. Robert Wright Head54 M Brickmaker & Farmer employing 5 menElmswell
.Jane Wright Wife54 M .Elmswell
.George Wright Son34 Employed on the farmElmswell
.Thomas Wright Son30 Employed on the farmElmswell
.James Wright Son15 Employed on the farmElmswell
.Marget Wright Daur24 .Elmswell
.Emma Wright Daur18 .Elmswell
.Sophia Wright Daur16 .Elmswell
89. Reuben Wright Head51 M Brickmaker & Farmer employing 5 menElmswell
.Sophia Wright Wife45 M .Elmswell
.George Wright Son34 Employed on the farmElmswell
.Thomas Wright Son22 Employed in the businessElmswell
.James Wright Son17 Employed in the businessElmswell
.John Wright Son10 .Elmswell
.Elizabeth Wright Daur16 .Elmswell
.Sarah Wright Daur14 .Elmswell
.John Steel V22 Stone MasonCambs.
90. Frederick Fisher Head33 M Brickmaker & Farmer employing 18 labourersWoolpit
.Charlotte Fisher Wife35 M .Rougham
.Elizabeth Fisher Daur10 .Hartest
.Rose Fisher Daur7 .Elmswell
.Alice Kesia? Fisher Daur4 .Elmswell
.Susan Sedon? servant14 .Woolpit
91. John Wright Head36 W Farming 80 acres employing 4 labr.Elmswell
.Sarah Spinko servant21 .Elmswell
92. Elizabeth Ralph Head78 W Living in the AlmshouseElmswell
93. Mary Bruce Head68 W Living in the AlmshouseElmswell
94. Mary Cornish Head62 W Living in the AlmshouseElmswell
95. Elizabeth Petitt Head61 W Living in the AlmshouseElmswell
.Emma Petitt Daur19 Living in the AlmshouseWoolpit
96. Sarah Baker Head72 W Living in the AlmshouseRingshall
96. Elizabeth Pilbrow Head83 W Labs widow living in almshouseWoolpit
97. Elizabeth Bridges Head78 W Living on independenceElmswell
98. Robert Osborne servant28 Footman in Clergyman's Ho.Finborough
.Eliza Salmon servant22 Domestic servantElmswell
Insert heredescription from preamble to north side
1. William Smith Head40 M Inn KeeperLondon
.Ann Smith Wife40 M .Norton
.Robert Robinson V22 CarpenterElmswell
.George Rowlinson servant28 HorstlerNorton
.Hannah Offord servant19 House maidStowmarket
.Ann Fuller servant16 Kitchen maidElmswell
.William Mulley Lodger42 Farmer's labourerElmswell
2. James Goddard Head42 M Woodside (written in empty row above)Badwell Ash
.Mary Goddard Wife27 M ScholarElmswell
.Eliza Goddard Daur12 .Elmswell
.James Goddard Son4 .Elmswell
.Rebecca Goddard Daur8m .Burstford
3. John Farthing Head77 M Farmer's labourer receiving parish reliefElmswell
.Mary Farthing Wife76 M .Haughley
.Jemima Farthing Daur32 .Haughley
4. George Easlea Head36 M Malster to J Mills of Norton MerchantStowmarket
.Hannah Easlea Wife35 M .Norfolk
5. William Wright Head38 M Beer house keeperElmswell
.Hannah Wright Wife36 M .Wetherden
.Walter Wright Son17 .Elmswell
.Sarah J Wright Daur11 .Elmswell
.Eliza Wright Daur4 .Elmswell
.Deborah Steward servant19 General servant in doorsWetherden
6. Edward Robert Smyth Head32 M ArtistIpswich
.Ellen Smyth Wife24 M .Ipswich
.Edward R Smyth Son2 .Ipswich
.June Girling servant16 General servantWetherden
7. John Green Elliston Head40 M Farmer's Bailiff to J T LawtonElmswell
.Marian Elliston Wife30 M .Thurston
.George Elliston Son6 ScholarThurston
.William R Elliston Son5 ScholarThurston
.Ellinor B Elliston Daur2 .Needham Gazely
.Robert F Elliston Son6m .Elmswell
8. Philip Buckel Head37 M Farmer'slabourerNorton
.Lucy? Buckel Wife28 M .Elmswell
.Robert Buckel Son8 .Elmswell
.Philip Buckel Son7 .Elmswell
.James Buckel Son3 .Elmswell
.John Buckel Son8m .Elmswell
9. Robert Howes Head41 M Farmer'slabourerElmswell
.Jemmima Howes Wife37 M .Wetherden
.George Howes Son16 AgLabElmswell
.Elizabeth Howes Daur8 .Elmswell
.Sarah Howes Daur2 .Elmswell
10. John Fisher Head37 M AgLabStowmarket
.Ann Fisher Wife30 M .Ashfield
.Elizabeth Fisher Daur1d .Elmswell
.Hannah Alexander Nurse46 (see House 19, Page 6)Elmswell
11. Dennis Blumfield Head34 M AgLabAshfield
.Ann Blumfield Wife26 M .Elmswell
.Anna Blumfield Daur3 .Elmswell
.Sarah Blumfield Daur2 .Elmswell
.Amosse Blumfield Son6m .Elmswell
.Amosse Manning Lodger22 AgLabElmswell
12. William Bruce Head37 M AgLabThorpe
.Salley Bruce Wife35 M .Elmswell
.Robert Bruce Son12 AgLabElmswell
.Mary Bruce Daur5 .Elmswell
.Elizabeth Hawes M-in-law75 W AgLab wifeAshfield
13. William Horrex Head56 M Farmer 27 acres employing 2 men 1 boyHitcham
.Elizabeth Horrex Wife58 M .Hitcham
.Robert Horrex Son35 W AgLabHitcham
.Robert Nobbs Nephew9 ScholarHitcham
.Thomas Stephens Head34 M Journeyman butcher to I Graham, see House 47Hopton
.Sharlotte Stephens Wife21 M .Hitcham
.Simmeon Stephens Son12 }Elmswell
.William Stephens Son9 } children of Stephens by a former wife Elmswell
.Sarah Stephens Daur8 }Elmswell
14. John Farrow Head29 M ShepherdElmswell
.Eliza Farrow Wife40 M .Elmswell
.George Farrow Son13 .Elmswell
.Sophia Farrow Daur11 .Elmswell
.Henery Farrow Son9 .Elmswell
.Elizabeth Farrow Daur6 .Elmswell
.Samuel Farrow Son4 .Elmswell
.Emily Farrow Daur2 .Elmswell
15. John Salmon Head29 M GardenerElmswell
.Sophia Salmon Wife25 M .Elmswell
.? Salmon Son1 .Elmswell
16. Robert King Head23 AgLabElmswell
.Joseph King Brother17 AgLabElmswell
17. James Manning Head60 W AgLabWalsham-le-Willows
.James Manning Son17 AgLabElmswell
.James King S-in-law22 M AgLabElmswell
.Sophia King Daur24 M .Elmswell
.James King Grandson1 .Elmswell
18. John Salmon Head42 M AgLabElmswell
.Mary Salmon Wife42 M .Beyton
.William Salmon Son21 AgLabElmswell
.Emma Salmon Daur19 employed at homeElmswell
.George Salmon Son17 AgLabElmswell
.James Salmon Son15 AgLabElmswell
.John Salmon Son11 AgLabElmswell
.Eliza Salmon Daur9 ScholarElmswell
.Mary Salmon Daur6 ScholarElmswell
.Sarah Salmon Daur4 .Elmswell
.Elizabeth Salmon Daur1 .Elmswell
19. Jeremiah Boroughs Head47 AgLabWetherden
.James Boroughs Son21 AgLabWoolpit
.David Boroughs Son19 AgLabWoolpit
.Joseph Boroughs Son19 AgLabWoolpit
.MaryAnn Boroughs Daur13 .Woolpit
.James Alexander Lodger12 Ilegit. son of Hannah AlexanderElmswell
.Rebecca Alexander Lodger8 Ilegit. daur of Hannah AlexanderElmswell
.William Alexander Lodger7 Ilegit. son of Hannah AlexanderElmswell
20. John Simmons Head55 M out PensionerBadwell Ash
.MaryAnn Simmons Wife31 M .Badwell Ash
.Sarah Simmons Daur9 ScholarBadwell Ash
.Henery Simmons Son7 ScholarElmswell
.Rachel Simmons Daur3 .Elmswell
.Robert Buckel Lodger46 AgLabHonington
.Sarah Buckel Lodger43 .Badwell Ash
21. John Fuller Head39 M AgLabElmswell
.MaryAnn Fuller Wife27 M .Hunston
.Anna Fuller Daur12 .Elmswell
.William Fuller Son3m .Elmswell
22. William Spencely Head68 M WoodmanElmswell
.Ann Spencely Wife60 M .Bury St Eds
23. William Howard Head36 M Working baylif on 50 acres, with one other xxxx occupied by James King FreeshamThorpe
.Hannah Howard Wife34 M .Thorpe
.Emma Howard Daur11 .Thorpe
.Hannah Howard Daur10 .Felsham
.James Howard Son6 .Felsham
24. James Reddit Head24 M Working BlacksmithAshfield
.Eliza Reddit Wife26 M .Fornham All Saints
.George Reddit Son1 .Fornham All Saints
25. John Elsey Head27 M AgLabElmswell
.Louisa Elsey Wife23 M .Woolpit
.Henery Elsey Son1m .Elmswell
26. Nunn Welham Head69 W GardenerAshfield
.James Barrell S-in-law64 M Church Clerk & GardenerBeethinham?
. Patience Daur41 M .Elmswell
. Susan GrDaur8 .Elmswell
27. Jonathan Morley Head44 M AgLabHonington
.Bridget Morley Wife44 M .Elmswell
.Harriet Morley Daur22 Milliner & DressmakerElmswell
.Martha Morley Daur21 Employed at homeElmswell
28. William Garrood? Head40 M AgLabElmswell
.Alice Garrood? Wife40 M .Badwell Ash
.Honour Garrood? Daur1 .Elmswell
.James Garrood? Son21 M AgLabElmswell
.Harriet Garrood? D-in-law20 M .Woolpit
20. John Wretham Head36 WoodmanWoolpit
30. Edward Wretham Head38 M WoodmanBadwell Ash
.Maria Wretham Wife35 M .Elmswell
.Edward Wretham Son17 .Elmswell
31. Mary Bridges Head79 W Retired farmer's wifeElmswell
32. Thomas Bruce Head33 M AgLabElmswell
.Sarah Bruce Wife32 M .Elmswell
.William Bruce Son6 .Elmswell
.Harriet Bruce Daur4 .Elmswell
.Elizabeth Bruce Daur1 .Elmswell
33. Thomas Elvey Head30 M AgLabElmswell
.Sharlotte Elvey Wife29 M .Beethenham?
.Eliza Elvey Daur5 .Elmswell
.Sharlotte Elvey Daur3 .Elmswell
.MaryAnn Elvey Daur3m .Elmswell
34. John Laughlin Head28 M AgLabElmswell
.Eliza Laughlin Wife25 M .Diss
.Danil Laughlin Son6 ScholarWoolpit
.Eliza Laughlin Daur4 .Woolpit
.Benjamin Laughlin Son1 .Elmswell
35. William Cunler? Head41 M Farmer of 59 acres employing men & 1 boyDenham
.Patience Cunler? Wife41 M .Middleton
.MaryAnn Cunler? Daur11 .Ufford
.Elizabeth Cunler? Daur5 .Denham
.George Cunler? Son1 .Denham
.Dennis Moyse servant17 AgLabElmswell
36. William Goldsmith Head62 W Farmer of 114 acres employing 3 lab & 1 boyRougham
.Kezin Garnham housekeeper30 HousekeeperGosbeck
.Elizabeth Pilbrough servant21 General servantWyverstone
.William Pease servant30 Farmer's lab.Elmswell
37. Mary Farrow Head68 W Farmer's ?? wife Being relictDebenham
.James Farrow Son21 AgLabElmswell
.John Ralph S-in-law27 M AgLabLangham
.Lydia Ralph Wife25 M .Elmswell
.Sarah Ralph GrDaur2 .Elmswell
.MaryAnn Ralph GrDaur1 .Elmswell
38. William Rice Head65 M AgLabWetherden
.Harriet Rice Wife64 M .Elmswell
.William Rice Son26 AgLabElmswell
.Bridget Rice Daur20 employed at homeElmswell
.Ellen Rice Illeg.GD5 .Elmswell
39. David Clarke Head36 M Shoe makerHolbrook
.Harriet Clarke Wife35 M .Elmswell
.David J Clarke Son11 .Elmswell
.William D Clarke Son9 .Elmswell
.Joseph C Clarke Son6 .Elmswell
.MaryAnn Clarke Daur3 .Elmswell
40. John Elsey Head57 M AgLabOcwell
.Elizabeth Elsey Wife60 M .Walsham-le-Willows
.Henery Elsey Son18 Railway lab.Elmswell
.James Elsey Son14 Employed by FarmerElmswell
41. John Morley Head57 M .Elmswell
.William Morley Wife26 M .Elmswell
.Elizabeth Morley Daur23 DressmakerElmswell
.Hannah Morley Daur18 School mistressElmswell
.John Morley Son16 Bricklayer's lab.Elmswell
.Henery Morley Son14 AgLabElmswell
.Isaac Morley Son10 ScholarElmswell
.Charles Morley Son8 ScholarElmswell
42. James Moyes Head40 M AgLabYaxley
.Amy Moyes Wife40 M .Beyton
.MaryAnn Moyes Daur15 employed by J AmosElmswell
.William Moyes Son10 ScholarElmswell
.Jane Moyes Daur8 ScholarElmswell
.George Moyes Son6 .Elmswell
.Sarah Moyes Daur4 .Elmswell
.Louisa Moyes Daur2 .Elmswell
.John Moyes Son4d employed at homeElmswell
.Doritheia Moyes Sister26 employed at homeYaxley
43. Benjamin Laughlin H53 W AgLabWeatherden
.David Laughlin Son18 AgLabElmswell
.Martha Laughlin Daur14 employed at homeElmswell
.Thomas Laughlin Son24 M .Elmswell
.Michalia? Laughlin Daur-in-law26 AgLabNorton
.William Laughlin GSon1 .Finningham
44. William Farrow Head43 M AgLabElmswell
.Eliza Farrow Wife42 M .Kent
.George Farrow Son12 employed by farmerElmswell
.William Farrow Son9 .Elmswell
.MaryAnn Farrow Daur7 .Elmswell
.John Farrow Son4 .Elmswell
.Eliza Farrow Daur1 .Elmswell
.Thomas Elliston Lodger82 W Farmer receiving reliefThorndon
45. Joseph Fairs Head49 M ?? PensionerWalsham-le-Willows
.Elizabeth Fairs Wife30 M .Elmswell
.MaryAnn W Laughlin Illeg.5 Wife's illegit. daurElmswell
.Harriet W Laughlin Illeg.5m Wife's illegit. daurElmswell
46. William Copping Head60 M Greenwich pensionerStowmarket
.Elizabeth Copping Wife53 M .Kent
47. Elmswell HallIreland Graham Head44 M Farmer of 300 acres & Butcher employing 11 labourersWoolpit
.Ann Graham Wife32 M .Herfordshire
.William Hews Nephew21 Butcher & Bailif indoorsHerfordshire
.William Frost Servant42 AgLab indoorsBradfield
.Joseph Fares Servant22 AgLab indoorsElmswell
.William Belman Servant19 AgLab indoorsTostock
.Betsy Baker Servant25 House servant lab indoorsWalsham-le-Willows
.Charlotte Pettit Servant23 House servant lab indoorsWoolpit
48. Samuel Smith Servant74 AgLabWethersfield
.Robert Smith Servant31 AgLabElmswell
49. Isaac Due Head37 M AgLabNorwich
.Elmily Due Wife27 M .Badwell Ash
.MaryAnn Due Daur4 .Elmswell
.Harriet Due Daur2 .Wetherden
50. Robert Adams Head26 M .Tostock
.Sarah Adams Wife25 M .Stowmarket
.Elizabeth Adams Daur2 .Woolpit
.Susanna Adams Daur3m .Elmswell
51. John Goold Head31 M AgLabElmswell
.MaryAnn Goold Wife28 M DressmakerElmswell
.Henry Goold Son6 ScholarElmswell
.Drusilla Goold Daur5 ScholarElmswell
52. William Sayer Head31 M BricklayerElmswell
.Susanna Sayer Wife26 M .Norton
.John Sayer Son7 ScholarNorton
.William Sayer Son5 ScholarWoolpit
.Henry Sayer Son2 .Horley
.Robert Sayer Son1 .Elmswell
53. Dennis Mulley Head36 M ThatcherElmswell
.Maria Mulley Wife42 M .Cockfield
.John Mulley Son12 .Elmswell
54. Reuben Sayer Head39 M Poulteryman & Market CurierElmswell
.Susanna Sayer Wife35 M .Ipswich
.Ann Sayer Daur12 ScholarElmswell
.Susanna Sayer Daur10 ScholarElmswell
.Robert Sayer Son7 ScholarElmswell
.Martha Sayer Daur5 ScholarElmswell
.Esther Sayer Daur3 ScholarElmswell
.Caleb Sayer Son2 .Elmswell
.Ann Revens Mother70 M Shop keeperElmswell
55. Thomas Catchpole Head74 M retired farmerLavenham
.Elizabeth Catchpole Wife59 M .Hunston
.Sarah Catchpole Daur25 employed at homeElmswell
56. John Rowe Head62 M proprietor of houses and landThurston
.Maria Rowe Wife35 M .Beyton
.Emma Baker Visitor18 .Thurston
57. Walter Lord Head32 M Farmer of145 acres employing 8 labourersLangham
.Frances Lord Wife23 M .Assington
.Elizabeth F Lord Daur6m .Elmswell
.Elizabeth Wretham servant16 House serv.Langham
.MaryAnn Underwood Visitor17 ...daur.Assington
.Joseph Balls Visitor18 MillerNorton
58. John Bull Head67 M Master Tailor & DraperWetherden
.Susanna Bull Wife65 M .Ashfield
.David Bull Son-in-law41 ForemanElmswell
.MaryAnn Bull Daur-in-law38 AssistantMoulton
.Seth Bull GrSon12 ScholarElmswell
.Benjamin Pattle A/i19 ApBadwell Ash
.George Jonson servant13 indoorsWetherden
59. William Cross Head40 M Master Coachmaker & WheelerCambs
.MaryAnn Cross Wife36 M .Elmswell
.William Cross Son15 Employed as wheelwright to fatherWoolpit
.Josiah Cross Son13 ScholarHunston
.Amelia Cross Daur9 ScholarCambridge
.Philipina Cross Daur5 ScholarCambridge
.Althia Cross Daur2 .Elmswell
.Laura Cross Daur1 .Elmswell
.Pearl Cross Father74 W AnnuitantCambs
.David Alderton A/i23 A/iWoolpit
60. John Pegg Head42 M AgLabElmswell
.Susanna Pegg Wife41 M .Elmswell
.Isaac Pegg Son16 ...gardenerElmswell
.William Pegg Son14 .Elmswell
.James Pegg Son10 ScholarElmswell
.Anna Pegg Daur8 ScholarElmswell
61. Thomas Weighman? Head58 M AgLabHadleigh
.Sarah Weighman? Wife58 M .Honington
62. Walter G Morley Head26 M Machinist? employing 2 menNorton
.Caroline Morley Wife30 M .Thurston
.William Morley Cousin?27 Blacksmith (xx)Wetherden?
.William Elsey Cousin?21 Blacksmith (xx)Elmswell
.Elizabeth King Servant16 .Norton
63. Thomas Aves Head68 M AgLab & Jobbing Builder?Rattlesden
.Elizabeth Aves Wife67 M .Drinkstone