1861 Census in alphabetical order

This census is in two parts, roughly south and north of the railway, so the page numbers in the right-hand column are prefixed with S or N. [but I still have to put in the addresses - sorry!]

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OccupationWhere born Census entry, Address
Adams, ElizabethDaur 12. Woolpit
Adams, EstherDaur 8Scholar Elmswell
Adams, GeorgeSon 20Blind by ?? Elmswell
Adams, HannahGrDaur 8. ?
Adams, JaneDaur 10m. Elmswell
Adams, MaryDaur 5Scholar Elmswell
Adams, RobertHead 37 MAgLab Tostock
Adams, SarahWife 30 M. Onehouse
Adams, SusanHead 56 MMarket Wooman (Higgles) ?
Adams, SusannaDaur 25. Elmswell
Adams, SusannahDaur 10Scholar Elmswell
Armstrong, AnnaDaur 6Scholar Elmswell
Armstrong, ElizaDaur 12Scholar Elmswell
Armstrong, ElizabethDaur 10Scholar Elmswell
Armstrong, Elizabeth MDaur 8m. Elmswell
Armstrong, EllenDaur 20. Elmswell
Armstrong, GeorgeSon 5Scholar Elmswell
Armstrong, JaneDaur 15. Elmswell
Armstrong, MaryWife 50 MChar Wooman Great Ashfield
Armstrong, Mary ABoarder 22Milliner (mistress) Dagworth
Armstrong, RebeccaDaur 9Scholar Elmswell
Armstrong, SusanWife 47 M. Woolpit
Armstrong, ThomasHead 49 MAgLab Elmswell
Armstrong, WilliamHead 53 MAgLab Elmswell
Armstrong, WilliamSon 20AgLab Elmswell
Armstrong, WilliamSon 18AgLab Elmswell
Baker, BridgetDaur 12. Elmswell
Baker, CharlesSon 4. Elmswell
Baker, CharlotteDaur 8. Elmswell
Baker, EleanorWife 42 M. Elmswell
Baker, EleanorDaur 16. Elmswell
Baker, ElizaDaur 21. Elmswell
Baker, ElizabethWife 50 M. ?
Baker, ElizabethDaur 10. Elmswell
Baker, EmilyGrDaur 10mSophia Baker's Daur Elmswell
Baker, George DSon 6. Elmswell
Baker, George RandallHead 50 MVictualler Elmswell
Baker, HenryHead 40 MAgLab Elmswell
Baker, HenrySon 18AgLab Elmswell
Baker, HenrySon 20. Elmswell
Baker, Henry GSon 4. Elmswell
Baker, IsabellaDaur 2. Elmswell
Baker, JacobHead 44 MAgLab Elmswell
Baker, Jacob RSon 17. Elmswell
Baker, JamesSon 22AgLab Elmswell
Baker, JohnHead 65 MRetired Farmer Barnham
Baker, LeonardHead 60 MParish xx & Land Surveyor Stowmarket
Baker, MariaWife 52 MCharwoman Norton
Baker, MaryAnnWife 40 M. Badwell
Baker, MatildaDaur 10. Elmswell
Baker, RobertHead 61 WAgLab Elmswell
Baker, RobertSon 31AgLab Elmswell
Baker, SarahWife 44 M. Rickinghall
Baker, SophiaDaur 20. Elmswell
Baker, SophiaDaur 14. Elmswell
Baker?, RobertFather-in-law 70 WAgLab Elmswell
Barel?, RobertSon 23AgLab Elmswell
Barel?, SamuelSon 17AgLab Elmswell
Barker, SamuelLodger 82 WCooper Woolpit
Barrell, FrancesHead 66 W. Elmswell
Barrell, HannahDaur 4Scholar Elmswell
Barrell, JamesHead 45 MMaster Gardener Elmswell
Barrell, JamesSon 10Scholar Elmswell
Barrell, JohnSon 6Scholar Elmswell
Barrell, MaryWife 39 M. Elmswell
Barrell, PatienceHead 50 WChurch Clerk ? Elmswell
Barrell, PatienceDaur 13. Elmswell
Barrell, SophiaDaur 8Scholar Elmswell
Barrell, SusanDaur 14. Elmswell
Barrell, William RSon 4m. Elmswell
Bennett, SusanWife 25 M. ?
Bennett, Thomas GHead 22 MVictualler Ipswich
Bennington, AgnesDaur 1. Elmswell
Bennington, JabezHead 27 MGrocer & Draper (master) Norton
Bennington, MaryAnn FWife 33 M. Pakenham
Blake, MariaServant 23Cook Troston
Bond, Emma 19Dressmaker journeywoman Pakenham
Borley, BridgetWife 54 M. Elmswell
Borley, ElizaDaur 37Housekeeper Elmswell
Borley, GeorgeSon 32Farmer's son (servt) Elmswell
Borley, JohnHead 73 WFarmer 50 acres 2 men 1 boy Haughley
Borley, JohnSon 47Woodman (servt) Elmswell
Borley, JonathanHead 55 MFarm lab. Honington
Borley, LouisGrSon 25Farmers (servt) Elmswell
Borley, MarthaWife 80 M. Ashfield
Borley, WilliamHead 70 MRetired Farming Bailiff Haughley
Borley, WilliamSon 46 WWoodman (servt) Elmswell
Bradley, ElizabethWife 60 M. Norfolk
Bradley, JohnHead 59 MShepherd of flock Lawshall
Bradley, Julia MDaur 17. Elmswell
Bradley, Parlett JSon 23Blacksmith apprentice Elmswell
Brown, ElizaWife 23 M. Ipswich
Brown, WilliamHead 27 MStation Master Middlesex
Brown, WilliamSon 1. Elmswell
Browning, FredericSon 19Blacksmith Hessett
Bruce, AnnaDaur 2. Elmswell
Bruce, GeorgeSon 8Scholar Elmswell
Bruce, HarrietDaur 14Servant Elmswell
Bruce, MarthaDaur 6Scholar Elmswell
Bruce, MarthaWife 50 M. Elmswell
Bruce, RobertHead 50 MAgLab Thorpe Morieux
Bruce, SallyWife 45 M. Elmswell
Bruce, SarahWife 43 M. Elmswell
Bruce, ThomasHead 43 MAgLab Elmswell
Bruce, WilliamSon 16AgLab Elmswell
Bruce, WilliamHead 47 MFarm lab. Thorpe
Buckle, AnnaDaur 18. Elmswell
Buckle, CharlotteWife 51 M. Hunston
Buckle, GeorgeSon 4 U. Elmswell
Buckle, JamesSon 14 U. Elmswell
Buckle, JohnSon 10 U. Elmswell
Buckle, LucyWife 39 M. Elmswell
Buckle, MaryAnnDaur 6 UScholar Elmswell
Buckle, PearlSon 8 U. Elmswell
Buckle, PhilipHead 47 MLab. Norton
Buckle, PhilipSon 17 U. Elmswell
Buckle, RobertSon 18 U. Elmswell
Buckle, RobertHead 51 MAgLab Hunston
Buckle, RobertHead 56 MBricklayer Badwell Ash
Buckle, SarahWife 53 M. Elmswell
Buckle, WilliamSon 1 U. Elmswell
Bull, Anna MDaur 17Dressmaker Badwell Ash
Bull, David PHead 52 MTaylor (master) Elmswell
Bull, JohnHead 54 WTailor (master) Elmswell
Bull, MaryAnnWife 47 M. ?
Bull, Seth 21. ?
Bull, Susannah 75 W. Gt Ashfield
Bullett, JohnSon 1. Elmswell
Bullett, MaryAnnWife 42 M. Badwell Ash
Bullett, WilliamHead 41 MFarm Lab. Rattlesden
Bumpstead, SarahHead 63 W. Woolpit
Burgess, GeorgeGrSon 9m. Honington
Burgess, Sarah"Daur Law" 19 SFarm Lab. Badwell Ash
Burman, ThomasFather 67Farm lab. Elmswell
Burroughs, HannahNurse 55 WIn Midwifery Haughley
Burt, AliceWife 30 MDressmaker mistress Pakenham
Burt, AliceDaur 6. Pakenham
Burt, Anna BDaur 3. Norton
Burt, SimeonHead 42 MWheelwright (journ.) Woolpit
Bush, Francis ASon 2. ?
Bush, MeathableWife 33 M. ?
Bush, Osborne AHead 46 MFarming 11 acres land employing 1 man ?
Catchpole, ElizabethWife 65 M. Hunston
Catchpole, ThomasHead 85 MLand owner Lavenham
Clark, David SeagreHead 22 MMerchants ?? Elmswell
Clark, ElizabethWife 22 MShoe Binder? Lawsford?
Clark, SarahSister 53 WStores keeper Badwell Ash
Clark, William MayfieldSon 1. Elmswell
Clarke, AbrahamF in law 75 WLab. Fakenham
Clarke, AbrahamSon 4. Elmswell
Clarke, AnnDaur 1. Elmswell
Clarke, CharlesHead 41 MAgLab Elmswell
Clarke, CharlesSon 12AgLab Elmswell
Clarke, DavidHead 46 MShoemaker Holbrook
Clarke, DrusilaHead 67 WCharwoman Lawshall
Clarke, ElizaDaur 14. Elmswell
Clarke, HarrietWife 44 M. Elmswell
Clarke, HenrySon 6. ?
Clarke, JosephSon 17 UBlacksmith Elmswell
Clarke, MariaWife 33 M. Elmswell
Clarke, Martha ElizaDaur 1 U. Elmswell
Clarke, MaryAnnDaur 17 UScholar Elmswell
Clarke, Sarah JaneDaur 5 UScholar Elmswell
Clarke, SophiaDaur 8. Elmswell
Clarke, WilliamSon 5. Elmswell
Cocksedge, DavidServant 16Cattle Dearlers servt. Elmswell
Cocksedge, MaryHead 60 W. Elmswell
Coe, JamesHead 45 MFarming 20 acres of land Woolpit
Coe, James RichardSon 7. Dedham
Coe, Louisa JanetDaur 4. Norton
Coe, MaryAnnDaur 9. Dedham
Coe, SusannaWife 45 M. Herts?
Coe, Wm Fredk.Son 12Scholar Dedham
Cooper, AlfredServant 27Footman Wyverstone
Copping, ElizabethHead 55 WNurse & Midwife ?
Corner, ArthurSon 15Corn merchant's clerk Stowmarket
Corner, GeorgeSon 8Scholar Elmswell
Corner, JemimaHead 39Victualler Stowmarket
Corner, JuliaDaur 13. Stowmarket
Corner, Sarah ADaur 11Scholar Elmswell
Cornish, AmeyServant 15Domestic Norton
Cuthbert, DinahHead 70 WWheelwright's wife Elmswell
Dew, . .
Dew, AbrahamHead 48 MAgLab ?
Dew, AnnWife 22 M. Gt. Ashfield
Dew, AnnaWife 38 M. Elmswell
Dew, ElizabethDaur 12. Elmswell
Dew, HannahMother 72 WHousekeeper to son Norfolk
Dew, HenrySon 1. Elmswell
Dew, HenryHead 27AgLab Elmswell
Dew, JamesHead 30 MCoal & Corn Porter Elmswell
Dew, JuliaDaur 2. Elmswell
Dews, ElizabethDaur 1. Elmswell
Dews, EmilyWife 37 M. Elmswell
Dews, GeorgeSon 5Scholar Elmswell
Dews, HarriettDaur 12Servant Badwell Ash
Dews, HenrySon 8Scholar Elmswell
Dews, IsaacHead 45 MFarm lab. Haughley
Dews, JamesSon 3. Elmswell
Dews, SusannaDaur 10Scholar Elmswell
Dixon, AlfredSon 2. Elmswell
Dixon, AmbroseHead 46 MAgLab Elmswell
Dixon, ElizaDaur 14. Elmswell
Dixon, EllenDaur 7Scholar Elmswell
Dixon, FrancisSon 12AgLab Elmswell
Dixon, GeorgeSon 11AgLab Elmswell
Dixon, MaryWife 38 M. Elmswell
Dixon, WalterSon 4. Elmswell
Dixon, WilliamSon 9. Elmswell
Eaves, AbrahamServant 27. ?
Elliston, ElizaDaur 19. Elmswell
Elliston, Frederic TSon 2. Elmswell
Elliston, Henry GSon 8Scholar Elmswell
Elliston, MaryWife 59 MLaundress (mistress) Elmswell
Elliston, RebeccaWife 33 M. Elmswell
Elliston, RebeccaWife 61 M. Woolpit
Elliston, Rosa EDaur 6Scholar Elmswell
Elliston, ThomasHead 33 MThatcher & Lay Binder Elmswell
Elliston, ThomasHead 69 M. Wyverstone
Elliston, WilliamSon 11Scholar Elmswell
Elliston, WilliamHead 64 MBrick & Tile maker Wyverstone
Elmer, JessieHead 44 MDomestic servt. Haughley
Elmer, MaryWife 57 MPost Mistress Badwell Ash
Elsey, ElizaDaur 7Scholar Elmswell
Elsey, ElizabethDaur 4. Elmswell
Elsey, ElizabethWife 68 M. Walsham-le-Willows
Elsey, HenrySon 10. Elmswell
Elsey, JohnHead 32 MAgLab Elmswell
Elsey, JohnHead 66 MAgLab Occold
Elsey, LucyWife 34 M. Woolpit
Everet, GeorgeSon 21Blacksmith Barrow
Faiers, ElizabethServant 22Dairymaid Elmswell
Faiers, HenryHead 38 MBoot & Shoemaker Haughley
Faiers, JamesSon 18AgLab Elmswell
Faiers, JosephHead 58 MShepherd Gt. Ashfield
Faiers, LouisaWife 56 M. Welnetham
Faiers, LouisaDaur 2. Elmswell
Faiers, SusannahWife 36 M. Lindsey
Faiers, WilliamServant 20. Elmswell
Farrington, ElizabethServant 18Domestic ?
Farrow, ElizaWife 56 M. Elmswell
Farrow, ElizaWife 52 M. Kent
Farrow, ElizaDaur 12. Elmswell
Farrow, EmilyDaur 9. Elmswell
Farrow, FrederickSon 5. Elmswell
Farrow, GeorgeHead 22 MAgLab Elmswell
Farrow, GeorgeSon 6Scholar Wetherden
Farrow, HarrietWife 30 M. Elmswell
Farrow, HenrySon 12. Elmswell
Farrow, Henry JSon 1. Elmswell
Farrow, JamesHead 30 MAgLab Elmswell
Farrow, JohnHead 47 MAgLab Beyton
Farrow, JohnSon 14AgLab Elmswell
Farrow, MariaDaur 6. Elmswell
Farrow, MaryWife 23 M. Elmswell
Farrow, MaryHead 78 W. Debenham
Farrow, MaryAnnDaur 17. Elmswell
Farrow, RosettaDaur 1m. Elmswell
Farrow, Sarah ADaur 3. Elmswell
Farrow, WilliamHead 55 MAgLab Elmswell
Farrow, WilliamSon 19AgLab Elmswell
Farthing, AbrahamSon 46 WLab. genl. Haughley
Farthing, JemimaDaur 43Housekeeper Haughley
Farthing, JohnHead 87 WLab. genl. Battisford
Fenton, EmilyDaur 11Scholar Horringer
Fenton, EmmaDaur 4. Elmswell
Fenton, GeorgiannaDaur 4Scholar Horringer
Fenton, HarrietWife 34 M. Horringer
Fenton, HenrySon 2. Elmswell
Fenton, JamesSon 13AgLab Horringer
Fenton, MariaWife 67 M. Eye
Fenton, SamuelSon 1m. Elmswell
Fenton, SarahWife 29 M. Woolpit
Fenton, WilliamHead 34 MFarming Bailiff Chevington
Fenton, ZachariahHead 29 MJourneyman Gardener Bury St Edmunds
Fenton, ZachariahSon 2. Elmswell
Fenton, ZachariahHead 66 MGardener (master) Risby
Finton, CharlotteWife 53 M. ?
Finton, JosephHead 58 MLand & Cottage (?) Norfolk
Fisher, Agnes LDaur 7Scholar Elmswell
Fisher, CharlotteWife 45 M. Rougham
Fisher, Elizabeth HDaur 20. Hartest
Fisher, FrederickHead 43 MBrickmaker & farming 100 acres, employing 14 men & 7 boys Woolpit
Fisher, Julia ADaur 5. Elmswell
Fisher, Rosa EDaur 11Scholar Woolpit
Fiske, AlliceDaur 8m. Bradfield
Fiske, CatherineDaur 1. Bradfield
Fiske, ElizabethDaur 10. Bradfield
Fiske, FredericSon 6. Bradfield
Fiske, HarrietWife 44 M. Wetheringsett
Fiske, JaneDaur 12. Beyton
Fiske, LeonardHead 48 MGeneral Grocer (master) Saxmundham
Fordham, AdamLodger 85 W. Barnham
Frost, AnnaDaur 16. Haughley
Frost, BenSon 8Scholar Haughley
Frost, CharlesSon 19Bricklayer (journ.) Haughley
Frost, FannyWife 41 M. Haughley
Frost, FannyDaur 11Scholar Haughley
Frost, JamesHead 34 MHarness Maker (master) Haughley
Frost, JoeSon 4Scholar Haughley
Frost, JohnHead 43 MRailway porter ?
Frost, JohnHead 40 MMaster Builder Haughley
Frost, JohnSon 14Scholar Haughley
Frost, John MSon 14. St Mathews Ipswich
Frost, LouisaDaur 18. St Mathews Ipswich
Frost, RebeccaWife 45 M. ?
Frost, SpencerSon 17Bricklayer (journ.) Haughley
Frost, SusanWife 32 MDressmaker (mistress) Dagworth
Frost, WilliamServant 52Ploughman Bradfield
Fuller, Anna"Daur Law" 12. Elmswell
Fuller, William"Son Law" 10. Elmswell
Garnham, MaryAnnDaur 19. ?
Garnham, RachaelWife 55 M. ?
Garnham, WilliamHead 54 MRailway Porter Pettistree
Gilson, HarriotVisitor 13. Cambs
Goddard, AliceWife 50 MGlove maker Badwell Ash
Goddard, Ambrose WSon 7Scholar Elmswell
Goddard, Charlotte MaryDaur 2 U. Elmswell
Goddard, ElizaWife 33 M. Hitcham
Goddard, Emma AliceDaur 8 UScholar Stepney Green
Goddard, George SSon 4m. Elmswell
Goddard, HarrietWife 30 M. Woolpit
Goddard, HarrietHead 65. Tostock
Goddard, HenryHead 38 MAgLab Woolpit
Goddard, HonorDaur 11. Elmswell
Goddard, JamesHead 32 MFarm Lab. Elmswell
Goddard, JamesHead 52 MAgLab Elmswell
Goddard, James SargentSon 14AgLab Elmswell
Goddard, JaneDaur 22Needlewoman Elmswell
Goddard, MaryWife 38 M. Badwell Ash
Goddard, RebeccaDaur 10Scholar Elmswell
Goddard, WilliamHead 50 MEmployed on railroad Elmswell
Goddard, William LSon 3. Elmswell
Goldsmith, Fred? WmSon 12Scholar Elmswell
Goldsmith, JohnHead 47 MFarming 220 acres, employing 5 men 3 boys Elmswell
Goldsmith, SophiaWife 44 M. Gt Ashfield
Goold, Drusilla FDaur 15Dressmaker (appr.) Elmswell
Goold, Henry BSon 16AgLab Elmswell
Goold, JohnHead 41 MAgLab ?
Goold, MaryAnnBoarder 4m. Eye
Goold, MaryAnnWife 38 MDressmaker (mistress) Elmswell
Goymer, ElizabethServant 13General servant Elmswell
Goymer, ElizabethDaur 8Scholar Elmswell
Goymer, HannahWife 47 M. Elmswell
Goymer, HannahDaur 5. Elmswell
Goymer, JamesHead 35 M. Elmswell
Goymer, MaryAnnWife 29 M. Elmswell
Goymer, MaryAnnDaur 5Scholar Elmswell
Goymer, MaryAnnDaur 11Scholar Elmswell
Goymer, NathanielHead 38 MAgLab Elmswell
Goymer, SamuelFather 63 WAgLab Elmswell
Goymer, SarahDaur 10Scholar Elmswell
Goymer, SarahDaur 8Scholar Elmswell
Goymer, WilliamSon 14AgLab Elmswell
Graham, IrelandHead 57 MFarmer & Butcher employing14 men & 6 boys on 370 acres land Woolpit
Graham, Ireland WSon 19Bankers apprentice clerk Elmswell
Halls, JamesHead 29 MBuilder's lab. Scole?
Halls, SusanWife 25 M. ?
Harsant, ElizaDaur 57 W. Claydon
Hart, CharlotteWife 33 M. Woolpit
Hart, ElizaLodger 3. Elmswell
Hart, EmmaLodger 1. Gt Ashfield
Hart, MaryLodger 28 W. Elmswell
Hart, WilliamHead 36 MAgLab Elmswell
Hews, Jessie LDaur 7. Elmswell
Hews, Mary AWife 34 M. Elmswell
Hews, Mary A EDaur 1. Elmswell
Hews, Rosa SDaur 2m. Elmswell
Hews, SarahDaur 5. Elmswell
Hews, WilliamHead 32 MCattle Dearlers Herts
Hooker, AliceDaur 2. Elmswell
Hooker, Emma GWife 37 M. ?
Hooker, Emma GDaur 12. Stowmarket
Hooker, FredericSon 8. Elmswell
Hooker, GeorgeHead 41 MPlatelayer...? Hants
Hooker, Henry JSon 10. Elmswell
Hooker, MariaDaur 6. Elmswell
Horrex, ElizabethWife 66 M. Hitcham
Horrex, WilliamHead 67 MFarming 27 acres Hitcham
Howe, ElizabethTeacher 29? (teachers) ?
Howes, SarahDaur 2. Elmswell
Hubbard, EmmaPupil 13. Norfolk
Huffey, BridgetWife 30 M. Elmswell
Huffey, GeorgeHead 28 MFarm lab. Ashfield
Hull, SarahServant 26House servt. Stowlangtoft
Hunnybell, BenjaminSon 1m. Elmswell
Hunnybell, EbeneezerSon 12Scholar Stowmarket
Hunnybell, ElijahHead 51 MCoal porter Wickham Skeith
Hunnybell, JemimaWife 44 M. Haughley
Hunnybell, JosephSon 14Grocer's [lad] Stowmarket
Hunnybell, SimeonSon 7Scholar Elmswell
Johnson, BenjaminHead 76 WRetired Clerk Worcester
Johnson, SarahDaur 44. Mddx
King, BenjaminSon 15AgLab Elmswell
King, DennisSon 20Plate Layer (railway) Elmswell
King, HarriettDaur 9. Elmswell
King, JamesHead 31 MWoodpit sawyer Elmswell
King, JamesSon 11Sawyer's lab. Elmswell
King, JemimaHead 55 WTailoress Elmswell
King, ReubenSon 25AgLab Elmswell
King, RobertSon 6. Elmswell
King, SophiaWife 30 M. Elmswell
Knights, ElizabethWife 65 M. Woolpit
Knights, SamuelHead 60 MCoal Porter Hunston
Lamb, Charles HHead 50 M. ?
Lamb, SarahWife 45 M. ?
Lambert, ElizaWife 32 M. Haughley
Lambert, GeorgeSon 14 UClerk Haughley
Lambert, JoshuaHead 33 MPorter at Railway Offton
Lambert, Oliver HenrySon 4 UScholar Elmswell
Lambert, WilliamSon 9 UScholar Stowmarket
Laughlin, BenjaminSon 11Scholar Elmswell
Laughlin, CharlotteDaur 6Scholar Elmswell
Laughlin, DanielSon 16AgLab Woolpit
Laughlin, DavidSon 4. Elmswell
Laughlin, ElizaWife 36 M. Diss
Laughlin, EmelineDaur 2. Elmswell
Laughlin, JohnHead 38 MAgLab Elmswell
Laughlin, MaryHead 59 W. ?
Lawton, FrancesDaur 38. Elmswell
Lawton, Joseph THead 86 WRector of Elmswell Walthamstow
Lawton, Joseph TSon 59Rector of Chignall Claydon
Lawton, LouisaDaur 41. Elmswell
Lawton, William ESon 45. Elmswell
Linge, SophiaWife 51 M. Haughley
Linge, StephenHead 50 M? Elmswell
Lord, AlfredSon 16Farmer's son Elmswell
Lord, Ellen MaryAnnDaur 7Scholar Elmswell
Lord, EnochSon 6m. ?
Lord, JamesSon 19Farmer's son Elmswell
Lord, LouisaWife 43 M. Elmswell
Lord, Mary EWife 58 M. Cambridge
Lord, RebeccaWife 26 M. Elmswell
Lord, RosenaDaur 4Scholar Elmswell
Lord, SarahDaur 14. Elmswell
Lord, SelinaDaur 9Scholar Acton
Lord, SimeonHead 22 MMiller (master) Lavenham
Lord, WalterSon 11Scholar Acton
Lord, WalterHead 76 MRetired farmer Langham
Lord, WilliamHead 51 MFarming 168 acres employing men; Local Methodist ? Langham
Manning, AlbertSon 2. Elmswell
Manning, AmosHead 30 MWoodman Elmswell
Manning, AmosSon 3. Elmswell
Manning, CharlesHead 37 MAgLab Elmswell
Manning, CharlotteDaur 16. Elmswell
Manning, ElizaWife 28 M. Elmswell
Manning, ElizaDaur 8. Woolpit
Manning, ElizabethDaur 18. Buxhall
Manning, EmmaWife 29 MDressmaker Woolpit
Manning, EmmaDaur 4. Elmswell
Manning, EmmaDaur 5. Elmswell
Manning, GeorgeSon 12AgLab Elmswell
Manning, HarrySon 13. Buxhall
Manning, JamesHead 69 WFarm lab. Wetherden
Manning, JohnSon 6Scholar Elmswell
Manning, JohnSon 17AgLab Elmswell
Manning, JohnHead 36 MJourneyman Shoem Hessett
Manning, JohnSon 7. Lawshall
Manning, Martha LDaur 1. Elmswell
Manning, MaryDaur 8Scholar Elmswell
Manning, Mary ADaur 5Scholar Elmswell
Manning, MaryAnnWife 35 M. Cambs
Manning, MaryAnnDaur 9. Lawshall
Manning, MaryAnnWife 43 M. Lawshall
Manning, ReubenHead 39 WAgLab Elmswell
Manning, ReubenSon 6. Elmswell
Manning, SamuelServant 28Hostler ?
Manning, SarahGrDaur 18. Elmswell
Manning, Sarah EDaur 3. Elmswell
Manning, SophiaWife 56 MLaundress Langham
Manning, SusannahGrDaur 5Scholar Elmswell
Manning, WilliamHead 63 MAgLab Elmswell
Manning, WilliamSon 14AgLab Elmswell
Manning, WilliamHead 42 MWheelwright (master) Elmswell
Manning, WilliamSon 16Wheelwright Buxhall
Manning, William JamesSon 10. Buxhall
Marriot, Henry SHead 55 MCurate of Elmswell Needham Market
Marriot, LucyWife 41 M. Norfolk
Marriot, Lucy ADaur 18. Onehouse
Mathews, Cornelius FHead 42 MGrocer & Draper (master) Lawshall
Mathews, Jacob GSon 2m. Elmswell
Mathews, LucyWife 34 M. ?
Mattock, RebeccaServant 30Housemaid Onehouse
Merton, . .
Merton, SarahHead 54 W. Wyverstone
Milton, MariaDaur 20. Haughley
Milton, MaryAnnHead 45Laundress Elmswell
Moore, Sarah SGrDaur 4. Surrey
Morley, Agatha ElizabethDaur 5Scholar Elmswell
Morley, Alice MaryDaur 2m. Elmswell
Morley, CarolineWife 41 M. Hunston
Morley, David IsaacSon 7Scholar Elmswell
Morley, Ivan? HaywardSon 10Scholar Elmswell
Morley, Walter GeorgeHead 37 MBlacksmith & Iron founder Noton
Moss, JamesLodger 66 WFarm lab. Rougham
Moyes, DennisHead 26 MFarm lab. Elmswell
Moyes, EleanorDaur 1. Finborough
Moyes, EmmaDaur 5. Elmswell
Moyes, FrederickSon 3. Wetherden
Moyes, JaneWife 26 M. Wetherden
Moyes, RachelWife 27 M. Finborough
Moyes, WilliamSon 1. Elmswell
Moyes, WilliamHead 20 MAgLab Elmswell
Moyse, GeorgeSon 16Groom Elmswell
Moyse, JamesHead 47 MAgLab Elmswell
Moyse, JaneDaur 19Servant out of place Elmswell
Moyse, JohnSon 10. Elmswell
Moyse, LouisSon 13AgLab Elmswell
Moyse, MariaWife 35 M. Elmswell
Moyse, MaryDaur 2. Elmswell
Moyse, RobertSon 4. Elmswell
Moyse, SarahDaur 14Servant out of place Elmswell
Mulley, Ann MVisitor 33Dressmaker Elmswell
Mulley, Ann MariaDaur 6 U. Elmswell
Mulley, BenjaminSon 1m. Elmswell
Mulley, BenjaminSon 19Bricklayer's lab. Elmswell
Mulley, CharlesSon 16Blacksmith Elmswell
Mulley, DavidBoarder 45AgLab ?
Mulley, DavidHead 54Thatcher (master) Elmswell
Mulley, EdwardSon 19AgLab Elmswell
Mulley, ElizaGrDaur 17Apprentice Elmswell
Mulley, ElizaDaur 1. Elmswell
Mulley, ElizaWife 37 M. Elmswell
Mulley, ElizabethWife 55 M. Yaxley
Mulley, ElizabethWife 46 M. Elmswell
Mulley, Emma JaneDaur 10m U. Elmswell
Mulley, FreemanSon 3. Elmswell
Mulley, GeorgeSon 3. Elmswell
Mulley, GeorgeSon 17AgLab Elmswell
Mulley, GeorgeSon 14Scholar Elmswell
Mulley, GeorgeSon 20Woodman's lab. Elmswell
Mulley, GeorgeHead 46 MBread & Biscuit baker Elmswell
Mulley, HannahDaur 20Dressmaker Elmswell
Mulley, HannahWife 42 M. Great Ashfield
Mulley, HannahDaur 4. Elmswell
Mulley, HannahWife 39 M. Elmswell
Mulley, HariotGrDaur 18Scholar ?
Mulley, HarrietDaur 6. Elmswell
Mulley, Harry CharlesSon 6 UScholar Elmswell
Mulley, Henry JamesSon 3 U. Elmswell
Mulley, Henry WSon 1. Elmswell
Mulley, Herbert WilliamSon 2 U. Elmswell
Mulley, IsaacSon 18AgLab Elmswell
Mulley, IsaacSon 9AgLab Elmswell
Mulley, JamesHead 72 MAgLab ?
Mulley, JamesHead 40 MAgLab Elmswell
Mulley, JamesSon 6Scholar Elmswell
Mulley, James JohnSon 19AgLab Elmswell
Mulley, James WoodsNephew 9Scholar Elmswell
Mulley, JohnHead 67 MShoemaker & Constable Elmswell
Mulley, JohnHead 43 MAgLab Elmswell
Mulley, JohnSon 10AgLab Elmswell
Mulley, MariaWife 30 M. Norton
Mulley, MaryWife 70 M. ?
Mulley, MaryHead 67 W. Bury St Edmunds
Mulley, MaryHead 27Bricklayer's wife Elmswell
Mulley, MaryAnnWife 30 M. Haughley
Mulley, MaryAnnWife 35 M. Hunston
Mulley, MaryAnnDaur 16. Elmswell
Mulley, RachaelDaur 13. Elmswell
Mulley, RobertHead 37 MFarm Lab. Elmswell
Mulley, RobertHead 50 MAgLab Elmswell
Mulley, RobertSon 12AgLab Elmswell
Mulley, RuthDaur 6Scholar Elmswell
Mulley, SamuelSon 17AgLab Elmswell
Mulley, Sara ElizabethDaur 4 UScholar Elmswell
Mulley, Sarah EllenDaur 1 U. Elmswell
Mulley, SophiaWife 42 M. ?
Mulley, SusanDaur 10Scholar Elmswell
Mulley, WilliamHead 36 MShoemaker employing 1 man Elmswell
Mulley, WilliamHead 52 MFarm Lab. Elmswell
Mulley, WilliamHead 45 MBricklayer (master) Elmswell
Mulley, WilliamSon 20Baker Elmswell
Murton, JamesHead 62 MDealer in coals? South Lopham
Murton, RebekahWife 63 M. Barmingham
Newson, SabinaHead 40 WGoverness of B&D School Elmswell
Nobbs, RobertGrSon 18Lab genl. Hitcham
Nunn, EmmaServant 17Housemaid Tostock
Nunn, JaneServant 36 WGenl. Serv. Woolpit
Ottley, Mary AServant 18Domestic Tostock
Packsmith, IsaacLodger 72 MScripture Reader Wetherden
Pattle, Mary() 85 WAbsent on a visit Elmswell
Pegg, AmyDaur 13Scholar Elmswell
Pegg, AnnDaur 18. Elmswell
Pegg, AnnDaur 1. Elmswell
Pegg, ElizaWife 42 M. Elmswell
Pegg, GeorgeSon 11Scholar Elmswell
Pegg, HarriettDaur 16Scholar Elmswell
Pegg, HenrySon 15AgLab Elmswell
Pegg, IsaacSon 26Gardener Elmswell
Pegg, IsaacSon 8Scholar Elmswell
Pegg, JamesSon 20AgLab Elmswell
Pegg, JohnHead 54 MAgLab Elmswell
Pegg, SusanWife 52 M. Elmswell
Pegg, SusannahDaur 6Scholar Elmswell
Pegg, WilliamSon 24AgLab Elmswell
Pegg, WilliamHead 44 MAgLab Elmswell
Pells?, AnnDaur 11. Stowmarket
Pells?, JohnHead 45 MCoal merchant ?
Pells?, John FSon 13Scholar ?
Pells?, LucyDaur 8. Stowmarket
Pells?, SarahWife 41 M. ?
Pells?, Sarah JDaur 14Dressmaker ?
Pettit, ElizabethHead 71 W. Haughley
Pharrice, EmmaNiece 17. Ligate
Plummer, CharlotteWife 28 M. ?
Plummer, RobertHead 32 MAgLab ?
Ramsbotham, HenrySon 1. Woolpit
Ramsbotham, John WHead 36 MAgLab Woolpit
Ramsbotham, Mary ADaur 5. Woolpit
Ramsbotham, SophiaWife 31 M. Woolpit
Redit, SusanWife 44 M. Badwell Ash
Redit, WalterHead 38 MBlacksmith (master) Great Ashfield
Rednall, Caroline PWife 36 M. Norfolk
Rednall, Caroline SDaur 12. Woolpit
Rednall, EphraimHead 40 MBuilder (master) Woolpit
Rednall, Jane PDaur 8. Elmswell
Rednall, Louisa PDaur 2. Elmswell
Rednall, Rosa EDaur 10. Elmswell
Rettham, IsabellaHead 75 W. Risby
Revens, AnnMother 86 M. Elmswell
Revens, John 19 UApprentice Drinkstone
Rice, CatherineDaur 10Scholar Elmswell
Rice, EmmaDaur 6Scholar Elmswell
Rice, FannyWife 42 M. Haughley
Rice, HarriettWife 58 M. Elmswell
Rice, HenrySon 18AgLab Elmswell
Rice, IsaacHead 44 MCoachman Elmswell
Rice, JaneDaur 4Scholar Elmswell
Rice, LauraDaur 1. Elmswell
Rice, LouisaDaur 11Scholar Elmswell
Rice, Mary JDaur 6. Elmswell
Rice, RiceLodger 25? ?
Rice, WilliamHead 75 MAgLab Wetherden
Robinson, CharlesHead 22Farming 88 acres employing 4 men 1 boy Elmswell
Robinson, CharlesHead 54 MButcher & Cattle ?? Wetherden
Robinson, ElizabethSister 25Dressmaker Elmswell
Robinson, George"Son" 20. Elmswell
Robinson, James RSon 16. Elmswell
Robinson, MatildaDaur 18. Elmswell
Robinson, Rebecca RDaur 17. Elmswell
Robinson, SophiaDaur 21. Elmswell
Robinson, Sophia RWife 52 M. Elmswell
Rodwell, MaryVisitor 71 WVisitor Walsham-le-Willows
Rose, AnneWife 59 MSchoolmistress Hessett
Rose, CharlesHead 50 MRetired famer Troston
Rose, GertrudeDaur 20. Drinkstone
Rowe, JohnHead 58 MLanded Proprietor Thurston
Rowe, MariaWife 41 M. Beyton
Rowe, Matilda MariaDaur 10 UScholar Elmswell
Ruddock, JohnLodger 84 WHead of family's father Stowlangtoft
Salmon, AmeliaDaur 5. Elmswell
Salmon, ArthurSon 19AgLab Elmswell
Salmon, ArthurSon 7Scholar Elmswell
Salmon, CatherineDaur 15. Elmswell
Salmon, CharlotteWife 29 M. Wetherden
Salmon, DavidHead 38 MAgLab Elmswell
Salmon, DavidSon 13AgLab Elmswell
Salmon, ElizabethDaur 7Scholar Elmswell
Salmon, EmmaDaur 3. Elmswell
Salmon, Frederick WmSon 1. Elmswell
Salmon, GeorgeSon 5m. Elmswell
Salmon, HarrietWife 32 MDressmaker Elmswell
Salmon, HenrySon 21AgLab ?
Salmon, HenrySon 10AgLab Elmswell
Salmon, JamesSon 9. Elmswell
Salmon, JamesSon 3. Elmswell
Salmon, JemimaDaur 12. Elmswell
Salmon, JohnHead 39 MGardener & Florist Elmswell
Salmon, JohnHead 53 MAgLab Elmswell
Salmon, MargaretDaur 4. Elmswell
Salmon, MaryWife 52 MCharwoman Elmswell
Salmon, MaryAnnDaur 6. Wetherden
Salmon, RobertHead 38 MBrickmaker Stoke-by-Nayland
Salmon, RobertSon 7Scholar Elmswell
Salmon, SarahDaur 14. Elmswell
Salmon, SarahWife 37 M. Elmswell
Salmon, SophiaWife 33 M. Elmswell
Salmon, SpencelySon 11. Elmswell
Salmon, ThomasSon 3. Elmswell
Salmon, ThomasSon 8. Elmswell
Salmon, WilliamHead 31 MAgLab Elmswell
Salmon, WilliamSon 5Scholar Elmswell
Sawyer, MariaServant 17Servant Elmswell
Sayer, AnneDaur 22Servant Elmswell
Sayer, ElizabethDaur 7Scholar Elmswell
Sayer, ElizabethDaur 8Scholar Elmswell
Sayer, Esther?Servant 13Genl. servt. Elmswell
Sayer, JamesSon 14Bricklayer apprentice Elmswell
Sayer, JohnSon 5Scholar Elmswell
Sayer, JohnSon 11Scholar Elmswell
Sayer, LucyWife 35 M. Elmswell
Sayer, MarthaDaur 1. Elmswell
Sayer, ReubenHead 50 MTailor Elmswell
Sayer, RichardHead 37 MJourneyman bricklayer Elmswell
Sayer, RosaDaur 10Scholar Elmswell
Sayer, SarahDaur 3. Elmswell
Sayer, SusannahWife 45 M. Ipswich
Sayer, WilliamSon 7m. Elmswell
Simmons, Jemima"Daur" 10. Elmswell
Simmons, Rachael"Daur" 13Servant? out of place Elmswell
Simmons, William Henry"Son Law" 17Woodcutter Elmswell
Skease, CharlesSon 7Scholar Buxhall
Skease, FrederickSon 4Scholar Elmswell
Skease, PamilyWife 35 M. Thornham
Skease, RobertHead 33 MAgLab Elmswell
Skease, WilliamSon 3. Elmswell
Skinner, HarryVisitor 9. London
Smith, JamesHead 44 MAgLab Elmswell
Smith, MaryServant 27Cook Stowlangtoft
Smith, MaryAnnWife 45 M. St. Nicholas South E.....
Smith, RobertHead 40 MFarm Lab. Elmswell
Smith, SarahWife 35 M. Badwell Ash
Sparrow, CharlesSon 10Scholar ?
Sparrow, DavidServant 16Carter ?
Sparrow, HarriettWife 56 M. ?
Sparrow, WilliamHead 58 MAgLab ?
Spencer, WilliamHead 78 WBlacksmith Elmswell
Steggall, FrederickServant 16Farm servant Finningham
Stevens, CharlotteWife 31 M. Hitcham
Stevens, ThomasHead 42 MButcher Hopton
Steward, Jane S1Daur-in-law 21Dressmaker Wetherden
Stiff, ElizaServant 19Dom. servt. Drinkstone
Wade, FealaWife 75 M. Norton
Wade, WilliamHead 74 MFarming 5 acres of land Wickham Skeith
Walton, ElizabethDaur 31 WDressmaker Elmswell
Walton, Thomas FredGrSon 1. Elmswell
Warren, ElizaVisitor 5Scholar Badwell
Watling, HarriettServant 67Nurse Pakenham
Welham, AnnWife 63 M. D?
Welham, NunnHead 80 MGardener Ashfield
Wells, Jane MarySon 16 U. Flowton
Woods, MaryAnnWife 35 M. Elmswell
Woods, WalterHead 35 MCarpenter Wyverstone
Wretham, EdmundHead 48 MWoodman Elmswell
Wretham, JohnHead 46Woodcutter Elmswell
Wretham, MariaWife 45 M. Badwell
Wright, Ann MWife 22 M. Grundisburgh
Wright, ElizaDaur 38 WBoarding, widow Elmswell
Wright, ElizaGrDaur 14Scholar Elmswell
Wright, ElizabethDaur 27. Elmswell
Wright, Elizabeth EGrDaur 5. Elmswell
Wright, ElvinaDaur 2m. Ipswich
Wright, EmmaWife 28 M. Elmswell
Wright, EveServant 21Dairy servt. Beyton
Wright, GeorgeHead 35 MBrickmaker Elmswell
Wright, GeorgeSon 5Scholar Elmswell
Wright, GeorgeHead 41Farm 57 acres land employ 2 men 2 boys Elmswell
Wright, HannahWife 47 M. Wetherden
Wright, LouisaDaur 1. Elmswell
Wright, LucyHead 72 WRetired Grocer Wetheringsett
Wright, MatildaDaur 9. ?
Wright, ReubenHead 61 MBrickmaker & farming 28 acres, employing 5 men & 7 boys Elmswell
Wright, RosaDaur 7Scholar Elmswell
Wright, SarahDaur 25. Elmswell
Wright, Sarah JDaur 21. Elmswell
Wright, SophiaWife 24 M. Elmswell
Wright, SophiaDaur 23. Elmswell
Wright, ThomasHead 38 MBrickmaker employing 4 men & 4 boys Elmswell
Wright, WilliamSon 6m. Elmswell
Wright, WilliamHead 48 MCoal porter Elmswell
Wright, William THead 33 MBrickmaker Elmswell