1861 Census

This census is in two parts, roughly south and north of the railway.
I did this from photos: most of the addresses were missed and a few other fields were out of focus or off the edge - I'll fill these in later. There are question marks where I could not read the handwriting, which is generally quite good.

Status ("Condition" on the original): M=married, W=widow(er); U=unmarried or unspecified.

Use the alphabetical list to find a particular name.

AddressNameRelation (to Head)Age/
Profession or OccupationWhere born
Insert heredescription from preamble to north side
Ashfield RoadJohn Rowe Head58 M Landed ProprietorThurston
.Maria Rowe Wife41 M .Beyton
.Matilda Maria Rowe Daur10 U ScholarElmswell
.Jane Mary Wells Son16 U .Flowton
.Robert Smith Head40 M Farm Lab.Elmswell
.MaryAnn Smith Wife45 M .St. Nicholas South E.....
.Robert Mulley Head37 M Farm Lab.Elmswell
.Maria Mulley Wife30 M .Norton
.Ann Maria Mulley Daur6 U .Elmswell
.Henry James Mulley Son3 U .Elmswell
.Emma Jane Mulley Daur10m U .Elmswell
.William Mulley Head36 M Shoemaker employing 1 manElmswell
.MaryAnn Mulley Wife30 M .Haughley
.Harry Charles Mulley Son6 U ScholarElmswell
.Sara Elizabeth Mulley Daur4 U ScholarElmswell
.Herbert William Mulley Son2 U .Elmswell
.Sarah Ellen Mulley Daur1 U .Elmswell
.John Revens 19 U ApprenticeDrinkstone
.Joshua Lambert Head33 M Porter at RailwayOffton
.Eliza Lambert Wife32 M .Haughley
.George Lambert Son14 U ClerkHaughley
.William Lambert Son9 U ScholarStowmarket
.Oliver Henry Lambert Son4 U ScholarElmswell
6. Ashfield RoadDavid Clarke Head46 M ShoemakerHolbrook
.Harriet Clarke Wife44 M .Elmswell
.Joseph Clarke Son17 U BlacksmithElmswell
.MaryAnn Clarke Daur17 U ScholarElmswell
.Sarah Jane Clarke Daur5 U ScholarElmswell
.Martha Eliza Clarke Daur1 U .Elmswell
7. James Goddard Head32 M Farm Lab.Elmswell
.Harriet Goddard Wife30 M .Woolpit
.Emma Alice Goddard Daur8 U ScholarStepney Green
.Charlotte Mary Goddard Daur2 U .Elmswell
8. Philip Buckle Head47 M Lab.Norton
.Lucy Buckle Wife39 M .Elmswell
.Robert Buckle Son18 U .Elmswell
.Philip Buckle Son17 U .Elmswell
.James Buckle Son14 U .Elmswell
.John Buckle Son10 U .Elmswell
.Pearl Buckle Son8 U .Elmswell
.MaryAnn Buckle Daur6 U ScholarElmswell
.George Buckle Son4 U .Elmswell
.William Buckle Son1 U .Elmswell
.Abraham Clarke F in law75 W Lab.Fakenham
9. Edmund Wretham Head48 M WoodmanElmswell
.Maria Wretham Wife45 M .Badwell
.Harry Skinner Visitor9 .London
10. Ashfield RoadWalter Woods Head35 M CarpenterWyverstone
.MaryAnn Woods Wife35 M .Elmswell
.James Woods Mulley Nephew9 ScholarElmswell
11. Dinah Cuthbert Head70 W Wheelwright's wifeElmswell
.Eliza Mulley GrDaur17 ApprenticeElmswell
12. James Moyse Head47 M AgLabElmswell
.Maria Moyse Wife35 M .Elmswell
.Jane Moyse Daur19 Servant out of placeElmswell
.George Moyse Son16 GroomElmswell
.Sarah Moyse Daur14 Servant out of placeElmswell
.Louis Moyse Son13 AgLabElmswell
.John Moyse Son10 .Elmswell
.Robert Moyse Son4 .Elmswell
.Mary Moyse Daur2 .Elmswell
13. William Rice Head75 M AgLabWetherden
.Harriett Rice Wife58 M .Elmswell
14. George Huffey Head28 M Farm lab.Ashfield
.Bridget Huffey Wife30 M .Elmswell
15. John Goldsmith Head47 M Farming 220 acres, employing 5 men 3 boysElmswell
.Sophia Goldsmith Wife44 M .Gt Ashfield
.Fred? Wm Goldsmith Son12 ScholarElmswell
.Maria Sawyer Servant17 ServantElmswell
16. William Borley Head70 M Retired Farming BailiffHaughley
.Martha Borley Wife80 M .Ashfield
17. Ashfield RoadJohn Wretham Head46 WoodcutterElmswell
18. John Baker Head65 M Retired FarmerBarnham
.Elizabeth Baker Wife50 M .?
19. John Elsey Head32 M AgLabElmswell
.Lucy Elsey Wife34 M .Woolpit
.Henry Elsey Son10 .Elmswell
.Eliza Elsey Daur7 ScholarElmswell
.Elizabeth Elsey Daur4 .Elmswell
20. Robert Buckle Head51 M AgLabHunston
.Charlotte Buckle Wife51 M .Hunston
.Anna Buckle Daur18 .Elmswell
21. James Coe Head45 M Farming 20 acres of landWoolpit
.Susanna Coe Wife45 M .Herts?
.Wm Fredk. Coe Son12 ScholarDedham
.MaryAnn Coe Daur9 .Dedham
.James Richard Coe Son7 .Dedham
.Louisa Janet Coe Daur4 .Norton
22. Benjamin Johnson Head76 W Retired ClerkWorcester
.Sarah Johnson Daur44 .Mddx
23. ?William Wade Head74 M Farming 5 acres of landWickham Skeith
.Feala Wade Wife75 M .Norton
24. John Salmon Head39 M Gardener & FloristElmswell
.Sophia Salmon Wife33 M .Elmswell
.Spencely Salmon Son11 .Elmswell
.James Salmon Son9 .Elmswell
.Elizabeth Salmon Daur7 ScholarElmswell
.Amelia Salmon Daur5 .Elmswell
.Thomas Salmon Son3 .Elmswell
.Frederick Wm Salmon Son1 .Elmswell
25. John Farrow Head47 M AgLabBeyton
.Eliza Farrow Wife56 M .Elmswell
.Henry Farrow Son12 .Elmswell
.Emily Farrow Daur9 .Elmswell
.Frederick Farrow Son5 .Elmswell
26. William Horrex Head67 M Farming 27 acresHitcham
.Elizabeth Horrex Wife66 M .Hitcham
.Robert Nobbs GrSon18 Lab genl.Hitcham
.Frederick Steggall Servant16 Farm servantFinningham
27. Thomas Stevens Head42 M ButcherHopton
.Charlotte Stevens Wife31 M .Hitcham
28. MaryAnn Milton Head45 LaundressElmswell
.Maria Milton Daur20 .Haughley
.Thomas Burman Father67 Farm lab.Elmswell
29. Isaac Dews Head45 M Farm lab.Haughley
.Emily Dews Wife37 M .Elmswell
.Harriett Dews Daur12 ServantBadwell Ash
.Susanna Dews Daur10 ScholarElmswell
.Henry Dews Son8 ScholarElmswell
Wetherden RoadGeorge Dews Son5 ScholarElmswell
.James Dews Son3 .Elmswell
.Elizabeth Dews Daur1 .Elmswell
30. William Fenton Head34 M Farming BailiffChevington
.Harriet Fenton Wife34 M .Horringer
.James Fenton Son13 AgLabHorringer
.Emily Fenton Daur11 ScholarHorringer
.Georgianna Fenton Daur4 ScholarHorringer
.Henry Fenton Son2 .Elmswell
.Samuel Fenton Son1m .Elmswell
31. Ashfield RoadWilliam Mulley Head52 M Farm Lab.Elmswell
.MaryAnn Mulley Wife35 M .Hunston
.Anna Fuller "Daur Law"12 .Elmswell
.William Fuller "Son Law"10 .Elmswell
.Freeman Mulley Son3 .Elmswell
32. William Bullett Head41 M Farm Lab.Rattlesden
.MaryAnn Bullett Wife42 M .Badwell Ash
.Sarah Burgess "Daur Law"19 S Farm Lab.Badwell Ash
.William Henry Simmons "Son Law"17 WoodcutterElmswell
.Rachael Simmons "Daur"13 Servant? out of placeElmswell
.Jemima Simmons "Daur"10 .Elmswell
.John Bullett Son1 .Elmswell
.George Burgess GrSon9m .Honington
33. Ashfield RoadRobert Buckle Head56 M BricklayerBadwell Ash
.Sarah Buckle Wife53 M .Elmswell
34. Thomas Bruce Head43 M AgLabElmswell
.Sarah Bruce Wife43 M .Elmswell
.William Bruce Son16 AgLabElmswell
.Harriet Bruce Daur14 ServantElmswell
.George Bruce Son8 ScholarElmswell
.Martha Bruce Daur6 ScholarElmswell
.Anna Bruce Daur2 .Elmswell
35. Dennis Moyes Head26 M Farm lab.Elmswell
.Jane Moyes Wife26 M .Wetherden
.Emma Moyes Daur5 .Elmswell
.Frederick Moyes Son3 .Wetherden
.William Moyes Son1 .Elmswell
36. Nunn Welham Head80 M GardenerAshfield
.Ann Welham Wife63 M .D?
37. Mary Pattle ()85 W Absent on a visitElmswell
38. Stebbings RoadJonathan Borley Head55 M Farm lab.Honington
.Bridget Borley Wife54 M .Elmswell
39. Robert Salmon Head38 M BrickmakerStoke-by-Nayland
.Harriet Salmon Wife32 M DressmakerElmswell
40. William Goddard Head50 M Employed on railroadElmswell
.Alice Goddard Wife50 M Glove makerBadwell Ash
.Honor Goddard Daur11 .Elmswell
41. Stebbings RoadJames Moss Lodger66 W Farm lab.Rougham
42. James Manning Head69 W Farm lab.Wetherden
43. Amos Manning Head30 M WoodmanElmswell
.Emma Manning Wife29 M DressmakerWoolpit
.Mary Manning Daur8 ScholarElmswell
.John Manning Son6 ScholarElmswell
.Amos Manning Son3 .Elmswell
44. Ashfield RoadJohn Farthing Head87 W Lab. genl.Battisford
.Abraham Farthing Son46 W Lab. genl.Haughley
.Jemima Farthing Daur43 HousekeeperHaughley
45. John Laughlin Head38 M AgLabElmswell
.Eliza Laughlin Wife36 M .Diss
.Daniel Laughlin Son16 AgLabWoolpit
.Benjamin Laughlin Son11 ScholarElmswell
.Charlotte Laughlin Daur6 ScholarElmswell
.David Laughlin Son4 .Elmswell
.Emeline Laughlin Daur2 .Elmswell
46. Charles Robinson Head22 Farming 88 acres employing 4 men 1 boyElmswell
.George Robinson "Son"20 .Elmswell
.Elizabeth Robinson Sister25 DressmakerElmswell
47. James Murton Head62 M Dealer in coals?South Lopham
.Rebekah Murton Wife63 M .Barmingham
48. John Mulley Head67 M Shoemaker & ConstableElmswell
.Elizabeth Mulley Wife55 M .Yaxley
Ashfield RoadElizabeth Walton Daur31 W DressmakerElmswell
.Hannah Mulley Daur20 DressmakerElmswell
.Isaac Mulley Son18 AgLabElmswell
.Charles Mulley Son16 BlacksmithElmswell
.Thomas Fred Walton GrSon1 .Elmswell
.Rice Rice Lodger25 ??
49. William Spencer Head78 W BlacksmithElmswell
50. Isaac Packsmith Lodger72 M Scripture ReaderWetherden
51. David Seagre Clark Head22 M Merchants ??Elmswell
.Elizabeth Clark Wife22 M Shoe Binder?Lawsford?
.William Mayfield Clark Son1 .Elmswell
52. William Hart Head36 M AgLabElmswell
.Charlotte Hart Wife33 M .Woolpit
53. Jemima King Head55 W TailoressElmswell
.Reuben King Son25 AgLabElmswell
.Dennis King Son20 Plate Layer (railway)Elmswell
.Benjamin King Son15 AgLabElmswell
54. Reuben Sayer Head50 M TailorElmswell
.Susannah Sayer Wife45 M .Ipswich
.Anne Sayer Daur22 ServantElmswell
.Elizabeth Sayer Daur7 ScholarElmswell
.John Sayer Son5 ScholarElmswell
.Martha Sayer Daur1 .Elmswell
.Ann Revens Mother86 M .Elmswell
.Samuel Barker Lodger82 W CooperWoolpit
55. Ashfield RoadWalter George Morley Head37 M Blacksmith & Iron founderNoton
.Caroline Morley Wife41 M .Hunston
.Ivan? Hayward Morley Son10 ScholarElmswell
.David Isaac Morley Son7 ScholarElmswell
.Agatha Elizabeth Morley Daur5 ScholarElmswell
.Alice Mary Morley Daur2m .Elmswell
56. William Lord Head51 M Farming 168 acres employing men;
Local Methodist ?
.Louisa Lord Wife43 M .Elmswell
.James Lord Son19 Farmer's sonElmswell
.Alfred Lord Son16 Farmer's sonElmswell
.Sarah Lord Daur14 .Elmswell
.Walter Lord Son11 ScholarActon
.Selina Lord Daur9 ScholarActon
.Ellen MaryAnn Lord Daur7 ScholarElmswell
.Rosena Lord Daur4 ScholarElmswell
57. ? RoadWilliam Bruce Head47 M Farm lab.Thorpe
.Sally Bruce Wife45 M .Elmswell
. Bruce .
.Stephen Linge Head50 M ?Elmswell
.Sophia Linge Wife51 M .Haughley
.Frances Barrell Head66 W .Elmswell
.George Farrow Head22 M AgLabElmswell
.Mary Farrow Wife23 M .Elmswell
.Rosetta Farrow Daur1m .Elmswell
.William Farrow Head55 M AgLabElmswell
.Eliza Farrow Wife52 M .Kent
.William Farrow Son19 AgLabElmswell
.MaryAnn Farrow Daur17 .Elmswell
.John Farrow Son14 AgLabElmswell
.Eliza Farrow Daur12 .Elmswell
.Maria Farrow Daur6 .Elmswell
.James Halls Head29 M Builder's lab.Scole?
.Susan Halls Wife25 M .?
.James Mulley Head72 M AgLab?
.Mary Mulley Wife70 M .?
.Hariot Mulley GrDaur18 Scholar?
.David Mulley Boarder45 AgLab?
.Robert Plummer Head32 M AgLab?
.Charlotte Plummer Wife28 M .?
.Henry Clarke Son6 .?
.Mary Laughlin Head59 W .?
.Henry Salmon Son21 AgLab?
.Arthur Salmon Son19 AgLabElmswell
.John Ruddock Lodger84 W Head of family's fatherStowlangtoft
.William Salmon Head31 M AgLabElmswell
.Charlotte Salmon Wife29 M .Wetherden
.MaryAnn Salmon Daur6 .Wetherden
.Emma Salmon Daur3 .Elmswell
.Charles Robinson Head54 M Butcher & Cattle ??Wetherden
.Sophia R Robinson Wife52 M .Elmswell
.Sophia Robinson Daur21 .Elmswell
.Matilda Robinson Daur18 .Elmswell
.Rebecca R Robinson Daur17 .Elmswell
.James R Robinson Son16 .Elmswell
.John Borley Head73 W Farmer 50 acres 2 men 1 boyHaughley
.John Borley Son47 Woodman (servt)Elmswell
.William Borley Son46 W Woodman (servt)Elmswell
.George Borley Son32 Farmer's son (servt)Elmswell
.Eliza Borley Daur37 HousekeeperElmswell
.Louis Borley GrSon25 Farmers (servt)Elmswell
.Elizabeth Goymer Servant13 General servantElmswell
.Henry Faiers Head38 M Boot & ShoemakerHaughley
.Susannah Faiers Wife36 M .Lindsey
.Robert Skease Head33 M AgLabElmswell
.Pamily Skease Wife35 M .Thornham
.Charles Skease Son7 ScholarBuxhall
.Frederick Skease Son4 ScholarElmswell
.William Skease Son3 .Elmswell
.John Frost Head43 M Railway porter?
.Rebecca Frost Wife45 M .?
.John M Frost Son14 .St Mathews Ipswich
.Louisa Frost Daur18 .St Mathews Ipswich
.Cornelius F Mathews Head42 M Grocer & Draper (master)Lawshall
.Lucy Mathews Wife34 M .?
.Jacob G Mathews Son2m .Elmswell
.Harriot Gilson Visitor13 .Cambs
.Henry Baker Head40 M AgLabElmswell
.MaryAnn Baker Wife40 M .Badwell
.Eliza Warren Visitor5 ScholarBadwell
.Mary Mulley Head67 W .Bury St Edmunds
.Zachariah Fenton Head29 M Journeyman GardenerBury St Edmunds
.Sarah Fenton Wife29 M .Woolpit
.Emma Fenton Daur4 .Elmswell
.Zachariah Fenton Son2 .Elmswell
.Robert Bruce Head50 M AgLabThorpe Morieux
.Martha Bruce Wife50 M .Elmswell
.Eliza Wright Daur38 W Boarding, widowElmswell
.Elizabeth E Wright GrDaur5 .Elmswell
.Charles Clarke Head41 M AgLabElmswell
.Maria Clarke Wife33 M .Elmswell
.Eliza Clarke Daur14 .Elmswell
.Sophia Clarke Daur8 .Elmswell
.William Clarke Son5 .Elmswell
.Abraham Clarke Son4 .Elmswell
.Ann Clarke Daur1 .Elmswell
.Charles Clarke Son12 AgLabElmswell
.Susan Adams Head56 M Market Wooman (Higgles)?
.Susanna Adams Daur25 .Elmswell
.George Adams Son20 Blind by ??Elmswell
.Hannah Adams GrDaur8 .?
.William Brown Head27 M Station MasterMiddlesex
.Eliza Brown Wife23 M .Ipswich
.William Brown Son1 .Elmswell
.Charles Manning Head37 M AgLabElmswell
.Eliza Manning Wife28 M .Elmswell
.Mary A Manning Daur5 ScholarElmswell
.Sarah E Manning Daur3 .Elmswell
.Martha L Manning Daur1 .Elmswell
.Mary Mulley Head27 Bricklayer's wifeElmswell
.Mary J Rice Daur6 .Elmswell
.George Mulley Son3 .Elmswell
.Eliza Mulley Daur1 .Elmswell
.William Manning Head63 M AgLabElmswell
.Sophia Manning Wife56 M LaundressLangham
.John Manning Son17 AgLabElmswell
.Susannah Manning GrDaur5 ScholarElmswell
.John Manning Head36 M Journeyman ShoemHessett
.MaryAnn Manning Wife35 M .Cambs
.MaryAnn Manning Daur9 .Lawshall
.John Manning Son7 .Lawshall
.Emma Manning Daur4 .Elmswell
.Albert Manning Son2 .Elmswell
.Robert Baker Head61 W AgLabElmswell
.Robert Baker Son31 AgLabElmswell
.James Baker Son22 AgLabElmswell
.Sophia Baker Daur20 .Elmswell
.Emily Baker GrDaur10m Sophia Baker's DaurElmswell
.Henry Baker Son18 AgLabElmswell
.George Hooker Head41 M Platelayer...?Hants
.Emma G Hooker Wife37 M .?
.Emma G Hooker Daur12 .Stowmarket
.Henry J Hooker Son10 .Elmswell
.Frederic Hooker Son8 .Elmswell
.Maria Hooker Daur6 .Elmswell
.Alice Hooker Daur2 .Elmswell
.Patience Barrell Head50 W Church Clerk ?Elmswell
.William Armstrong Head53 M AgLabElmswell
.Mary Armstrong Wife50 M Char WoomanGreat Ashfield
.William Armstrong Son20 AgLabElmswell
.Rebecca Armstrong Daur9 ScholarElmswell
.George Armstrong Son5 ScholarElmswell
.Ambrose Dixon Head46 M AgLabElmswell
.Mary Dixon Wife38 M .Elmswell
.Eliza Dixon Daur14 .Elmswell
.Francis Dixon Son12 AgLabElmswell
.George Dixon Son11 AgLabElmswell
.William Dixon Son9 .Elmswell
.Ellen Dixon Daur7 ScholarElmswell
.Walter Dixon Son4 .Elmswell
.Alfred Dixon Son2 .Elmswell
.Leonard Baker Head60 M Parish xx & Land SurveyorStowmarket
.Maria Baker Wife52 M CharwomanNorton
.Robert Barel? Son23 AgLabElmswell
.Samuel Barel? Son17 AgLabElmswell
Hawk End RoadJohn Salmon Head53 M AgLabElmswell
.Mary Salmon Wife52 M CharwomanElmswell
.Sarah Salmon Daur14 .Elmswell
.Jemima Salmon Daur12 .Elmswell
.Thomas Salmon Son8 .Elmswell
.Robert Salmon Son7 ScholarElmswell
.Margaret Salmon Daur4 .Elmswell
.William Garnham Head54 M Railway PorterPettistree
.Rachael Garnham Wife55 M .?
.MaryAnn Garnham Daur19 .?
.Robert Mulley Head50 M AgLabElmswell
.Sophia Mulley Wife42 M .?
.James John Mulley Son19 AgLabElmswell
.George Mulley Son17 AgLabElmswell
.Robert Mulley Son12 AgLabElmswell
.Isaac Mulley Son9 AgLabElmswell
.Harriet Mulley Daur6 .Elmswell
.Reuben Manning Head39 W AgLabElmswell
.Charlotte Manning Daur16 .Elmswell
.William Manning Son14 AgLabElmswell
.George Manning Son12 AgLabElmswell
.Reuben Manning Son6 .Elmswell
.William Hews Head32 M Cattle DearlersHerts
.Mary A Hews Wife34 M .Elmswell
.Jessie L Hews Daur7 .Elmswell
.Sarah Hews Daur5 .Elmswell
.Mary A E Hews Daur1 .Elmswell
.Rosa S Hews Daur2m .Elmswell
.Amey Cornish Servant15 DomesticNorton
.David Cocksedge Servant16 Cattle Dearlers servt.Elmswell
.James Goymer Head35 M .Elmswell
.MaryAnn Goymer Wife29 M .Elmswell
.Sarah Goymer Daur10 ScholarElmswell
.Elizabeth Goymer Daur8 ScholarElmswell
.MaryAnn Goymer Daur5 ScholarElmswell
.Samuel Goymer Father63 W AgLabElmswell
.James Farrow Head30 M AgLabElmswell
.Harriet Farrow Wife30 M .Elmswell
.George Farrow Son6 ScholarWetherden
.Sarah A Farrow Daur3 .Elmswell
.Henry J Farrow Son1 .Elmswell
.Walter Redit Head38 M Blacksmith (master)Great Ashfield
.Susan Redit Wife44 M .Badwell Ash
.George Everet Son21 BlacksmithBarrow
.Frederic Browning Son19 BlacksmithHessett
.Mary Rodwell Visitor71 W VisitorWalsham-le-Willows
.Drusila Clarke Head67 W CharwomanLawshall
.Sarah Manning GrDaur18 .Elmswell
.Harriet Goddard Head65 .Tostock
.Jane Goddard Daur22 NeedlewomanElmswell
.Sarah Howes Daur2 .Elmswell
.MaryAnn Goold Boarder4m .Eye
.John Mulley Head43 M AgLabElmswell
.Hannah Mulley Wife42 M .Great Ashfield
.Edward Mulley Son19 AgLabElmswell
.Rachael Mulley Daur13 .Elmswell
.John Mulley Son10 AgLabElmswell
.Ruth Mulley Daur6 ScholarElmswell
.Hannah Mulley Daur4 .Elmswell
.Henry Goddard Head38 M AgLabWoolpit
.Eliza Goddard Wife33 M .Hitcham
.James Mulley Head40 M AgLabElmswell
.Hannah Mulley Wife39 M .Elmswell
.Samuel Mulley Son17 AgLabElmswell
.MaryAnn Mulley Daur16 .Elmswell
.George Mulley Son14 ScholarElmswell
.Susan Mulley Daur10 ScholarElmswell
.James Mulley Son6 ScholarElmswell
.Henry W Mulley Son1 .Elmswell
.Benjamin Mulley Son1m .Elmswell
.George Randall Baker Head50 M VictuallerElmswell
.Eleanor Baker Wife42 M .Elmswell
.Eliza Baker Daur21 .Elmswell
.Henry Baker Son20 .Elmswell
.Jacob R Baker Son17 .Elmswell
.Eleanor Baker Daur16 .Elmswell
.Sophia Baker Daur14 .Elmswell
.Bridget Baker Daur12 .Elmswell
.Matilda Baker Daur10 .Elmswell
.George D Baker Son6 .Elmswell
.Charles Baker Son4 .Elmswell
.Isabella Baker Daur2 .Elmswell
.Jacob Baker Head44 M AgLabElmswell
.Sarah Baker Wife44 M .Rickinghall
.Elizabeth Baker Daur10 .Elmswell
.Charlotte Baker Daur8 .Elmswell
.Henry G Baker Son4 .Elmswell
.Adam Fordham Lodger85 W .Barnham
.John Pegg Head54 M AgLabElmswell
.Susan Pegg Wife52 M .Elmswell
.Isaac Pegg Son26 GardenerElmswell
.William Pegg Son24 AgLabElmswell
.James Pegg Son20 AgLabElmswell
.Ann Pegg Daur18 .Elmswell
.William Mulley Head45 M Bricklayer (master)Elmswell
.Eliza Mulley Wife37 M .Elmswell
.George Mulley Son20 Woodman's lab.Elmswell
.Benjamin Mulley Son19 Bricklayer's lab.Elmswell
.Joseph Faiers Head58 M ShepherdGt. Ashfield
.Louisa Faiers Wife56 M .Welnetham
.James Faiers Son18 AgLabElmswell
.Louisa Faiers Daur2 .Elmswell
.Emma Pharrice Niece17 .Ligate
.Joseph Finton Head58 M Land & Cottage (?)Norfolk
.Charlotte Finton Wife53 M .?
.Elizabeth Farrington Servant18 Domestic?
.David Mulley Head54 Thatcher (master)Elmswell
.Jane Nunn Servant36 W Genl. Serv.Woolpit
.George Wright Head35 M BrickmakerElmswell
.Emma Wright Wife28 M .Elmswell
.Rosa Wright Daur7 ScholarElmswell
.George Wright Son5 ScholarElmswell
.Louisa Wright Daur1 .Elmswell
.William Wright Son6m .Elmswell
.Thomas Elliston Head33 M Thatcher & Lay BinderElmswell
.Rebecca Elliston Wife33 M .Elmswell
.William Elliston Son11 ScholarElmswell
.Henry G Elliston Son8 ScholarElmswell
.Rosa E Elliston Daur6 ScholarElmswell
.Frederic T Elliston Son2 .Elmswell
.Zachariah Fenton Head66 M Gardener (master)Risby
.Maria Fenton Wife67 M .Eye
.Lucy Wright Head72 W Retired GrocerWetheringsett
.Eliza Wright GrDaur14 ScholarElmswell
.Walter Lord Head76 M Retired farmerLangham
.Mary E Lord Wife58 M .Cambridge
.William T Wright Head33 M BrickmakerElmswell
.Sophia Wright Wife24 M .Elmswell
.Ann M Mulley Visitor33 DressmakerElmswell
.George Mulley Head46 M Bread & Biscuit bakerElmswell
.Elizabeth Mulley Wife46 M .Elmswell
.William Mulley Son20 BakerElmswell
.John Elsey Head66 M AgLabOccold
.Elizabeth Elsey Wife68 M .Walsham-le-Willows
.Mary Hart Lodger28 W .Elmswell
.Eliza Hart Lodger3 .Elmswell
.Emma Hart Lodger1 .Gt Ashfield
.Charles Rose Head50 M Retired famerTroston
.Anne Rose Wife59 M SchoolmistressHessett
.Gertrude Rose Daur20 .Drinkstone
.Elijah Hunnybell Head51 M Coal porterWickham Skeith
.Jemima Hunnybell Wife44 M .Haughley
.Joseph Hunnybell Son14 Grocer's [lad]Stowmarket
.Ebeneezer Hunnybell Son12 ScholarStowmarket
.Simeon Hunnybell Son7 ScholarElmswell
.Benjamin Hunnybell Son1m .Elmswell
.Jane S1 Steward Daur-in-law21 DressmakerWetherden
.Hannah Burroughs Nurse55 W In MidwiferyHaughley
.William Wright Head48 M Coal porterElmswell
.Hannah Wright Wife47 M .Wetherden
.Sarah J Wright Daur21 .Elmswell
.Matilda Wright Daur9 .?
.Jemima Corner Head39 VictuallerStowmarket
.Arthur Corner Son15 Corn merchant's clerkStowmarket
.Julia Corner Daur13 .Stowmarket
.Sarah A Corner Daur11 ScholarElmswell
.George Corner Son8 ScholarElmswell
.Abraham Eaves Servant27 .?
.David P Bull Head52 M Taylor (master)Elmswell
.MaryAnn Bull Wife47 M .?
.Susannah Bull 75 W .Gt Ashfield
.Seth Bull 21 .?
.Elizabeth Copping Head55 W Nurse & Midwife?
.Ephraim Rednall Head40 M Builder (master)Woolpit
.Caroline P Rednall Wife36 M .Norfolk
.Caroline S Rednall Daur12 .Woolpit
.Rosa E Rednall Daur10 .Elmswell
.Jane P Rednall Daur8 .Elmswell
.Louisa P Rednall Daur2 .Elmswell
.Simeon Lord Head22 M Miller (master)Lavenham
.Rebecca Lord Wife26 M .Elmswell
.Enoch Lord Son6m .?
.Charles H Lamb Head50 M .?
.Sarah Lamb Wife45 M .?
The Lion InnThomas G Bennett Head22 M VictuallerIpswich
.Susan Bennett Wife25 M .?
.Samuel Manning Servant28 Hostler?
Station StreetJohn Pells? Head45 M Coal merchant?
.Sarah Pells? Wife41 M .?
.John F Pells? Son13 Scholar?
.Sarah J Pells? Daur14 Dressmaker?
.Ann Pells? Daur11 .Stowmarket
.Lucy Pells? Daur8 .Stowmarket
.Thomas Catchpole Head85 M Land ownerLavenham
.Elizabeth Catchpole Wife65 M .Hunston
Station StreetJohn Bull Head54 W Tailor (master)Elmswell
.Anna M Bull Daur17 DressmakerBadwell Ash
Station StreetLeonard Fiske Head48 M General Grocer (master)Saxmundham
.Harriet Fiske Wife44 M .Wetheringsett
.Jane Fiske Daur12 .Beyton
.Elizabeth Fiske Daur10 .Bradfield
.Frederic Fiske Son6 .Bradfield
.Catherine Fiske Daur1 .Bradfield
.Allice Fiske Daur8m .Bradfield
Post OfficeJessie Elmer Head44 M Domestic servt.Haughley
.Mary Elmer Wife57 M Post MistressBadwell Ash
.Sarah Clark Sister53 W Stores keeperBadwell Ash
.James Dew Head30 M Coal & Corn PorterElmswell
.Ann Dew Wife22 M .Gt. Ashfield
.Julia Dew Daur2 .Elmswell
.Henry Dew Son1 .Elmswell
.Samuel Knights Head60 M Coal PorterHunston
.Elizabeth Knights Wife65 M .Woolpit
.Henry Dew Head27 AgLabElmswell
.Hannah Dew Mother72 W Housekeeper to sonNorfolk
Station StreetWilliam Manning Head42 M Wheelwright (master)Elmswell
.MaryAnn Manning Wife43 M .Lawshall
.Elizabeth Manning Daur18 .Buxhall
.William Manning Son16 WheelwrightBuxhall
.Harry Manning Son13 .Buxhall
.William James Manning Son10 .Buxhall
.Eliza Manning Daur8 .Woolpit
.Emma Manning Daur5 .Elmswell
Station StreetJames Frost Head34 M Harness Maker (master)Haughley
.Susan Frost Wife32 M Dressmaker (mistress)Dagworth
.Mary A Armstrong Boarder22 Milliner (mistress)Dagworth
Station StreetJabez Bennington Head27 M Grocer & Draper (master)Norton
.MaryAnn F Bennington Wife33 M .Pakenham
.Agnes Bennington Daur1 .Elmswell
.Harriett Watling Servant67 NursePakenham
.Esther? Sayer Servant13 Genl. servt.Elmswell
Station StreetThomas Elliston Head69 M .Wyverstone
.Mary Elliston Wife59 M Laundress (mistress)Elmswell
.Eliza Elliston Daur19 .Elmswell
.Isaac Rice Head44 M CoachmanElmswell
.Fanny Rice Wife42 M .Haughley
.Henry Rice Son18 AgLabElmswell
.Louisa Rice Daur11 ScholarElmswell
.Catherine Rice Daur10 ScholarElmswell
.Emma Rice Daur6 ScholarElmswell
.Jane Rice Daur4 ScholarElmswell
.Laura Rice Daur1 .Elmswell
.Sarah Merton Head54 W .Wyverstone
??School Merton .
.Joseph T Lawton Head86 W Rector of ElmswellWalthamstow
.Joseph T Lawton Son59 Rector of ChignallClaydon
.Eliza Harsant Daur57 W .Claydon
.William E Lawton Son45 .Elmswell
.Louisa Lawton Daur41 .Elmswell
.Frances Lawton Daur38 .Elmswell
.Mary Smith Servant27 CookStowlangtoft
.Sarah Hull Servant26 House servt.Stowlangtoft
.Eve Wright Servant21 Dairy servt.Beyton
SchoolSabina Newson Head40 W Governess of B&D SchoolElmswell
.Elizabeth Howe Teacher29 ? (teachers)?
.Eliza Stiff Servant19 Dom. servt.Drinkstone
.Emma Hubbard Pupil13 .Norfolk
.John Frost Head40 M Master BuilderHaughley
.Fanny Frost Wife41 M .Haughley
.Charles Frost Son19 Bricklayer (journ.)Haughley
.Spencer Frost Son17 Bricklayer (journ.)Haughley
.Anna Frost Daur16 .Haughley
.John Frost Son14 ScholarHaughley
.Fanny Frost Daur11 ScholarHaughley
.Ben Frost Son8 ScholarHaughley
.Joe Frost Son4 ScholarHaughley
.Richard Sayer Head37 M Journeyman bricklayerElmswell
.Lucy Sayer Wife35 M .Elmswell
.James Sayer Son14 Bricklayer apprenticeElmswell
.John Sayer Son11 ScholarElmswell
.Rosa Sayer Daur10 ScholarElmswell
.Elizabeth Sayer Daur8 ScholarElmswell
.Sarah Sayer Daur3 .Elmswell
.William Sayer Son7m .Elmswell
.Robert Adams Head37 M AgLabTostock
.Sarah Adams Wife30 M .Onehouse
.Elizabeth Adams Daur12 .Woolpit
.Susannah Adams Daur10 ScholarElmswell
.Esther Adams Daur8 ScholarElmswell
.Mary Adams Daur5 ScholarElmswell
.Jane Adams Daur10m .Elmswell
.James King Head31 M Woodpit sawyerElmswell
.Sophia King Wife30 M .Elmswell
.James King Son11 Sawyer's lab.Elmswell
.Harriett King Daur9 .Elmswell
.Robert King Son6 .Elmswell
.David Salmon Head38 M AgLabElmswell
.Sarah Salmon Wife37 M .Elmswell
.Catherine Salmon Daur15 .Elmswell
.David Salmon Son13 AgLabElmswell
.Henry Salmon Son10 AgLabElmswell
.Arthur Salmon Son7 ScholarElmswell
.William Salmon Son5 ScholarElmswell
.James Salmon Son3 .Elmswell
.George Salmon Son5m .Elmswell
.Thomas Armstrong Head49 M AgLabElmswell
.Susan Armstrong Wife47 M .Woolpit
.Ellen Armstrong Daur20 .Elmswell
.William Armstrong Son18 AgLabElmswell
.Jane Armstrong Daur15 .Elmswell
.Eliza Armstrong Daur12 ScholarElmswell
.Elizabeth Armstrong Daur10 ScholarElmswell
.Anna Armstrong Daur6 ScholarElmswell
.Elizabeth M Armstrong Daur8m .Elmswell
.Robert Baker? Father-in-law70 W AgLabElmswell
.James Smith Head44 M AgLabElmswell
.Sarah Smith Wife35 M .Badwell Ash
.John Bradley Head59 M Shepherd of flockLawshall
.Elizabeth Bradley Wife60 M .Norfolk
.Parlett J Bradley Son23 Blacksmith apprenticeElmswell
.Julia M Bradley Daur17 .Elmswell
.Simeon Burt Head42 M Wheelwright (journ.)Woolpit
.Alice Burt Wife30 M Dressmaker mistressPakenham
.Alice Burt Daur6 .Pakenham
.Anna B Burt Daur3 .Norton
.Emma Bond 19 Dressmaker journeywomanPakenham
.Thomas Wright Head38 M Brickmaker employing 4 men & 4 boysElmswell
.Ann M Wright Wife22 M .Grundisburgh
.Elvina Wright Daur2m .Ipswich
.Reuben Wright Head61 M Brickmaker & farming 28 acres, employing
5 men & 7 boys
.Elizabeth Wright Daur27 .Elmswell
.Sarah Wright Daur25 .Elmswell
.Sophia Wright Daur23 .Elmswell
.Sarah S Moore GrDaur4 .Surrey
.George Wright Head41 Farm 57 acres land employ 2 men 2 boysElmswell
.John W Ramsbotham Head36 M AgLabWoolpit
.Sophia Ramsbotham Wife31 M .Woolpit
.Mary A Ramsbotham Daur5 .Woolpit
.Henry Ramsbotham Son1 .Woolpit
.William Elliston Head64 M Brick & Tile makerWyverstone
.Rebecca Elliston Wife61 M .Woolpit
Kiln LaneFrederick Fisher Head43 M Brickmaker & farming 100 acres,
employing 14 men & 7 boys
.Charlotte Fisher Wife45 M .Rougham
.Elizabeth H Fisher Daur20 .Hartest
.Rosa E Fisher Daur11 ScholarWoolpit
.Agnes L Fisher Daur7 ScholarElmswell
.Julia A Fisher Daur5 .Elmswell
.Mary A Ottley Servant18 DomesticTostock
Fox & Goose Cott.William Moyes Head20 M AgLabElmswell
.Rachel Moyes Wife27 M .Finborough
.Eleanor Moyes Daur1 .Finborough
Fox & Goose Cott.Nathaniel Goymer Head38 M AgLabElmswell
.Hannah Goymer Wife47 M .Elmswell
.William Goymer Son14 AgLabElmswell
.MaryAnn Goymer Daur11 ScholarElmswell
.Sarah Goymer Daur8 ScholarElmswell
.Hannah Goymer Daur5 .Elmswell
Elmswell New HallHenry S Marriot Head55 M Curate of ElmswellNeedham Market
.Lucy Marriot Wife41 M .Norfolk
.Lucy A Marriot Daur18 .Onehouse
.Rebecca Mattock Servant30 HousemaidOnehouse
.Maria Blake Servant23 CookTroston
.Alfred Cooper Servant27 FootmanWyverstone
Elmswell Old HallIreland Graham Head57 M Farmer & Butcher employing14 men
& 6 boys on 370 acres land
.Ireland W Graham Son19 Bankers apprentice clerkElmswell
.William Frost Servant52 PloughmanBradfield
.William Faiers Servant20 .Elmswell
.Elizabeth Faiers Servant22 DairymaidElmswell
.Emma Nunn Servant17 HousemaidTostock
Bunkers HillJames Goddard Head52 M AgLabElmswell
.Mary Goddard Wife38 M .Badwell Ash
.James Sargent Goddard Son14 AgLabElmswell
.Rebecca Goddard Daur10 ScholarElmswell
.Ambrose W Goddard Son7 ScholarElmswell
.William L Goddard Son3 .Elmswell
.George S Goddard Son4m .Elmswell
Bunkers HillWilliam Sparrow Head58 M AgLab?
.Harriett Sparrow Wife56 M .?
.Charles Sparrow Son10 Scholar?
Bunkers HillOsborne A Bush Head46 M Farming 11 acres land employing 1 man?
.Meathable Bush Wife33 M .?
.Francis A Bush Son2 .?
.David Sparrow Servant16 Carter?
Bunkers ValeJohn Goold Head41 M AgLab?
.MaryAnn Goold Wife38 M Dressmaker (mistress)Elmswell
.Henry B Goold Son16 AgLabElmswell
.Drusilla F Goold Daur15 Dressmaker (appr.)Elmswell
Bunkers ValeAbraham Dew Head48 M AgLab?
.Anna Dew Wife38 M .Elmswell
.Elizabeth Dew Daur12 .Elmswell
St Johns Church Dew .
AlmshousesMary Cocksedge Head60 W .Elmswell
AlmshousesMary Farrow Head78 W .Debenham
AlmshousesElizabeth Pettit Head71 W .Haughley
AlmshousesSarah Bumpstead Head63 W .Woolpit
AlmshousesIsabella Rettham Head75 W .Risby
Church Hill Garden HouseWilliam Pegg Head44 M AgLabElmswell
.Eliza Pegg Wife42 M .Elmswell
.Harriett Pegg Daur16 ScholarElmswell
.Henry Pegg Son15 AgLabElmswell
.Amy Pegg Daur13 ScholarElmswell
.George Pegg Son11 ScholarElmswell
.Isaac Pegg Son8 ScholarElmswell
.Susannah Pegg Daur6 ScholarElmswell
.Ann Pegg Daur1 .Elmswell
Church HillJames Barrell Head45 M Master GardenerElmswell
.Mary Barrell Wife39 M .Elmswell
.Susan Barrell Daur14 .Elmswell
.Patience Barrell Daur13 .Elmswell
.James Barrell Son10 ScholarElmswell
.Sophia Barrell Daur8 ScholarElmswell
.John Barrell Son6 ScholarElmswell
.Hannah Barrell Daur4 ScholarElmswell
.William R Barrell Son4m .Elmswell