1871 Census

This census is in two parts, roughly south and north of the railway, so the page numbers in the right-hand column are prefixed with S or N.
I did this from photos: a few fields were out of focus or off the edge - I'll fill them in later. There are question marks where I could not read the handwriting, which was otherwise excellent.

Status ("condition" in the original): M=married, U=unmarried, W=widow(er).

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Family names having more than 10 persons recorded

OccupationWhere born Census entry, Address
Adams, ElizabethWifeM 41.NorwichS91, Hall End Lane
Adams, GeorgeHeadM 31BasketmakerElmswellS91, Hall End Lane
Adams, JaneDaur.U 10.ElmswellS5, Carriers Arms, Station Road
Adams, MaryDaur.U 15.ElmswellS5, Carriers Arms, Station Road
Adams, RobertHeadM 40PublicanElmswellS5, Carriers Arms, Station Road
Adams, SarahWifeM 36.ElmswellS5, Carriers Arms, Station Road
Adams, SarahDaur.U 4m.ElmswellS5, Carriers Arms, Station Road
Adams, SusanMotherW 67.ElmswellS91, Hall End Lane
Armstrong, ElizaDaurU 19.ElmswellS90, Hall End Lane
Armstrong, ElizabethDaur.U 10ScholarElmswellS32, Cross Street
Armstrong, ElizabethWifeM 26.ElmswellN5, Ashfield Road
Armstrong, HenrySonU 1.ElmswellN5, Ashfield Road
Armstrong, HerbertSonU 3ScholarElmswellN5, Ashfield Road
Armstrong, JamesSonU 15AgLabElmswellS100
Armstrong, MaryWifeM 62.Gt AshfieldS100
Armstrong, RebeccaSerU 19UnderhousemaidElmswellS52, The Rectory
Armstrong, SarahDaurU 6ScholarWoolpitN5, Ashfield Road
Armstrong, SusanWifeM 40.ElmswellS90, Hall End Lane
Armstrong, ThomasHeadM 59AgLabElmswellS90, Hall End Lane
Armstrong, WilliamHeadM 64AgLabElmswellS100
Armstrong, WilliamHeadM 36.WoolpitN5, Ashfield Road
Atkins, ElizabethWifeM 28.BuxhallN60, Ashfield Road
Atkins, Lausia?DaurU 3.ElmswellN60, Ashfield Road
Atkins, RebeccaDaurU 3m.ElmswellN60, Ashfield Road
Atkins, RobertHeadM 30ShoemakerLivermereN60, Ashfield Road
Baker, AliceDaurU 8ScholarElmswellS98, Hall End Lane
Baker, BridgetDaurU 22.ElmswellS68, Railway Farm M?
Baker, CharlesSonU 14ScholarElmswellS68, Railway Farm M?
Baker, CharlotteDaurU 17DressmakerElmswellS73, Rose Lane
Baker, ElenorHeadW 52Inn keeperElmswellS68, Railway Farm M?
Baker, ElizabethWifeM 32.ElmswellS98, Hall End Lane
Baker, ElizabethWifeM 22.ElmswellN29, Glebe cottages
Baker, EllenDaurU 8ScholarElmswellN13, Ashfield Road
Baker, EmmaDaurU 2.ElmswellS98, Hall End Lane
Baker, GeorgeSonU 16AgLabElmswellS68, Railway Farm M?
Baker, HenrySonU 30.ElmswellS68, Railway Farm M?
Baker, HenryHeadM 52ThatcherElmswellS75, Station Road
Baker, HenrySonU 1m.ElmswellS98, Hall End Lane
Baker, HenryHeadM 26Railway navvyMiddlesexN29, Glebe cottages
Baker, Henry G.SonU 14Builder's apprenticeElmswellS73, Rose Lane
Baker, IsabellaDaurU 12ScholarElmswellS68, Railway Farm M?
Baker, JacobHeadM 55LabourerElmswellS73, Rose Lane
Baker, Jacob M.SonU 27.ElmswellS68, Railway Farm M?
Baker, JamesHeadM 32Brickmakers labourerElmswellN13, Ashfield Road
Baker, LeonardHeadM 70Jobbing butcherStuston?S102
Baker, MariaWifeM 60.NortonS102
Baker, MaryannWifeM 51wifeBadwellS75, Station Road
Baker, MatildaDaurU 20.ElmswellS68, Railway Farm M?
Baker, RobertHeadM 40AgLabElmswellS98, Hall End Lane
Baker, RobertSonU 5ScholarElmswellS98, Hall End Lane
Baker, RobertFatherW 70Brickmaker's labourerElmswellS98, Hall End Lane
Baker, SarahWifeM 55wifeDissS73, Rose Lane
Baker, SarahDaurU 12ScholarElmswellS98, Hall End Lane
Baker, SarahWifeM 29.BadwellN13, Ashfield Road
Baldwin, MaryWidowW 66Retired farmer's wifeCambridgeS5, Carriers Arms, Station Road
Barrell, HannahDaur.U 14.ElmswellS17
Barrell, JamesHeadM 55Farmer, 28 acresES17
Barrell, JamesSonU 20AgLabElmswellS17
Barrell, JohnSonU 16AgLabElmswellS17
Barrell, MaryWifeM 50.ElmswellS17
Barrell, ThomasSonU 7ScholarElmswellS17
Barrell, WilliamSonU 11ScholarElmswellS17
Bennett, JohnHeadM 54Farm bailiffRishanglesS63
Bennett, MaryWifeM 52.DebenhamS63
Berry, JanetMother in lawW 63VisitorLondonS58, School House
Birkett, DinahWifeM 52.Lincs.S11, Station Road
Birkett, JohnHeadM 47Station MasterNotts.S11, Station Road
Birkett, RebeccaDaur.U 17ScholarLondonS11, Station Road
Blatt, Mary A.Svt.U 13Domestic servantElmswellN49, Charfield? Road
Borley, ElizaHeadU 47Farmer's daughterElmswellS112
Borley, ElizabethWifeM 38.NortonS45
Borley, ElizabethWifeM 37.ElmswellN49, Charfield? Road
Borley, FrederickSonU 2.ElmswellN49, Charfield? Road
Borley, GeorgeHeadM 43Farmer 61 acres empl 3 men & 2 boysElmswellN49, Charfield? Road
Borley, George A.SonU 4.ElmswellN49, Charfield? Road
Borley, HannahBoarderW 74Living on charityOnehouseS51, AlmsHouse
Borley, HarriettDaurU 1.ElmswellN49, Charfield? Road
Borley, John Wm.SonU 9ScholarNortonS45
Borley, WilliamHeadM 54WoodmanElmswellS45
Borrett, CharlotteWifeM 42.?S42, ??
Borrett, KateSvtU 19Domestic svtEssexS57, ? Hall
Borrett, ThomasHeadM 52Station labourer?S42, ??
Bradley, Charles J.Grnd.sonU 7m.ElmswellS35, Warren Lane
Bradley, ElizabethWifeM 70.Stoke FerryS35, Warren Lane
Bradley, HarriettDaur.M 30Blacksmith's wifeWalsham le WillowsS35, Warren Lane
Bradley, JohnHeadM 69AgLab shepherdLawshallS35, Warren Lane
Bradley, Parlett?SonM 33BlacksmithElmswellS35, Warren Lane
Brett, IsabellaNieceU 3ScholarWaldringfieldN11, Ashfield Road
Brett, SarahWifeM 38.MartleshamN11, Ashfield Road
Brett, WilliamHeadM 38G.E.R. porterMartleshamN11, Ashfield Road
Bridges, BenjaminOstlerU 42OstlerNorwichS1, Red Lion Inn
Bridges, FlorenceDaurU 3m.ElmswellS84
Bridges, SarahWifeM 23.ScoleS84
Bridges, WilliamHeadM 25ShoemakerWetherdenS84
Brorone?, EllenScholarU 17ScholarNorfolkS114
Bruce, ElizaGrnd.Daur.U 7.ElmswellS13, Station Road
Bruce, GeorgeSonU 18Shoemaker's apprenticeElmswellN17, Ashfield Road
Bruce, MarthaWifeM 62wifeElmswellS89
Bruce, MarthaDaurU 15.ElmswellN17, Ashfield Road
Bruce, RobertHeadM 61AgLabElmswellS89
Bruce, SallyHeadW 54LaundressElmswellS13, Station Road
Bruce, SarahWifeM 53.ElmswellN17, Ashfield Road
Bruce, ThomasHeadM 54AgLabElmswellN17, Ashfield Road
Buckle, AmeliaWifeM 22.TostockN58, Ashfield Road
Buckle, CharlotteBoarderW 62.HarlestonS64, Work House
Buckle, DennisSonU 5ScholarElmswellN56, Ashfield Road
Buckle, ElizabethWifeM 17.ElmswellN46, Charfield? Road
Buckle, EmmaDaurU 8ScholarElmswellN56, Ashfield Road
Buckle, EstherDaur.U 4ScholarElmswellS14, Station Road
Buckle, GeorgeSonU 14AgLab boyElmswellN56, Ashfield Road
Buckle, LucyWifeM 48.ElmswellN56, Ashfield Road
Buckle, MaryWifeM 28.ElmswellS14, Station Road
Buckle, Mary A.DaurU 16AgLab daurElmswellN56, Ashfield Road
Buckle, MaryannBoarderW 73.ElmswellS41, Bunker Hole?
Buckle, ParleyHeadM 18AgLabElmswellN46, Charfield? Road
Buckle, PhilipHeadM 57AgLabNortonN56, Ashfield Road
Buckle, PhilipHeadM 37AgLabElmswellN58, Ashfield Road
Buckle, RobertHeadM 28AgLabElmswellS14, Station Road
Buckle, RobertHeadM 66BricklayerHonningtonN14, Ashfield Road
Buckle, SarahWifeM 63.Badwell AshN14, Ashfield Road
Buckle, WilliamSonU 11AgLab boyElmswellN56, Ashfield Road
Bull, DavidHeadM 61.ElmswellS121
Bull, MaryannWifeM 58.DrinkstoneS121
Bull, SethNephewU 38.ElmswellS121
Bumpstead, SarahHeadW 80Living on charityBury St EdsS48, AlmsHouse
Catchpole, ElizabethHeadW 78RetiredHunstonS3, White Thorn House
Chittock, Mary A.NieceU 17VisitorMickfieldN62, Ashfield Road
Clark?, GrahamFather of wifeW 84PauperFakenhamN56, Ashfield Road
Clarke, AnnDaurU 12ScholarWoolpitS67, Work House
Clarke, CharlesHeadM 54AgLabElmswellS67, Work House
Clarke, CharlesSonU 7ScholarElmswellS99, Hall End Lane
Clarke, DavidHeadM 32.ElmswellS99, Hall End Lane
Clarke, DavidSonU 3ScholarElmswellS99, Hall End Lane
Clarke, DavidHeadM 55ShoemakerHolbrookN59, Ashfield Road
Clarke, ElizabethWifeM 32.NorfolkS99, Hall End Lane
Clarke, EmmaDaurU 9ScholarElmswellS99, Hall End Lane
Clarke, GeorgeSonU 2.ElmswellS67, Work House
Clarke, HarriettWifeM 54.ElmswellN59, Ashfield Road
Clarke, HarrySonU 5ScholarElmswellS99, Hall End Lane
Clarke, JamesSonU 5ScholarElmswellS67, Work House
Clarke, JosephSonU 7ScholarElmswellS67, Work House
Clarke, JosephSonU 1m.ElmswellS99, Hall End Lane
Clarke, MariaWifeM 44.ElmswellS67, Work House
Clarke, MarthaDaurU 11ScholarElmswellN59, Ashfield Road
Clarke, Mayers?SonU 7ScholarElmswellS99, Hall End Lane
Clarke, SarahDaurU 13ScholarElmswellN59, Ashfield Road
Clarke, SopiahDaurU 19.ElmswellS67, Work House
Clarke, WalterSonU 2.ElmswellS99, Hall End Lane
Clarke, WilliamSonU 16AgLabElmswellS67, Work House
Clover, EmmaSvtU 15ServantSicklesmereS40, Pannell Lane Crossways Farm
Clutten?, JosephHeadM 45Grocer & DraperTanningtonS12, Station Road
Clutten?, LucyWifeM 45.??S12, Station Road
Cocksedge, MaryHeadW 71Living on charityElmswellS47, AlmsHouse
Coe, CharlesHeadM 56Farmer of 4 acresWoolpitN40, Cubitt's Hall
Coe, ElizabethSvt.U 21General servantWoolpitS15, The Grange
Coe, MaryWifeM 49.AshfieldN40, Cubitt's Hall
Coe, WilliamHeadM 68Jobbing gardenerWoolpitS7
Cooke, HenryHeadM 43Retired, fund ? Propty.BerksS15, The Grange
Cooke, PenelopeWifeM 63Income fromKentS15, The Grange
Copping, ElizabethWidW 75NurseKentS122
Corner, Arthur C.HeadM 25Corn & Coal merchantStowmarketS103
Corner, EdithDaurU 7m.ElmswellS103
Corner, EllenWifeM 22.EssexS103
Corner, JemimaHeadW 49Inn keeperStowmarketS120
Corner, JuliaDaurU 23.StowmarketS120
Corner, Sarah AnnDaurU 21.ElmswellS120
Cross, JaneWife's daur.U 11ScholarStowmarketS107
Cullum, SamuelHeadM 60MaltsterDissS4, White Thorn House
Cullum, SusanWifeM 59.PalgraveS4, White Thorn House
Cutting, EmmaScholarU 11ScholarPettaughS114
Denny, SarahWifeM 42.ElmswellN41, Elmer's House
Denny, WilliamHeadM 53Farm bailiffBuxhallN41, Elmer's House
Dew, AbrahamHeadM 58AgLabNorfolkS64, Work House
Dew, AnnWifeM 34.AshfieldS9, Station Road
Dew, AnnaWifeM 48.ElmswellS64, Work House
Dew, ElizabethDaurU 11ScholarElmswellN35, Lawtons Lane
Dew, EmilyWifeM 47.BadwellN35, Lawtons Lane
Dew, GeorgeSonU 15AgLabElmswellN35, Lawtons Lane
Dew, GrahamSonU 8ScholarElmswellN35, Lawtons Lane
Dew, HannahBoarderW 84.NorwichS93, Hall End Lane
Dew, HarrySonU 17AgLabElmswellN35, Lawtons Lane
Dew, HenrySonU 11ScholarElmswellS9, Station Road
Dew, IsaacHeadM 57AgLabNorwichN35, Lawtons Lane
Dew, JamesHeadM 40Coal porterElmswellS9, Station Road
Dew, JaneStepDaurU 2.ElmswellN29, Glebe cottages
Dew, JuliaservantU 12General servantES11, Station Road
Dew, MaryannDaur.U 6ScholarElmswellS9, Station Road
Dew, OliverSonU 9ScholarElmswellS9, Station Road
Dew, SarahDaur.U 2.ElmswellS9, Station Road
Dixon, AlfredSonU 11ScholarElmswellS101
Dixon, AmbroseHeadW 65AgLabElmswellS101
Dixon, WalterSonU 13AgLabElmswellS101
Dixon, WilliamSonU 19AgLabElmswellS101
Dodson, AlfredSvt.U 22.WetherdenN37, Eastwood Farm
Downing, EmmaWifeM 22SchoolmistressLondonS58, School House
Downing, HenrySonU 1m.ElmswellS58, School House
Downing, JamesHeadM 25SchoolmasterNorton?S58, School House
Downing, JessieDaurU 1.ElmswellS58, School House
Durrant, CharlesHeadM 29Manure manifactr.StowuplandN42, Elmer's House
Durrant, ElizabethDaurU .ElmswellN42, Elmer's House
Durrant, LauraDaurU 8.StowmarketN27, Back from beer house?
Durrant, MaryWifeM 34.Beds.N42, Elmer's House
Durrant, RobertHeadM 53Manl.? manufacturerStowuplandN27, Back from beer house?
Durrant, SusanWifeM 51.Old NortonN27, Back from beer house?
Easlea, AmyDaurU 3ScholarFinboroughN3
Easlea, Charles? H.SonU 6ScholarFinboroughN3
Easlea, ElizabethWifeM 31.OnehouseN3
Easlea, Frank J.SonU 2.FinboroughN3
Easlea, HorraceSonU 5ScholarFinboroughN3
Easlea, JessieDaurU 10m.FinboroughN3
Easlea, John E.HeadM 32Retired farmerBactonN3
Edwards, AlbertSonU 4.ES18, Fern Villa
Edwards, ArthurHeadM 44GrocerGarboldishamS18, Fern Villa
Edwards, ArthurSonU 18AssistantBactonS18, Fern Villa
Edwards, CarolineSisterU 17Assistant postmistressBactonS126
Edwards, GeorgianaDaur.U 14.BactonS18, Fern Villa
Edwards, IsabellaHeadU 19PostmistressBactonS126
Edwards, JaneSvtU 13Domestic svt.WetherdenS103
Edwards, MarthaWifeM 44.HepworthS18, Fern Villa
Elliston, ArthurSonU 3ScholarElmswellS76, Station Road
Elliston, ElizaDaurU 26.ElmswellS81
Elliston, FrederickSonU 12AgLabElmswellS76, Station Road
Elliston, GeorgeSonU 18AgLabElmswellS76, Station Road
Elliston, HerbertsonU 7ScholarElmswellS76, Station Road
Elliston, MaryHeadW 69.ElmswellS81
Elliston, RebeccaWifeM 43.ElmswellS76, Station Road
Elliston, RosaDaurU 16.ElmswellS76, Station Road
Elliston, ThomasHeadM 43Pork butcherElmswellS76, Station Road
Elmer, MaryWifeM 65AsButler's wifeBadwellS6
Eloeo?, AbrahamSvtW 67OstlerD?S120
Elsey, CharlesSonU 6ScholarElmswellN44, Charfield? Road
Elsey, ElizabethServ.U 14General servantElmswellS3, White Thorn House
Elsey, JohnHeadM 48AgLabElmswellN44, Charfield? Road
Elsey, LouisaWifeM 43.WoolpitN44, Charfield? Road
Evered, GeorgeGrd.SonU 4ScholarHartestS68, Railway Farm M?
Evered, RhodaGrd.DaurU 8ScholarElmswellS68, Railway Farm M?
Faiers, AnnWifeM 49.ElmswellS87
Faiers, EmmaWifeM 27wife?S70, Rose Lane
Faiers, HenryHeadM 48ShoemakerHaughleyS83
Faiers, Henry J.SonU 6ScholarElmswellS70, Rose Lane
Faiers, JosephHeadM 41AgLabElmswellS87
Faiers, LousiaWife's mo.W 66.WetherdenS95, Hall End Lane
Faiers, SusannahWifeM 47.?S83
Faiers, WilliamHeadM 30AgLabElmswellS70, Rose Lane
Farrow, ElizaWifeM 63.ElmswellS105
Farrow, ElizaWifeM 29.WoolpitS107
Farrow, ElizaWifeM 59.ElmswellN38, Eastwood Cottages
Farrow, EllenSonU 4ScholarElmswellS107
Farrow, EmilyDaurU 2.ElmswellN30, Glebe cottages
Farrow, FrederickSonU 15AgLab boyElmswellN38, Eastwood Cottages
Farrow, GeorgeSonU 16AgLabWetherdenS20
Farrow, HarrietWifeM 40.ElmswellS20
Farrow, HarriettWifeM 26.StowmarketN30, Glebe cottages
Farrow, HenrySonU 11ScholarElmswellS20
Farrow, HenryHeadM 26AgLabElmswellN30, Glebe cottages
Farrow, JamesHeadM 40AgLabElmswellS20
Farrow, JamesSonU 5ScholarElmswellN38, Eastwood Cottages
Farrow, JohnSonU 9ScholarElmswellS20
Farrow, JohnHeadM 57AgLabBeytonN38, Eastwood Cottages
Farrow, JohnHeadM 24AgLabElmswellN63, Ashfield Road
Farrow, MariaDaurU 17.ElmswellS105
Farrow, MarthaDaurU 8ScholarElmswellS107
Farrow, SarahSvtU 13Domestic svt.ElmswellS112
Farrow, SophiaDaurU 3ScholarElmswellN30, Glebe cottages
Farrow, SusannaWifeM 24.Badwell AshN63, Ashfield Road
Farrow, WilliamHeadM 64AgLabKentS105
Farrow, WilliamHeadM 29AgLabElmswellS107
Farrow, WilliamSonU 9m.ElmswellS107
Farrow?, AgnesDaurU 2m.ElmswellS104
Farrow?, FredericSonU 3ScholarElmswellS104
Farrow?, GeorgeHeadM 34AgLabElmswellS104
Farrow?, MaryWifeM 34.ElmswellS104
Farrow?, RosettaDaurU 10.ElmswellS104
Farrow?, SarahDaurU 5.ElmswellS104
Farthing, AbrahamHeadM 56AgLabHaughleyN21, Ashfield Road
Farthing, JohnBrotherW 61AgLabHaughleyN21, Ashfield Road
Farthing, Mary A.WifeM 57.BelgiumN21, Ashfield Road
Farthing, William A.NephewU 7ScholarWaldingfieldN21, Ashfield Road
Felcale, EmmaHeadW 53AnnuitantDenningtonN16, Ashfield Road
Fenton, ElizabethWifeM 45HousewifeDrinkstoneS69, Rose Cottage
Fenton, EmmaDaurU 14ScholarElmswellS88
Fenton, FredericSonU 10ScholarElmswellS88
Fenton, HenrySonU 7ScholarElmswellS88
Fenton, JosephHeadM 61House owner & 7 acres of landNorfolkS69, Rose Cottage
Fenton, JosephSonU 3ScholarElmswellS88
Fenton, MariaWifeM 78.EyeS78, Garden House
Fenton, SarahWifeM 40.ElmswellS88
Fenton, WalterSonU 5ScholarElmswellS88
Fenton, ZachariahHeadM 77Market gardenerRisbyS78, Garden House
Fenton, ZachariahHeadM 40Jobbing gardenerBury St EdsS88
Fenton, ZachariahSonU 12ScholarElmswellS88
Finch, SpencerStepsonU 15AgLab sonStowmarketN21, Ashfield Road
Fisher, AliceDaur.U 18.ManningtreeS38, Pannell Lane
Fisher, ArthurSonU 16Brickmaker labourerManningtreeS38, Pannell Lane
Fisher, ElizaDaur.U 9ScholarManningtreeS38, Pannell Lane
Fisher, Hannah?WifeM 47.ManningtreeS38, Pannell Lane
Fisher, MarthaDaur.U 6ScholarElmswellS38, Pannell Lane
Fisher, MichaelHeadM 48Brickmaker labourerWoolpitS38, Pannell Lane
Fisher, RosaHeadU 21House keeperWoolpitS40, Pannell Lane Crossways Farm
Fisher, WilliamSonU 20Brickmaker labourerManningtreeS38, Pannell Lane
Fletcher, HarriottTeacherU 39TeacherLondonS114
Frost, FrederickGrd.SonU 9ScholarHaughleyN1
Frost, JamesHeadM 45Harness makerHaughleyS19
Frost, SusanWifeM 43.DagworthS19
Frost, WilliamBoarderW 68AgLabBradfieldN25, Durrants Lane
Fuller, WilliamStepsonU 20Coal PorterElmswellN6, Ashfield Road
Garcy, Reeha?BoarderM 57House decoratorLondonS16, Prospect Place
Gladwin, AnnDaurU 17wife?S44, ?? House
Gladwin, JohnSonU 25AgLab?S44, ?? House
Gladwin, MaryannWifeM 44wife?S44, ?? House
Gladwin, WilliamHeadM 53AgLab?S44, ?? House
Gladwin, WillieSonU 10Scholar?S44, ?? House
Glen, JaneSvtU 63Domestic svtScotlandS57, ? Hall
Goddard, ArthurSonU 1.ElmswellN47, Charfield? Road
Goddard, CharlotteSon's wifeM 40.NortonN25, Durrants Lane
Goddard, CharlotteGrd.DaurU 12.ElmswellN25, Durrants Lane
Goddard, ElizaWifeM 46.HitchamS21
Goddard, HarrietBoarderW 74.TostockS100
Goddard, HenryHeadM 47AgLabWoolpitS21
Goddard, JamesSonM 40AgLabElmswellN25, Durrants Lane
Goddard, JamesHeadM 24AgLabElmswellN47, Charfield? Road
Goddard, SarahWifeM 24.AshfieldN47, Charfield? Road
Goddard, WalterSonU 1m.ElmswellN47, Charfield? Road
Goddard, WilliamHeadW 66AgLabElmswellN25, Durrants Lane
Goldsmith, AlfredSonU 22.HuttonN50, Charfield? Road
Goldsmith, JohnHeadM 57Farmer 156 acres empl 6 men & 2 boysElmswellN50, Charfield? Road
Goldsmith, SophiaWifeM 54.AshfieldN50, Charfield? Road
Goldsmith, SusannaNieceU 20.Badwell AshN50, Charfield? Road
Goldspink, JamesHeadW 67Butler retiredLanghamN18, Ashfield Road
Goode, HariettWifeM 32.WoolpitN34, Botnay Bay
Goode, JohnHeadM 36Farmer 16 acresHaughleyN34, Botnay Bay
Gould, JohnHeadM 57AgLabBactonS41, Bunker Hole?
Gould, MaryannWifeM 48.ElmswellS41, Bunker Hole?
Goymer, AnnaSon's wifeM 22.ElmswellS97, Hall End Lane
Goymer, ChineryBoarderU 16Apprentice wheelwright?N2
Goymer, HannahWifeM 57.ElmswellS97, Hall End Lane
Goymer, HannahSvtU 14Domestic svtWoolpitN64, Ashfield Road
Goymer, HarrietDaurU 9ScholarElmswellS97, Hall End Lane
Goymer, JamesHeadM 45AgLabElmswellS59, Church Road
Goymer, Mary A.DaurU 21Servant out of placeElmswellS97, Hall End Lane
Goymer, NathanielHeadM 48AgLabElmswellS97, Hall End Lane
Goymer, SarahVisitorU 18.ElmswellS112
Goymer, WilliamSonM 24Coal porterWetherdenS97, Hall End Lane
Goymer, WilliamSon'sU 10m.ElmswellS97, Hall End Lane
Graham, AnnWifeM 48.Herts.S57, ? Hall
Graham, IrelandHeadM 66Farmer 340 acres,
employing 12 labourers, 4 boys
WoolpitS57, ? Hall
Green, CatherineWifeM 41.H?S46
Green, ThomasHeadM 44MerchantSemerS46
Green, WilliamSonU 14.Badwell AshS46
Grey, John TBoarderM 42PainterLondonS16, Prospect Place
Harrington, ElizabethServt.U 29HousemaidBeytonS69, Rose Cottage
Hart, CharlotteWifeM 43.WoolpitS55, Church Hill
Hart, EmmaDaurU 10ScholarAshfieldN17a, Ashfield Road
Hart, MaryHeadW 37PauperElmswellN17a, Ashfield Road
Hart, WilliamHeadM 46AgLabElmswellS55, Church Hill
Hood, CarolineDaur.U 1m.ElmswellS25
Hood, ElizabethWifeM 30.ElmswellS25
Hood, JohnHeadM 26Shoe makerWetherdenS25
Horrex, WilliamHeadW 77Farmer of 27 acresHitchamN37, Eastwood Farm
Howe, ElizabethDaurU 38Formerly governessBeytonS61, Old Farm House
Howe, SarahHeadW 73Formerly Logns? housekeeperCambsS61, Old Farm House
Hubbard, EmmaNieceU 14.BadwellN55, Ashfield Road
Hubbard, PriscillaDaur.W 43RetiredElmswellS3, White Thorn House
Hunneybell, BenjaminSonU 10ScholarElmswellS10, Station Road
Hunneybell, ElijahHeadM 61Coal porterFinninghamS10, Station Road
Hunneybell, JemimaWifeM 54.HaughleyS10, Station Road
Hunneybell, SimeonSonU 17Station clerkElmswellS10, Station Road
Hunt, EmmaWifeM 30.Mendlesham?S24, New House
Hunt, JamesHeadM 26Shoe makerBactonS24, New House
Hunt, Julia M.Grd.DaurU 8ScholarIpswichN32, Lawtons Farm
King, AnnaWifeM 33.AshfieldS79
King, BenjaminHeadM 25AgLabElmswellN7, Ashfield Road
King, ElizabethDaurU 1.ElmswellS79
King, GeorgeSonU 5ScholarElmswellS79
King, GeorgeHeadM 33AgLabElmswellN8, Ashfield Road
King, HarriettDaurU 1.ElmswellN8, Ashfield Road
King, HenrySonU 4.ElmswellN53, Ashfield Road
King, HonorWifeM 21.ElmswellN7, Ashfield Road
King, JamesHeadM 48AgLabElmswellS31, Cross Street
King, JamesSonU 21AgLabElmswellS31, Cross Street
King, JemimaMotherW 65AlmswomanElmswellN53, Ashfield Road
King, JosephSonU 4ScholarElmswellN8, Ashfield Road
King, Mary A.WifeM 34.ElmswellN8, Ashfield Road
King, ReubenHeadW 33AgLabElmswellN53, Ashfield Road
King, RobertHeadM 37AgLabElmswellS79
King, SophiaWifeM 48AgLab wifeElmswellS31, Cross Street
King, SusannahDaurU 3ScholarElmswellS79
King, WilliamSonU 5ScholarElmswellN8, Ashfield Road
Knights, ElizabethWifeM 75.WoolpitS8, Station Road
Knights, SamuelHeadM 69Coal porterHunston?S8, Station Road
Lambert, AlbertSonU 7.ES16, Prospect Place
Lambert, AnnMotherW 77.SwillandS16, Prospect Place
Lambert, ElizaWifeM 42.HaughleyS16, Prospect Place
Lambert, ElizabethSerU 37CookNettlesteadS52, The Rectory
Lambert, JohnHeadM 43G.E.Ry. SignalmanOfftonS16, Prospect Place
Lambert, WilliamSonU 19.StowmarketS16, Prospect Place
Laughlin, BenjaminSonU 21Brickmaker's labourerElmswellN22, Ashfield Road
Laughlin, DavidSonU 14Brickmaker's labourerElmswellN22, Ashfield Road
Laughlin, ElizaWifeM 46.DissN22, Ashfield Road
Laughlin, EmelineDaurU 12.ElmswellN22, Ashfield Road
Laughlin, Jabez?SonU 9ScholarElmswellN22, Ashfield Road
Laughlin, JohnHeadM 48Brickmaker's labourerElmswellN22, Ashfield Road
Laughlin, SimeonSonU 2.ElmswellN22, Ashfield Road
Lord, AliceGrd.DaurU 8ScholarElmswellN1
Lord, EllenDaurU 16.ElmswellN1
Lord, EnochSonU 10.ElmswellS116, Station Road
Lord, LousiaWifeM 53.ElmswellN1
Lord, LucyDaurU 8.Essex, LanghamS116, Station Road
Lord, MatildaDaurM 20.ElmswellN64, Ashfield Road
Lord, RosinaDaurU 11.ElmswellN1
Lord, SelinaDaurU 19.ElmswellN1
Lord, SimeonHeadW 33MillerLavenhamS116, Station Road
Lord, SophiaDaurU 4.ElmswellS116, Station Road
Lord, WalterSon in lawM 21MillerActonN64, Ashfield Road
Lord, WilliamSonU 7.Essex, BulmerS116, Station Road
Lord, WilliamHeadM 61Farmer 136 acres, empl 10 men, 2 boysLanghamN1
Luke, JuliaWifeM 44.Lancs.S52, The Rectory
Luke, William H.C.HeadM 39Rector of ElmswellCalcuttaS52, The Rectory
Lusher, AlbertSonU 2.ElmswellN33, Buggs Farm
Lusher, HannahWifeM 38.HitchamN33, Buggs Farm
Lusher, JohnHeadM 37Farmer acres empl 2 labourersFinboroughN33, Buggs Farm
Lusher, WilliamSonU 5.ElmswellN33, Buggs Farm
Manning, AliceDaurU 1.ElmswellS95, Hall End Lane
Manning, AmosHeadM 43WoodmanElmswellN26, Durrants Lane
Manning, AmosSonU 13AgLab boyElmswellN26, Durrants Lane
Manning, Annie E.WifeM 23.RoughamN10, Ashfield Road
Manning, CharlesHeadM 47AgLabElmswellS95, Hall End Lane
Manning, David T.SonU 7ScholarElmswellN26, Durrants Lane
Manning, ElizaWifeM 38.ElmswellS95, Hall End Lane
Manning, ElizaDaurU 19.WoolpitN2
Manning, Ella B.DaurU 11m.ElmswellN10, Ashfield Road
Manning, EmmaDaurU 8ScholarElmswellS95, Hall End Lane
Manning, EmmaDaurU 16.ElmswellN2
Manning, EmmaWifeM 39DressmakerWoolpitN26, Durrants Lane
Manning, HarryHeadM 22WheelwrightBuxhallN10, Ashfield Road
Manning, Henry J.SonU 5ScholarElmswellN26, Durrants Lane
Manning, JacobSonU 9ScholarElmswellN26, Durrants Lane
Manning, JamesSonU 21Wheelwright's assistantBuxhallN2
Manning, John B.SonU 16AgLab boyElmswellN26, Durrants Lane
Manning, MarthaDaurU 11ScholarElmswellS95, Hall End Lane
Manning, MaryDaur.U 18.ElmswellN26, Durrants Lane
Manning, MaryannWifeM 53.HartestN2
Manning, ReubenBoarderW 52AgLabElmswellS80
Manning, ReubenBoarderU 16Carpenter's labourerElmswellS80
Manning, SamuelSonU 38AgLabElmswellS96, Hall End Lane
Manning, Sarah E.DaurU 13Daily servantElmswellS95, Hall End Lane
Manning, SophiaHeadW 69.LanghamS96, Hall End Lane
Manning, SusannahGrd.DaurU 16.ElmswellS96, Hall End Lane
Manning, WilliamHeadM 53WheelwrightElmswellN2
Manning, WilliamSonU 2.ElmswellN26, Durrants Lane
Marriott, JohnHeadM 68DealerEarl StonhamS77, Station Road
Marriott, MarthaWifeM 57wife?S77, Station Road
Mathew, CorneliusHeadM 53Grocer & draperLawshallS86, Hall End Lane
Mathew, ElizabethMotherW 87.LawshallS86, Hall End Lane
Mathew, Emma E.DaurU 6ScholarElmswellS86, Hall End Lane
Mathew, JacobSonU 10ScholarElmswellS86, Hall End Lane
Mathew, LucyWifeM 48.CambridgeS86, Hall End Lane
Mathew, Thomas F.SonU 8ScholarElmswellS86, Hall End Lane
Mathews, WalterBoarderU 17Apprentice wheelwrightAshfieldN2
Mayfield, WilliamStepsonU 11ScholarElmswellS99, Hall End Lane
Melton, MaryAnnHeadM 58LaundressHaughleyS93, Hall End Lane
Miller, Mary A.ScholarU 17ScholarOtleyS114
Morley, BridgetWifeM 65.ElmswellN23, Durrants Lane
Morley, JonathanHeadM 66AgLabHonningtonN23, Durrants Lane
Moss, JamesFather in lawW 75Former AgLabRoughamS64, Work House
Mothersole, AlfredHeadM 27Railway porterBury St EdsS118
Mothersole, AliceDauU 1.EssexS118
Mothersole, MaryannWifeM 24.ThurstonS118
Moyes, ElizabethDaurU 7ScholarElmswellN51, H? House
Moyes, EmilyDaurU 9ScholarElmswellN51, H? House
Moyes, JamesHeadM 60AgLabYaxleyN51, H? House
Moyes, JohnSonU 20AgLabElmswellN51, H? House
Moyes, MariaWifeM 47.ElmswellN51, H? House
Moyes, RobertSonU 13.ElmswellN51, H? House
Mulley, AlfredSonU 8ScholarElmswellN61, Ashfield Road
Mulley, AliceDaurU 5m.ElmswellN12, Ashfield Road
Mulley, AmeliaDaur.U 3ScholarElmswellS32, Cross Street
Mulley, AnnWifeM 28Bricklayer's wifeWalsham le WillowsS34, Warren Lane
Mulley, AnnaDaur.U 3m.ElmswellS28, Cross Street
Mulley, AnnaDaurU 10ScholarElmswellN12, Ashfield Road
Mulley, ArthurSonU 1.ElmswellN61, Ashfield Road
Mulley, BenjaminHeadM 29BricklayerElmswellS34, Warren Lane
Mulley, BenjaminSonU 10ScholarElmswellS66, Work House
Mulley, DavidHeadM 65ThatcherElmswellS74, Station Road
Mulley, DavidHeadW 58AgLabNortonN36, Lawtons Lane
Mulley, EdwardHeadM 29AgLabElmswellS117
Mulley, ElizaWifeM 29AgLab wifeElmswellS32, Cross Street
Mulley, ElizaDaur.U 5ScholarElmswellS32, Cross Street
Mulley, ElizaDaurU 8ScholarElmswellS66, Work House
Mulley, ElizaWifeM 48wifeElmswellS71, Rose Lane
Mulley, ElizabethHeadW 65PublicanYaxleyS1, Red Lion Inn
Mulley, ElizabethWifeM 57.Wickham MarketS113
Mulley, EmmaDaur.U 11m.ElmswellS32, Cross Street
Mulley, FreemanSonU 12AgLab boyElmswellN6, Ashfield Road
Mulley, GeorgeHeadM 28AgLabElmswellS28, Cross Street
Mulley, GeorgeSonU 30Woodman & thatcherElmswellS71, Rose Lane
Mulley, GeorgeHeadM 58BakerElmswellS113
Mulley, GeorgeSonU 10AgLab boyElmswellN6, Ashfield Road
Mulley, George Hy.NephewU 9Builder apprenticeSurreyN54, Ashfield Road
Mulley, HannahWifeM 54.Gt AshfieldS56, Church Hill London? House
Mulley, HannahDaurU 14ScholarElmswellS56, Church Hill London? House
Mulley, HannahWifeM 48.ElmswellS66, Work House
Mulley, HarrettWifeM 25.AshfieldN45, Charfield? Road
Mulley, HenryGrnd.SonU 16AssistantElmswellS1, Red Lion Inn
Mulley, HenrySonU 13ScholarElmswellS66, Work House
Mulley, HenrySonU 13AgLab boyElmswellN12, Ashfield Road
Mulley, HerbertSonU 12.ElmswellN61, Ashfield Road
Mulley, Herbert E.SonU 1.ElmswellS34, Warren Lane
Mulley, IsaacSonU 20AgLabElmswellS1, Red Lion Inn
Mulley, IsaacSonU 19.ElmswellS80
Mulley, IsaacU 2.ElmswellN45, Charfield? Road
Mulley, JamesHeadM 49Clerk of the parishElmswellS66, Work House
Mulley, JamesSonU 16Blacksmith's apprenticeElmswellS66, Work House
Mulley, James W.NephewU 19Builder journeymanElmswellN54, Ashfield Road
Mulley, JaneDaur.U 3ScholarElmswellS28, Cross Street
Mulley, JaneWifeM 45wifeElmswellS74, Station Road
Mulley, JohnHeadM 29AgLabElmswellS32, Cross Street
Mulley, JohnHeadM 54AgLabElmswellS56, Church Hill London? House
Mulley, JohnSonU 20Coal porterElmswellS56, Church Hill London? House
Mulley, JohnBrotherW 70BakerElmswellS113
Mulley, LauraGrnd.Daur.U 14Bar maidElmswellS1, Red Lion Inn
Mulley, MariaWifeM 40.NortonN12, Ashfield Road
Mulley, MarthaDaurU 4ScholarElmswellN61, Ashfield Road
Mulley, MaryHeadW 79Living on charityBury St EdsS50, AlmsHouse
Mulley, Mary A.WifeM 46.HunstonN6, Ashfield Road
Mulley, Mary A.WifeM 44.HaughleyN61, Ashfield Road
Mulley, Mary B.DaurU 16Baker's daughterElmswellS113
Mulley, RachaelWifeM 22.ElmswellS117
Mulley, RobertHeadM 48Coal porterElmswellN12, Ashfield Road
Mulley, RobertHeadM 22AgLabElmswellN45, Charfield? Road
Mulley, RosaDaurU 6ScholarElmswellN61, Ashfield Road
Mulley, SamuelSonU 27AgLabElmswellS66, Work House
Mulley, SarahWifeM 25AgLab wifeElmswellS28, Cross Street
Mulley, SarahDaur.U 5ScholarElmswellS28, Cross Street
Mulley, SarahDaurU 6ScholarElmswellS66, Work House
Mulley, SarahDaurU 2.ElmswellS117
Mulley, SarahDaurU 10ScholarElmswellN61, Ashfield Road
Mulley, Sothan?HeadM 52AgLab's widowElmswellS80
Mulley, Walter H.SonU 8ScholarElmswellS32, Cross Street
Mulley, WilliamHeadM 56BricklayerElmswellS71, Rose Lane
Mulley, WilliamHeadM 66AgLabElmswellN6, Ashfield Road
Mulley, WilliamHeadM 46CarrierElmswellN61, Ashfield Road
Mulley, William B.GrdSonU 10m.ElmswellS56, Church Hill London? House
Mulley, XY GeorgeSonU 7ScholarElmswellS28, Cross Street
Murton, SarahHeadW 66Living on charity?S49, AlmsHouse
Nunn, RobertBoarderW 70ShoemakerNorfolkS74, Station Road
Palmer, SamuelBoarderU 18Carpenter's apptce.BlakenhamS16, Prospect Place
Peck, JamesHeadM 23AgLabBadwell AshN48, Charfield? Road
Peck, SusannaWifeM 20.ElmswellN48, Charfield? Road
Pegg, AlfredSonU 6ScholarWetherdenN28, Glebe cottages
Pegg, AmyDaur.U 22HousekeeperElmswellS54, Church Hill
Pegg, CharlotteWifeM 26.ElmswellN31, Glebe cottages
Pegg, ElizaDaur.U 8ScholarElmswellS54, Church Hill
Pegg, GeorgeBoarderU 20Station porterElmswellS13, Station Road
Pegg, GeorgeSonU 3ScholarWetherdenN28, Glebe cottages
Pegg, IsaacSonU 16AgLabElmswellS54, Church Hill
Pegg, IsaacSonW 36Gardener's labourerElmswellS72, Rose Lane
Pegg, JamesHeadM 30AgLabElmswellN31, Glebe cottages
Pegg, JohnSonU 1.ElmswellN31, Glebe cottages
Pegg, MariaWifeM 30.ElmswellN28, Glebe cottages
Pegg, SusannahDaur.U 14ScholarElmswellS54, Church Hill
Pegg, SusannahHeadW 64.ElmswellS72, Rose Lane
Pegg, SusannahDaurU 6ScholarElmswellN31, Glebe cottages
Pegg, WilliamHeadW 53AgLabElmswellS54, Church Hill
Pegg, WilliamGrd.SonU 9ScholarElmswellS93, Hall End Lane
Pegg, WilliamHeadM 34Ag Shepd.ElmswellN28, Glebe cottages
Pegg, WinifredDaurU 4ScholarElmswellN31, Glebe cottages
Pettit, ElizabethHeadW 81Living on charityHaughleyS51, AlmsHouse
Playney?, RobertBoarderM 47House decoratorHertsS16, Prospect Place
Plummer, CharlotteWifeM 39.BrettenhamS106
Plummer, HenryBoarderU 15AgLabOnehouseS93, Hall End Lane
Plummer, JohnSonU 1.ElmswellS106
Plummer, RobertHeadM 24AgLabElmswellS106
Rampling, JohnSvtW 78AgLabOld NortonS40, Pannell Lane Crossways Farm
Ramsbotham, ArthurSonU 7ScholarElmswellS39, Pannell Lane
Ramsbotham, HenrySonU 12LabourerWoolpitS39, Pannell Lane
Ramsbotham, JamesHeadM 47Brickmaker labourerWoolpitS39, Pannell Lane
Ramsbotham, MaryanneDaur.U 15Ag.Dau.LabourerWoolpitS39, Pannell Lane
Ramsbotham, SophiaWifeM 42 wifeWoolpitS39, Pannell Lane
Ramsbotham, WalterSonU 4ScholarElmswellS39, Pannell Lane
Ramsbotham, WilliamSonU 2.ElmswellS39, Pannell Lane
Rawson, KetherineSis in lawU 47VisitorLancs.S52, The Rectory
Reditt, HerbertSonU 3m.ElmswellS115
Reditt, JaneWifeM 24.CornwallS115
Reditt, SusanWifeM 56wifeBadwellS62
Reditt, WalterHeadM 47BlacksmithAshfieldS62
Reditt, WalterHeadM 22BlacksmithElmswellS115
Rednall, CarolineWifeM 46DressmakerThetfordS123
Rednall, EphraimHeadM 49CarpenterWoolpitS123
Rednall, JaneDaurU 18.ElmswellS123
Rednall, JuliaDaurU 7ScholarElmswellS123
Rice, AliceDaur.U 1.ElmswellS53, Rectory Lodge
Rice, EmmaDaur.U 17.ElmswellS53, Rectory Lodge
Rice, FannyWifeM 52.HaughleyS53, Rectory Lodge
Rice, HenrySonU 28AgLabElmswellS53, Rectory Lodge
Rice, IsaacHeadM 53Coachman & gardenerElmswellS53, Rectory Lodge
Rice, JaneDaur.U 14.ElmswellS53, Rectory Lodge
Rice, LauraDaur.U 11ScholarElmswellS53, Rectory Lodge
Rice, RoseDaur.U 7ScholarElmswellS53, Rectory Lodge
Ridgeon, HenrySonU 11ScholarTostockN32, Lawtons Farm
Ridgeon, JohnHeadM 62Farm bailiffBeytonN32, Lawtons Farm
Ridgeon, MariaWifeM 56.ThurstonN32, Lawtons Farm
Robinson, AdaDaurU 5ScholarElmswellN20, White House Farm
Robinson, CharlesHeadM 65.ElmswellS111
Robinson, CharlesHeadM 30Farmer's sonElmswellN20, White House Farm
Robinson, EdgarSonU 0.ElmswellS2, White Thorn House
Robinson, ElizaWifeM 36.ElmswellN20, White House Farm
Robinson, ElizabethSisterU 34Farmer's daughterElmswellN19, White House Farm
Robinson, EstherDaurU 22Farmer's daughterElmswellS111
Robinson, GeorgeHeadM 30Butcher & Dealer etcElmswellS2, White Thorn House
Robinson, HectorSonU 1.ElmswellN20, White House Farm
Robinson, HenrySonU 3.ElmswellS2, White Thorn House
Robinson, JamesHeadU 25Farmer's sonElmswellN19, White House Farm
Robinson, RebeccaDaurU 27Farmer's daughterElmswellS111
Robinson, SarahWifeM 24.ElmswellS2, White Thorn House
Robinson, SophiaWifeM 62.ElmswellS111
Robinson, SophiaDaurU 30Farmer's daughterElmswellS111
Rodwell, JaneNieceU 6ScholarElmswellS22, New House
Rodwell, JohnBro in lawW 54Coachman out of placeBadwellS62
Rodwell, SarahNieceU 9ScholarSproughtonS62
Rowe, MariaHeadW 53AnnuitantElmswellN64, Ashfield Road
Rowe, WilliamBoarderM 37PainterSurreyS16, Prospect Place
Salmon, AliceU 8ScholarElmswellN39, Eastwood Cottages
Salmon, ArthurBoarderU 17AgLabElmswellS85, Hall End Lane
Salmon, CharlotteWifeM 40.WetherdenS65, Work House
Salmon, CharlotteWifeM 49.HoptonN39, Eastwood Cottages
Salmon, DavidHeadM 48AgLabElmswellS30, Cross Street
Salmon, EmilyDaurU 10ScholarElmswellS108
Salmon, GeorgeSonU 11ScholarElmswellS30, Cross Street
Salmon, HarriettWifeM 43.ElmswellN24, Durrants Lane
Salmon, HarrySonU 20AgLabElmswellS30, Cross Street
Salmon, HarrySonU 2m.ElmswellS108
Salmon, HenryHeadM 31.ElmswellS108
Salmon, Henry J.SonU 7ScholarElmswellS65, Work House
Salmon, Herbert W.Grd.SonU 2.ElmswellS92, Hall End Lane
Salmon, JamesBoarderU 29GardenerElmswellS13, Station Road
Salmon, JamesSonU 13AgLabElmswellS30, Cross Street
Salmon, JamesSonU 5ScholarElmswellS108
Salmon, JemimaDaurU 22.ElmswellS92, Hall End Lane
Salmon, JohnHeadM 62AgLabElmswellS92, Hall End Lane
Salmon, JohnHeadM 51Jobbing gardenerElmswellN39, Eastwood Cottages
Salmon, John R.SonU 5ScholarElmswellS65, Work House
Salmon, MargarettDaurU 14.ElmswellS92, Hall End Lane
Salmon, MaryWifeM 61.BeytonS92, Hall End Lane
Salmon, MaryDaurU 3ScholarElmswellS108
Salmon, RobertSvtU 15Domestic svtElmswellS57, ? Hall
Salmon, RobertHeadM 49Brickmaker's labourerStoke-by-NaylandN24, Durrants Lane
Salmon, RuthU 3ScholarElmswellN39, Eastwood Cottages
Salmon, SarahWifeM 48AgLab wifeElmswellS30, Cross Street
Salmon, SarahDaur.U 5ScholarElmswellS30, Cross Street
Salmon, SarahDaurU 23.ElmswellS92, Hall End Lane
Salmon, Sarah A.DaurU 9ScholarElmswellS65, Work House
Salmon, SophiaWifeM 30.ElmswellS108
Salmon, ThomasSonU 18AgLabElmswellS92, Hall End Lane
Salmon, ThomasSonU 7ScholarElmswellS108
Salmon, ThomasU 12ScholarElmswellN39, Eastwood Cottages
Salmon, Thomas G.SonU 2.ElmswellS65, Work House
Salmon, WilliamSonU 14AgLabElmswellS30, Cross Street
Salmon, WilliamHeadM 41AgLabElmswellS65, Work House
Salmon, WilliamU 10ScholarElmswellN39, Eastwood Cottages
Sansan, EdwardSonU 3SchoolarElmswellS82
Sansan, EmmaWifeM 31.Brayhall?S82
Sansan, GeorgeSonU 5SchoolarTostockS82
Sansan, JamesHeadM 34G.E.R. platelayerColchesterS82
Sansan, JasSonU 12SchoolarNewmarketS82
Sansan, WilliamSonU 8SchoolarNewmarketS82
Sayer, JohnSonU 20Bricklayer's labourerElmswellN15, Ashfield Road
Sayer, LucyWifeM 46.ElmswellN15, Ashfield Road
Sayer, MaryDaurU 8ScholarElmswellN15, Ashfield Road
Sayer, RichardHeadM 49BricklayerElmswellN15, Ashfield Road
Sayer, SarahDaurU 13.ElmswellN15, Ashfield Road
Sayer, SusannaDaurU 7ScholarElmswellN15, Ashfield Road
Sayer, WilliamSonU 1.ElmswellN15, Ashfield Road
Scace, CharlesSonU 17AgLab?S60
Scace, FrederickSonU 15AgLabElmswellS60
Scace, GeorgeSonU 2.ElmswellS60
Scace, JamesSonU 8ScholarElmswellS60
Scace, JohnSonU 5ScholarElmswellS60
Scace, PamilyWifeM 45.?S60
Scace, RobertHeadM 43AgLabElmswellS60
Scace, RobertSonU 10ScholarElmswellS60
Scace, WilliamSonU 13AgLabElmswellS60
Self, Thirza A.SvtU 21Domestic svtLophamS114
Semmond, HenryHeadM 26AgLabElmswellS125, London Road
Semmond, Mary A.WifeM 24.NortonS125, London Road
Sherrow, Julia M.Svt.U 20General svt.HaughleyN3
Smith, JamesHeadM 54AgLabElmswellS29, Cross Street
Smith, Mary A.WifeM 55.St EleahamN62, Ashfield Road
Smith, RobertHeadM 51AgLabElmswellN62, Ashfield Road
Smith, SarahWifeM 50AgLab wifeBadwell AshS29, Cross Street
Smith, WillieVisitorU 5ScholarStowmarketS1, Red Lion Inn
Sparrow, AnnWifeM 28.ElmswellN57, Ashfield Road
Sparrow, CharlesSonU 20.??S43a, ?? Hill
Sparrow, DavidHeadM 26Com etc Coal porterHorham?N57, Ashfield Road
Sparrow, GeorgeSonU 4ScholarElmswellN57, Ashfield Road
Sparrow, HarrietWifeM 66.Tanning...?S43a, ?? Hill
Sparrow, JohnSonU 1.ElmswellN57, Ashfield Road
Sparrow, KateGrd.Daur.U 1m.?S43a, ?? Hill
Sparrow, NancyDaurU 3ScholarElmswellN57, Ashfield Road
Sparrow, RoseDaur.LawU 14.ColchesterS43a, ?? Hill
Sparrow, WilliamHeadM 68Farmer 20 acres, empy 1 manWaldingfieldS43a, ?? Hill
Spring, SarahMother in lawW 70AnnuitantBeds.N42, Elmer's House
Stebbing, WalterStepsonU 11.Bury St Eds.S24, New House
Stebbings, KateSvtU 13Domestic svtMendleshamS114
Stevens, CharlotteDaurM 42.HitchamN37, Eastwood Farm
Stevens, ThomasSon in lawM 54Farm labourerHoptonN37, Eastwood Farm
Steward, MaryannHsekeeperU 36HousekeeperBury St EdsS116, Station Road
Syer, Isaac Hy.BoarderU 26Coal AgentHadleighS1, Red Lion Inn
Temperally absent, U .ElmswellS23, New House
Tongate?, JohnAsst.U 21AssistantThebertonS12, Station Road
Turner, JohnHeadM 78Retired farmerStratford St MaryS43, ?? Hill
Turner, MaryannWifeM 65.ElmswellS43, ?? Hill
Warren, Edward W.SonU 13ScholarWetherdenS33, Cross Street
Warren, EmmaWifeM 55Bricklayer's wifeAshfieldS33, Cross Street
Warren, MaryHeadW 66CharwomanBacton?N43, Elmers ??
Warren, William F.SonU 19BlacksmithBadwellS33, Cross Street
Willingham, Mary A.Step-daurU 11ScholarElmswellS79
Woods, MaryWifeM 46.ElmswellN54, Ashfield Road
Woods, WalterHeadM 45Builder etcWyverstoneN54, Ashfield Road
Wretham, AmbroseSonU 17AgLabElmswellS94, Hall End Lane
Wretham, EdwanHeadM 56WoodmanElmswellN55, Ashfield Road
Wretham, ElizabethWifeM 41.BadwellS22, New House
Wretham, GeorgeSonU 10.ElmswellS94, Hall End Lane
Wretham, JamesHeadM 63WoodmanElmswellS94, Hall End Lane
Wretham, JohnHeadU 54FarmerElmswellN4
Wretham, MariahWifeM 54.NortonN55, Ashfield Road
Wretham, Mary A.WifeM 47.Badwell AshS94, Hall End Lane
Wretham, RebeccaSerU 26HousemaidElmswellS52, The Rectory
Wretham, RobertHeadM 39Shoe makerWoolpitS22, New House
Wretham, WilliamSonU 13ScholarElmswellS94, Hall End Lane
Wright, Arthur J.SonU 1.ElmswellS37, Pannell Lane
Wright, DavidHeadM 60Flour dealerElmswellS114
Wright, ElizaDaurW 38DressmakerElmswellS89
Wright, Eliza? M.Daur.U 7ScholarElmswellS36, Pannell Lane
Wright, ElizabethNieceU 19AssistantBrettenhamS36, Pannell Lane
Wright, ElizabethGrd.DaurU 15.ElmswellS89
Wright, EmmaWifeM 35.ElmswellS37, Pannell Lane
Wright, Fanny S.Daur.U 3ScholarElmswellS36, Pannell Lane
Wright, GeorgeHeadM 50Farmer & Brickmaker,
100 acres, 8 men, 2 boys
ElmswellS36, Pannell Lane
Wright, George R.HeadM 43BrickmakerElmswellS37, Pannell Lane
Wright, George R.SonU 16AssistantElmswellS37, Pannell Lane
Wright, HannahHeadW 56Coal agentWetherdenS119
Wright, HenrySonU 11m.ElmswellS36, Pannell Lane
Wright, HerbertSonU 8.ElmswellS37, Pannell Lane
Wright, Jane E.Daur.U 2.ElmswellS36, Pannell Lane
Wright, JohnBrotherU 30BrickmakerElmswellS37, Pannell Lane
Wright, LouisaDaur.U 12ScholarElmswellS37, Pannell Lane
Wright, MatildaDaurU 19.ElmswellS119
Wright, SabinaWifeM 57GovernessBeytonS114
Wright, SarahWifeM 36.ElmswellS36, Pannell Lane
Wright, SusanWifeM 20.ElmswellS85, Hall End Lane
Wright, Victoria S.Daur.U 6ScholarElmswellS36, Pannell Lane
Wright, WilliamSonU 1.ElmswellS85, Hall End Lane
Wright, William E.HeadM 21AglabElmswellS85, Hall End Lane