1911 Census

NamesYears marriedChildren (of this marriage)Census No.
Ainsworth, Edward Harrison and Caroline0none149
Aldridge, Herbert John and Florence Agnes11157
Armstrong, Henry James and Liya34613
Armstrong, Herbert William and Ellennone126
Armstrong, William and Elizabeth117 (3 died)197
Baker, Robert and Sophia226206
Baker, Robert George and Rosetta13489
Barker, Cyril and Dora1none67
Bennett, William and Mary Jane203 (2 died)188
Berry, Frederick and Eliza84186
Birch, George and 48none200
Bishop, Frederick and Ruth38none161
Blomfield, Robert and Mary8none171
Bloomfield, Charles and Eliza2713 (1 died)34
Bluett, James and Agnes3011 (1 died)22
Borley, Frederic William and Ellen L?7174
Borley, John William and Ruth Ellen182130
Borley, Louis Henry and Florence Lucretia73 (1 died)72
Bridges, William and Eliza161164
Rosier, Clare and Alice Mary9459
Clarke, Charles and Emma194 (2 died)17
Clarke, Frank and Laura6143
Clarke, George and Sarah196 (4 died)139
Collen, Daniel Walter and Louisa Mary242155
Collett, Ephraim George and Alice Louisa178 (2 died)35
Cooper, John and Mary113108
Cooper, Walter and Henrietta May10225
Coy, John and Selina351122
Crick, Alfred and Louisa579187
Dew, Abraham and MaryAnn3mnone21
Dew, Harry and Alice121205
Durrant, Robert and Harriet379 (1 died)82
Elliston, Henry George and Susanna3814 (5 died)50
Elliston, William and Susan425 (1 died)53
Elliston, William Henry and Margaret Amelia208 (1 died)51
Faiers, Thomas and Emily71134
Faiers, William and Emma462135
Farrow, Ernest and Alice115 (1 died)90
Farrow, Frederick and Martha23312
Farrow, Fredrick and Charlotte2912 (2 died)5
Farrow, Henry and Harriett448146
Farrow, Henry James and Rosetter268 (3 died)201
Farrow, John and Alicenone112
Fenton, Henry and Rachel266104
Frost, Joseph and Rebecca47none46
Fuller, John and Harriet Ellen2none58
Fuller, William and Elizabeth285 (1 died)36
Fuller, William George and Georgina0none160
George, John Reginald and Maude Mary13464
George, William and Ellen Mabel11373
Gibson, George and Elizabeth234 (1 died)184
Gladwell, William and Laura9599
Godbold, George and Emma32281
Gould, Charles and Annie281145
Goymer, William and Anna4113 (1 died)101
Goymer, William George and Jessie32105
Green, William and Edith Amy142203
Hassall, Edward? and Laura Irene236156
Hawes, Charles and Rose17none28
Hawes, James W and Emma J4 (2 died)166
Hawes, Walter Wakelin and Kate32120
Hicks, Thomas Frederick and Hannah Olive101172
Hicks, Thomas Stanley and Sybil Maude0none33
Hill, Frank and Sophia214 (1 died)80
Holmes, Henry George and Kate155 (2 died)158
Hood, Robin and Nellie11133
Howard, George and Sarah4275
Howard, James and MaryAnn33none83
Howe, Thomas and Phillippa2911199
Ingram, Henry and Sarah Anne416 (1 died)93
Jakens, Arthur and Clara11159
Jewers, Oliver Clover and Eva Mary5none142
Kerry, Harry and Adelaide2none23
King, Dennis and MaryAnn6329
King, Ernest George and Ada Susannah8579
King, George and MaryAnn4513 (2 died)129
King, George and Sarah141198
King, Henry James and Harriet Matilda16169
King, John and Sarah Jane1243
King, Robert and Ada Emmeline0none140
King, Thomas and Emma1none6
Kinsey, Henry Cotterell and Ermyntrude G41185
Last, Horace and Agnes268 (7 died)95
Leach, Robert John and MaryAnn181169
Leatherdale, John Coleby and Ellen6none55
Leggett, James and Anna363 (1 died)163
Lilliston, Charles W and Alice102168
Lomax, George William and Emily Ada26none154
Lummas, David and Ellen10230
Manning, Amos and Agnesnone176
Manning, Charles and Lily112136
Manning, Frederick and Louise11none191
Manning, James William and Lily64181
Manning, Thomas and Rose6265
Manning, Walter Robert and Lily Ethel146 (1 died)143
Meadows, Frank and Mildred31147
Melton, J and Agnes0none141
Miller, Jonathan and Fanny299 (2 died)47
Moore, Archie James and Ellen Mary8115
Morley, William Edward and Elizabeth Jane16none192
Mulley, Arthur James and Ellen6103
Mulley, George and Elizabeth266 (1 died)19
Mulley, George and Sarah324 (2 died)24
Mulley, Henry James and Eliza Maria308 (4 died)32
Mulley, Herbert Edgar and Rosa Emma1910 (2 died)96
Mulley, James and ebeccanone85
Mulley, Sidney Herbert and Florence E9492
Mulley, William and Rosa11188
Newson, John Henry and Sarah Maria372 (1 died)98
Nicholls, Ernest and Florence22138
Nicholls, George and Julia36310
Nobbs, Walter and Mary Ann42none189
Nunn, Frank and Ethel F41123
Nunn, Robert and Bessie263167
Nunn, William and Elizabeth L103148
Nunn, William and Julia Elizabeth325117
Oxborrow, Edgar and Martha Elizabeth82180
Palmer, William and Alice197 (1 died)194
Parr, Henry and Harriett267 (1 died)26
Parsk, Philip and Lillian185111
Pearl, Harry and Harriet92208
Pearl, Harry Cornelius and Sarah418115
Pechey, Frederick and Ellen Maria17none124
Pegg, Alfred John and Elizabeth23none20
Phillips, Edward and Elsie Olive2none125
Phillips, Geoffrey Peter and Florence Ada41118
Piper, James and Eva Florence94 (1 died)18
Pitts, Frank and Laura105 (1 died)204
Pratt, Frederick William and Margaret1none56
Redit, Herbert and Lucy116110
Rice, Frederick and Ada11102
Robinson, Henry and Laura2011 (1 died)27
Salmon, Thomas and Annice2410 (1 died)84
Sanson, James and Ann28none16
Scase, Frederick and Elizabeth339 (3 died)49
Scase, James and Annie236 (1 died)57
Scase, William H and Jane304 (2 died)48
Scruby, Samuel and Sarah Ann4013 (2 died)183
Smith, Arthur and Ellen5none1
Smith, Dennis William and Anna193153
Sparrow, David and Ann4612 (2 died)152
Sparrow, James and Annie146151
Squirrell, David and Elizabeth303196
White, Charles and Alice0none39
Williams, Walter and Helen W272190
Wilson, John James and Beatrice Ann Frances6none94
Wretham, M and Martha152137
Wretham, William and Alice12none131
Wright, Henry George and Alice May132193