Parish Church meetings

These meetings are recorded in a simple ruled exercise book. The title on the first page mentions the Tower Committee, so one might suppose that its purpose was to raise money for some work on the church tower: at a meeting on 26th April 1911 there was reference to the Restoration Fund, but why it had a balance of only £5.15.2d. is not clear; otherwise anything like a Tower Fund is not mentioned within its covers.
The meetings over 1909-1913 have to do with the annual Fête (called Sale of Work in the first year only). Profit in 1909 and 1910 was around £65, but it fell to £42 in 1911; figures seem not to be given for 1912, and the page headed "Fête 1913 - receipts", which peters out after two lines, is followed by more 1912 meetings so probably is not 1913 at all.
Then for several years the principal concern was the funding of the organist's salary.
From 1921 the meetings just elected people to various functions.

Thursday July 6th 1909

A meeting of Church People for the purpose of making arangements for a Sale of Work in the autumn, was held in the Church School.

The Rector presided and introduced the business of the meeting, saying that it would be well to appoint a fairly strong Committee of Ladies to act with a Committee of members of the G.E.M.S. to carry out the work.

After some discussion the following ladies were elected:- Mesdames George, Green, Ingram, Newson, Runacles, Collen, A Warren, Pearl, Pechey, Everett, J Fuller, Fenton, Hughes, Johnson, Lomax, Barnard, Madame Gondolfi & Vogel,
Misses Gaylord, Warren, Boby, Hardy, Collen, Wing, Brand, and Ingram
Messrs. Newson, A Mulley, E Oxborrow, J Fuller, John Armstrong, Lomax, Green, Barnard, H Mulley, A Willingham and the Churchwardens (Messrs. Collen and Kinsey).
The Committee and its work to be under the presidency and control of the Rector, as head of the parish.

The Rector suggested that the committee should divide itself into the various Sub-Committees necessary, one of which might superintend the Refreshment Stalls. He hoped the ladies of the parish would contribute all the refreshments free, so that the takings might be all clear profit. He also hoped to have a Pastoral Play, and was in communication with the Revd. Grimley with that view. Then he understood Madam Vogel was prepared to give one half hour concert. He wanted to make a big thing of the affair, and have a band, illuminations in the grounds, and fireworks. He should like to ask the Bishop's wife to open the Sale, as he knew she was much interested in all Church work.

It was decided to have the Sale on the 31st of August, if that date was found to be suitable.

Among other suggested attractions were:
A Fortune Teller, Stall for sale of Japanese goods, Fancy Dress Competition, Wild Beast Show, Bran Tub

The Rector hoped that Churchmen would do all the carting free.

John R. George

Committee meeting, July 8th 1909

The Rector presided.

The following sub-committees were appointed:-
Plain needlework:- Mrs George, Mrs Green, Mrs Collen, Mrs Pechey, Mrs Newson, Mrs Barnard
Fancy Needlework:- Mrs Pearl, Mrs Runacles, Mrs A Warren, Miss Warren, Miss Boby, Mrs Wright, Mrs Hughes, Miss Gayford
Japanese Stall:- Miss Ingram and Miss Hardy
Bran Tub:- Madam Gondolfi
Refreshments:- (Mrs) Ingram, Oxborrow, Lomax, J Fuller, Everett, Johnson, (Miss) Archer, Pearl, Brand, E Mulley, N Harris, J Brand, Fenton, D Brand (Mr) Lomax, Barnard, Johnson, H Mulley, G H Howe, Palmer.
Amusement committee, Gate keepers, Watchmen &c: members of the C.E.M.S.
Fortune Telling: Miss G Ingram
Flower Stall: Miss Collen & Miss May Boby
Half Hour Concert: Madame Vogel
Swiss Stall: madam Vogel and the Misses Vogel

Suggestions for amusements also included:
Cocoa Nut Shy, Decorated Mail Cart Parade, Costume Competition, Guessing Doll's Name, Fish Pond, Guessing Weight of Cake, Decorated Bicycle Parade, Weighing Machine, Hat trimming for Gentlemen, Baby Show
Exemption Tickets, Insurance of Gate Money, Tents, Sale of Tickets before dayat reduced price. Goods for sale from Messrs. Spiers & Pond, Fireworks & Illuminations, Band were other items mentioned as worthy of consideration.

Mrs Johnson to be asked to arrange for children selling flowers

Mr A Mulley promised to lend a new greenhouse

John R George

Tower Fund - Finance Committee

A meeting of the Finance Committee was held on Wednesday July 28, 1909
Present - the Rector (presiding), Messrs. Collen, Lomax & Ingram
The arrangements for the Sale of Work on 31st Sugust were discussed.
Mr Ingram reported that Mr Pechey had given £1 towards the Band, and handed tha amount to the Rector.
It was resolved to engage the Thorndon band.
Hire of two tents; poster drawn up, Collen to get quote for 50, and 500 handbills; roll of tickets?

General Committee, 29 July

Sub-committees reported: enough plain needlework received for one stall, and fancy needlework/goods for two stalls; good response for refreshments....

General Committee, 19 August

From here on I summarise, instead of a word for word transcription
Rector, Lomax, Green and Ingram to form referee cttee in case a competitor gets disqualified.
Ask Mr Hicks to provide a meat tea for the band, to be paid for out of the general fund.
Mr H Mulley has donated a pig to be bowled for at nine pins.
Hurricane lamps for the tents.
List of chairs and small tables to be lent by various ladies.
Decorated Mail Cart Parade: prizes 2/6d. and 1/6d. Entries 6d. each to Mr Green. Judges: Green, Last, Barnard
Decorated Bicycle Parade: prize - bicycle lamp donated by Mr Nunn. Entries 6d. each to Mr Ingram. Judges: Green & Last
Hat Trimming for Gentlemen: prizes donated by Mrs Johnson. Judges: Mrs Johnson and Mrs Lomax
Baby Show: under 18months, prize dress. Entries to mr Lomax; judge Mr Kinsey.
Guessing Doll's name: entries 1d. to Miss Boby.
Guessing weight of cakes: Large - entries 3d. to Mr H Boby. Small - entries 1d. to Master George
Fancy Dress Competition for children under 12: prizes given by Mrs Collen.

The Pastoral Play had failed to "come up to scratch", but a Mr Horace Tracey had kindly undertaken to give two entertainments

Misses D & J Brand, E Mulley, R Harris and others volunteered to sell tickets.

The winding-up meeting of the Sale of Work and Garden Fête Committee

was held on 7th September 1909, the Rector presiding.

All outstanding accounts were duly disposed of, and the accompanying balance sheet drawn up.

The Rector thanked all who had worked for the success of the effort, which he hoped would become an annual fixture. He proposed a vote of thanks to Mr Ingram, the Secretary. Carried.
Mr Lomax also proposed a vote of thanks to the Rector for piloting the celebration so successfully.
The Rector responded, and pleaded for wider sympathy amond Church people, a beaking down of class distinctions so that they might work together in Church matters as equals.

Balance Sheets

1909 (Tuesday, 31st August)

Receipts £ s. d.
Needlework Stall 22 5 3
Japanese Stall 2 11
Swiss Stall 7 2 3
Flower Stall 1 7 1
Refreshments 11 11 2
Tickets sold 3 17 1
Taken at gate 5 0 0
Cocoanuts 1 16 0
Cycles 7 11
Horses 2 6
Entrance fees (Babies 1/3d.,
Pig £1.3.6d., Cycles 1/-, Cake guessing 10/6d.)
1 16 3
Childrens sales 1 16
Concerts 4 9 3
Automatic machine 1 4 9
Balance from sewing party 16
Odds & Ends 5 11
Donations 14 9 0
Bran Tub 15 0
Total 81 14
Expenses 16 15 11½
Balance 64 18 2
Marquees 3 10 0
band 3 13 6
Tea for band 1 2 8
Acting fees 1 10 0
Printing 16 3
Advertising 12 0
Mrs Collen (material) 3 0 0
Mrs Collen (fancy paper, pins etc) 2 8
Mr Lomax (sundries) 11
Mr Ingram (postages etc) 5 9
Watchmen 5 0
Breakages (Fairy lights) 2 6
Tickets and candles 1 4 0
Total 16 15 11½

1910 (Tuesday 5th July)

Receipts £ s. d.
Donations Bishop of Ely 10 0 0
Mrs Lomax 1 7 6
Major Horton 1 1 0
Canon Wilson Brown 1 1 0
Holland 10 0
Concert 2 13 6
Miss Vogel's Dances 1 12 3
Taken at gate 6 19 8
Tickets sold 1 15 6
Hat trimming 13
Baby Show 6 1
Rifle range 1 1 9
Storing bicycles 14 6
Stabling horses 5 0
Jumble Sale 2 1 1
Cycle Parade 6
Miss M Collen's Stall 2 15 0
Dancing (in ring) 7 6
Bran Tub 1 14 0
Rock Stall 3 0
Automatic machine 11 10
Flower Stall 5 0
Needlework and other stalls 16 13 6
Mrs Vogel's stall 5 19
Ice cream 12 6
Refreshments 13 15 4
Doll Competition 3 0
Miss Hardy 14 8
Cocoa Shies 1 9
Balance from Working Party 4 0
Teddy Bear 10 0
Total 77 10 10½
Expenses 12 4
Balance 65 6 2
Gamage (rifle range, &c) 13 2
Roberts (tents, &c) 4 0 0
Lomax (candles, &c) 3 0
Band 3 18 6
Hicks (tea for Band) 1 2 8
Maypole braids &c 7
Railway fares (vocalists) 3 10
Postages 1 5
Printing tickets 2 3
Printing handbills & posters 17 6
Advertising (Bury Post) 1 0 0
Total 12 4


Receipts £ s. d.
Mrs Newson 3 6
Mr Lomax (donation) 1 0 0
Concerts 1 14 9
Smoking comp. 6 4
Gate money 5 11 9
Sale of tickets 1 12 2
Hat trimming comp. 12 0
Baby Show 1 8
Rifle range 5 ½
Bicycles 10 10
Horses 3 3
Morris Dances 2 0 0
Miss Gayford 1 8 0
Mrs Crow (sweets) 4 0
Dancing & Aunt Sally 7 3
Bran Tub 1 8 6
Pole climbing 4 0
Automatic machine & Quoits 1 10 0
Sale of Button Holes 2
Pig comps. 1 15 6
Mrs Vogel's stall 7 4
Mr Blewett (ice cream) 1 0 0
Refreshments 12 0 0
Doll guessing 7 9
Tickets sold by Mr Stevens 4 6
Cocoanut Shy 4 4 6
Sale of work 6 18
Bicycle race 10
Total 53 0 10
Expenses 11 3
Balance 41 17
Tents, tables, & cocoanut balls 4 5 0
Labels 1 0
Band 3 13 6
Tea for Band 1 2 8
Pipes 3 0
Change, lent by Mr Last 5
Printing of tickets 2 3
Printing 12 6
Advertisement (Bury Post) 18 0
Total 11 3

Tuesday 10 April 2010

Decided to hold another "Garden Fête" on Tuesday 5th July, 1910. Organisers and helpers much the same as last year but now including these names: Mrs Poole, Mrs D Smith, Miss Ethel Mulley, Mrs Hawes, Mrs Crow, Mrs Pearl; Mr A J King, Bridges, John Armstrong, A Scase, E Oxborrow, F Fenton, Mathews, C Hardingham, Smith, Runnacles, Boby, Barnard, F Gould
Miss Vogel undertook responsibility to teach the children to dance (round the maypole, I assume).
Mrs Brand will hold a jumble sale.
Mr Last will assist with the accompaniment.

13th July 1910

Back-patting and Balance sheet.

26th April 1911 and 1st June 1911

The Rector read balance sheet of Restoration Fund, which showed a balance of £5.15.2d. Decided to hold another "Fête" on Tuesday 4th July, 1911. Organisers and helpers much the same as last year but now including these names: Mrs D smith and Mrs A G Smith, Mrs Last, Mrs Fisher, Miss Blewett, Mrs A Warren Mr J Manning, Hubbard

29th June 1911

Decided to "allow ladies to participate in the bowling for pigs", abandon the Clock Golf, etc

Monday 10th July 1911

As Mr Roberts the tent hirer was retiring, it was decided to buy the entertainment tent for £6 and store it at the rectory, making it available for hire. Once again the Rector was thanked for the use of his grounds.

10th April 1912

Decided to hold another "Fête" on Tuesday 2nd July, 1912. But the meeting went on to finance....
Mr Collen read a statement of church finances, showing a deficit ot £13.7.2, which he said the Rector and Churchwardens were anxious to wipe off, and appealing for help for that purpose. As some of the outstanding accounts were for repairs to the church, the heating apparatus &c., he thought they might ask for a donation from the proceeds of the fête. The Rector thought that after the fête they might ask for a grant from the profits. Mr Ingram ...... hoped some members of the congregation would promise a little towards clearing off the debt. Etc.... After the meeting Mr Thompson donated 5/- .

29th April 1912 and 29th May 1912

This time they got on with arranging the fête - a few more names appear, and some different activities: Miss Frost Mr J Manning, W Mulley Concert by nigger troupe, Sock darning for gentlemen, Collar & Tie competition (entry 3d.), Nail-driving and Screw driving for ladies, Cake making for ladies, Children's sports, Quoit competition, Crossed out Tug-of-War, Waxworks
Engaged Thorndon Band (again); concert by Stowmarket Bachelor Party on July 17th (so not directly part of the fête).
Mr Newson would try to get a side of bacon from the factory to be competed for by ladies (entry 6d.). Entries for other competitions 2d.

We must assume the fête happened as planned....

Thursday 7th August 1912

An adjourned meeting for considering the appointment of an organist in the room of Mr Horace Last, who is shortly leaving the parish. Deemed necessary to get promises of financial support to the tune of £10 p.a.
Offers: Rector (£1.10.0), Mme Gondolfi (10s.); D W Smith, D Collen, G Lomax, N Thompson (10s.6d. each). Churchwardens to canvas other congregation not present.