Marriages in Elmswell Parish Church, 1813 to 1899

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Abbott, Arthur Joseph1867 (10th Jan) groom
Abbott, Joseph1867 (10th Jan) groom's father
Abbott, Matilda1867 (10th Jan) married name
Adams, Esther1889 (14th Mar) maiden name
Adams, John1823 (13th Oct) groom
Adams, John1845 (3rd May) bride's father
Adams, John1851 (3rd July) witness
Adams, Lucy1845 (3rd May) maiden name
Adams, Martha1851 (3rd July) witness
Adams, Mary Ann1845 (3rd May) witness
Adams, Robert1845 (3rd May) witness
Adams, Robert1882 (22nd Dec) bride's father
Adams, Robert1889 (14th Mar) bride's father
Adams, Susan1823 (13th Oct) married name
Agar, Louisa1848 (3rd Oct) witness
Alderton, Clara1878 (4th Jan) maiden name
Alderton, Elizabeth1858 (27th Nov) witness
Alderton, John1878 (4th Jan) bride's father
Alexander, Henry1827 (1st Nov) groom
Alexander, Henry1833 (22nd Dec) witness
Alexander, Henry1855 (19th Aug) witness
Alexander, Mary Ann1827 (1st Nov) married name
Alexander, Mary Ann1833 (22nd Dec) witness
Alexander, Mary Ann1855 (19th Aug) witness
Alexander, Patience1848 (4th April) witness
Alexander, Susan1827 (1st Nov) witness
Alexander, William1827 (1st Nov) witness
Allaton, David1851 (18th Apr) groom
Allaton, Martha1851 (18th Apr) married name
Allaton, Robert1851 (18th Apr) groom's father
Ambrose, Maria1830 (11th May) married name
Ambrose, Mary1830 (11th May) witness
Ambrose, William Cole1830 (11th May) groom
Anness, Amey1818 (1st Jan) married name
Anness, Catherine1844 (10th Nov) witness
Anness, Charles Coldham1818 (1st Jan) witness
Anness, Elizabeth1818 (1st Jan) witness
Anness, Isabel1827 (28th Dec) maiden name
Anness, Isabella1821 (12th June) married name
Anness, Mary1844 (10th Nov) maiden name
Anness, Thomas1821 (12th June) groom
Anness, Thomas1844 (10th Nov) bride's father
Anness, Thomas Coldham1818 (1st Jan) groom
Anness, William1844 (10th Nov) witness
Armstrong, 01837 (12th Nov) groom's father
Armstrong, Anna1882 (19th Oct) witness
Armstrong, Anna1898 (15th Oct) maiden name
Armstrong, Eliza1856 (28th Nov) maiden name
Armstrong, Eliza1876 (21st Dec) married name
Armstrong, Eliza Sarah Brett1861 (1st Nov) married name
Armstrong, Elizabeth1866 (8th Mar) married name
Armstrong, Elizabeth1882 (19th Oct) maiden name
Armstrong, Ellen1861 (16th Sep) maiden name
Armstrong, Ellen1890 (25th Dec) married name
Armstrong, Henry James1876 (21st Dec) groom
Armstrong, Herbert William1890 (25th Dec) groom
Armstrong, James1876 (1st June) witness
Armstrong, James1898 (15th Oct) witness
Armstrong, Rebecca Maud1876 (1st June) maiden name
Armstrong, Susan1837 (12th Nov) married name
Armstrong, Thomas1837 (12th Nov) groom
Armstrong, Thomas1861 (16th Sep) bride's father
Armstrong, Thomas1866 (8th Mar) groom's father
Armstrong, Thomas1882 (19th Oct) bride's father
Armstrong, William1861 (1st Nov) groom
Armstrong, William1861 (1st Nov) groom's father
Armstrong, William1866 (8th Mar) groom
Armstrong, William1876 (1st June) bride's father
Armstrong, William1876 (21st Dec) groom's father
Armstrong, William1890 (25th Dec) groom's father
Armstrong, William1898 (15th Oct) bride's father
Armstrong, 1856 (28th Nov) bride's father
Atkins, Amelia1899 (9th Nov) witness
Atkins, Clara Rebecca1899 (9th Nov) maiden name
Atkins, Robert1899 (9th Nov) bride's father
Bacon, Susannah1821 (17th Sep) maiden name
Bailey, George1846 (20th Nov) witness
Bailey, Jane1846 (20th Nov) witness
Baines, Edgar1889 (24th Oct) groom
Baines, Emma1889 (24th Oct) married name
Baines, Robert1889 (24th Oct) groom's father
Baker, 01837 (12th Nov) bride's father
Baker, Amelia1837 (12th Nov) witness
Baker, Betsy1861 (15th Dec) married name
Baker, Bridget1830 (11th Oct) maiden name
Baker, Bridget1881 (21st Jan) maiden name
Baker, Charlotte1838 (19th Apr) married name
Baker, Eleanor1862 (9th Oct) witness
Baker, Eliza1838 (19th Apr) witness
Baker, Eliza1841 (15th Apr) maiden name
Baker, Eliza1862 (9th Oct) maiden name
Baker, Elizabeth1837 (31st Mar) witness
Baker, George1819 (5th Oct) witness
Baker, George1834 (20th May) witness
Baker, George1834 (4th July) witness
Baker, George1862 (9th Oct) bride's father
Baker, George Randall1869 (22nd Oct) bride's father
Baker, George Randall1881 (21st Jan) bride's father
Baker, George Randall1881 (8th June) bride's father
Baker, Henry1838 (19th Apr) witness
Baker, Henry1862 (9th Oct) witness
Baker, Henry1879 (5th Dec) witness
Baker, J1881 (21st Jan) witness
Baker, Jacob1814 (14th Oct) witness
Baker, Jacob1838 (19th Apr) groom
Baker, Jacob1838 (19th Apr) groom's father
Baker, Jacob1841 (15th Apr) bride's father
Baker, Jacob1845 (25th Dec) groom
Baker, Jacob1845 (25th Dec) groom's father
Baker, James1862 (1st Nov) groom
Baker, John1818 (9th Feb) witness
Baker, Joseph1814 (16th Aug) groom
Baker, Joseph1823 (29th Apr) witness
Baker, Joseph1825 (2nd Jan) witness
Baker, Joseph1826 (19th Apr) witness
Baker, Joseph1834 (26th Jan) witness
Baker, Joseph1837 (16th Nov) witness
Baker, Joseph1838 (23rd Nov) witness
Baker, Joseph1839 (19th May) witness
Baker, Joseph1839 (15th Aug) witness
Baker, Joseph1839 (29th Nov?) witness
Baker, Joseph1842 (12th Jan) witness
Baker, Maria1818 (9th Feb) witness
Baker, Mary Ann1827 (7th Aug) married name
Baker, Mary Anne1850 (20th Nov) maiden name
Baker, MaryAnn1814 (16th Aug) witness
Baker, Mary-ann1819 (5th Oct) maiden name
Baker, Maryann1841 (15th Apr) witness
Baker, Matilda1881 (8th June) maiden name
Baker, Robert1827 (7th Aug) groom
Baker, Robert1850 (20th Nov) bride's father
Baker, Robert1861 (28th July) bride's father
Baker, Robert1861 (15th Dec) groom
Baker, Robert1861 (15th Dec) groom's father
Baker, Robert1862 (1st Nov) groom's father
Baker, Sarah1814 (16th Aug) married name
Baker, Sarah1838 (23rd Nov) witness
Baker, Sarah1845 (25th Dec) married name
Baker, Sarah1862 (1st Nov) married name
Baker, Sophia1861 (28th July) maiden name
Baker, Sophia Randall1834 (4th July) maiden name
Baker, Susan1837 (12th Nov) maiden name
Baker, William1837 (12th Nov) witness
Baker, Xyz1837 (16th Nov) witness
Balaam, Edward Charles1879 (23rd Oct) groom
Balaam, Harry Abner1879 (23rd Oct) witness
Balaam, John1879 (23rd Oct) groom's father
Balaam, Martha1879 (23rd Oct) married name
Balaam, Mary Ann1822 (7th July) married name
Balaam, Robert1822 (7th July) groom
Balaam, Robert1868 (25th Dec) groom
Balaam, Robert1868 (25th Dec) groom's father
Balaam, Sarah1868 (25th Dec) married name
Balaam, Susan1825 (4th Jan) maiden name
Balham, Robert1873 (1st Nov) witness
Balham, Sarah1873 (1st Nov) witness
Barker, Amelia1877 (19th Jan) witness
Barker, Ann1814 (21st Apr) witness
Barker, Jeremiah1842 (12th Jan) groom's father
Barker, John1823 (13th Oct) witness
Barker, Samuel1814 (21st Apr) witness
Barker, Samuel1842 (12th Jan) groom
Barker, Sarah1842 (12th Jan) married name
Barrell, Frances1858 (27th Nov) maiden name
Barrell, George1855 (1st Feb) witness
Barrell, James1842 (12th Jan) witness
Barrell, James1843 (31st Oct) groom
Barrell, James1843 (31st Oct) groom's father
Barrell, James1858 (27th Nov) witness
Barrell, James1862 (9th June) bride's father
Barrell, James1869 (11th Feb) bride's father
Barrell, James1875 (20th Feb) bride's father
Barrell, Joseph1826 (16th May) witness
Barrell, Jospeh1821 (17th Sep) witness
Barrell, Mary1843 (31st Oct) married name
Barrell, Mary Ann1835 (22nd Jan) maiden name
Barrell, Patience1863 (23rd Aug) maiden name
Barrell, Sarah1835 (22nd Jan) witness
Barrell, Sophia1875 (20th Feb) maiden name
Barrell, Susan1869 (11th Feb) maiden name
Barrell, Susanna1826 (16th May) maiden name
Barrell, Susanna1855 (1st Feb) witness
Barrell, Susannah1821 (17th Sep) married name
Barrell, Susannah1862 (9th June) maiden name
Barrell, Thomas1821 (17th Sep) groom
Barrell, 1821 (17th Sep) witness
Barrett, Jane Harriott1881 (8th June) witness
Barrett, Sarah Jane1898 (1st Oct) witness
Bauley, James1813 (8th June) witness
Bauley, James1813 (6th Oct) witness
Bauley, James1814 (14th Mar) witness
Bauley, James1814 (16th Aug) witness
Bauley, James1814 (15th Sep) witness
Bauley, James1815 (24th Jan) witness
Bauley, James1815 (27th Mar) witness
Bauley, James1815 (3rd May) witness
Bauley, James1815 (12th Oct) witness
Bauley, James1815 (14th Dec) witness
Bauley, James1816 (27th Oct) witness
Bauley, James1817 (27th May) witness
Bauley, James1817 (8th July) witness
Bauley, James1817 (26th Aug) witness
Bauley, James1818 (9th Feb) witness
Bauley, James1819 (25th Dec) witness
Bauley, James1822 (11th Feb) witness
Baxter, John1823 (25th Apr) groom
Baxter, Mary1823 (25th Apr) married name
Baxter, Susan1823 (25th Apr) witness
Bennington, Eliza1862 (1st Mar) married name
Bennington, Jaben1862 (1st Mar) groom
Bennington, John1862 (1st Mar) groom's father
Bennington, Louisa1862 (1st Mar) witness
Bethel, John1814 (2nd Mar) witness
Bird, Elizabeth1817 (27th May) witness
Bird, Jane1869 (22nd Oct) witness
Birkett, Caroline Elizabeth1876 (18th Oct) married name
Birkett, John Haserby1876 (18th Oct) groom
Birkett, John Haserby1876 (18th Oct) groom's father
Birman, Mary Ann Lee1836 (1st Nov) maiden name
Bishop, Alfred1873 (13th Mar) witness
Blomfield, David1830 (17th May) witness
Bloomfield, Amos1873 (1st Nov) groom
Bloomfield, Ann1845 (2nd Nov) married name
Bloomfield, Dennis1845 (2nd Nov) groom
Bloomfield, Dennis1873 (1st Nov) groom's father
Bloomfield, Dennis Kerry1845 (2nd Nov) groom's father
Bloomfield, John1868 (3rd June) bride's father
Bloomfield, Louisa1893 (24th Apr) witness
Bloomfield, Maria1851 (3rd July) maiden name
Bloomfield, Mary1846 (16th Nov) witness
Bloomfield, Mary Ann1873 (1st Nov) married name
Bloomfield, Michael1830 (11th June) witness
Bloomfield, Susannah1868 (3rd June) maiden name
Bloomfield, Thomas1851 (3rd July) bride's father
Bloss, Emma1889 (24th Oct) maiden name
Blumfield, Mary1814 (14th Mar) maiden name
Boar, Edward1831 (5th Apr) groom
Boar, Winifred1831 (5th Apr) married name
Booth, George1847 (25th Jan) witness
Borley, Ann1816 (32nd Nov) witness
Borley, Edward1851 (18th Apr) witness
Borley, Elizabeth1837 (31st Mar) married name
Borley, Elizabeth1865 (8th Sep) married name
Borley, George1853 (26th April) witness
Borley, George1865 (8th Sep) groom
Borley, Harriet1853 (26th April) witness
Borley, Isaac1863 (23rd Nov) groom's father
Borley, John1837 (31st Mar) witness
Borley, John1853 (26th April) groom's father
Borley, John1863 (23rd Nov) groom
Borley, John1865 (8th Sep) groom's father
Borley, Louisa1867 (24th Apr) maiden name
Borley, Martha1853 (26th April) married name
Borley, Sarah1863 (23rd Nov) married name
Borley, William1837 (31st Mar) groom
Borley, William1853 (26th April) groom
Borley, William1868 (2nd Mar) witness
Borley, 1867 (24th Apr) bride's father
Bradley, Fanny1837 (5th Mar) maiden name
Bradley, John1837 (5th Mar) witness
Bradley, Robert1827 (28th Dec) witness
Bradley, 1827 (28th Dec) witness
Bridges, Elizabeth1819 (29th Apr) married name
Bridges, Florence1895 (23rd Oct) maiden name
Bridges, George Jackson1819 (29th Apr) groom
Bridges, Isaac1813 (4th Mar) witness
Bridges, Isaac1815 (24th Jan) witness
Bridges, Isaac1817 (21st Aug) groom
Bridges, Jane1824 (31st May) married name
Bridges, Martha1813 (4th Mar) maiden name
Bridges, Mary1817 (21st Aug) married name
Bridges, Mary1830 (13th Dec) witness
Bridges, Peter1813 (6th Oct) witness
Bridges, Peter1814 (12th Oct) witness
Bridges, William1895 (23rd Oct) bride's father
Bridges, William Marsh1824 (31st May) groom
Bridges, 1817 (21st Aug) witness
Brights, John1851 (24th Oct) witness
Brinkley, Mary1815 (3rd May) maiden name
Brown, Robert1844 (1st Feb) witness
Brown, Sarah1818 (7th Oct) witness
Brown, Sarah1818 (12th Nov) married name
Brown, William1818 (12th Nov) groom
Bruce, Harriet1867 (19th Nov) witness
Bruce, Martha1838 (11th Jan) married name
Bruce, Martha1843 (1st Nov) witness
Bruce, Martha1879 (23rd Oct) maiden name
Bruce, Mary Ann1867 (19th Nov) married name
Bruce, Robert1838 (11th Jan) groom
Bruce, Robert1843 (1st Nov) witness
Bruce, Robert1888 (12th Oct) witness
Bruce, Sally1835 (17th Nov) married name
Bruce, Sarah1843 (1st Nov) married name
Bruce, Sarah1847 (31st Oct) witness
Bruce, Thomas1838 (11th Jan) witness
Bruce, Thomas1843 (1st Nov) groom
Bruce, Thomas1867 (19th Nov) groom's father
Bruce, Thomas1879 (23rd Oct) bride's father
Bruce, William1835 (17th Nov) groom
Bruce, William1838 (11th Jan) groom's father
Bruce, William1843 (1st Nov) groom's father
Bruce, William1867 (19th Nov) groom
Buckel, Anna1861 (15th Dec) witness
Buckel, Mary Ann1872 (30th Dec) maiden name
Buckel, Philip1872 (30th Dec) bride's father
Buckle, Amelia1871 (5th March) married name
Buckle, Charlotte1836 (24th May) married name
Buckle, Elizabeth Mary Bruce1888 (12th Oct) maiden name
Buckle, Esther1882 (22nd Dec) witness
Buckle, Esther1888 (12th Oct) witness
Buckle, Esther1892 (17th June) maiden name
Buckle, James1867 (19th Nov) witness
Buckle, John1872 (30th Dec) witness
Buckle, Lucy1841 (12th Oct) married name
Buckle, Maria1865 (28th Oct) witness
Buckle, Martha1830 (17th May) married name
Buckle, Martha1838 (11th Jan) maiden name
Buckle, Mary1834 (18th Sep) maiden name
Buckle, Mary1871 (5th March) witness
Buckle, Perl1841 (12th Oct) groom's father
Buckle, Philip1834 (18th Sep) witness
Buckle, Philip1841 (12th Oct) groom
Buckle, Philip1863 (17th Jan) witness
Buckle, Philip1871 (5th March) groom
Buckle, Philip1871 (5th March) groom's father
Buckle, Robert1828 (21st Nov) witness
Buckle, Robert1836 (24th May) groom
Buckle, Robert1843 (25th July) witness
Buckle, Robert1864 (11th Nov) witness
Buckle, Robert1871 (5th March) witness
Buckle, Robert1888 (12th Oct) bride's father
Buckle, Robert1892 (17th June) bride's father
Buckle, William1830 (17th May) groom
Buckle, William1853 (14th Aug) bride's father
Bugg, Abraham1868 (2nd Mar) groom's father
Bugg, John1868 (2nd Mar) groom
Bugg, Mary Ann1868 (2nd Mar) married name
Bull, David Pettit1835 (22nd Jan) groom
Bull, Eliza1819 (27th Jan) married name
Bull, Elizabeth1838 (22nd Jan) witness
Bull, Frances1838 (22nd Jan) married name
Bull, James1819 (27th Jan) groom
Bull, James1861 (26th Dec) groom's father
Bull, John1826 (16th May) groom
Bull, John1838 (22nd Jan) groom's father
Bull, John1863 (23rd Aug) groom
Bull, John1863 (23rd Aug) groom's father
Bull, Mary Ann1835 (22nd Jan) married name
Bull, Patience1863 (23rd Aug) married name
Bull, Seth1838 (22nd Jan) groom
Bull, Sophia1861 (26th Dec) married name
Bull, Sophia1866 (3rd July) maiden name
Bull, Susanna1826 (16th May) married name
Bull, William1861 (26th Dec) groom
Bullet, John1858 (1st Nov) groom's father
Bullet, Mary Ann1858 (1st Nov) married name
Bullet, William1858 (1st Nov) groom
Bullock, Sarah1885 (27th Nov) witness
Burgess, 01862 (1st Nov) bride's father
Burgess, Joseph1843 (25th July) bride's father
Burgess, Joseph1858 (1st Nov) bride's father
Burgess, Mary Ann1843 (25th July) maiden name
Burgess, Sarah1828 (21st Nov) witness
Burgess, Sarah1862 (1st Nov) maiden name
Burgess, William1862 (1st Nov) witness
Burman, Mary Ann1836 (24th May) witness
Burman, Sarah1816 (27th Oct) married name
Burman, Thomas1816 (27th Oct) groom
Burman, Thomas1816 (27th Oct) witness
Burnes, Winifred1821 (12th June) witness
Burnett, Daniel1889 (24th Oct) witness
Burnett, Eliza1889 (24th Oct) witness
Burrows, Eleanor1845 (23rd Oct) witness
Burrows, Eliza1834 (26th Jan) maiden name
Burrows, Emma1845 (23rd Oct) maiden name
Burrows, Henry1845 (23rd Oct) bride's father
Burt, Aimée1871 (18th Feb) witness
Burt, Catherine1867 (24th Apr) witness
Butcher, Ann1865 (25th Dec) married name
Butcher, Henry1865 (25th Dec) groom
Butcher, Robert1865 (25th Dec) groom's father
Butler, Edward James1867 (24th Apr) groom
Butler, James1867 (24th Apr) groom's father
Butler, Louisa1867 (24th Apr) married name
Buxton, Robert1867 (24th Apr) witness
Canham, William1849 (?) bride's father
Carter, Robert1849 (13th Nov) bride's father
Carter, Susanne Mary1836 (24th Nov) maiden name
Castner, Youngman1876 (16th Dec) witness
Catchpole, Laura Elizabeth1853 (26th Dec) witness
Catchpole, Mary1814 (20th Oct) witness
Catchpole, Priscilla1848 (26th Oct) witness
Catchpole, Priscilla1851 (24th Oct) witness
Catchpole, Priscilla Cole1853 (26th Dec) maiden name
Catchpole, Sarah Ann1851 (24th Oct) maiden name
Catchpole, Thomas1851 (24th Oct) bride's father
Catchpole, Thomas1853 (26th Dec) bride's father
Catchpole, William1830 (4th Oct) witness
Chaplin, Emma Jane1898 (15th Oct) witness
Charvill, Emma1864 (11th Nov) maiden name
Charvill, Thomas1864 (11th Nov) bride's father
Chilver, John1858 (31st Dec) bride's father
Chilver, Mary Ann1858 (31st Dec) maiden name
Clark, Abraham1841 (12th Oct) bride's father
Clark, Ann Maria1845 (17th Nov) maiden name
Clark, Ann Maria1845 (17th Nov) married name
Clark, Elizabeth1864 (23rd June) married name
Clark, Francis1869 (11th Feb) groom's father
Clark, Harriot1845 (17th Nov) witness
Clark, Henry1864 (23rd June) groom
Clark, John1845 (17th Nov) groom's father
Clark, John1864 (23rd June) groom's father
Clark, Lucy1841 (12th Oct) maiden name
Clark, Samuel1869 (11th Feb) groom
Clark, Susan1869 (11th Feb) married name
Clark, Thomas1845 (17th Nov) bride's father
Clark, William1845 (17th Nov) groom
Clarke, 01838 (0) witness
Clarke, 01838 (0) groom's father
Clarke, Abraham1846 (21st Oct) groom's father
Clarke, Charles1846 (21st Oct) groom
Clarke, Charles1869 (16th Sep) bride's father
Clarke, Charles1893 (15th Sep) bride's father
Clarke, Charlotte1838 (19th Apr) maiden name
Clarke, David1835 (15th Sep) witness
Clarke, David1838 (0) groom
Clarke, David1859 (1st Jan) witness
Clarke, David1860 (30th Jan) groom's father
Clarke, David1865 (25th Oct) bride's father
Clarke, David Seager1860 (30th Jan) groom
Clarke, Drusilla1817 (4th Nov) married name
Clarke, Edmund1824 (22nd Apr) witness
Clarke, Edward1817 (4th Nov) groom
Clarke, Edward1838 (19th Apr) bride's father
Clarke, Edward1844 (2nd July) bride's father
Clarke, Edward1844 (26th Nov) groom's father
Clarke, Eliza1839 (29th Nov?) married name
Clarke, Eliza1844 (26th Nov) married name
Clarke, Eliza1847 (5th Nov) maiden name
Clarke, Eliza1869 (16th Sep) maiden name
Clarke, Elizabeth1824 (22nd Apr) married name
Clarke, Elizabeth1844 (26th Nov) witness
Clarke, Elizabeth1860 (30th Jan) married name
Clarke, Frances1815 (24th Jan) maiden name
Clarke, Frances1822 (7th July) witness
Clarke, Frances1825 (4th Jan) witness
Clarke, Frances1826 (2nd Nov) maiden name
Clarke, George1884 (16th Feb) groom's father
Clarke, Harriott1838 (0) married name
Clarke, Henry1848 (8th Oct) bride's father
Clarke, John1818 (1st Dec) groom
Clarke, John1842 (12th Jan) bride's father
Clarke, Joseph1817 (4th Nov) witness
Clarke, Joseph1818 (12th Nov) witness
Clarke, Joseph1822 (7th July) witness
Clarke, Joseph1824 (22nd Apr) groom
Clarke, Joseph1839 (29th Nov?) groom's father
Clarke, Judith1818 (1st Dec) married name
Clarke, Louisa1830 (11th June) maiden name
Clarke, Lydia1839 (1st Sep) maiden name
Clarke, Margaret1884 (16th Feb) married name
Clarke, Maria1846 (21st Oct) married name
Clarke, Maria1855 (19th Aug) maiden name
Clarke, Mary1815 (12th Oct) maiden name
Clarke, Mary1817 (4th Nov) witness
Clarke, Mary Ann1822 (7th July) maiden name
Clarke, Mary Ann1865 (25th Oct) maiden name
Clarke, Mary Ann Ballam1844 (1st Feb) maiden name
Clarke, Maryann1818 (12th Nov) witness
Clarke, Reuben1839 (29th Nov?) groom
Clarke, Robert1844 (1st Feb) bride's father
Clarke, Robert1855 (19th Aug) bride's father
Clarke, Sarah1818 (12th Nov) maiden name
Clarke, Sarah1842 (12th Jan) maiden name
Clarke, Sarah Maria1848 (8th Oct) maiden name
Clarke, Sophia1893 (15th Sep) maiden name
Clarke, William1818 (1st Dec) witness
Clarke, William1844 (2nd July) witness
Clarke, William1844 (26th Nov) groom
Clarke, William1884 (16th Feb) groom
Clarke, Winifred1844 (2nd July) maiden name
Clarke, 1839 (1st Sep) bride's father
Clutterham, Thomas1819 (19th Jan) witness
Cobbin, Sarah1831 (18th Jan) maiden name
Cobbold, Harriet1884 (16th Feb) witness
Cobbold, Spencer1834 (10th Apr) witness
Cocksedge, Biddy1820 (3rd Sep) married name
Cocksedge, George1859 (1st Jan) groom's father
Cocksedge, John1820 (3rd Sep) groom
Cocksedge, Martha1853 (26th April) maiden name
Cocksedge, Mary1826 (19th Apr) married name
Cocksedge, Robert1846 (16th Nov) bride's father
Cocksedge, Sarah Ann1846 (16th Nov) maiden name
Cocksedge, Thomas1826 (19th Apr) groom
Cocksedge, Thomas1851 (9th Nov) bride's father
Cocksedge, Thomas1853 (26th April) bride's father
Codd, Lydia1835 (30th Jan) maiden name
Coles, Frances1880 (28th Dec) witness
Collen, Daniel Walter1886 (25th May) groom
Collen, Louisa Mary1886 (25th May) married name
Collen, Walter1886 (25th May) groom's father
Collett, Alice1893 (4th Sep) married name
Collett, Ephraim1893 (4th Sep) groom
Collett, John1893 (4th Sep) groom's father
Collings, Thomas1871 (18th Feb) witness
Colson, Charles1854 (13th Oct) groom
Colson, Edward1854 (13th Oct) groom's father
Colson, Eliza1854 (13th Oct) married name
Colson, William1854 (13th Oct) witness
Cooke, Ann Maria1821 (23rd July) maiden name
Cooke, Jane1824 (31st May) maiden name
Cooke, William1821 (23rd July) witness
Cooke, William1824 (31st May) witness
Cooper, John1899 (8th Nov) groom
Cooper, Lizzie1899 (8th Nov) witness
Cooper, Mary1899 (8th Nov) married name
Cooper, Nathan1899 (8th Nov) groom's father
Corner, Arthur C1871 (13th June) witness
Corner, Edward1871 (13th June) bride's father
Corner, Julia1871 (13th June) maiden name
Corner, Sarah Anne1871 (13th June) witness
Cornish, Harrott1826 (8th Dec) witness
Cornish, MaryAnn1837 (?) witness
Cornish, Robert1826 (8th Dec) witness
Cornish, Sarah1826 (8th Dec) maiden name
Cranfield, Harriet1847 (25th Jan) married name
Cranfield, Joseph1847 (25th Jan) groom's father
Cranfield, William1847 (25th Jan) groom
Crick, Fanney1873 (20th Jan) maiden name
Crick, Joseph1873 (20th Jan) bride's father
Crick, Rosina1873 (20th Jan) witness
Crofts, Mariann1815 (12th Oct) witness
Crombie, Martha1835 (15th Sep) married name
Crombie, William1835 (15th Sep) groom
Cross, Eliza Ann1863 (17th Jan) maiden name
Cross, Elizabeth1866 (8th Mar) maiden name
Cross, Francis1863 (17th Jan) bride's father
Cross, Francis1866 (8th Mar) bride's father
Cross, Francis1881 (24th Sep) bride's father
Cross, Frederick1881 (24th Sep) witness
Cross, Isaiah1814 (20th Oct) witness
Cross, Jane1880 (30th Oct) maiden name
Cross, Sarah1814 (20th Oct) married name
Cross, Sarah1890 (25th Dec) witness
Cross, William1814 (20th Oct) groom
Cross, William Farrow1880 (30th Oct) bride's father
Cullum, Francis1858 (27th Nov) bride's father
Curtis, Ann1893 (15th Sep) witness
Curtis, Eliza Sansom1898 (24th July) maiden name
Curtis, James1893 (15th Sep) witness
Curtis, James Sansom1898 (24th July) bride's father
Cuthbert, Anna1836 (24th Nov) witness
Cuthbert, Anna1837 (16th Jan) witness
Cuthbert, Anna1839 (15th Aug) maiden name
Cuthbert, Diana1813 (8th June) married name
Cuthbert, Eliza1853 (19th Nov) married name
Cuthbert, Harriet1837 (16th Jan) maiden name
Cuthbert, John1813 (8th June) groom
Cuthbert, John1839 (15th Aug) bride's father
Cuthbert, John1848 (16th Aug) bride's father
Cuthbert, Mary Anne1848 (16th Aug) maiden name
Cuthbert, Robert1853 (19th Nov) groom's father
Cuthbert, William1853 (19th Nov) groom
Danyer, Mary1880 (16th Jan) witness
Darby, Frances1838 (22nd Jan) maiden name
Darby, Thomas1838 (22nd Jan) witness
Darby, Thos1838 (22nd Jan) bride's father
Davy, Elizabeth1841 (18th Oct) married name
Davy, John1841 (18th Oct) witness
Davy, Reuben1841 (18th Oct) groom
Davy, Samuel1830 (4th Oct) groom
Davy, Samuel1841 (18th Oct) groom's father
Davy, Susan1830 (4th Oct) married name
Deane, Martha1835 (15th Sep) maiden name
Debenham, Sabrina1835 (26th Feb) witness
Debenham, Susannah1835 (26th Feb) witness
Deere, James1846 (20th Nov) groom's father
Deere, John1846 (20th Nov) groom
Deere, Sarah1846 (20th Nov) married name
Denny, Eliza1848 (19th Oct) witness
Dew, Abraham1850 (29th Oct) groom's father
Dew, Abraham1858 (17th Jan) witness
Dew, Abraham1858 (31st Dec) groom's father
Dew, Abraham1869 (12th Nov) bride's father
Dew, Ann1858 (31st Dec) married name
Dew, Ann1869 (12th Nov) witness
Dew, Anna1858 (17th Jan) witness
Dew, Elizabeth1868 (25th Dec) witness
Dew, George1850 (29th Oct) groom
Dew, George1880 (24th Dec) groom
Dew, George1888 (24th Dec) groom
Dew, Harriet1869 (12th Nov) maiden name
Dew, Henry1857 (30th Oct) witness
Dew, Henry1858 (31st Dec) witness
Dew, Henry1882 (22nd Dec) groom
Dew, Isaac1848 (4th April) bride's father
Dew, Isaac1858 (17th Jan) bride's father
Dew, Isaac1882 (22nd Dec) groom's father
Dew, James1858 (31st Dec) groom
Dew, James1869 (12th Nov) witness
Dew, Jane1836 (11th July) maiden name
Dew, Jane1882 (22nd Dec) married name
Dew, John1880 (24th Dec) groom's father
Dew, John1888 (24th Dec) groom's father
Dew, Martha1888 (24th Dec) married name
Dew, Mary1836 (11th July) witness
Dew, Mary Ann1848 (4th April) maiden name
Dew, Mary Anne1850 (29th Oct) married name
Dew, Mary Anne1880 (24th Dec) married name
Dews, Abraham1843 (31st Oct) witness
Dews, Abraham1844 (1st Nov) groom
Dews, Abraham1844 (1st Nov) groom's father
Dews, Hannah1844 (1st Nov) married name
Diaper, Charles1839 (8th Dec) witness
Dixon, Ambrose1844 (10th Nov) groom
Dixon, John1844 (10th Nov) groom's father
Dixon, Mary1844 (10th Nov) married name
Donny, Benjamin1884 (20th Feb) groom
Donny, Benjamin1884 (20th Feb) groom's father
Donny, Elizabeth1884 (20th Feb) married name
Dorson, Priscilla1873 (6th Mar) maiden name
Dorson, Thomas1873 (6th Mar) bride's father
Dorward, David1873 (6th Mar) witness
Dunnett, Esther1875 (30th July) married name
Dunnett, John1875 (30th July) groom
Dunnett, Joseph1875 (30th July) groom's father
Dunnett, Rosetta1875 (30th July) witness
Durrant, Letitia1870 (28th Dec) maiden name
Durrant, Robert1870 (28th Dec) bride's father
Durrant, Robt.1870 (28th Dec) witness
Eastall, Charles1872 (10th Oct) witness
Edwards, Arthur1873 (13th Mar) bride's father
Edwards, Arthur1876 (18th Oct) bride's father
Edwards, Arthur1885 (31st Mar) bride's father
Edwards, Caroline Elizabeth1876 (18th Oct) maiden name
Edwards, Charlotte1836 (24th May) maiden name
Edwards, Georgina Eliza1885 (31st Mar) maiden name
Edwards, Georgina Elizabeth1876 (18th Oct) witness
Edwards, Isabella Jane1873 (13th Mar) maiden name
Edwards, John1836 (24th May) witness
Eley, Ann1818 (1st Dec) witness
Eley, Judith1818 (1st Dec) maiden name
Ellis, Alice Jane1894 (26th Nov) witness
Ellis, Robert Allan1894 (26th Nov) witness
Elliston, Henry George1872 (8th Nov) groom
Elliston, Henry George1873 (30th May) witness
Elliston, John Green1843 (19th Oct) groom
Elliston, Margaret Amelia Jane1891 (23rd Jan) married name
Elliston, Mary1824 (15th Apr) married name
Elliston, Mary Anne1843 (19th Oct) married name
Elliston, Maryann1815 (14th Dec) witness
Elliston, Sarah Elizabeth1895 (20th Dec) married name
Elliston, Susanna1872 (8th Nov) married name
Elliston, Thomas1815 (14th Dec) witness
Elliston, Thomas1824 (15th Apr) groom
Elliston, Thomas1825 (1st Mar) witness
Elliston, Thomas1843 (19th Oct) groom's father
Elliston, Thomas1868 (21st April) groom's father
Elliston, Thomas1871 (10th Feb) witness
Elliston, Thomas1872 (8th Nov) groom's father
Elliston, Thomas George1895 (20th Dec) groom
Elliston, William1891 (23rd Jan) groom's father
Elliston, William1895 (20th Dec) groom's father
Elliston, William Henry1891 (23rd Jan) groom
Elliston, William Wright1879 (12th Aug) witness
Elmer, John1819 (19th Jan) groom
Elmer, John1840 (5th Nov) groom
Elmer, Martha1819 (19th Jan) married name
Elmer, Mary1840 (5th Nov) married name
Elmer, Samuel1840 (5th Nov) groom's father
Elsey, Charles1884 (20th Feb) witness
Elsey, Charles Edward1885 (27th Nov) groom
Elsey, Elizabeth1884 (20th Feb) maiden name
Elsey, Henry1884 (20th Feb) witness
Elsey, Jemima1854 (1st Nov) married name
Elsey, John1843 (1st Nov) bride's father
Elsey, John1847 (31st Oct) groom
Elsey, John1847 (31st Oct) groom's father
Elsey, John1884 (20th Feb) bride's father
Elsey, John1885 (27th Nov) groom's father
Elsey, Louisa1847 (31st Oct) married name
Elsey, Sarah1843 (1st Nov) maiden name
Elsey, Sophia1885 (27th Nov) married name
Elsey, Thomas1847 (31st Oct) witness
Elsey, William1854 (1st Nov) groom
Elsey, 1854 (1st Nov) groom's father
Evered, Eliza1869 (22nd Oct) maiden name
Everet, Eliza1862 (9th Oct) married name
Everet, George1862 (9th Oct) groom
Everet, John1862 (9th Oct) groom's father
Everitt, Augusta1868 (26th Dec) witness
Everitt, Charles1868 (26th Dec) groom's father
Everitt, Drusilla1873 (31st May) witness
Everitt, Drusilla Ford1868 (26th Dec) married name
Everitt, Edward1868 (26th Dec) groom
Everitt, Edward1873 (31st May) witness
Faiers, Sarah1814 (16th Aug) maiden name
Faires, Eliza1854 (6th Jan) maiden name
Faires, Elizabeth1857 (30th Oct) witness
Faires, Emma1864 (11th Nov) married name
Faires, George1864 (11th Nov) groom's father
Faires, Joseph1830 (11th June) groom
Faires, Joseph1854 (6th Jan) bride's father
Faires, Louisa1830 (11th June) married name
Faires, William1861 (15th Dec) witness
Faires, William1864 (11th Nov) groom
Fairs, Betsy1861 (15th Dec) maiden name
Fairs, Elizabeth1850 (17th June) married name
Fairs, Elizabeth1861 (28th July) witness
Fairs, John1850 (17th June) groom's father
Fairs, Joseph1850 (17th June) groom
Fairs, Joseph1861 (15th Dec) bride's father
Fakes, Susanna1849 (13th Nov) maiden name
Fares, Ann1857 (30th Oct) married name
Fares, Joseph1857 (30th Oct) groom
Fares, Joseph1857 (30th Oct) groom's father
Farrow, Alice1899 (18th May) married name
Farrow, Amey1833 (22nd Dec) maiden name
Farrow, Eliza1834 (26th Jan) married name
Farrow, Eliza1840 (18th Oct) married name
Farrow, Eliza1841 (25th Dec) witness
Farrow, Eliza1842 (15th July) maiden name
Farrow, Eliza1868 (3rd June) witness
Farrow, Eliza1872 (16th Nov) maiden name
Farrow, Eliza Ann1863 (17th Jan) married name
Farrow, Eliza Ann1881 (24th Sep) maiden name
Farrow, Elizabeth1862 (1st Nov) witness
Farrow, Ellen1890 (25th Dec) maiden name
Farrow, Ernest1899 (18th May) groom
Farrow, Fread1899 (8th Nov) witness
Farrow, Frederick1888 (25th Dec) groom
Farrow, Frederick1898 (5th June) witness
Farrow, George1864 (29th Oct) witness
Farrow, George1872 (8th Nov) bride's father
Farrow, George1880 (24th Dec) groom
Farrow, George1888 (25th Dec) groom's father
Farrow, George1897 (23rd Apr) bride's father
Farrow, George1898 (5th June) bride's father
Farrow, George1899 (18th May) groom's father
Farrow, George (deceased)1899 (8th Nov) bride's father
Farrow, Hannah1841 (25th Dec) maiden name
Farrow, Hariet1853 (4th Nov) married name
Farrow, James1848 (5th May) witness
Farrow, James1853 (4th Nov) groom
Farrow, James1873 (30th May) groom
Farrow, James1880 (24th Dec) groom's father
Farrow, John1829 (1st Dec) witness
Farrow, John1840 (18th Oct) groom
Farrow, John1840 (18th Oct) groom's father
Farrow, John1841 (25th Dec) bride's father
Farrow, John1842 (15th July) bride's father
Farrow, John1848 (5th May) bride's father
Farrow, John1853 (4th Nov) groom's father
Farrow, John1863 (23rd Aug) witness
Farrow, John1868 (3rd June) groom
Farrow, Lydia1848 (5th May) maiden name
Farrow, Martha1888 (25th Dec) maiden name
Farrow, Martha1888 (25th Dec) married name
Farrow, Mary1829 (1st Dec) maiden name
Farrow, Mary1864 (29th Oct) witness
Farrow, Mary1899 (8th Nov) maiden name
Farrow, Mary Ann1863 (17th Jan) witness
Farrow, Mary Ann1864 (12th Oct) witness
Farrow, Mary Ann1864 (29th Oct) maiden name
Farrow, Mary Jane1898 (5th June) witness
Farrow, S1888 (25th Dec) witness
Farrow, Sarah1897 (23rd Apr) maiden name
Farrow, Sarah Elizabeth1880 (24th Dec) married name
Farrow, Sophia1873 (30th May) married name
Farrow, Sophia1897 (23rd Apr) witness
Farrow, Sophia1898 (5th June) maiden name
Farrow, Susannah1868 (3rd June) married name
Farrow, William1834 (26th Jan) groom
Farrow, William1863 (17th Jan) groom
Farrow, William1863 (17th Jan) groom's father
Farrow, William1864 (29th Oct) bride's father
Farrow, William1868 (3rd June) groom's father
Farrow, William1872 (16th Nov) bride's father
Farrow, William1873 (30th May) groom's father
Farrow, William1888 (25th Dec) bride's father
Farrow, William1890 (25th Dec) bride's father
Farthing, Ann1839 (8th Dec) married name
Farthing, Jemima1839 (8th Dec) witness
Farthing, Jemima1862 (15th Nov) maiden name
Farthing, John1839 (8th Dec) groom
Farthing, John1839 (8th Dec) groom's father
Farthing, John1862 (15th Nov) bride's father
Fenton, Dennis1889 (23rd Dec) groom
Fenton, Elizabeth1868 (7th July) witness
Fenton, Emma1845 (23rd Oct) married name
Fenton, Frederick1845 (23rd Oct) witness
Fenton, Harriet1889 (23rd Dec) married name
Fenton, Henry M1845 (23rd Oct) groom
Fenton, Henry Robert1885 (17th Apr) groom
Fenton, James1868 (7th July) witness
Fenton, Jane1868 (7th July) married name
Fenton, Jane1889 (23rd Dec) witness
Fenton, Maria1851 (3rd July) married name
Fenton, Rachel1885 (17th Apr) married name
Fenton, Samuel1868 (7th July) groom's father
Fenton, William1868 (7th July) groom
Fenton, William1889 (23rd Dec) groom's father
Fenton, Zachariah1845 (23rd Oct) groom's father
Fenton, Zachariah1851 (3rd July) groom
Fenton, Zachariah1851 (3rd July) groom's father
Fenton, Zachariah1885 (17th Apr) groom's father
Feres, Mary1831 (31st Oct) maiden name
Finch, Eliza Ann1881 (24th Sep) married name
Finch, Elizabeth1824 (16th Nov) maiden name
Finch, Seth1881 (24th Sep) groom's father
Finch, William1881 (24th Sep) groom
Finter, Ann1858 (31st Dec) maiden name
Finter, Francis1858 (31st Dec) bride's father
Finter, Mary1858 (31st Dec) witness
Fisher, Charles1845 (30th Dec) witness
Fisher, Ed1842 (20th Oct) groom's father
Fisher, Frederick1843 (20th May) witness
Fisher, Hannar1845 (30th Dec) maiden name
Fisher, Harriet1842 (20th Oct) witness
Fisher, Henrietta1847 (25th Jan) witness
Fisher, Henry1843 (20th May) bride's father
Fisher, Henry1845 (30th Dec) bride's father
Fisher, Louisa1843 (20th May) maiden name
Fisher, Martha1888 (24th Dec) maiden name
Fisher, Mary Anne1842 (20th Oct) married name
Fisher, Michael1888 (24th Dec) bride's father
Fisher, Philip1842 (20th Oct) groom
Fisher, Sarah1830 (4th Oct) witness
Fisher, Thomas Charles Edward1898 (24th July) witness
Folger, Winifred1831 (5th Apr) maiden name
Fordham, Adam1844 (26th Nov) bride's father
Fordham, Adam1847 (5th Nov) bride's father
Fordham, Eliza1844 (2nd July) witness
Fordham, Eliza1844 (26th Nov) maiden name
Foulger, Robert1850 (29th Oct) bride's father
Francis, Elizabeth1824 (22nd Apr) maiden name
Francis, Sophia1824 (22nd Apr) witness
Frost, Anna1831 (18th Nov) witness
Frost, Anna1862 (9th June) witness
Frost, Charles1862 (9th June) groom
Frost, Harriet1869 (12th Nov) married name
Frost, James1869 (12th Nov) groom
Frost, James1869 (12th Nov) groom's father
Frost, John1862 (9th June) groom's father
Frost, Susannah1862 (9th June) married name
Frost, 1862 (9th June) witness
Fuller, Amey1818 (1st Jan) maiden name
Fuller, Anna1869 (30th July) maiden name
Fuller, Ed1871 (12th April) witness
Fuller, Eliza1825 (2nd Jan) maiden name
Fuller, Emma1817 (26th Aug) witness
Fuller, John1834 (18th Sep) groom
Fuller, John1848 (4th April) groom
Fuller, John1858 (2nd Apr) bride's father
Fuller, John1869 (30th July) bride's father
Fuller, Mary1817 (26th Aug) married name
Fuller, Mary1825 (2nd Jan) witness
Fuller, Mary1834 (18th Sep) married name
Fuller, Mary1858 (2nd Apr) maiden name
Fuller, Mary Ann1848 (4th April) married name
Fuller, Mary Ann1858 (17th Jan) maiden name
Fuller, Robert1817 (26th Aug) groom
Fuller, William1848 (4th April) groom's father
Fuller, William1880 (16th Jan) witness
Gardiner, David1877 (19th Jan) groom
Gardiner, Elizabeth Ellen1877 (19th Jan) married name
Gardiner, Robert1877 (19th Jan) groom's father
Gardiner, William1864 (5th May) witness
Garling, Emma1849 (24th Sep) maiden name
Garling, John1849 (24th Sep) bride's father
Garnham, Mary1840 (5th Nov) maiden name
Garnham, Mary Ann1848 (8th Oct) witness
Garnham, Thomas1840 (5th Nov) bride's father
Garnham, 1840 (5th Nov) witness
Garrard, E1845 (19th Oct) bride's father
Garrard, Hannah1845 (19th Oct) maiden name
Gathercole, Henry1891 (17th Jan) groom's father
Gathercole, Victoria Sarah1891 (17th Jan) married name
Gathercole, William Henry Joseph1891 (17th Jan) groom
German, Elizabeth1841 (18th Oct) maiden name
German, George1841 (18th Oct) bride's father
Gibson, Lucy1858 (31st Dec) witness
Giping, George1830 (13th Dec) groom
Giping, Mary1830 (13th Dec) married name
Goddard, Alice1843 (25th July) witness
Goddard, Ambrose1896 (11th Jan) witness
Goddard, Charles1815 (27th Mar) groom
Goddard, Charlotte1862 (9th Feb) married name
Goddard, Ellie1828 (21st Nov) married name
Goddard, Emma1882 (27th Oct) married name
Goddard, George1819 (29th Apr) witness
Goddard, George1847 (25th Jan) bride's father
Goddard, George1868 (7th July) bride's father
Goddard, George1896 (11th Jan) groom
Goddard, Harriet1847 (25th Jan) maiden name
Goddard, Harriott1819 (29th Apr) witness
Goddard, Henry1858 (1st Nov) witness
Goddard, Honour1868 (5th Dec) maiden name
Goddard, James1862 (9th Feb) groom
Goddard, James1868 (3rd June) groom
Goddard, James1868 (3rd June) groom's father
Goddard, James1882 (27th Oct) groom's father
Goddard, James1896 (11th Jan) groom's father
Goddard, Jane1868 (7th July) maiden name
Goddard, Jeanette1824 (31st May) witness
Goddard, John1881 (8th June) witness
Goddard, John1886 (5th July) witness
Goddard, Lionel1830 (21st Oct) groom
Goddard, Lydia1830 (21st Oct) married name
Goddard, Martha Eliza1896 (11th Jan) married name
Goddard, Sarah1815 (27th Mar) married name
Goddard, Sarah Ann1868 (3rd June) married name
Goddard, William1828 (21st Nov) groom
Goddard, William1862 (9th Feb) groom's father
Goddard, William1868 (5th Dec) bride's father
Goddard, William1882 (27th Oct) groom
Goldsmith, Anna1850 (12th Dec) maiden name
Goldsmith, Eliza1835 (26th Feb) married name
Goldsmith, Frances1823 (29th Apr) married name
Goldsmith, William1823 (29th Apr) groom
Goldsmith, William1835 (26th Feb) groom
Goldsmith, William1850 (12th Dec) bride's father
Goode, Elizabeth Martha1893 (24th Apr) maiden name
Goode, John1898 (5th June) groom's father
Goode, Sophia1898 (5th June) married name
Goode, Stanley1898 (5th June) groom
Goode, Walter1872 (7th Oct) witness
Goode, Walter1893 (24th Apr) bride's father
Goodman, Mary1836 (24th May) married name
Goodman, Mary1836 (1st Nov) witness
Goodman, Vincent1836 (24th May) groom
Goodman, Vincent1836 (1st Nov) witness
Goodman, Vincent1839 (1st Sep) witness
Goodrich, Catherine1849 (8th July) married name
Goodrich, Clement1849 (8th July) groom
Goodrich, Elizabeth1818 (31st Dec) witness
Goodrich, John1818 (31st Dec) witness
Goodrich, Mary1813 (8th June) witness
Goodrich, Mary1818 (31st Dec) maiden name
Goodrich, Sarah1861 (16th Sep) witness
Goodrich, William1849 (8th July) groom's father
Goold, Anna Amelia1871 (18th Feb) married name
Goold, Charlotte1838 (24th Dec) married name
Goold, Drusilla Ford1868 (26th Dec) maiden name
Goold, George1838 (24th Dec) groom
Goold, Henry Ballam1868 (26th Dec) witness
Goold, Henry Ballam1871 (18th Feb) groom
Goold, John1844 (1st Feb) groom
Goold, John1844 (1st Feb) groom's father
Goold, John1868 (26th Dec) bride's father
Goold, John1871 (18th Feb) groom's father
Goold, Mary Ann Ballam1844 (1st Feb) married name
Goold, William1838 (24th Dec) groom's father
Gorard, Lionel1815 (12th Oct) groom
Gorard, Mary1815 (12th Oct) married name
Goshawk, Martha1819 (19th Jan) maiden name
Gould, Annie Louisa1882 (21st Oct) married name
Gould, Charles1894 (16th June) witness
Gould, Charles Scase1882 (21st Oct) groom
Gould, Emily1850 (20th Nov) witness
Gould, illegitimate (Robert deleted)1882 (21st Oct) groom's father
Goymer, Anna1869 (30th July) married name
Goymer, Charlotte1827 (19th Feb) married name
Goymer, Charlotte1838 (24th Dec) maiden name
Goymer, Chinery1850 (20th Nov) witness
Goymer, Elizabeth1871 (10th Feb) maiden name
Goymer, Hannah1845 (19th Oct) married name
Goymer, James1850 (20th Nov) groom
Goymer, James1868 (25th Dec) bride's father
Goymer, James1871 (10th Feb) bride's father
Goymer, James1873 (1st Nov) bride's father
Goymer, Jonathan1835 (30th Aug) witness
Goymer, Jonathan1838 (24th Dec) bride's father
Goymer, Jonathan1845 (19th Oct) groom's father
Goymer, Jonathan1850 (20th Nov) groom's father
Goymer, Joseph1827 (19th Feb) witness
Goymer, Mary Ann1873 (1st Nov) maiden name
Goymer, Mary Anne1850 (20th Nov) married name
Goymer, Maryann1827 (19th Feb) witness
Goymer, Nathaniel1845 (19th Oct) groom
Goymer, Nathaniel1869 (30th July) groom's father
Goymer, Samuel1827 (19th Feb) groom
Goymer, Sarah1868 (25th Dec) maiden name
Goymer, Sophia1835 (30th Aug) maiden name
Goymer, William1869 (30th July) groom
Goymer, 1822 (11th Feb) witness
Graham, Ann1837 (16th Nov) married name
Graham, Ireland1837 (16th Nov) groom
Graham, Robert1830 (6th May) groom
Graham, Robert1837 (16th Nov) groom's father
Graham, Tryphena1830 (6th May) married name
Graham, Tryphena1839 (15th Aug) witness
Green, Ann1859 (1st Jan) witness
Greene, Harriett Elliston1815 (14th Dec) maiden name
Grimwade, Charles1813 (4th Mar) groom
Grimwade, Martha1813 (4th Mar) married name
Grimwood, Charles1862 (9th Feb) witness
Grimwood, Henry1862 (9th Feb) bride's father
Gymer, Chinery1861 (1st Nov) witness
Gymer, Elizabeth1869 (30th July) witness
Gymer, Patience1861 (1st Nov) witness
Gymour, Eliza1876 (21st Dec) witness
Hadlow, Alice May1898 (13th Oct) maiden name
Hadlow, George Blake1898 (13th Oct) bride's father
Hadlow, Olive Marian1898 (13th Oct) witness
Hadlow, Rose H1898 (13th Oct) witness
Haggar, Anna1898 (15th Oct) married name
Haggar, Arthur John1898 (15th Oct) groom
Haggar, William1898 (15th Oct) groom's father
Halls, James1860 (25th Dec) groom
Halls, Jane1860 (25th Dec) witness
Halls, Robert1860 (25th Dec) groom's father
Halls, Susan1860 (25th Dec) married name
Hannam, Edward Pett1825 (8th Sep) groom
Hannam, Maria1825 (8th Sep) married name
Harsant, Charles1828 (6th Nov) groom
Harsant, Eliza1828 (6th Nov) married name
Hart, Ann1853 (4th Nov) witness
Hart, Ann1857 (30th Oct) maiden name
Hart, Elizabeth1819 (29th Apr) maiden name
Hart, Elizabeth1840 (13th Apr) married name
Hart, George1853 (4th Nov) witness
Hart, Hariet1853 (4th Nov) maiden name
Hart, John1840 (13th Apr) groom
Hart, John1858 (2nd Apr) groom
Hart, John1858 (2nd Apr) groom's father
Hart, Mary1858 (2nd Apr) married name
Hart, William1840 (13th Apr) groom's father
Hart, William1853 (4th Nov) bride's father
Hart, William1857 (30th Oct) bride's father
Harvey, Cecilia Catherine1834 (10th Apr) married name
Harvey, George, Rev1834 (10th Apr) groom
Harvey, Jane1882 (22nd Dec) maiden name
Hastings, Emma1875 (20th Feb) witness
Haunton, Ann1814 (15th Sep) maiden name
Haunton, Harriet1814 (14th Oct) maiden name
Hawes, Elizabeth Ellen1884 (20th Sep) maiden name
Hawes, James1884 (20th Sep) bride's father
Head, Eliza1869 (16th Sep) married name
Head, George1869 (16th Sep) groom's father
Head, James1869 (16th Sep) groom
Hearnshaw, Abraham1847 (5th Nov) groom's father
Hearnshaw, Eliza1847 (5th Nov) married name
Hearnshaw, Eliza1853 (14th Aug) witness
Hearnshaw, Jacob1847 (5th Nov) groom
Hearnshaw, Jacob1853 (14th Aug) witness
Heel, Ann1814 (31st May) maiden name
Hicham, Elizabeth1854 (1st Nov) witness
Hillier, Sarah1864 (5th May) witness
Holmes, Henry George1891 (23rd Jan) witness
Holmes, Henry George1896 (17th June) groom
Holmes, Kate1896 (17th June) married name
Holmes, Margaret Amelia Jane1891 (23rd Jan) maiden name
Holmes, Robert1891 (23rd Jan) bride's father
Holmes, Robert1896 (17th June) groom's father
Hood, Caroline1871 (10th Feb) witness
Hood, Caroline1889 (14th Mar) witness
Hood, Charles1871 (10th Feb) groom's father
Hood, Charles1889 (14th Mar) groom's father
Hood, Elizabeth1871 (10th Feb) married name
Hood, Esther1889 (14th Mar) married name
Hood, John1871 (10th Feb) groom
Hood, John1889 (14th Mar) groom
Horrex, Amelia1828 (7th Nov) married name
Horrex, Zachariah1828 (7th Nov) groom
Horton, Lettice1814 (2nd Mar) witness
House, Ann1814 (15th Sep) married name
House, Mary1817 (8th July) maiden name
House, Robert1814 (15th Sep) groom
Howard, Alfred1870 (5th March) groom
Howard, Elizabeth1870 (5th March) witness
Howard, James1868 (3rd June) bride's father
Howard, James1870 (5th March) groom's father
Howard, Jemima1870 (5th March) married name
Howard, John1870 (19th Oct) bride's father
Howard, Sarah Ann1868 (3rd June) maiden name
Howard, Susan1817 (14th Oct) maiden name
Howard, Walter1868 (3rd June) witness
Howes, Ann1837 (16th Nov) maiden name
Howes, Eliza Buckle1853 (14th Aug) maiden name
Howes, James1879 (26th Dec) groom's father
Howes, James William1879 (26th Dec) groom
Howes, Jemima1833 (12th Nov) maiden name
Howes, Jemima1833 (12th Nov) married name
Howes, John1838 (11th Jan) bride's father
Howes, Martha1827 (7th Aug) witness
Howes, Martha1830 (17th May) maiden name
Howes, Robert1833 (12th Nov) groom
Howes, Ruth1879 (26th Dec) married name
Howes, Salley1833 (12th Nov) witness
Howes, Sally1835 (17th Nov) maiden name
Howes, William1837 (16th Nov) bride's father
Howlett, Catherine1871 (12th Jan) married name
Howlett, Ellen1871 (12th Jan) witness
Howlett, Henry Edward1895 (22nd June) witness
Howlett, Henry Edward1896 (31st Oct) witness
Howlett, Herbert1871 (12th Jan) groom
Howlett, May Ann1881 (24th Sep) witness
Howlett, Samuel1871 (12th Jan) groom's father
Hubbard, James1853 (26th Dec) witness
Hubbard, Priscilla Cole1853 (26th Dec) married name
Hubbard, Robert1853 (26th Dec) groom
Hubbard, Thomas1853 (26th Dec) groom's father
Hudson, David1870 (28th Dec) groom's father
Hudson, George1870 (28th Dec) groom
Hudson, Henry1864 (5th May) bride's father
Hudson, James1872 (7th Oct) groom
Hudson, Letitia1870 (28th Dec) married name
Hudson, Martha1864 (5th May) maiden name
Hudson, Rachel1872 (7th Oct) married name
Hudson, Thomas1872 (7th Oct) groom's father
Huffee, Bridget1859 (1st Jan) married name
Huffee, George1859 (1st Jan) groom
Huffey, Charlotte1827 (19th Feb) maiden name
Hughes, James1872 (30th Dec) groom
Hughes, Mary Ann1858 (10th Nov) married name
Hughes, Mary Ann1872 (30th Dec) married name
Hughes, Mary Ann1872 (30th Dec) witness
Hughes, Thomas1858 (10th Nov) groom's father
Hughes, William1858 (10th Nov) groom
Hughes, William1872 (30th Dec) groom's father
Hunt, Edward1839 (29th Nov?) bride's father
Hunt, Eliza1839 (29th Nov?) maiden name
Hunt, Ellie1828 (21st Nov) maiden name
Hunt, John1830 (11th May) witness
Hunt, Julia Mary1879 (27th May) maiden name
Hunt, Maria1830 (11th May) maiden name
Hunt, no guardian1879 (27th May) bride's father
Hurrell, Dasely1813 (6th Oct) groom
Hurrell, Elizabeth1813 (6th Oct) married name
Hurst, Martha1837 (15th May) married name
Hurst, William1837 (15th May) groom
Jackson, Agnes1822 (14th Mar) married name
Jackson, Harriet1817 (14th Oct) witness
Jackson, Isaac1817 (14th Oct) groom
Jackson, Isaac1822 (14th Mar) groom
Jackson, Mary Ann1817 (14th Oct) married name
Jackson, Sarah1817 (14th Oct) witness
Jackson, Sarah Mayhew1822 (14th Mar) witness
James, Jane1888 (24th Dec) witness
Jeffery, Francis1873 (20th Jan) witness
Joiner, Elizabeth1863 (23rd Aug) maiden name
Joiner, William1863 (23rd Aug) bride's father
Kemp, Mary1814 (12th Oct) maiden name
Kemplay, James1848 (3rd Oct) groom
Kemplay, Richard1848 (3rd Oct) groom's father
Kemplay, Sarah1848 (3rd Oct) married name
Kersey, Catherine1894 (26th Nov) maiden name
Kersey, Richard1894 (26th Nov) bride's father
King, Alice Maud Mary1899 (28th Jan) married name
King, Benjamin1868 (5th Dec) groom
King, Dennis1861 (9th Nov) groom
King, Eliza1872 (16th Nov) married name
King, Elizabeth Ellen1884 (20th Sep) married name
King, Eve1861 (9th Nov) married name
King, George1865 (25th Oct) groom
King, George1884 (20th Sep) groom's father
King, George1889 (23rd Dec) bride's father
King, George1896 (11th Jan) bride's father
King, Gertrude Ellen1896 (11th Jan) witness
King, Harriet1864 (12th Oct) married name
King, Harriet1889 (23rd Dec) maiden name
King, Harriett1865 (25th Oct) witness
King, Henry1864 (12th Oct) witness
King, Henry1864 (29th Oct) groom
King, Henry1865 (25th Oct) witness
King, Henry1868 (5th Dec) witness
King, Herbert William1899 (28th Jan) groom
King, Honour1868 (5th Dec) married name
King, J1884 (20th Sep) witness
King, James1826 (2nd Nov) groom
King, James1861 (9th Nov) groom's father
King, James1864 (12th Oct) groom's father
King, James1864 (29th Oct) groom's father
King, James1865 (25th Oct) groom's father
King, James1868 (3rd June) witness
King, James1868 (5th Dec) groom's father
King, James1872 (16th Nov) groom
King, James1872 (16th Nov) groom's father
King, Jemima1826 (2nd Nov) married name
King, John1898 (1st Oct) groom
King, Martha Eliza1896 (11th Jan) maiden name
King, Mary1899 (28th Jan) witness
King, Mary Ann1864 (29th Oct) married name
King, Mary Ann1865 (25th Oct) married name
King, Mary Ann1868 (5th Dec) witness
King, Reuben1861 (9th Nov) witness
King, Reuben1864 (12th Oct) groom
King, Reuben1864 (29th Oct) witness
King, Robert1897 (23rd Apr) groom's father
King, Robert1898 (1st Oct) groom's father
King, Sarah1897 (23rd Apr) married name
King, Sarah Jane1898 (1st Oct) married name
King, William Dennis1884 (20th Sep) groom
King, William George1897 (23rd Apr) groom
King, 1899 (28th Jan) groom's father
Knight, Susannah1885 (30th Jan) maiden name
Knights, Alice Maud Mary1899 (28th Jan) maiden name
Knights, William1899 (28th Jan) bride's father
L, Mary1834 (20th May) maiden name
Lamburn, Edward1830 (21st Oct) witness
Lamburn, Mary1830 (21st Oct) witness
Land, Caroline Sarah1872 (10th Oct) married name
Land, George1872 (10th Oct) groom
Land, John1872 (10th Oct) groom's father
Langham, Agnes1822 (14th Mar) maiden name
Langham, Benjamin1819 (12th Oct) groom
Langham, Benjamin1827 (7th Aug) witness
Langham, Martha1819 (12th Oct) married name
Langham, Mary Ann1822 (14th Mar) witness
Langham, Robert1822 (14th Mar) witness
Larkin, Mary1814 (2nd Mar) maiden name
Last, Clara1879 (23rd Oct) witness
Laughley, Benjamin1855 (1st Feb) groom
Laughley, Benjamin1855 (1st Feb) groom's father
Laughley, Mary1855 (1st Feb) married name
Laughlin, Alfred1849 (24th Sep) groom
Laughlin, Benjamin1825 (1st Mar) witness
Laughlin, Benjamin1849 (24th Sep) groom's father
Laughlin, Benjamin1850 (17th June) bride's father
Laughlin, Elizabeth1849 (24th Sep) witness
Laughlin, Elizabeth1850 (17th June) maiden name
Laughlin, Emma1849 (24th Sep) married name
Lawton, Cecilia Catherine1834 (10th Apr) maiden name
Lawton, Edward1848 (3rd Oct) witness
Lawton, Eliza1828 (6th Nov) maiden name
Lawton, Ellen Bruce1848 (3rd Oct) witness
Lawton, Joseph1848 (3rd Oct) bride's father
Lawton, Joseph Thomas1825 (8th Sep) witness
Lawton, Maria1825 (8th Sep) maiden name
Lawton, Sarah1848 (3rd Oct) maiden name
Layzell, Mary Jane1851 (9th Nov) maiden name
Lee, Nathaniel1889 (24th Oct) bride's father
Lee, Sarah1816 (27th Oct) maiden name
Leeder, Bridget1825 (4th Apr) married name
Leeder, Eliza1825 (4th Apr) witness
Leeder, Elizabeth1818 (9th Feb) married name
Leeder, Hannah1833 (24th Dec) maiden name
Leeder, James1825 (4th Apr) groom
Leeder, Martha1833 (24th Dec) witness
Leeder, Martha1837 (15th May) maiden name
Leeder, Sophia1837 (15th May) witness
Leeder, William1818 (9th Feb) groom
Leeks, Sarah1814 (20th Oct) maiden name
Lensdale, Daniel1814 (14th Mar) groom
Lensdale, Mary1814 (14th Mar) married name
Lockett, Caroline1885 (27th Aug) married name
Lockett, John1885 (27th Aug) groom
Lockett, William1885 (27th Aug) groom's father
Lockwood, Charles Edwin1899 (9th Nov) groom
Lockwood, Clara Rebecca1899 (9th Nov) married name
Lockwood, Henry John1873 (13th Mar) witness
Lockwood, John1899 (9th Nov) groom's father
Lofts, Amelia1841 (18th Oct) witness
Lord, Eliza1835 (26th Feb) maiden name
Lord, James1835 (26th Feb) witness
Lord, James1871 (25th July) witness
Lord, Louisa1834 (16th Oct) married name
Lord, Mary Jane1871 (25th July) married name
Lord, Sarah1867 (5th Dec) maiden name
Lord, Selina Jane1871 (25th July) witness
Lord, Simeon1867 (5th Dec) witness
Lord, Simeon1871 (25th July) groom
Lord, Walter1849 (?) witness
Lord, Walter1863 (23rd Aug) witness
Lord, William1833 (24th Dec) witness
Lord, William1834 (16th Oct) groom
Lord, William1867 (5th Dec) bride's father
Lord, William1871 (25th July) groom's father
Lord, 1834 (16th Oct) witness
Lord, 1849 (?) witness
Lord, 1863 (23rd Aug) witness
Love, Alice Louise1893 (30th Mar) maiden name
Love, Emmanuel1893 (30th Mar) bride's father
Lowes, Abraham1846 (16th Nov) witness
Lucas, James1839 (19th May) bride's father
Lucas, Maria1839 (19th May) maiden name
Lummas, John1820 (3rd Sep) witness
Lummas, Sarah1820 (3rd Sep) witness
M, John1861 (26th Dec) witness
Manning, Amos1852 (12th Oct) groom
Manning, Amos1895 (23rd Oct) groom's father
Manning, Amos1897 (19th Mar) groom's father
Manning, Ann1845 (2nd Nov) maiden name
Manning, Ann1846 (21st Oct) witness
Manning, Bridget Rose1897 (19th Mar) witness
Manning, Charles1846 (21st Oct) witness
Manning, Charles1854 (6th Jan) groom
Manning, Charles1880 (24th Dec) bride's father
Manning, Charles1880 (24th Dec) bride's father
Manning, Charlotte1862 (18th Aug) maiden name
Manning, Eliza1854 (6th Jan) married name
Manning, Eliza1864 (11th Nov) witness
Manning, Elizabeth1815 (27th Mar) witness
Manning, Elizabeth1816 (32nd Nov) maiden name
Manning, Emma1852 (12th Oct) married name
Manning, Emma1879 (27th May) witness
Manning, Eva1899 (11th Feb) witness
Manning, Florence1895 (23rd Oct) married name
Manning, James1816 (32nd Nov) witness
Manning, James1845 (2nd Nov) bride's father
Manning, James1852 (12th Oct) groom's father
Manning, James1872 (16th Nov) witness
Manning, James William1897 (19th Mar) bride's father
Manning, John1825 (4th Apr) witness
Manning, John1873 (30th May) bride's father
Manning, Lily1896 (17th June) witness
Manning, Lily Ethel1897 (19th Mar) maiden name
Manning, Lily Ethel1897 (19th Mar) married name
Manning, Maria1846 (21st Oct) maiden name
Manning, Mary1872 (16th Nov) witness
Manning, Mary Ann1816 (4th July) married name
Manning, Mary Ann1830 (5th Aug) maiden name
Manning, Mary Anne1880 (24th Dec) maiden name
Manning, Reuben1844 (2nd July) groom
Manning, Reuben1844 (26th Nov) witness
Manning, Reuben1862 (18th Aug) bride's father
Manning, Sarah1815 (27th Mar) maiden name
Manning, Sarah Elizabeth1880 (24th Dec) maiden name
Manning, Sophia1821 (6th Dec) maiden name
Manning, Sophia1821 (6th Dec) married name
Manning, Sophia1858 (2nd Apr) witness
Manning, Sophia1873 (30th May) maiden name
Manning, Sophia1880 (24th Dec) witness
Manning, Sophia1880 (24th Dec) witness
Manning, Susanna1872 (8th Nov) maiden name
Manning, Walter Robert1897 (19th Mar) groom
Manning, William1815 (27th Mar) witness
Manning, William1816 (4th July) groom
Manning, William1821 (6th Dec) groom
Manning, William1844 (2nd July) groom's father
Manning, William1846 (21st Oct) bride's father
Manning, William1854 (6th Jan) groom's father
Manning, William1895 (23rd Oct) groom
Manning, Winifred1844 (2nd July) married name
Marriott, Amelia1871 (5th March) maiden name
Marriott, Matthias1871 (5th March) bride's father
Marshall, Arthur1844 (21st Apr) witness
Marshall, Mary-ann1819 (5th Oct) married name
Marshall, Sarah1819 (5th Oct) witness
Marshall, William1819 (5th Oct) groom
Marshall, William1836 (11th July) witness
Marshall, William1876 (10th Nov) witness
Mason, Maryann1818 (7th Oct) maiden name
Mathew, Luke1835 (22nd Jan) witness
Mathews, Cornelius1848 (26th Oct) witness
Mathews, Jacob1848 (26th Oct) bride's father
Mathews, Rebecca1848 (26th Oct) maiden name
Matten, Alice1899 (18th May) maiden name
Matten, Lizzie1899 (18th May) witness
Matten, Walter1899 (18th May) bride's father
Matthews, Graham1833 (24th Dec) witness
Mayes, Mary Ann1868 (21st April) witness
Mayfield, Elizabeth1860 (30th Jan) maiden name
Mayfield, Emma1860 (30th Jan) witness
Mayfield, Myers1860 (30th Jan) bride's father
Mays, Henry1863 (25th Dec) groom
Mays, James Rose1863 (25th Dec) groom's father
Mays, Mary Ann1863 (25th Dec) married name
McRae, Emma1896 (9th Nov) witness
McRae, Walter1896 (9th Nov) witness
Meere, John1838 (23rd Nov) bride's father
Meere, Matilda1838 (23rd Nov) maiden name
Mellor, Charlotte1862 (9th Feb) maiden name
Melton, Maria1861 (1st Nov) maiden name
Melton, Mary1836 (24th May) maiden name
Melton, Mary Ann Lee1836 (1st Nov) married name
Melton, Richard1836 (1st Nov) groom
Melton, Richard1861 (1st Nov) bride's father
Miles, David Thomas1896 (9th Nov) groom
Miles, Esther Jane1896 (9th Nov) married name
Miles, Frederick Joseph1896 (9th Nov) groom's father
Miller, Alfred1870 (19th Oct) witness
Miller, MaryAnn1817 (11th Oct) maiden name
Milliton, Ann1817 (27th May) maiden name
Milton, Richard1836 (24th May) witness
Mole, Charles1886 (5th July) groom
Mole, Charles1886 (5th July) groom's father
Mole, Ellen Jane1886 (5th July) married name
Moore, Amelia1866 (3rd July) witness
Morley, Bridget1828 (21st Jan) married name
Morley, Bridget1834 (18th Sep) witness
Morley, David1843 (20th May) groom
Morley, David1843 (20th May) groom's father
Morley, Hariet1856 (28th Nov) witness
Morley, Hariet1857 (25th Sep) maiden name
Morley, Harriet1851 (18th Apr) witness
Morley, Jonathan1828 (21st Jan) groom
Morley, Jonathan1851 (18th Apr) bride's father
Morley, Jonathan1857 (25th Sep) bride's father
Morley, Louisa1843 (20th May) married name
Morley, Martha1851 (18th Apr) maiden name
Morley, Mary Ann1843 (20th May) witness
Morse, Anne1843 (31st Oct) witness
Morse, Hannah1844 (1st Nov) maiden name
Morse, James1843 (31st Oct) bride's father
Morse, James1844 (1st Nov) bride's father
Morse, Mary1843 (31st Oct) maiden name
Moss, Frances1858 (27th Nov) married name
Moss, James1817 (14th Oct) groom
Moss, James1858 (27th Nov) groom
Moss, Jane1858 (10th Dec) witness
Moss, John1858 (27th Nov) groom's father
Moss, John1858 (10th Dec) groom
Moss, John1858 (10th Dec) groom's father
Moss, Mary1858 (10th Dec) married name
Moss, Sarah1817 (14th Oct) witness
Moss, Sarah1870 (19th Oct) maiden name
Moss, Susan1817 (14th Oct) married name
Mothersole, Alice1885 (17th Apr) witness
Mothersole, Emma1882 (27th Oct) maiden name
Mothersole, Esther1882 (27th Oct) witness
Mothersole, Harry1882 (27th Oct) witness
Mothersole, Harry1896 (17th June) witness
Mothersole, John1882 (27th Oct) bride's father
Mothersole, John1885 (17th Apr) bride's father
Mothersole, John1896 (17th June) bride's father
Mothersole, Kate1896 (17th June) maiden name
Mothersole, Rachel1885 (17th Apr) maiden name
Mothersole, William1834 (26th Jan) witness
Mower, Edward1830 (5th Aug) groom
Mower, Mary Ann1830 (5th Aug) married name
Mower, Sophia1830 (5th Aug) witness
Moyes, Amey1833 (22nd Dec) married name
Moyes, E1880 (30th Oct) witness
Moyes, Elizabeth1824 (28th May) maiden name
Moyes, Elizabeth1895 (22nd June) witness
Moyes, Elizabeth1896 (31st Oct) witness
Moyes, Emily1895 (22nd June) maiden name
Moyes, George1869 (30th July) witness
Moyes, James1833 (22nd Dec) groom
Moyes, James1858 (2nd Apr) witness
Moyes, James1895 (22nd June) bride's father
Moyes, Mary Ann1827 (1st Nov) maiden name
Moyes, Sarah Jane1898 (1st Oct) maiden name
Moyes, William1898 (1st Oct) bride's father
Moyse, James1855 (19th Aug) groom
Moyse, Maria1855 (19th Aug) married name
Moyse, William1855 (19th Aug) groom's father
Mudich, Charlotte1861 (26th Dec) witness
Mudich, Charlotte1861 (26th Dec) witness
Mulley, 01864 (19th Sep) groom's father
Mulley, Alice1893 (4th Sep) maiden name
Mulley, Amelia1844 (10th Oct) maiden name
Mulley, Ann Maria1849 (13th Nov) witness
Mulley, Anna1832 (16th Oct) witness
Mulley, Anna1839 (15th Aug) married name
Mulley, Anne1899 (11th Feb) witness
Mulley, Annie Louisa1882 (21st Oct) maiden name
Mulley, Arthur James1899 (11th Feb) groom
Mulley, Benjamin1858 (17th Jan) groom's father
Mulley, Benjamin1862 (15th Nov) groom's father
Mulley, Biddy1820 (3rd Sep) maiden name
Mulley, Caleb1826 (2nd Nov) witness
Mulley, Clara1878 (4th Jan) married name
Mulley, David1862 (15th Nov) groom
Mulley, Dennis1839 (19th May) groom
Mulley, Edward1866 (17th Nov) groom
Mulley, Edward1870 (5th March) witness
Mulley, Eliza1819 (27th Jan) maiden name
Mulley, Eliza1830 (17th May) witness
Mulley, Eliza1841 (15th Apr) married name
Mulley, Eliza1861 (26th Dec) maiden name
Mulley, Eliza1888 (29th Mar) witness
Mulley, Elizabeth1814 (31st May) witness
Mulley, Elizabeth1817 (14th Oct) maiden name
Mulley, Elizabeth1824 (28th May) married name
Mulley, Elizabeth1861 (26th Dec) witness
Mulley, Elizabeth1882 (19th Oct) married name
Mulley, Elizabeth Martha1893 (24th Apr) married name
Mulley, Ellen1861 (16th Sep) married name
Mulley, Ellen1864 (19th Sep) witness
Mulley, Ellen1899 (11th Feb) married name
Mulley, Fr1839 (2nd May) maiden name
Mulley, Frances1826 (2nd Nov) married name
Mulley, Freeman1880 (16th Jan) groom
Mulley, George1836 (24th Nov) witness
Mulley, George1837 (16th Jan) witness
Mulley, George1839 (15th Aug) groom
Mulley, George1844 (10th Oct) witness
Mulley, George1861 (26th Dec) bride's father
Mulley, George1864 (19th Sep) groom
Mulley, George1879 (12th Aug) groom
Mulley, George1880 (28th Dec) witness
Mulley, George Wright1873 (18th Dec) groom's father
Mulley, Gertrude Alberta1880 (16th Jan) maiden name
Mulley, Gertrude Alberta1880 (16th Jan) married name
Mulley, Hannah1841 (22nd Feb) married name
Mulley, Hannah1841 (25th Dec) married name
Mulley, Hannah1864 (23rd June) witness
Mulley, Harriet1839 (19th May) witness
Mulley, Harriet1842 (15th July) witness
Mulley, Harriett Elliston1815 (14th Dec) married name
Mulley, Harriot1824 (28th May) witness
Mulley, Harry Charles1876 (10th Nov) groom
Mulley, Henry William1878 (4th Jan) groom
Mulley, James1814 (12th Oct) groom
Mulley, James1841 (22nd Feb) groom's father
Mulley, James1841 (25th Dec) groom
Mulley, James1841 (25th Dec) groom's father
Mulley, James1842 (15th July) witness
Mulley, James1844 (21st Apr) bride's father
Mulley, James1845 (25th Dec) witness
Mulley, James1860 (25th Dec) bride's father
Mulley, James1863 (25th Dec) bride's father
Mulley, James1868 (21st April) bride's father
Mulley, James1878 (4th Jan) groom's father
Mulley, James1879 (12th Aug) groom's father
Mulley, James1882 (22nd Dec) witness
Mulley, James1895 (20th Dec) witness
Mulley, James John1861 (16th Sep) groom
Mulley, James John1866 (8th Mar) witness
Mulley, James John1882 (19th Oct) witness
Mulley, James Woods1873 (18th Dec) groom
Mulley, James Woods1899 (11th Feb) groom's father
Mulley, Jemima1862 (15th Nov) married name
Mulley, John1814 (31st May) witness
Mulley, John1824 (15th Apr) witness
Mulley, John1824 (28th May) groom
Mulley, John1833 (12th Nov) witness
Mulley, John1839 (19th May) groom's father
Mulley, John1841 (22nd Feb) groom
Mulley, John1842 (20th Oct) bride's father
Mulley, John1849 (13th Nov) groom's father
Mulley, John1855 (27th Nov) groom
Mulley, John1864 (23rd June) bride's father
Mulley, John1866 (17th Nov) groom's father
Mulley, John1872 (7th Oct) bride's father
Mulley, John1879 (26th Dec) bride's father
Mulley, John1882 (19th Oct) groom
Mulley, John1882 (19th Oct) groom's father
Mulley, John James1893 (4th Sep) bride's father
Mulley, Laura1876 (10th Nov) witness
Mulley, Maria1839 (19th May) married name
Mulley, Mary1814 (12th Oct) married name
Mulley, Mary1820 (30th May) witness
Mulley, Mary1821 (6th Dec) witness
Mulley, Mary1824 (15th Apr) maiden name
Mulley, Mary1839 (2nd May) witness
Mulley, Mary1841 (22nd Feb) witness
Mulley, Mary1844 (1st Feb) witness
Mulley, Mary1844 (21st Apr) maiden name
Mulley, Mary1844 (10th Oct) witness
Mulley, Mary1847 (5th Nov) witness
Mulley, Mary1855 (27th Nov) married name
Mulley, Mary Ann1858 (17th Jan) married name
Mulley, Mary Ann1863 (25th Dec) maiden name
Mulley, Mary Anne1842 (20th Oct) maiden name
Mulley, Rachel1866 (17th Nov) married name
Mulley, Rachel1866 (17th Nov) witness
Mulley, Rachel1872 (7th Oct) maiden name
Mulley, Rebecca1873 (18th Dec) married name
Mulley, Reuben1849 (8th July) witness
Mulley, Reuben1849 (13th Nov) groom
Mulley, Robert1819 (27th Jan) witness
Mulley, Robert1826 (2nd Nov) groom
Mulley, Robert1826 (8th Dec) groom
Mulley, Robert1835 (30th Aug) groom
Mulley, Robert1847 (21st Jan) witness
Mulley, Robert1861 (16th Sep) groom's father
Mulley, Ruth1879 (26th Dec) maiden name
Mulley, Samuel1849 (13th Nov) witness
Mulley, Sarah1826 (8th Dec) married name
Mulley, Sarah1864 (23rd June) witness
Mulley, Sarah1879 (12th Aug) married name
Mulley, Sarah Anne1876 (10th Nov) married name
Mulley, Sarah Jane1848 (16th Aug) witness
Mulley, Sarah Jane1864 (19th Sep) married name
Mulley, Sophia1835 (30th Aug) married name
Mulley, Sophia1845 (19th Oct) witness
Mulley, Sophia1847 (21st Jan) maiden name
Mulley, Sophia1862 (15th Nov) witness
Mulley, Susan1860 (25th Dec) maiden name
Mulley, Susan1868 (21st April) maiden name
Mulley, Susanna1849 (13th Nov) married name
Mulley, Tryphena1830 (6th May) maiden name
Mulley, William1815 (14th Dec) groom
Mulley, William1821 (6th Dec) witness
Mulley, William1824 (28th May) witness
Mulley, William1824 (16th Nov) witness
Mulley, William1839 (2nd May) bride's father
Mulley, William1839 (15th Aug) groom's father
Mulley, William1841 (15th Apr) groom
Mulley, William1841 (15th Apr) groom's father
Mulley, William1844 (10th Oct) bride's father
Mulley, William1847 (21st Jan) bride's father
Mulley, William1855 (27th Nov) groom's father
Mulley, William1858 (17th Jan) groom
Mulley, William1864 (23rd June) witness
Mulley, William1876 (10th Nov) groom's father
Mulley, William1880 (16th Jan) groom's father
Mulley, William1880 (16th Jan) bride's father
Mulley, William1882 (21st Oct) bride's father
Mulley, William1893 (24th Apr) groom's father
Mulley, William Baker1893 (24th Apr) groom
Mulley, 1824 (15th Apr) witness
Mully, Hannah1879 (26th Dec) witness
Muncey, Esther Jane1896 (9th Nov) maiden name
Muncey, Henry Francis1896 (9th Nov) bride's father
Murton, Charles1848 (19th Oct) groom
Murton, Ellen1859 (22nd Feb) married name
Murton, James1859 (22nd Feb) groom
Murton, James1859 (22nd Feb) groom's father
Murton, Susanna1848 (19th Oct) married name
Murton, William1848 (19th Oct) groom's father
Nelse, Elizabeth1816 (32nd Nov) married name
Nelse, John1816 (32nd Nov) groom
Newell, John1831 (18th Jan) groom
Newell, Sarah1831 (18th Jan) married name
Nobbs, Walter1868 (21st April) witness
Nunn, Eliza1869 (22nd Oct) married name
Nunn, George1869 (22nd Oct) witness
Nunn, John1869 (22nd Oct) groom's father
Nunn, Mary1823 (25th Apr) maiden name
Nunn, Sarah1862 (9th Feb) witness
Nunn, William1869 (22nd Oct) groom
Offord, Caroline1885 (27th Aug) maiden name
Offord, Henry1885 (27th Aug) witness
Offord, Henry1885 (27th Nov) witness
Offord, Robert1885 (27th Aug) bride's father
Offord, Robert1885 (27th Nov) bride's father
Offord, Sophia1885 (27th Aug) witness
Offord, Sophia1885 (27th Nov) maiden name
Orridge, Ann1814 (21st Apr) married name
Orridge, Thomas1814 (21st Apr) groom
Orris, Mary Ann1864 (19th Sep) witness
Orris, Mary Ann1866 (8th Mar) witness
Palmer, Frances1814 (14th Mar) witness
Palmer, Frances1823 (29th Apr) maiden name
Palmer, Henry1876 (16th Dec) witness
Palmer, Joseph1831 (10th Oct) groom
Palmer, Maria1814 (14th Mar) witness
Palmer, Sarah1814 (2nd Mar) witness
Palmer, Susan1831 (10th Oct) married name
Palmer, 1835 (4th Aug) maiden name
Pamment, Amey1842 (23rd Oct) married name
Pamment, Catherine1849 (8th July) maiden name
Pamment, Eusibia1822 (11th Feb) maiden name
Pamment, Isaac1842 (23rd Oct) witness
Pamment, Jemima1825 (1st Mar) maiden name
Pamment, Stephen1842 (23rd Oct) groom's father
Pamment, Thomas1849 (8th July) bride's father
Pamment, William1842 (23rd Oct) groom
Parfrey, Lucy1823 (13th Oct) witness
Parfrey, Susan1823 (13th Oct) maiden name
Parker, Albert William1893 (4th Sep) witness
Parker, Emma1893 (4th Sep) witness
Parkinson, George1817 (8th July) groom
Parkinson, Mary1817 (8th July) married name
Parr, Anna Amelia1869 (11th Feb) witness
Parr, Anna Amelia1871 (18th Feb) maiden name
Parr, Charles1871 (18th Feb) bride's father
Parr, Henry1884 (16th Feb) witness
Parr, Margaret1884 (16th Feb) maiden name
Parr, William1884 (16th Feb) bride's father
Pattle, Robert1817 (29th Apr) groom
Pattle, Susan1817 (29th Apr) married name
Pattle, Zachariah1817 (21st Aug) witness
Pauzey, John1861 (16th Sep) witness
Pawsey, Harry1881 (8th June) groom
Pawsey, Joseph1881 (8th June) groom's father
Pawsey, Matilda1881 (8th June) married name
Peacock, MaryAnn1817 (11th Oct) married name
Peacock, Thomas1817 (11th Oct) groom
Pearce, Harriet1865 (28th Oct) married name
Pearce, Henry1858 (10th Dec) bride's father
Pearce, James1848 (8th Oct) witness
Pearce, John1848 (8th Oct) groom's father
Pearce, Mary1858 (10th Dec) maiden name
Pearce, Robert Clarke1865 (28th Oct) groom
Pearce, Sarah Maria1848 (8th Oct) married name
Pearce, William1848 (8th Oct) groom
Pearce, William1865 (28th Oct) groom's father
Pearse, Maria1831 (18th Nov) married name
Pearse, William1831 (18th Nov) groom
Pechey, Catherine1895 (14th Mar) witness
Pechey, Elisha1895 (14th Mar) groom's father
Pechey, Ellen Maria1895 (14th Mar) married name
Pechey, Frederick Gould1895 (14th Mar) groom
Peck, Henry1819 (8th July) groom
Peck, Henry1893 (15th Sep) groom
Peck, Henry1896 (31st Oct) bride's father
Peck, James1844 (21st Apr) groom's father
Peck, Jane Anna1896 (31st Oct) maiden name
Peck, Mary1819 (8th July) married name
Peck, Mary1844 (21st Apr) married name
Peck, Robert1844 (21st Apr) groom
Peck, Sarah1844 (21st Apr) witness
Peck, Sophia1893 (15th Sep) married name
Peck, William1893 (15th Sep) groom's father
Pegg, Amy1832 (13th Apr) maiden name
Pegg, Amy1873 (31st May) maiden name
Pegg, Ann1861 (1st Nov) witness
Pegg, Ann1862 (18th Aug) witness
Pegg, Ann1864 (2nd Dec) maiden name
Pegg, Annie1888 (29th Mar) maiden name
Pegg, Charlotte1862 (18th Aug) married name
Pegg, Eliza1842 (15th July) married name
Pegg, Eliza1856 (28th Nov) married name
Pegg, Eliza1857 (25th Sep) witness
Pegg, Elizabeth1832 (13th Apr) witness
Pegg, Elizabeth1840 (13th Apr) maiden name
Pegg, Harriet1864 (12th Oct) maiden name
Pegg, Henry1864 (12th Oct) witness
Pegg, Isaac1821 (12th June) witness
Pegg, Isaac1842 (15th July) groom's father
Pegg, Isaac1856 (28th Nov) groom
Pegg, Isaac1857 (25th Sep) witness
Pegg, Isaac1861 (1st Nov) witness
Pegg, Isaac1862 (18th Aug) witness
Pegg, Isaac1873 (6th Mar) groom
Pegg, James1862 (18th Aug) groom
Pegg, James1864 (2nd Dec) witness
Pegg, John1832 (13th Apr) witness
Pegg, John1832 (16th Oct) groom
Pegg, John1840 (13th Apr) bride's father
Pegg, John1856 (28th Nov) groom's father
Pegg, John1861 (1st Nov) groom's father
Pegg, John1862 (18th Aug) groom's father
Pegg, John1864 (2nd Dec) bride's father
Pegg, John1873 (6th Mar) groom's father
Pegg, Maria1861 (1st Nov) married name
Pegg, Priscilla1873 (6th Mar) married name
Pegg, Susan1832 (16th Oct) married name
Pegg, William1840 (13th Apr) witness
Pegg, William1841 (25th Dec) witness
Pegg, William1842 (15th July) groom
Pegg, William1861 (1st Nov) groom
Pegg, William1864 (12th Oct) bride's father
Pegg, William1873 (31st May) bride's father
Pegg, William1888 (29th Mar) bride's father
Pegg, 1893 (30th Mar) witness
Penning, Mary1817 (21st Aug) maiden name
Perry, Amelia1894 (16th June) maiden name
Perry, Henry1894 (16th June) bride's father
Person, Elizabeth1817 (14th Oct) married name
Person, William1817 (14th Oct) groom
Pettit, Ann1814 (21st Apr) maiden name
Pettitt, Emma1852 (12th Oct) maiden name
Pettitt, Peter1852 (12th Oct) bride's father
Pike, Elizabeth1838 (24th Dec) witness
Pike, John1838 (24th Dec) witness
Pipcroft, James1817 (14th Oct) witness
Pipcroft, James1817 (14th Oct) witness
Piper, Eliza1899 (11th Feb) witness
Piper, Ellen1895 (23rd Oct) witness
Piper, Ellen1899 (11th Feb) maiden name
Piper, James1899 (11th Feb) bride's father
Piper, Susan1833 (26th Sep) witness
Pleasance, Ann1884 (20th Sep) witness
Pleasance, Eliza1876 (1st June) witness
Pleasance, Eliza1876 (21st Dec) maiden name
Pleasance, George1876 (21st Dec) bride's father
Plumber, Mary1817 (14th Oct) witness
Plummer, Amey1842 (23rd Oct) maiden name
Plummer, Eliza1842 (23rd Oct) witness
Plummer, Eliza1849 (8th July) witness
Plummer, Eusibia1822 (11th Feb) married name
Plummer, George1885 (30th Jan) bride's father
Plummer, Robert1822 (11th Feb) groom
Plummer, Robert1842 (23rd Oct) bride's father
Plummer, Robert George1885 (30th Jan) witness
Plummer, Ruth1885 (30th Jan) witness
Polley, Isabella1821 (12th June) maiden name
Prance, Joseph1876 (10th Nov) bride's father
Prance, Sarah Anne1876 (10th Nov) maiden name
Price, Harriet1845 (2nd Nov) witness
Price, John1845 (2nd Nov) witness
Proctor, Elizabeth1817 (29th Apr) witness
Pye, Georgina Eliza1885 (31st Mar) married name
Pye, Robert1885 (31st Mar) groom's father
Pye, Robert Stephen1885 (31st Mar) groom
Pyke, Edward1888 (12th Oct) groom
Pyke, Edward1888 (12th Oct) groom's father
Pyke, Edward1892 (17th June) witness
Pyke, Elizabeth1892 (17th June) witness
Pyke, Elizabeth Mary Bruce1888 (12th Oct) married name
Radley, Emily1895 (22nd June) married name
Radley, George1895 (22nd June) groom's father
Radley, Walter1895 (22nd June) groom
Ralph, Bridget1825 (4th Apr) maiden name
Ralph, Elijah1835 (4th Aug) groom
Ralph, George1848 (5th May) groom's father
Ralph, John1848 (5th May) groom
Ralph, Lydia1848 (5th May) married name
Ralph, 1835 (4th Aug) married name
Ramply, Edward1825 (4th Jan) witness
Ramply, John1825 (4th Jan) groom
Ramply, Susan1825 (4th Jan) married name
Ransom, Ann1839 (8th Dec) maiden name
Ransom, James1839 (8th Dec) bride's father
Ranson, Ann1817 (9th Dec) witness
Ranson, Harrit1843 (19th Oct) witness
Ranson, John1817 (9th Dec) groom
Ranson, Mary1817 (26th Aug) maiden name
Ranson, Mary Anne1843 (19th Oct) maiden name
Ranson, Robert1843 (19th Oct) bride's father
Ranson, Sarah1817 (9th Dec) married name
Rawlinson, George1848 (4th April) witness
Rawlinson, George1850 (29th Oct) witness
Ray, Mary Ann1816 (4th July) maiden name
Ray, Sarah1816 (4th July) witness
Rayner, Susanna1848 (19th Oct) maiden name
Rayner, Thomas1848 (19th Oct) bride's father
Read, Mary Jane1871 (25th July) maiden name
Read, Ralph1871 (25th July) bride's father
Read, Susan1817 (29th Apr) maiden name
Redit, Walter1858 (31st Dec) witness
Rednall, Caroline Sarah1872 (10th Oct) maiden name
Rednall, Ephraim1872 (10th Oct) bride's father
Rednall, Ephraim1876 (16th Dec) bride's father
Rednall, Jane1872 (10th Oct) witness
Rednall, Jane Peck1876 (16th Dec) maiden name
Renson, Esther1892 (17th June) married name
Renson, Robert1892 (17th June) groom's father
Renson, Robert Reuben1892 (17th June) groom
Retham, Edward1833 (26th Sep) groom
Retham, James1833 (26th Sep) witness
Retham, Sarah1833 (26th Sep) married name
Rice, Alice1893 (11th Nov) witness
Rice, Ann1817 (27th May) married name
Rice, Ann1846 (5th April) witness
Rice, Bridget1826 (2nd Nov) witness
Rice, Bridget1828 (21st Jan) maiden name
Rice, Bridget1859 (1st Jan) maiden name
Rice, Catherine1871 (12th Jan) maiden name
Rice, Emma1893 (11th Nov) maiden name
Rice, Frederick1844 (26th Dec) witness
Rice, Harriet1814 (14th Oct) married name
Rice, Henry1817 (27th May) witness
Rice, Isaac1848 (19th Oct) witness
Rice, Isaac1864 (5th May) witness
Rice, Isaac1871 (12th Jan) bride's father
Rice, Isaac1893 (11th Nov) bride's father
Rice, Mary1855 (27th Nov) maiden name
Rice, Mary Anne1850 (29th Oct) maiden name
Rice, Sarah1846 (5th April) maiden name
Rice, Thelma1834 (20th May) witness
Rice, Thomas1817 (27th May) groom
Rice, William1814 (14th Oct) groom
Rice, William1834 (20th May) witness
Rice, William1846 (5th April) bride's father
Rice, William1855 (27th Nov) bride's father
Rice, William1859 (1st Jan) bride's father
Richer, Alice Louise1893 (30th Mar) married name
Richer, Anna Maria1893 (30th Mar) witness
Richer, Frederick1893 (30th Mar) groom
Richer, John1893 (30th Mar) witness
Richer, Robert1893 (30th Mar) groom's father
Ridgon, Amy1832 (13th Apr) married name
Ridgon, H1879 (27th May) witness
Ridgon, John1832 (13th Apr) groom
Rivers, Henry Samuel1891 (17th Jan) witness
Robinson, 01867 (5th Dec) groom's father
Robinson, Alan Francis Horace1896 (31st Oct) groom
Robinson, Amy1834 (4th July) witness
Robinson, C1873 (18th Dec) witness
Robinson, C1875 (30th July) witness
Robinson, Charles1834 (4th July) groom
Robinson, Charles1859 (22nd Feb) bride's father
Robinson, Charles1861 (26th Dec) groom
Robinson, Charles1861 (26th Dec) groom's father
Robinson, Charles1867 (10th Jan) bride's father
Robinson, Charles1875 (30th July) bride's father
Robinson, Charles1896 (31st Oct) groom's father
Robinson, E1873 (18th Dec) witness
Robinson, Eliza1861 (26th Dec) married name
Robinson, Elizabeth1859 (22nd Feb) witness
Robinson, Ellen1859 (22nd Feb) maiden name
Robinson, Esther1867 (10th Jan) witness
Robinson, Esther1875 (30th July) maiden name
Robinson, George1867 (10th Jan) witness
Robinson, George1867 (5th Dec) groom
Robinson, Hannah1831 (10th Oct) witness
Robinson, James1867 (10th Jan) witness
Robinson, Jane Anna1896 (31st Oct) married name
Robinson, John1831 (10th Oct) witness
Robinson, John1835 (30th Jan) groom
Robinson, Lydia1835 (30th Jan) married name
Robinson, Matilda1867 (10th Jan) maiden name
Robinson, Rebecca1867 (5th Dec) witness
Robinson, Rebecca1875 (30th July) witness
Robinson, Rebecca1879 (5th Dec) witness
Robinson, Sarah1867 (5th Dec) married name
Robinson, Sophia Randall1834 (4th July) married name
Robinson, Susan1831 (10th Oct) maiden name
Robinson, 1867 (10th Jan) witness
Rodwell, William1898 (1st Oct) witness
Roper, Ann Maria1821 (23rd July) married name
Roper, Robert1821 (23rd July) groom
Roper, 1821 (23rd July) witness
Rose, Edmund1815 (24th Jan) groom
Rose, Frances1815 (24th Jan) married name
Rose, George1845 (17th Nov) witness
Rosier, David1866 (3rd July) groom
Rosier, James1866 (3rd July) groom's father
Rosier, Sophia1866 (3rd July) married name
Row, Sophia1840 (13th Apr) witness
Rowe, John1838 (23rd Nov) groom
Rowe, Jonathan1838 (23rd Nov) groom's father
Rowe, Matilda1838 (23rd Nov) married name
Ruddock, 01863 (23rd Aug) groom's father
Ruddock, Amelia1828 (7th Nov) maiden name
Ruddock, David1831 (18th Nov) witness
Ruddock, Eliza1840 (18th Oct) maiden name
Ruddock, Elizabeth1863 (23rd Aug) married name
Ruddock, Fanny1837 (5th Mar) married name
Ruddock, George1863 (23rd Aug) groom
Ruddock, Hazel1828 (7th Nov) witness
Ruddock, John1820 (30th May) witness
Ruddock, John1838 (?) bride's father
Ruddock, John1840 (18th Oct) bride's father
Ruddock, John1855 (1st Feb) bride's father
Ruddock, Jonathan1837 (5th Mar) groom
Ruddock, Maria1831 (18th Nov) maiden name
Ruddock, Mary1820 (30th May) maiden name
Ruddock, Xyz1838 (?) maiden name
Ruddock, 1837 (5th Mar) witness
Rudduck, Mary1819 (12th Oct) witness
Ruffell, John1831 (10th Oct) witness
Ruffield, Fr1839 (2nd May) married name
Ruffield, Richard1839 (2nd May) groom's father
Ruffield, Thomas1839 (2nd May) groom
Russell, Francis1848 (3rd Oct) witness
Rye, Heziah1844 (26th Dec) married name
Rye, John1844 (26th Dec) groom
Rye, Samuel1844 (26th Dec) groom's father
S, Henry1834 (20th May) groom
S, Mary1834 (20th May) married name
Sadler, Elizabeth1841 (12th Oct) witness
Sadler, James1841 (12th Oct) witness
Salmon, 01857 (25th Sep) groom's father
Salmon, Amelia1847 (21st Jan) witness
Salmon, David1846 (5th April) groom
Salmon, Eliza1853 (19th Nov) maiden name
Salmon, Hariet1857 (25th Sep) married name
Salmon, Harriet1864 (2nd Dec) witness
Salmon, Henry1861 (28th July) groom
Salmon, Henry1868 (25th Dec) witness
Salmon, James1832 (16th Oct) witness
Salmon, Jemima1854 (1st Nov) maiden name
Salmon, Jemima1871 (12th April) maiden name
Salmon, John1829 (1st Dec) groom
Salmon, John1847 (21st Jan) groom
Salmon, John1854 (1st Nov) bride's father
Salmon, John1855 (27th Nov) witness
Salmon, John1871 (12th April) bride's father
Salmon, John1879 (12th Aug) bride's father
Salmon, John1880 (28th Dec) bride's father
Salmon, Margaret1879 (12th Aug) witness
Salmon, Margaret1880 (28th Dec) maiden name
Salmon, Martha1819 (12th Oct) maiden name
Salmon, Mary1820 (30th May) married name
Salmon, Mary1829 (1st Dec) married name
Salmon, Mary1855 (1st Feb) maiden name
Salmon, Mary Ann1827 (7th Aug) maiden name
Salmon, Robert1856 (28th Nov) witness
Salmon, Robert1857 (25th Sep) groom
Salmon, Sarah1846 (5th April) married name
Salmon, Sarah1871 (12th April) witness
Salmon, Sarah1872 (8th Nov) witness
Salmon, Sarah1873 (6th Mar) witness
Salmon, Sarah1873 (30th May) witness
Salmon, Sarah1879 (12th Aug) maiden name
Salmon, Sophia1847 (21st Jan) married name
Salmon, Sophia1855 (27th Nov) witness
Salmon, Sophia1861 (28th July) married name
Salmon, Susan1832 (16th Oct) maiden name
Salmon, Susanna1829 (1st Dec) witness
Salmon, Thomas1820 (30th May) groom
Salmon, Thomas1846 (5th April) groom's father
Salmon, Thomas1847 (21st Jan) groom's father
Salmon, Thomas1853 (19th Nov) bride's father
Salmon, Thomas1861 (28th July) groom's father
Salmon, 1819 (12th Oct) witness
Sayer, Ann1865 (25th Dec) maiden name
Sayer, Edward1841 (0) groom
Sayer, Esther1865 (25th Dec) witness
Sayer, Jemima1871 (12th April) married name
Sayer, John1851 (9th Nov) groom
Sayer, John1871 (12th April) groom
Sayer, Lucy1845 (3rd May) married name
Sayer, Mary1826 (19th Apr) maiden name
Sayer, Mary1826 (19th Apr) witness
Sayer, Mary1831 (31st Oct) married name
Sayer, Mary Anne1841 (0) married name
Sayer, Mary Anne1841 (0) witness
Sayer, Mary Jane1851 (9th Nov) married name
Sayer, Rebecca1851 (9th Nov) witness
Sayer, Reuben1836 (24th Nov) groom
Sayer, Reuben1865 (25th Dec) bride's father
Sayer, Richard1828 (21st Jan) witness
Sayer, Richard1831 (31st Oct) groom
Sayer, Richard1871 (12th April) groom's father
Sayer, Susanne Mary1836 (24th Nov) married name
Sayer, William1841 (0) groom's father
Sayer, William1845 (3rd May) groom
Sayer, William1845 (3rd May) groom's father
Sayer, William1851 (9th Nov) groom's father
Sayer, William1865 (25th Dec) witness
Sayer, 1871 (13th June) witness
Scase, Amelia1894 (16th June) married name
Scase, Annie1888 (29th Mar) married name
Scase, C1880 (30th Oct) witness
Scase, Edward1841 (22nd Feb) bride's father
Scase, Elizabeth1894 (16th June) witness
Scase, Hannah1841 (22nd Feb) maiden name
Scase, James1882 (21st Oct) witness
Scase, James1888 (29th Mar) groom
Scase, Jane1880 (30th Oct) married name
Scase, Jane1882 (21st Oct) witness
Scase, Jane1885 (31st Mar) witness
Scase, Lydia1830 (21st Oct) maiden name
Scase, Lydia1848 (5th May) witness
Scase, Myra1850 (17th June) witness
Scase, Robert1880 (30th Oct) groom's father
Scase, Robert1888 (29th Mar) groom's father
Scase, Robert1894 (16th June) groom
Scase, Robert1894 (16th June) groom's father
Scase, Sarah1833 (26th Sep) maiden name
Scase, William1885 (31st Mar) witness
Scase, William1888 (25th Dec) witness
Scase, Wm Henry1880 (30th Oct) groom
Scutch, Frederick1860 (25th Dec) witness
Seadon, Mary1814 (2nd Mar) married name
Seadon, Samuel1816 (4th July) witness
Seadon, Samuel1830 (5th Aug) witness
Seadon, William1814 (2nd Mar) groom
Seedon, Edmund1823 (25th Apr) witness
Seeley, Elijah1873 (20th Jan) groom
Seeley, Elijah1873 (20th Jan) groom's father
Seeley, Fanney1873 (20th Jan) married name
Sermon, David1841 (0) witness
Shave, Mary1818 (31st Dec) married name
Shave, William1818 (31st Dec) groom
Shaw, Eliza1862 (1st Mar) maiden name
Shaw, George1862 (1st Mar) bride's father
Shepperd, Sarah1817 (9th Dec) maiden name
Simmonds, Jemima1870 (5th March) maiden name
Simmonds, John1870 (5th March) bride's father
Simmons, Henry1866 (17th Nov) witness
Simmons, John1843 (25th July) groom
Simmons, John1843 (25th July) groom's father
Simmons, John1866 (17th Nov) bride's father
Simmons, Mary Ann1843 (25th July) married name
Simmons, Rachel1866 (17th Nov) maiden name
Simpson, Anna1850 (12th Dec) married name
Simpson, Henry1850 (12th Dec) groom
Simpson, John1850 (12th Dec) groom's father
Singer, William1831 (5th Apr) witness
Skinner, Mary1830 (13th Dec) maiden name
Skinner, Thomas1830 (13th Dec) witness
Smith, 01835 (30th Jan) witness
Smith, Elizabeth1813 (6th Oct) maiden name
Smith, Ellen Jane1886 (5th July) maiden name
Smith, George1872 (10th Oct) witness
Smith, Harriet1865 (28th Oct) maiden name
Smith, Henry Shepperson1893 (18th Sep) groom
Smith, James1846 (16th Nov) groom
Smith, James1886 (5th July) bride's father
Smith, Jane Elizabeth1893 (18th Sep) married name
Smith, John1865 (28th Oct) witness
Smith, Mary1815 (3rd May) married name
Smith, Mary1817 (9th Dec) witness
Smith, Mary Ann1858 (31st Dec) married name
Smith, Richard1865 (28th Oct) bride's father
Smith, Robert1858 (31st Dec) groom
Smith, Robert1893 (18th Sep) groom's father
Smith, Samuel1815 (3rd May) groom
Smith, Samuel1846 (16th Nov) groom's father
Smith, Samuel1858 (31st Dec) groom's father
Smith, Sarah Ann1846 (16th Nov) married name
Smith, Sarah Ann1854 (6th Jan) witness
Smyth, George Brian1873 (13th Mar) groom's father
Smyth, Isabella Jane1873 (13th Mar) married name
Smyth, James George1873 (13th Mar) groom
Smyth, Sarah1873 (13th Mar) witness
Sones, Amy1873 (31st May) married name
Sones, Samuel1873 (31st May) groom's father
Sones, Samuel Charles1873 (31st May) groom
Southgate, Ann1828 (21st Jan) witness
Southgate, Mary1819 (19th Jan) witness
Sparham, George1839 (1st Sep) groom
Sparham, Lydia1839 (1st Sep) married name
Sparham, William1839 (1st Sep) groom's father
Sparrow, Ann1864 (2nd Dec) married name
Sparrow, David1864 (2nd Dec) groom
Sparrow, William1824 (16th Nov) witness
Sparrow, William1864 (2nd Dec) groom's father
Spencer, Ann1819 (8th July) witness
Spencer, Anna1826 (16th May) witness
Spencer, Mary1819 (8th July) maiden name
Spencer, William1819 (8th July) witness
Spooner, Amelia1844 (10th Oct) married name
Spooner, Charles1867 (19th Nov) bride's father
Spooner, Joseph1844 (10th Oct) groom's father
Spooner, Mary Ann1867 (19th Nov) maiden name
Spooner, William1844 (10th Oct) groom
Stebbing, Ellen Maria1895 (14th Mar) maiden name
Stebbing, John1895 (14th Mar) bride's father
Stebbing, John Henry1895 (14th Mar) witness
Steel, Elizabeth1819 (25th Dec) maiden name
Stevens, Betsey1840 (18th Oct) witness
Stevens, Charlotte1845 (25th Dec) witness
Stevens, Charlotte1863 (23rd Nov) witness
Stevens, Charlotte1886 (5th July) witness
Stevens, Frederick William1879 (27th May) groom
Stevens, Julia Mary1879 (27th May) married name
Stevens, Richard1845 (25th Dec) bride's father
Stevens, Sarah1845 (25th Dec) maiden name
Stevens, Sarah1863 (23rd Nov) maiden name
Stevens, Simeon1879 (27th May) groom's father
Stevens, Thomas1863 (23rd Nov) bride's father
Steward, James1864 (19th July) groom
Steward, John1864 (19th July) groom's father
Steward, Sarah Jane1864 (19th July) married name
Stiff, Eliza Sarah Brett1861 (1st Nov) maiden name
Stiff, Joseph1861 (1st Nov) bride's father
Stockins, Edward1880 (28th Dec) groom
Stockins, Margaret1880 (28th Dec) married name
Stockins, William1880 (28th Dec) groom's father
Sturgeon, Susan1830 (4th Oct) maiden name
Syer, Joseph1862 (15th Nov) witness
Symonds, Mary Ann1858 (1st Nov) maiden name
Targett, Martha1864 (5th May) married name
Targett, Robert1864 (5th May) groom
Targett, Robert1864 (5th May) groom's father
Taylor, Abraham1851 (18th Nov) bride's father
Taylor, Ann1851 (18th Nov) maiden name
Taylor, Charles1869 (16th Sep) witness
Taylor, John1851 (18th Nov) witness
Taylor, Martha1851 (18th Nov) witness
Taylor, Martha1869 (16th Sep) witness
Thing, Daniel1852 (12th Oct) witness
Thing, Eliza1852 (12th Oct) witness
Thompson, Henry1875 (20th Feb) groom's father
Thompson, Sophia1875 (20th Feb) married name
Thompson, William1875 (20th Feb) groom
Thomson, Jane1836 (11th July) married name
Thomson, Jemima1826 (2nd Nov) maiden name
Thomson, Joseph1836 (11th July) groom
Torbell, Elizabeth1818 (9th Feb) maiden name
Townsend, Marmaduke1876 (1st June) groom
Townsend, Marmaduke1876 (1st June) groom's father
Townsend, Rebecca Maud1876 (1st June) married name
Tricker, Samuel1817 (29th Apr) witness
Turner, Charlotte Emma1898 (24th July) witness
Turner, Diana1813 (8th June) maiden name
Turner, Edward1893 (11th Nov) groom
Turner, Emma1893 (11th Nov) married name
Turner, Thomas1893 (11th Nov) groom's father
Tweed, Chapman1898 (24th July) groom's father
Tweed, Eliza Sansom1898 (24th July) married name
Tweed, Herbert George1898 (24th July) groom
Upcroft, James1823 (29th Apr) witness
Upcroft, James1826 (2nd Nov) witness
Vachell, Charlotte1834 (10th Apr) witness
Vachell, Mary Ann1834 (10th Apr) witness
Waltham, Rebecca1868 (3rd June) witness
Walton, Elizabeth1864 (23rd June) maiden name
Walton, James Frederic1876 (18th Oct) witness
Ward, George1876 (16th Dec) groom's father
Ward, George James Crew1876 (16th Dec) groom
Ward, Jane Peck1876 (16th Dec) married name
Ward, John1876 (16th Dec) witness
Ward, Sophia Amelia1849 (?) maiden name
Warren, Arthur Bartlett1890 (3rd Dec) groom
Warren, Bessie1890 (3rd Dec) married name
Warren, Bridget1881 (21st Jan) married name
Warren, Catherine1894 (26th Nov) married name
Warren, Edward Walter1894 (26th Nov) groom
Warren, Eliza1879 (5th Dec) maiden name
Warren, Eliza1879 (5th Dec) married name
Warren, F1881 (21st Jan) witness
Warren, Heziah1844 (26th Dec) maiden name
Warren, James1879 (5th Dec) groom
Warren, James1879 (5th Dec) groom's father
Warren, Jemima1825 (1st Mar) married name
Warren, John1844 (26th Dec) bride's father
Warren, John1885 (30th Jan) groom's father
Warren, John1894 (26th Nov) groom's father
Warren, Katharine1886 (25th May) witness
Warren, Katharine1890 (3rd Dec) witness
Warren, Louisa Mary1886 (25th May) maiden name
Warren, Mary Ann1844 (26th Dec) witness
Warren, Nathan1881 (21st Jan) groom's father
Warren, Nathan1886 (25th May) bride's father
Warren, Nathan1890 (3rd Dec) groom's father
Warren, Samuel1846 (20th Nov) bride's father
Warren, Sarah1846 (20th Nov) maiden name
Warren, Susannah1885 (30th Jan) married name
Warren, William1825 (1st Mar) groom
Warren, William1879 (5th Dec) bride's father
Warren, William Frederick1885 (30th Jan) groom
Warren, William Frederick1899 (28th Jan) witness
Warren, William Graigrass1881 (21st Jan) groom
Watkinson, George1851 (24th Oct) groom's father
Watkinson, Sarah Ann1851 (24th Oct) married name
Watkinson, William1851 (24th Oct) groom
Webb, Mary Ann1817 (14th Oct) maiden name
Webb, N1817 (14th Oct) witness
Welham, Ann1851 (18th Nov) married name
Welham, Nunn1815 (24th Jan) witness
Welham, Nunn1851 (18th Nov) groom
Welham, Nunn1851 (18th Nov) groom's father
Welham, Nunn1863 (23rd Aug) bride's father
Welham, 1831 (5th Apr) witness
Weloing, John1814 (12th Oct) witness
Wilby, Mary Anne1841 (0) maiden name
Wilby, William1841 (0) bride's father
Willey, Sarah Elizabeth1891 (23rd Jan) witness
Willey, Sarah Elizabeth1895 (20th Dec) maiden name
Willey, William1895 (20th Dec) bride's father
William, Bauley1815 (12th Oct) witness
William, Fuller1814 (14th Oct) witness
Williams, Grace1828 (6th Nov) witness
Williams, H1825 (8th Sep) witness
Williams, H1834 (10th Apr) witness
Willingham, Elizabeth1824 (16th Nov) married name
Willingham, John1824 (16th Nov) groom
Wing, Abraham1864 (19th July) witness
Wolsey, Abraham1847 (31st Oct) bride's father
Wolsey, Louisa1847 (31st Oct) maiden name
Woods, Mary Anne1848 (16th Aug) married name
Woods, Walter1848 (16th Aug) groom
Woods, Walter1861 (26th Dec) witness
Woods, William1848 (16th Aug) groom's father
Woodward, Maryann1818 (7th Oct) married name
Woodward, Robert1818 (7th Oct) witness
Woodward, Rowling1818 (7th Oct) groom
Worledge, Drusilla1817 (4th Nov) maiden name
Wretham, Edmund1827 (28th Dec) groom
Wretham, Edmund1848 (26th Oct) groom's father
Wretham, George1848 (26th Oct) groom
Wretham, Isabel1827 (28th Dec) married name
Wretham, James1873 (18th Dec) bride's father
Wretham, Rebecca1848 (26th Oct) married name
Wretham, Rebecca1873 (18th Dec) maiden name
Wretham, William1885 (17th Apr) witness
Wright, 01837 (?) groom's father
Wright, Adam1861 (9th Nov) bride's father
Wright, Alice May1898 (13th Oct) married name
Wright, Ann1814 (31st May) married name
Wright, Anna1893 (18th Sep) witness
Wright, Bridget1830 (11th Oct) married name
Wright, Brooks1853 (14th Aug) groom's father
Wright, Charles1837 (?) groom
Wright, Charles1851 (9th Nov) witness
Wright, Charles1853 (14th Aug) groom
Wright, Charles1877 (19th Jan) bride's father
Wright, David1830 (11th Oct) groom
Wright, David1849 (?) groom
Wright, David1862 (1st Mar) witness
Wright, David1868 (2nd Mar) bride's father
Wright, Eliza1825 (2nd Jan) married name
Wright, Eliza1854 (13th Oct) maiden name
Wright, Eliza1864 (19th July) witness
Wright, Eliza1870 (19th Oct) witness
Wright, Eliza Buckle1853 (14th Aug) married name
Wright, Elizabeth1819 (25th Dec) married name
Wright, Elizabeth1853 (19th Nov) witness
Wright, Elizabeth1865 (8th Sep) maiden name
Wright, Elizabeth Ellen1877 (19th Jan) maiden name
Wright, Ellen1893 (18th Sep) witness
Wright, Emma1852 (17th June) maiden name
Wright, Emma1852 (17th June) married name
Wright, Emma1858 (12th May) witness
Wright, Eve1861 (9th Nov) maiden name
Wright, George1814 (31st May) groom
Wright, George1852 (17th June) witness
Wright, George1858 (12th May) witness
Wright, George1861 (26th Dec) groom
Wright, George1891 (17th Jan) bride's father
Wright, George1893 (18th Sep) bride's father
Wright, George (deceased)1898 (13th Oct) groom's father
Wright, George Reuben1852 (17th June) groom
Wright, George Reuben1865 (8th Sep) witness
Wright, George Reuben1866 (3rd July) witness
Wright, Hannah1833 (24th Dec) married name
Wright, Hannar1845 (30th Dec) married name
Wright, Henry1877 (19th Jan) witness
Wright, Henry George1891 (17th Jan) witness
Wright, Henry George1893 (18th Sep) witness
Wright, Henry George1898 (13th Oct) groom
Wright, Jane Elizabeth1891 (17th Jan) witness
Wright, Jane Elizabeth1893 (18th Sep) maiden name
Wright, Joanne1845 (30th Dec) witness
Wright, John1814 (31st May) witness
Wright, John1845 (30th Dec) groom
Wright, John1871 (13th June) groom
Wright, Julia1871 (13th June) married name
Wright, Louisa1833 (24th Dec) witness
Wright, Louisa1834 (16th Oct) maiden name
Wright, Mary Ann1835 (31st Dec) married name
Wright, Mary Ann1852 (17th June) witness
Wright, Mary Ann1858 (10th Nov) maiden name
Wright, Mary Ann1868 (2nd Mar) maiden name
Wright, Matilda1868 (2nd Mar) witness
Wright, Ralph Elliston1835 (31st Dec) witness
Wright, Reuben1819 (25th Dec) groom
Wright, Reuben1852 (17th June) groom's father
Wright, Reuben1858 (12th May) groom's father
Wright, Reuben1861 (26th Dec) bride's father
Wright, Reuben1861 (26th Dec) bride's father
Wright, Reuben1865 (8th Sep) bride's father
Wright, Reuben1866 (3rd July) bride's father
Wright, Reuben1871 (13th June) groom's father
Wright, Richard1849 (?) groom's father
Wright, Richard1854 (13th Oct) bride's father
Wright, Robert1819 (25th Dec) witness
Wright, Robert1845 (30th Dec) groom's father
Wright, Robert1852 (17th June) bride's father
Wright, Robert1858 (12th May) bride's father
Wright, Robert1858 (10th Nov) bride's father
Wright, Robert1861 (26th Dec) groom's father
Wright, Sarah1861 (26th Dec) maiden name
Wright, Sarah1861 (26th Dec) married name
Wright, Sarah1865 (8th Sep) witness
Wright, Sarah1870 (19th Oct) married name
Wright, Sarah Ann1861 (9th Nov) witness
Wright, Sarah Jane1864 (19th July) maiden name
Wright, Simeon1834 (16th Oct) witness
Wright, Sophia1854 (13th Oct) witness
Wright, Sophia1858 (12th May) maiden name
Wright, Sophia1858 (12th May) married name
Wright, Sophia1858 (10th Nov) witness
Wright, Sophia1861 (26th Dec) maiden name
Wright, Sophia Amelia1849 (?) married name
Wright, Susan1819 (27th Jan) witness
Wright, Susan1868 (21st April) married name
Wright, Susan Elliston1878 (4th Jan) witness
Wright, Thomas1858 (10th Nov) witness
Wright, Victoria Sarah1891 (17th Jan) maiden name
Wright, Walter1870 (19th Oct) groom
Wright, Welham Thomas1858 (12th May) groom
Wright, William1825 (2nd Jan) groom
Wright, William1833 (24th Dec) groom
Wright, William1837 (15th May) witness
Wright, William1864 (19th July) bride's father
Wright, William1870 (19th Oct) groom's father
Wright, William Elliston1868 (21st April) groom
Wright, William Elliston1872 (8th Nov) witness
Wright, William Elliston1873 (30th May) witness
Wright, William Elliston1878 (4th Jan) witness
Wright, Xyz1837 (?) married name
Wright, 1835 (31st Dec) groom
Young, Bessie1890 (3rd Dec) maiden name
Young, William1890 (3rd Dec) bride's father
Young, Wm1890 (3rd Dec) witness