Public Houses in Elmswell

The following data are extracted from the censuses and directories, etc., on this site, showing the named publican and any other description of his/her business, the name or location as given, and the source. I have included here Des Herring's entries post-1800 - his complete tables being shown below.
Crown (previously 'Carriers Arms')
1871Robert Adams Publican Carriers Arms, Station Road census
1881Robert Adams Publican & Carrier Station Road Crown Inn census
1901Richard Harris Publican & Hay Dealer (i) Street census
1908Harris, RichardBeer retailerdirectories
1851William WrightBeer house keeper {Not specific - might have been another inn; he was a coal porter in 1861!}census
1855Corner, EdwardBeer seller, coal agentdirectories
1861Jemima Corner Victualler Fox Inncensus
1864Corner, Jemima(lets a horse & fly)Fox Inndirectories
1865Corner, EdwardBeer retailer, &
licensed to let horses
1865Corner, JemimaBeer retailerdirectories
1871Jemima Corner Inn keeper (120)census
1874Corner, Mrs Jemima Fox Whites
1881Jemima Corner Publican Station Road Fox Inncensus
1884Corner, Mrs Jemima Fox Whites
1891Robert Lewis Inn Keeper Fox Inn census
1891Jemima Corner Retired Publican 21 Hawk End census
1901Horace LastLicensed Victualler - Pub (i) Fox Hotel census
1908Last, HoraceFox family & com. hoteldirectories
1911Frederick BishopPublicancensus
1925Keen, CharlesFox Hoteldirectories
1933Keen, CharlesProprietorFox Hoteldirectories
1935Mr BlakerKept the inn from 1935-1950 (info. from his son)Fox Hotelmiscellaneous
1951Fox HotelPOdir
Lion , Red Lion ('The Swan' until about 1770)
1814Red Lion Enclosure Map Q\R1
1814Seaton, Sam Red Lion O\S Acc
1816Seaton, Sam Red Lion O\S Acc
1817Seadon, Miss marr Red Lion IJ
1831Bridges, Dennis Red Lion Suf Chr
1834Smith, MrRed Lion 0\S Acc
1841William Smith Innkeeper Lion Inn census
1844Smith, WilliamVictuallerRed Liondirectories
1844Smith, WilliamRedlion Whites
1846Smith, WilliamRed Liondirectories
1851W Smith Inn Keeper census
1855Smith, WilliamVictuallerRed Lion (postg.)directories
1856Robinson, E Red Lion PO Dir
1861Thomas G Bennett Victualler Red Lion Inn census
1864Bennett, TRed Lion PO Dir
1865Bennett, Thomas GreenRed Liondirectories
1871Elizabeth Mulley Publican Red Lion Inn census
1874Smith, SamRed Lion Whites
1881Robert H. BloomInnkeeper Station Road Lion Inn census
1884Bloom, RbRed Lion Whites
1891Henry Nunn Innkeeper Lion Inn census
1901Robert Snare? Publican (i) Street Lion Inn census
1908Hawes, Walter WakelinLion P.Hdirectories
1911Kate HawesLicensed victuallerLion Inncensus
1916Russell, FrederickLion P.Hdirectories
1920Balls, MrLion P.Hfootball club
1925Balls, William GeorgeLion P.H directories
Oak (probably)
1881William ManningWheelwright & Publican Emp 3 Men 1 Boy Buttenhaugh Rd Beerhouse census
1901Frederick Manning Publican (i) Buttenhaugh Green census
1908Manning, FrederickBeer retailer & seedsmandirectories
1911Frederick Manning Publican (i) The Oak - Public House census
Railway Tavern (or 'Tavern')
1844Baker, George RandallBeer sellerdirectories
1851George R Baker Innkeeper & Beermaker employing 1 man census
1856Baker, George Randall Railway Tavern PO Dir
1861George Randall Baker Victualler Railway Tavern census
1864Baker, George RandallSeed merchant, birch broom mfr & farmerRailway Taverndirectories
1864Baker, G R Railway PO Dir
1865Baker, George RandallSeed merchant, birch broom makerRailway Taverndirectories
1871Elenor Baker Inn keeper Railway Tavern Inncensus
1874Baker, Miss E Railway Hotel Whites
1881Eleanor BAKER Farmer & Innkeeper Church Rd Railway Tavern census
1891Henry E Gunn Victualler & Baker Woolpit Road, Railway Tavern census
1901John Henry Laver Licensed Victualler (i) Railway Tavern census
1908Laver, John HenryRailway tavrn.&bkrdirectories
1911Frank Clarke Hotel ManagerTavern P.H.census
1922Russell, Frederick"In 1922 I was 8 years old and my parents took over the Railway Tavern..."Railway tavernoral, George Russell
1925Russell, FrederickRailway taverndirectories
1933Russell, FrederickRailway taverndirectories

Pubs in Elmswell

The following data was kindly provided by Desmond Herring, of Needham Market, who gave us a talk on 10th January 2002 entitled "Suffolk Pubs before 1844". (Reproduced with his permission)

1850 - 1900

DatePub nameSourceOther details
1884FOXWHITES* Corner Mrs Jemima
1874FOXWHITES* Corner Mrs Jemima
1864RAILWAYPO Dir* Baker G R
1856RAILWAY TAVERNPO Dir* Baker George Randall
1864RED LIONPO Dir* Bennett T
1856RED LIONPO Dir* Robinson E

Before 1850

DatePub nameSourceOther details
1674BUCKS HEADTAX 4hearths location ?? BUCKS HEAD* Fiske Ro
1662BUCKS HEADTAX 6hearths loc 4 ?? BUCKS HEAD* Feiske Th
1620BUCKS HEADINN REN MOM\B l0s* Fist Eliz
1564BUCKS HORNSHD1538\25 Tax Blackbourn H; £10.10s Harte Rbt
1642HISTORY.* Webb Gabrial; Royalist during the Civil War
1600HISTORY.& 1760 * Roman Catholic Recusant
1844REDLIONWHITES* Smith Wm oc* Smyth Sir GH ow
1834RED LION0\S ACC Bill for wine 18s10d ?RED LION* Smith Mr
1831RED LIONSUF CHR Furniture sale &, 1832*:Bridges Dennis
1817RED LIONIJ Called LION* Seadon Miss marr
1816RED LIONO\S ACC Ringers Beer £l.6s7d ?RL* Seaton Sam
1814RED LIONENCLOSURE MAP Q\R1 location (see Oak 1904) LION
1814RED LIONO\S ACCBeer allowance: Workman £1.6s7d Seaton Sam
1792RED LIONIJ Estate sale
1790RED LIONPOOR RATE Ass £6; ??RED LION* Seaton Sam
1786RED LIONIJ house sale & 1791 called LION
1783RED LIONIJ sale catalogues; furniture sale; called LION
1774RED LIONIJ Estate sale
1771RED LIONIJ* Gower Jh inhld* Marsh Wm ow Lord of Manor .. was SWAN . . . . .
1774SWANIJ called OLD SWAN became the RED LION
1763SWANO\S ACC Pd 8s4d which included lqt beer ** SWAN* Betts Th
1722SWANSUF MER Horse race* Brown Frances
1686SWAN ??WAR OFFICE LIST 2beds 4stables
1674SWAN ??TAX 5 hearths* Heyrard Wd
1662SWAN ??TAX 5 hearths* Hayward Susan
1661SWAN ??B105\2\5SESS To sell beer out side Gannik* Hayward Sus
1619SWAN ??LENT RECOGNIZANCE inkp or but* Buckle Jh {1607}
1350CHURCH.Bells 1533 1582 1616 1670 1677; Or El3N * John St

Desmond Herring writes:

As a local history project I have compiled a data bank of references to public houses, inns and innkeepers in Suffolk . In the 1844 Whites Directory is a comprehensive survey of the named pubs in Suffolk and my researches are concentrated before this date. In addition I have used data only from the directories from 1850 till 1900. The data base before 1844 has been collected from many sources. The list has been edited to avoid too much repetition; however it still runs to 300,000 lines.

There are less than 20 names that represent the majarity of traditional pub sign names. Why so few compared with the many thousands of personal names? As with personal names there are fashions in sign names, and these fashions may well represent significant social-historical events.

Ale is the drink of the peasant, and the sign-name might reflect on village social history not found in other documents. It may well be possible to use a sign name to date a pub site or even the pub building.