Police Service

George Russell: Police: The Police Station was in Ashfield Road - the policemen I remember were PC Lillistone (Gimble Eye) and PC Porter.

Dot & John Redit: Mr Shepherd. And Mr Porter - he was a lovely policeman
Dot was on a high-stepper (bike), coming from School Rd to PO, turning right to go down 'Grange Road' (The Street)
She apparently ran into Mr Westcott the policeman, coming from Grange Rd: he was very concerned that she be OK, thought he'd tell me off but he didn't
He even wanted to lend her a bike...; he was on an 'Excelsior' (scooter?) himself.

Fred and Cicely Buckle: Porter the policeman was Reg Porter's father (Reg was in charge of the Fire Service when Fred served).
He was strict - he wouldn't let you hang about on Shop Corner, but move you on; he could swing his cape and hit you, or clip your ear just like that.
The policeman was always up at the railway station - he was a buddy of Fred's father; "if I'd done wrong I not only got my ear clipped by the pol but even more from father."
The police station was the one down Ashfield Rd, then they built one in Wetherden Rd. and the policeman lived there, Wells, a lovely old boy.