Bankhouse Terrace

My name for the little terrace of two (previously three) dwellings to the left of the vet surgery, comprising Bank House and St Valentine’s. George Russell recalled Barclays and Lloyds Banks using houses here, Fridays only (pay day for the workers). 1933 Directory

Appears in several of the Station Road postcards (click to enlarge):

May Fox:: Mr Farmer was Mrs Bridges partner running the shop which is now the Veterinary Surgery; he usually had a pipe in his mouth.

Stan King: There was a li’l ol’ sweet shop in the terrace to the vet’s, where the Bank House is, south of the railway crossing – eventually became a tea-room; it was kept by a very old man called Mr Farmer, had a white turned-up moustache, and always had a pekinese under his arm.