Fish Shop and Village Pound, Station Rd

George Russell:The village pound was where stray animals were penned until they were claimed and was situated in Station Road, next to the Fox Hotel yard. This was village property and it will probably remain one of life’s little mysteries as to how it was acquired by a private owner!

Jean Folkard: There was a fish shop beyond the Fox, breeze-block hut now gone, could sit in there or take away; Margaret started her business there.

Dot & John Redit: Joey Robinson worked in that (fish shop); he lived in the cottage on the corner of Rose Lane.
And Mabel Farrow, Gordon’s aunt, worked in that shop too. [Gordon Goymer, Dot’s nephew, visits sometimes.]
John: Brenda Read used to live one side (of HEL?) – right-hand; Crew Stiff lived in Hawk End Lane – he had a fish shop on Station Road on the left.

Fred and Cicely Buckle: The fish shop (Steve Mulley) was opposite Margarets hairdresser.

Charles Nunn: There was a fish shop just past the Fox, before Goodfellow’s; ‘Crew’ Stiff used to run that.

Jill Jacob: We used to get 3-pennorth of chips from Crew Stiff, Station Road where the hairdresser used to be on the left; there’s a bungalow there now, Pound Cottage.