Hill Farm

Ella Kinsey was born here in 1907. Her father found farming unprofitable, and gave it up in 1917 to become a tax collector; he sold much of the farm to the surrounding farmers, and they moved to Cooks Road.

Dick Burch: ” In the 1930s and 1940s Harold Miller farmed this small arable farm of about 30 to 40 acres, with one worker. In those days the landscape here would not have looked so open since there would have been fields fields of merely 5 to 6 acres in extent, all surrounded by thick hedges, both here and all over the rest of the parish. After 1948 Albert Armstrong and then Geoffrey Armstrong had this farm until the early 1970s. The land was sold and Blacks of Bacton who already owned Hardings Farm just to the west, purchased some of it and Rowley Miles of Great Ashfield bought the rest. A horse riding establishment was set up here in about 1985. So here (and also at Willow Farm and at New Hall) we once more have livestock in some of the Elmswell fields.”