Old Farm Cottages

Building Status: Listed Building

I was told this house was built in 1500-20, which accords with the information in the listing.

Jill Jacob was born in this house (as were the rest of the Redit family); a year after she married Duncan Jacob, they moved into the right-hand half of the house – it was two dwellings at the time.

At one time the houses were known as Nos. 1 & 2 Hall Cottages, School Road; now they are Old Farm Cottage (on the left) and The Blooms, Farm Meadow. The single storey part to the right was enlarged to 2-storey when it was restored in 1984.

The house can be seen in the background of the bakery picture

Old Farm Cottages

Baker's Shop, 1908

Old Farm Cottages

till two dwellings at the time, both restored in 1984