Olive Cottage

Olive Cottage dates from 1899 (there is a dated brick just below the roof ridge), and was put up by Nathan Warren for his daughter Katherine, who sold to Alice Gertrude Chambers in 1939; she sold to Mr John William Hayward in 1954, and he to the Rudlands in 1960. In the 1911 census there was a Huff couple here, so maybe they were renting from Katherine.

We can just see Olive House on one
old photo, and the one to its left is a clay-lump house…. The other half of Olive Cottage used to be called “Sunnyside” – see conveyance. Not to be confused with the one near the PO. There were 2 wells – a drinking water one at the bottom of the garden and a soft water one by the house (it took the drainage water from the house) – the 1939 conveyance describes mutual rights. The soft water well was filled in, for safety, when the cover rotted.