Street Farm

Building Status: Listed Building

Dick Burch: “Before the war this was one of the large farms in the village. Archie (Ambrose) Barker had about 120 acres and 3 farm workers employed. As well as the crops there were the pigs, cattle and working Suffolk Punch horses to look after.

Letter to bacon factory 1927

In 1951 Edward Godbold was running Street Farm and by 1961 Herbert Godbold had taken over. His widowed mother continued to live in the farm house whilst Herbert and his wife lived in the newly-built bungalow nearby, now the nursery school. As the years went by, Herbert Godbold, like so many other local farmers, began to give up livestock and concentrate on the more profitable arable crops. Then in about 1982 he sold the 20 acres around Street Farm for building purposes. The developers were persuaded to grant some of this farmland for the village recreation and sports field. This, along with a bowling green, was laid out in the 1990s and the Blackbourne Centre built in the midst in 1998. So, not all of it was used just for housing.

Godbold still retained nearly 100 acres of the farmland, which ran from the Blackbourne Meadow and White House Farm area right down to the Wetherden Road. He himself moved off to Bramford near Ipswich to take up farming in that district whilst continuing his agricultural activities here. In 2003 the access between his main fields and those beyond Lords Bridge, due to railway work, has been disrupted. Therefore he sold off the meadows between Lords Bridge and the Wetherden Road to Jim Baker. So I should imagine that he now farms only about 60 or 70 acres of his former 120 acre farm holdings in the village.”

Street Farm

Street Farm & Cattons Garage

Street Farm

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