Alphabetical index of names

Some data are not yet included in the main index: some of the people mentioned the interview transcripts... (it all takes time!). Almost all the listings refer to 50 or more years ago, and I have not included the many names in the bacon factory pages as they are mostly not Elmswell people.

Warning! Although the index is split (into A-B, C-F etc) these are big files and may take a while to download.

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Old Elmswell Families: Some families have had a more detailed analysis made: these are listed here and you just click on the name to reach the right page. Note the date in the title line: if this is rather old, please contact the webmaster for a refreshed page.

Forenames: See a table of frequencies, derived from the 1841-1901 censuses.

Snippets to be dealt with

Adams Armstrong Baker Balaam Barrell
Bennington Bloomfield Borley Brand Bridges
Bruce Buckle Bull Catchpole Clarke
Collett Cook Dew Durrant Elliston
Fairs Farrow Fenton Fisher Fuller
Goddard Gould Goymer Graham Hassell
Hawes Hood Howe Howlett King
Laughlin Lord Manning Mathews Morley
Moyse Mulley Nunn Osborne Palmer
Pattle Pegg Redit Rice Robinson
Ruddock Salmon Sayer Scase Sparrow
Warren Wretham Wright


Many surnames come in a variety of spellings (for example: Cook/Cooke, Redit/Reddit/Reditt). In each case one spelling has been chosen as standard for display in the index, to bring together people spelled differently in the sources but who might well be the same person. The same applies to forenames. To see a list of such alternatives click the 'spellings' button.


Note: Where the source does not show a legible forename, Mr/Mrs/Miss is substituted, or Mx if the gender is not known.

The colour of each reference cell indicates its source - the colour key appears at the top. Usually, if you click on a date, you reach this source page, though you will then have to use control-f to find the name or other data you may be interested in.

Alternative spellings


Adams Addams
Avis Aves
Balaam Balham, Bailham, Ballam, Baylham
Barrell Barrel, Barrall, Burrell
Bennett Bennet
Bloomfield Blumfield, Blomfield
Borley Bauley
Bridges Bridge
Brown Browne
Buckle Buckel, Buckell
Burman Berman
Burrows Burres, Burrus, Boroughs, Burroughs, Burras
Chenery Chinery
Clarke Clark
Cook Cooke
Culham Cullum, Cullam
Davey Davy
Dawes Daws
Dew Dews, Dewes
Dixon Dickson
Elsey Eslea, Elsea
Everett Evered, Everitt, Everet
Fairs Faiers, Fayers, Faires, Fares, Feres
Fenton Finton
Gardiner Gardener, Gardner
Goodwin Godwin
Gould Goold
Goymer Guymour, Gymer, Gymour, Gaymer
Graham Grayham, Greyham
Hassell Hassel, Hassall, Hassal
Hazelwood Hazlewood
Howe How, Howes, House
Howlett Howlet
Hunnibell Hunneybell, Hannabel
Laughlin Laughley, Lafflin, Laflin, Laffling
Leader Leeder, Leder
Ling Linge
Macneill McNeill, McNeil
Markall Marcall
Marriott Marriot
Mayes Mays
Mathews Mathew, Matthews, Matthew
Moyse Moys, Moyses, Moyes
Mulley Mully
Osborne Osbourn, Orsbourn, Osborn, Osbourne
Peachey Pechey
Pearce Pearse
Pettit Pettet, Pettitt
Pilbrough Pilbrow
Plummer Plumber
Ramsbotham Ramsbottom
Redit Reditt, Reddit, Redditt
Rednall Rednal, Radnell
Ridgeon Ridgion, Ridgon
Salmon Sermon
Scase Scace, Skease
Seadon Seedon
Simmons Simmonds
Smith Smyth
Sparke Spark
Stevens Stephens
Warren Warran
Woods Wood
Wretham Retham, Rettum, Rettham


Abraham Abram
Adelaide Adelade
Alan Allan
Alice Allice
Ambrose Ambross, Ambros
Amy Amey
Anne Anna, Ann, Annie
Anthony Tony, Antony
Augusta Agusta
Benjamin Ben
Bert Bertie, Birtie, Birty, Berty
Blanche Blance
Caroline Carolyn
Charles Charlie, Chas
Charlotte Sharlotte
Cissie Cissy
Clement Clem
Daniel Dan, Danny, Danil
David Dave
Dennis Denis
Dinah Dianah, Diana, Diane, Diannah
Dorothy Dot, Dorothea, Dorotha
Douglas Doug
Edward Eddie, Ted, Ed
Eleanor Elenor, Ellenor
Elizabeth Betty, Liz, Lizzy, Betsey, Lizzie
Emily Emmeline, Emeline, Elmily
Ernest Earnest, Ernie
Eve Evelyn, Eveline, Betsy
Florence Florrie, Florry
Frederick Fred, Frederic, Fredric, Fredrick, Freddie, Bessie
George Geo, Gorge
Georgianna Georgiana, Georgina
Gwendolen Gwen
Hannah Hannar
Harriet Harriot, Hariett, Harriett, Harrett, Harriott
Helen Helena
Henry Henery, Henrey
Isabella Isabel, Isobel, Bella, Isabelle, Bell, Hariot
James Jim, Jimmy, Jas
Jeffrey Jeff, Geoffrey, Geoff, Hariet
Jenny Jennifer, Isabell
Jesse Jess
Jessie Jessica
John Jack, Johnny, Jacky, Jackie
Joseph Joe
Josephine Jo
Katherine Kate, Catherine, Cathrine
Kenneth Ken
Lillian Lily, Lilly, Lillie, (could be Jacqueline)
Mabel Mable
Margaret Marget, Margarett, Maggie
Marjorie Margery
MaryAnn Mary Ann, Marianne, Marion, Maryanne, Mary Anne
Maud Maude, Maudie
Nellie Nelly
Nicholas Nick
Nora Norah
Patience Patence, Pacents
Patrick Pat
Peter Pete
Priscilla Pricilla, Pricella
Raymond Ray
Rebecca Rebekah, Rebakah, Rebbacca
Reginald Reg, (could be Patricia)
Reuben Reubin, Ruben
Robert Bob, Rob, Robbie, Bobby
Ronald Ron, Ronny
Rose Rosa
Rosemary Rosie
Samuel Samuall, Sam, Sammy, Samuell
Sarah Sally, Sara
Sidney Sydney, Sid, Syd
Sophia Sophie
Stanley Stan
Steven Stephen
Susan Sue, Susanne
Susannah Susanna, Susannar, Susanah
Terence Terry
Thomas Thos, Tom, Tommy
Victor Vic
Walter Wally
William Wm, Bill, Billy, Willie, Willm
Zachariah Zach