Elmswell Maps

Enclosure Map, 1814

Photographed at Bury Record Office. Overview Hawk End Lane area try!Compare maps in Hawk End Lane area.

The Tithe Map and Apportionment, 1841

The Group purchased a copy of the 1841 Tithe Map. This is held by the Webmaster and may be viewed by appointment. It is difficult to do the map justice on a computer screen, but you may click below to see an image. Unfortunately the plot numbers are mostly difficult to read.

Overview Central area Central area, top-left
Central area, top-right Central area, bottom-left Central area, bottom-right

David Buckton has painstakingly copied out the descriptions, with
names of occupiers and owners, and these are available:

  1. in number order;
  2. in occupier alphabetical order;
  3. in owner alphabetical order;
  4. the roads also are numbered, and routes are described.
New! (2010)
Where folk lived in 1841
An interactive map: as your mouse is moved across each of the various dwellings a panel opens to tell you who occupied it, according to the listing, and who owned it.
I have also tried to make a comparison with the census taken at about the same time.

Map drawn in 1844 for planning the railway route

This map shows the planned extension of the Eastern Union Railway from Ipswich to Bury St Edmunds, listing the properties demolished.

Map drawn in 1848 for a property sale

On 28th October 1848 there was a massive sale of all (?) the properties of Sir G.H.Smyth, Bart, covering a large part of Elmswell and into Norton; this map was included in the prospectus.

1904 Ordnance Survey Map of (most of) Elmswell

Two A3 size photocopies have been scanned in as two A4 each, roughly covering the four sectors NE, SE, NW, SW.

  1. NE sector (between Street Farm and the Grange, School Road, Hawk End)
  2. SE sector (between The Willows and Warren Lane, Spong Lane, Cross Street)
  3. NW sector (between the railway and Chuch Hill cottages)
  4. SW sector (Church, Hill court, Bunkers Hill)

Norman Sinclair's Map

This sketch was included with his notes.

Village feature map

Find the landmarks, old shops, houses etc, and see where the pictures were taken from... Click