Elmswell Roads

According to the 1841 Tithe Map and apportionment

583From Broadgrass Green to Fox & Goose Farm
584Newton [Norton] to Wetherden [Bunker's Hill, Church Road]
585Crossways Farm to Church [Hill]
586Church to Hall Farm [School Road and Penny Lane]
587Warren to Parsonage [Grange]
588Parsonage to Cock Street
589Oxers Field Road [School Road]
590Spong Drift
591Earthfield Lane in part
592Parsonage to Ashfield
593Walloaks Road [Oak Lane]
594Botany Bay Road [Grove Lane]
595Rices Road [road to Eastwood Farm]
596East Wood Home Road in part [Hundred Lane up to Willow Wood]
597Gardens Road [Hawk End Lane]