"Ah yes, I remember it well!"

Elmswell as it used to be, as recollected by villagers

The Group has a project to record interviews (on Minidisc) with folk who remember Elmswell from days gone by (35 years or more ago). I (Norman) would be glad to hear from anyone who would like to help with such interviewing, or to be interviewed.

Caveat: please remember that the interview write-ups are not essays or considered research, but merely attempt to transcribe what was said on the occasion. Free conversations do not follow the most logical path, and though I have reordered the material somewhat, in retrospect many more questions could have been put. Sometimes there are contradictions between things said by the same person or by others. Sometimes there were conditions (poor hearing, or background noise, or tiredness) which limited the conversation in some way. But when all's said and done, we are very grateful for the insight the interviewees have given us, to village life that can never return.
George Russell's memories, written out by Jean Folkard, and part of a letter to him from Mrs Sayers.

Billy Farrow, 1905-2000: article and interview

Ella Kinsey, 1907-2008: articles by Dr John Dodds in the Elmswell Newsletter, 1993-4, interview in July 2005, 100th birthday tribute, and obituary.

May Fox, 1920-2009: interviewed in July 2005

Ray Eyres, 1915-2008: interview in February 2003, and obituary

Stan King: interviewed in July 2001

JillJill Jacob: interviewed in June 2005

spareFred & Cicely Buckle: interviewed in August 2005

Dot and John Redit: interviewed in August 2005

CharlesCharles Nunn: interviewed in September 2005

Peter Nunn: interviewed in June-August 2010, plus his article in the Elmswell Newsletter, 1993; and a few comments from his elder brother Edward Nunn

Letters received from numerous correspondents, some of them concerning family history

Sophia Baker: her diaries of everyday life in 1934,1937 and 1938

Gordon Goymer: interviewed in January 2009 with his friend Margaret Borrett

David Hawes: interviewed in January 2009

Jim Baker (1933-2009) and Janet Baker: interviewed in April 2008 and January 2009

Charles and Doreen Rudland: interviewed in August 2010

Ray Bennett: interviewed by Maggie Bushell in October 2014

Stewart Hurrell:
interviewed in October 2014

Stan Howe:
interviewed in June 2015

Pearl Rose Patricia Iris MILLER: (nee BORLEY)
with her daughters, Heather & Hazel, 2015