Notes on committee members

complied with the help of David Hawes

O.J.Wyatt: 'Ozzy' Wyatt was the local sanitary inspector for the District Council, occupying No.5 Victoria Terrace

F.F.Vince: Frankie Vince was a churchwarden; he lived in Spong Lane and worked as gardener for the Hawes family in Cooks Road; he was well educated and a real gent who had rather come down in the world; his father was a headmaster.

A.Owen: Alec Owen was for a time clerk of the local council.

Mrs J.A.Andreasen, wife of the manager of the bacon factory

Mrs M.Binden: Binden was in charge of maintenance for Tate & Lyle's fleet of lorries, and lived in the house on the site up Ashfield Road.

Mrs B.R.Hawes, wife Walter Hawes, below.

Mrs E.L.Minihane: Minihanes lived at Roseacre in New Road; he was an imposing figure wearing a Homberg and business suit, travelling down to London on business most days, driving his car into Stowmarket to catch the train; he was a nice guy, sometimes giving Walter hawes a lift to the station.

Mrs H.V.Nunn

Mrs F.R.Wade: wife of Vic Wade, who lost a leg in France in the War, but for many years ran the football team(s) in Elmswell.

J. Baker: Jimmy Baker, of R Baker & Sons


D.Dyball: Dennis Dyball, farmer

F.H. and W.T.Elliston: Frank and Billy Elliston, brothers - Billy was for many years the local postman.

W.W.Hawes: owner of the family printing firm in Cooks Road .

R.C.Hitchcock: related to the family which had owned Crown Mill at one time; his wife Ivy was a leading light of the Elmswell Amateur Dramatic Society

B.H.Miller: Bert Miller had a family transport firm in Rose Lane.


J.W.J.Palmer: Johnny Palmer, headmaster of the village school.

Sir D. Petrie: lived in Holly Lodge on Cross Street.