Paul Peachey's Postcard Collection

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33. School Road, 1917
Group of children in their gear; (Railway) Tavern in the background and Hick's shop, where the chinese is now.

34. Old Mill, 1915
Horse and cart, corn being loaded; two more horse-&-cart in b/g, railway gates closed, Fox Hotel

35. New Road, 1920s?
Road rough, horse & cart, no sign of motors yet.

36. Station

37. Ashfield Road, 1909
Coming into Elmswell on Green Road

38. School Road
Children looking down into School Road, Tavern on the left, mid-winter...

39. Ashfield Road, 1906
Looking out of E along Green Road - boring card; horse & cart in the distance.

40. Church, 1909

41. Railway
Fox in background; door is in the middle, not to left as now; railway porter to right

42. Fox and cycle shop

43. Almshouses, 1927
Telegraph posts with white insulators

44. Lion pub, shops
The Street; on the left the Lion pub, no longer there, it was taken over by Catton's garage and is now a private house; to right a shop now the Mace; in the background you see the railway line

45. School Road

46. New Road, 1925

47. Ashfield Road
Green Road, coming into village, tin chapel on left.

48. Ashfield Road
Copy of No.47

49. Mill, 1925
Motor vehicles in the picture; railway, signal box, Fox, old Triumph tin shop to the right

50. Bacon Factory, 1912

51. Bacon Factory, 1933
Bacon Factory, from rear

52. Vicar's card
From the vicar (J D Sayer), giving the times of the Christmas services

53. Bacon Factory, 1916
From H Hansen, then manager and secretary to Mr Cook at Hungarian Hall Farm, Pettistree Wickham Market: "We shall be pleased to hear from you when you have bacon pigs ready for our factory, so we can quote you our current prices etc. Assuring you of our best attention at all times, yours faithfully..."

54. The Grange, 1920
Attractive, wooden shutters.

55. Post Office, 1912
The old PO was next to the current Mace. The owner was Daniel Walter Collins.

56. Station Road
Looking up Station Road to the Lion Inn on right, Aldridge's on right, Old Bank House, I believe Barclays at one time (no date).

57. Elmswell Hall, 1914
Down Penny Lane

58. Almshouses, 1934
Motor coming up hill; signpost says to Norton (at top WSCC - West Suffolk County Council)

59. Station Road
From corner of Station Road /School Road, Baker's Mill on left - on top you see a wartime bunker

60. School Road

61. The Grange
Posted to Brussels; interesting shot.

62. Church interior

63. Church

64. School Road, 1936
Posted to Nottingham