After serving the district as an infants' teacher for 45 years, Miss Grace E. Goddard, Deputy Head of Elmswell County Primary School, retires today.

She first taught at Tostock Volun- tary Primary School, and transferred to Elmswell with the Tostock children when Tostock School was closed. She has taught three generations of Tostock children.

Yesterday, with the headmaster, Mr. R. V. Kirby, presiding, presenta- tions were made at the school. A radio from present pupils and staff was presented to her by Mrs. O. Hazelwood, Mrs. P. Durrant, and 10- year-old Martin Durrant (mother, daughter and grandson respectively), while a cheque for the balance of the sum collected was handed over by Mrs. D. Armstrong.

Mr. D. Dyball, chairman of the managers, presented Miss Goddard with a cheque and five-year-old Sara Field gave her a bouquet.