Paul Peachey's comments

- recorded on minidisc 20/11/01.

Dates given are from the postmark unless otherwise indicated.

Abbreviations of publishers/printers:

Bells Photo publication (B), Ester (E), Farringdon (F), Jakens (J), Dawsons (D)

Raphael Tuck collection (RT), a company in Scarborough?

Pawsey (P) - Langhorne Pawsey & co, printer in BSE started up for local postcards; E & W Suffolk, enormous collections, every church - Jill (Peachey) has 350 cards of churches; Mr Pawsey is still around, bump into him occasionally - he's now trying to buy back his old cards!).

b/g = background

NB: Green Road is now Ashfield Road

Page 1

1) Green Road --Methodist Tin Chapel (1960)
2) Green Road --Thurlow Nunn Office.
3) Elmswell Primary School (1935), demolished approx 1986.
4) Almshouses (1934)from entrance to Hill Court
5) Bottom of School Road with church in the background.
6) Wetherden Road leading into White City.
7) New Road.
8) General view of a series of pictures.
9) St Johns Church, Elmswell.
10) Church Tower.
11) School Road.
12) Sir Robert Gardiners Tomb, Elmswell Church.
13) Corner of New Road and Grange.
14) Post Office (D - c.1928).
15) Stores, now PO (F - 1914)
16) Rectory (1940) - now Hill Court
17) Station (1905), horse & cart, workmen, signal box...
18) (Early 1920s) Peachey's Cottage - William Peachey lived there (seen sitting in garden) Now Thurlow Nunn's offices
19) Green Road, Mission Hall ("tin chapel"), workman raking off the manure, a necessary service!
20) Chuch from Hill Court (31-8-1905) - no trees or vegetation, obviously autumn
21) Baker's shop (1905) in School Road - card sent by Mr Hicks to Mr Grainger, the butcher at Norton
22) "The Manor House", actually the old rectory, line drawing - no date
23) Wesley Chapel in School Road (1905); there used to be a big conker tree there when I was at school.
24) My most interesting card. "Norton Road" - really Bunker's Hill - at top is BH Farm where I was born in 1953, Mother & Father & grandparents lived there; cottage at bottom sank into the ground; boggy land - story that once a horse sank right in; the road up to the church was made by grandfather so tractors could go from BH round & down to where the roundabout now is. BH Farm rebuilt recently by Jim Baker, let out at £500 per week.
25) White City of Elmswell, really Wetherden Road, first collection of council houses; from a series by RAF Co. of London.
26) Church (taken in autumn, sent in 1936); wooden fences, looked much prettier then; also from RAF collection.
27) Privately printed postcard, I believe; Crossroads corner, The Cottage (Christmas 1911).
28) Cost me £30, believe it or not; taken at mill alongside the railway line; horse and cart wityh 5 millers on there; can just see Jewers' tin shack (as I call it); no date. Splendid card.
29) Inside St John's - no date.
30) Ditto; (P - 1911); gas lights hanging in aisle
31) School (1917); it was the worst thing that could happen to Elmswell when they demolished it in 1936; I went there, as did my brother, daughter, Mum, wife, her mum…
32) School Road (P - 1930?) down to PO,at crossroads where there's Rose Lane and Hawk End Lane

Page 2

33) Group of children in their gear (P - 1917); (Railway) Tavern in the background and Hick's shop, where the chinese is now.
34) Old Mill (P - 1915); horse and cart, corn being loaded; two more horse-&-cart in b/g, railway gates closed, Fox Hotel
35) V. old card of New Road (P - 1920s I would have thought); road rough, horse & cart, no sign of motors yet.
36) View of station (P), steam engine going through; Fox Hotel
37) Coming into Elmswell on Green Road (P 1909)
38) Children looking down into School Road (P), Tavern on the left, mid-winter...
39) Looking out of E along Green Road (P - 1906) - boring card; horse & cart in the distance.
40) View of church, autumn or winter; wooden fence painted white, well looked after (P - 1909)
41) Railway line (P), Fox in b/g; door is in the middle, not to left as now; railway porter to right
42) (D) Beautiful view of Fox; cycle shop to right
43) Almshouses (D - 1927, 6:30 pm); telegraph posts with white insulators
44) The Street (D); on the left the Lion pub, no longer there, it was taken over by Catton's garage and is now a private house; to right a shop now the Mace, b/g see railway line
45) School Road (D), Railway Tavern on left, small cottage on right; b/g view of the old school, can see the church bell
46) New Road (D - 1925), from crossroads, just past where Anderson's is now
47) Green Road (D), coming into village, tin chapel on left.
48) Copy of 47 (J)
49) Mill (1925), we now have motor vehicles in the picture; railway, signal box, Fox, old Triumph tin shop to the right
50) Bacon Factory (F - 1912) when first opened
51) Bacon Factory, from rear (1933)
52) From the vicar (J D Sayer), giving the times of the Christmas services
53) Advertising Postcard of the Bacon Factory (1916); from H Hansen, then manager and secretary to Mr Cook at Hungarian Hall Farm, Pettistree Wickham Market: "We shall be pleased to hear from you when you have bacon pigs ready for our factory, so we can quote you our current prices etc. Assuring you of our best attention at all times, yours faithfully..."
54) The Grange (1920) attractive, wooden shutters.
55) Post Office (1912), where the Goodfellows Butchers used to be, next to the current Mace. The owner was Daniel Walter Collins.
56) Looking up Crossroads to the Lion Inn on right, Alldridge's on right, Old Bank House, I believe Barclays at one time (no date).
57) Elmswell Hall (1914) the one down Penny Lane - (there's another in Elmswell Lane going towards Tostock)
58) Almshouses, motor coming up hill (R - 1934); signpost says to Norton (at top WSCC - West Suffolk County Council)
59) (R) From corner of Station Road /School Road, Baker's Mill on left - on top you see a turret used for machine guns in the war, I believe (better check this with Dick (Burch))
60) School Road, Tavern on left (R)
61) The Grange, posted to Brussels; interesting shot.
62) Church interior (RT)
63) Church, from across where old rectory was (RT)
64) School Road, Tavern, summer (1936), posted to Nottingham

Page 3

65) Station Road; Godbold's Farm on the right, left entrance to Bacon Factory (RT)
66) From corner of Station Road overlooking Baker's Mill, turret again (RT)
67) The Grange, again sent to Belgium, can't see date; (E)
68) O C Jewers' tin hut/chapel; Norman says it should be knocked down; three horses being loaded up, could even be Suffolk Punches, b/g view of station yard.
69) O C Jewers, alongside line, a house owned by OCJ, now been knocked down, I think you'll find there's another old tin chapel there.
70) Elmswell Mill, horse and cart being loaded from mill, very old but date not readable.
71) School Avenue (B - early 60s?), from bottom of avenue, showing right to the top where there was a County Council yard at one time
72) Crossroads Corner (1960s?), called here Newson's corner - Mr Newson lived on the corner
73) Cross Street, junction coming from Cooks Road to Cross Street
74) New Road, barn which is now demolished, Mr Bob Dow lived opposite
75) Coming from School Road, past the school, council houses on the right
76) St Edmunds Drive leading into Bacon Factory; at one time there were about 8 properties for people who worked in the factory
77) Where Cross St meets Wetherden Road and Cooks Road
78) Thedwastre RDC offices in Cooks Road, opened in early 1950's I believe, now Mann's Court, retirement accommodation.
79) Corner of Station Road/Cross Street, Baker's Mill on left
80) Cooks Road
81) Almshouses (1974?)
82) V. interesting, taken at bottom of Bunkers Hill where the water runs under a little bridge; the baker's lad used to work for T F Hicks in early 1900s; he was Algy Rice's father (I know that for a fact); you can just see Bunkers Hill Farm in the b/g.
83) Old-fashioned picture, two men and a horse, taken where there used to be a pond, back of where the fire station is now; children used to skate when the ice was thick enough.
84) The Willows, New Road; said to be the oldest house in Elmswell; Bill Armstrong, one-time chairman of the Parish Council lived there for many years (1948-85) with his wife Eve.
85) From top overlooking Bunkers Hill (c. 1965?); the thatched cottage is still there, hadn't sunk into the ground then.
86) Post Office, owned by Mr Leeks, before the Co-op came; mother & child - I believe Mrs Jewers; card sent by Stan King to Eve Armstrong
87) Oak Farm, Ashfield Road, taken by Dennis Dyball.
88) Painting by Christopher Penny, who died of cancer this year; I sent the card from Luton airport to my daughter Lorraine.
89) Painting by Christopher Penny, looking from Elmswell towards Woolpit.
90) (2000) Graham Portlock, taken at foot of hill with church in the b/g, crop of rape in full bloom.

Page 4 - added in 2006-8

108) The name on the side of the wagon seems to be Thurlow, though this is surely before Frank Nunn's company teamed up with Thurlow.
114) 1955
123) This can't be St.John's, Elmswell: The north aisle of St. Johns was built in 1871; until then there was no stained glass in the east window, and in any case the latter has four, not three, main vertical lights
124) The reverse of this postcard has scribbled: 'in Scouts meadow from Head Sevice of Scouts Sunday & May & Joy Borley'
126) Rannochs works outing, before 1925, since another photo of that date has no trees in front of the house
129) Reverse: 'Elmswell & District Threshing Society - 1934 Marshall 39211 CF3670'
130) 1922 School Photo
131) What are they doing?
132) The Cottage, a big house at Newson's corner, where New Road and Church Road meet.
133) Looking west along Cross Street from Cooks Road
135) House on School Road, just east of Rose Lane. [Added April 2010]