Staff at Work

A Black-and-White Album

These pictures were found in a grey album at the bacon factory when it closed. Nos. 1-22 were reckoned by Percy King to date from the 1930s, based on the ages of some of the people and the fact that such branding as in No.9 was not allowed during the war and postwar controls. From No.23 onwards are in the late 1950s (but Percy thought the pigs in Nos.36-38 were pre-war). Some of the people are identified - can you name any others?

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1. Frank Nunn

2. Tommy Holden (Wetherden)

3. Weighing carcasses for payment (Jack Goymer - centre)

4. De-hairing machine and hand-finishing (Harry Levett, Tommy Holden)

5. Carcasses inside singeing furnace

6. Scraping singed skin

7. Removing intestines, exposing backbone for examination of plucks for disease

8. Chopping out backbone (Percy Bloomfield & Percy Finch)

9. Branding sides

10. Digester plant used for the production of meat and bone meal, blood meal and inedible fat

11. Sewage filter beds (a child was drowned here when playing)

12. Flare fat cooling before rendering into lard


14. Pouring lard (Jim Piper lived in No.3 Factory Cottage)

15. Automatic weighing of packet lard

16. Despatch of goods from private siding

17. Cooling pies

18. Injecting saltpetre pickle under pressure prior to immersion in tanks (Sidney "Spud" Baker & Peter Harvey). Taken in about 1949/50, according to son Peter Baker. They stacked the bacon in tanks and held down with boards; cured for a week then hung in a smoke oven.

19. Stack of sides in maturing room

20. Weighing green bacon for despatch

21. Cooling pigs heads before despatch

22. Foot washing machine

23. Mincing meat for sausage and pies (Roy Manning)

24. Pituitary gland for extraction (Ms Breslin?)

25. Weighing carcasses for payment

26. (June Elliston)


28. (Jim Garrard - right)

29. Janet Kerry (?)

30. Farmers at the annual fair


32. David Black (Chairman) with Walter Parr (Factory Manager)

33. W F Johnston


35. George Cousins & Peter Merrick are in the background





40. Brian Richmond

41. Neville Freeman (c.1972) & Bert Oliver (Carpenter)