Haymaking in the churchyard, c.1910

Picture printed on the cover of the Newsletter, July 1994, with the following caption

Haymaking in the Churchyard around 1910. The horse was either Fly or Bowler and Mrs Dalton, who loaned us the photograph, lists the men from left to right as:
J. Howe, Tom Manning ,William Manning aged about 5 at the time, Jack King - Stanley's grandfather, Jack Armstrong, Joe Armstrong - known as Long Joe, Jack Fuller holding his dog, W Fenton, W Mulley who is still with us, Albert Fuller one of the two lads, Herbert Mulley with the beard and two unknowns (perhaps you can help identify them!).

Mrs Dalton's own handwritten note reads: "Photo taken after the grass in the churchyard had been cut for hay. You will see the dog has got two heads it moved when Photo was taken, its name (Fly). Horses name (Bowler)"