Pictures of Groups

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Ag. work, 1869

Haymaking, 1910

Haymaking, early 20th c.

Harvest c.1920

Harvest Thanksgiving c.1960

Church Choir, when?

Church Choir, 1925

Methodist Sunday School (mid-40s?)

Football Team, 1919-20

Elmswell Football Team 1919-20

Football Team, 1928

St. John's Football Team, c.1920

Elmswell Football Team 1947-8

Elmswell CC First Team c.1948

Bowls Club - when?

Darts Team (Tavern?)

Bomb crater, 1915

VJ Day Party

Trip to London

Building the Memorial Hall, 1954

Youth Club, late 1950s?

Youth Club Outing 1962

Scouts, early 1930s

Bacon Factory staff - 1920s

Bowling Green, c.1958

Judo class 1955

Board School, Group IV, 6th May 1901

Front row R: Frank Manning; Second row R: Albert Manning

Elmswell Council School, Oct 1907

Mannings: 1 Bob, 2 Rosalie, 3 Percy, 4 Frank, 5 Albert

School 1922

School 1925 or 1926

School c.1927

Algy bottom row 3rd from right

School, c.1928


c.1928 (names provided)



School, 1947

School, c.1961

Miss Goddard and school 1967

Party organised by Buffaloes (?)

Farrow, King and Palmer families, 1909
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