original awaited
  • From the left, first four: P.C. Harold Sheppard - Keith Rooney - Ronnie Richardson - Jenny Lagent
  • Next four: ? Harrold - Jenny Fuller - Jackie Guymer - Carol Goodall
  • Next four (the last is scarcely visible): Janet Redit - Margaret Porter - Nick Parsons - John Snell
  • Next four (starting with the tall fellow): Eddie Largent - Stan Slezaceck - Alan Baldock - Richard Cousins
  • Kevin Hurrell (right hand in pocket) - Sammy Cobbold (nearly hidden by Kevin) - Steven Sadler - Duncan Jacob (half-hidden by Steven)
  • John Sheppard (PC Harold's son, tall, at back) - Paul Goodall (short, front) - Ivan Gladwell (white T-shirt) - Nigel Whitely (behind Ivan)
  • Next four: Colin Rice - Peter Smith - John Drew (sun-glasses) - David Rooney
  • Margaret Catchpole - Keith Hanes (behind Margaret) - Peter Catchpole - Brian Oliver (hidden behind Peter)
  • Marion Petchey (née ?) - Robin Robins (behind Marion) - tall guy at the back unknown - Janet Diaper
  • last girl on the right: Jennifer Pryke - Doug Robinson (quite hidden behind Jennifer)
Youth Club outing to Yarmouth, 1962? - Sunday before Bank Holiday, early August, led by PC Shepherd. To quote the Elmswell Newsletter of May 2005, which included this photo: "For a generation of Elmswell youngsters, PC Shepherd was the guiding hand they needed. His name is often invoked in discussions regarding how we could or should treat children today."
Roy Finch helped putting names to faces, as appeared in the Newsletter, and Doug Robinson (whom I encountered in the Fox) identified the rest, as well as the occasion.

An anonymous correspondent to the Elmswell Newsletter came up with a different date:

As an expat 'Elmswellonian' and an avid reader of The Elmswell Newsletter, I read with interest the names attached to the photograph of the Elmswell Youth Club - in the May issue - Photographed outside the old Post Office - I would think that the year was 1956, may be 1957. I recognise some of the Surnames; Largent, Cobbold, Jacobs, Diaper and the Catchpoles.

I was a founder member of the EMU - Elmswell Methodist Union Youth Club; this would have been about 1952. I left Elmswell School - the old one, at the end of School Road at Easter 1953 aged 15 years. Mr Palmer was Headmaster. Yes, I was in the same class as Dick Burch. . . everyone has a claim to fame and that is mine.

Congratulations Dick on your well earned Community Achievement Award.