Back row: P.Bloomfield, A.V.M, J.C., A.F., T.G.
Second row: T.H., F.R., W.J.C., B.S., J.C., P.M., ?.P.
Third row: (3 at left) F.A?., E. Elliston, J.P......(3 at right) E.E.N?, Crannlam?, J.S.
Standing behind front row: D.G.P., W.H.Parr, F.R., S.B., ?.Coleby, A.W., R.Melton, Jim O., Geo.R., A.V.F., Collins, J.W.
Front row: E.A.S., S.Aldis, Denis George, E.H.B.Kettle, Nettleton, J.Andreasen, C.Klein, Miss Rice (typist), C.B., Cadney
The above information was pencilled on an old envelope containing a copy of this photo.