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Elmswell Church Choir, Easter 1925

Names from left to right

Front Row: Stanley Clarke, George Russell, Jack Goymer, Stanley Kisbee, Revd. J D Sayer, M.A. (Rector), Charles Lambourne, Edward Bruce, Ronald (Joe) Russell, Walter Miller, Edward (Ted) Nicholls

Middle Row: James Mulley (Organ Blower), Septimus Rawlinson, Dan King, Victor Manning, Evan Rawlinson, Mary George (Organist), Basil Barnes, Victor Robinson, George Mulley

Back Row: Herbert Redit, William Manning, George Brand, William Redit, Dan Hurst, William Bloomfield, Cecil Cooper, Walter Gould, Joe Bloomfield

There are five sets of brothers on the photograph: Herbert and William Redit, George and Joe Russell, George and James Mulley, Septimus and Evan Rawlinson. William and Joe Bloomfield

Comments from Fred & Cicely Buckle: Walter Miller was Douggie's brother; Jim Mulley was the one with the hair lip, who 'ended up doing the funeral service'; Vic Robinson became a signalman.