Betty & Algy Rice Collection

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Group pictures

Corner seat Cooks Road: Bob Manning, A Farrow//Butty Manning, Fred Borley, Vic Huffey, Bill Hunt, "Tupney" Church

Elmswell Home Guard

Henry Jewers, Percy Manning, Sid Atkins, W? Hammond//Bill Goymer, Henderson, McNeil, W Howe

Mission New Road
- Names?

Over-60s Party

Over-60s Party

Over-60s outing

Mr Creasey, a railway porter, is the tall dark-haired man at the back, 5th from right

Board School, Group IV, 6th May 1901
Front row R: Frank; Second row R: Albert

Elmswell Council School, Oct 1907
Mannings: 1 Bob, 2 Rosalie, 3 Percy, 4 Frank, 5 Albert

School c.1927
Algy bottom row 3rd from right

School, c.1928

School, c.1928 (names provided)

School, c.1930

School, c.1933

Scouts, 1930
Algy 2nd L in middle row

Elmswell Football Team 1919-20

Names on reverse

Betty and friends - what occasion?

WI outing to London

WI Party in Memorial Hall Jan 6th 1957
Enlargement with some names

Taken during WW1

Over-60s Club outing

Around the village

Ray Eyres bungalow in foreground
Algy & Betty's beyond

Over Cross St. from Algy's

In The Fox, 2 Jan '58
signed "F J Harding"

Post Office in the 50s

Snowie Frost in the old signal box
Picture taken by Robert Rice

Elmswell Station

Elmswell Station

Elmswell Station

The Old Rectory

The Old Rectory

The Grange

St John's Church, from the Old Rectory

The Grange

The Fox Inn

Manning and Rice Families

Orlando & Maria Manning

Amos Manning, Oak Lane

Amos, "chain driver" (next to big wheel)

Manning family 1903, Oak Lane: Frank - Percy - Albert // Bob - Rosalie (m. Fred Rice)
Frank and Albert were killed in WW1





- See memorial tribute

- See memorial tribute


Percy, in Egypt

Percy, Oak Lane

Rosalie, from the WW1 pic above

Bob married Maud during WW2

(Cousin), Algy, Gerald, Rosalie

Algy, in RAF soccer team

Rice family: Algy, Rosalie, Gerald//Fred, Rosie

Algy's retirement from Water Board