Barry & Beryl SCASE Collection

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Group pictures

Brothers Jack & George Scase, early 1930’s,
at Old Church Cottages in School Road

St John’s Church, 1920’s Football (& Tennis?) Team

Vicar Joey Sayers, then 2nd on right is William Bloomfield.

St John's Church page

"Four Local Lads”, Felixstowe 1918"

At back is John Edward (aka Jack) Scase, aged 18-19, who became landlord at Elmswell’s Railway Tavern

Railway Tavern Darts Team,
Stowmarket & District League Winners, 1960

left to right Back Row – Harry “Knot” Goodwin, Fred Kidd, Eric “Shrimp” King Middle Row – Eddie “Goggi” Goddard, Ron Coomber, Owen Nunn, Jimmy Cobbald Front Row – Billy Cammell, Harry Whatley, Ernie Bennett (Captain), Barry Scase, Trevor Scase

Elmswell Cricket Club annual match away to Old Wardens (Herts/Beds border), late 1970’s

left to right Back Row (standing) – Geoff Gower, David “Wink” Peachey, David Royal, Cecil Salmon, Chris Sadler, Colin Wade, David Nelhams, Tony Sadler, Dick Birch, Roy Prewer

Front Row (crouched) – Colin Plowright (Captain), Geoff Goymer (scorer), Peter Death, Mike Norris

Elmswell Cricket Club, Same day and event, late 1970s


Left to right, Back Row - Geoff Gower, Larry Peachey, Colin Plowright, Mrs Norris(?), Chris Rudling, Cheryl Death, Sheila Sadler, Beryl Scase, Betty Peachey, David Peachey, Barry Scase, Cecil Salmon, Olive Salmon, Bert Royal, Cherry Plowright, Chris Sadler, Ted Salmon, Colin Wade, Geoff Goymer, Peter Death, Tony Sadler, David Nelhams, Dick Burch, Roy Prewer, Mike Norris,

Front Row - Child Norris(?), Unknown lady, Martin Scase, Child Norris(?), Gavin Scase, Miss Nelhams, Debbie Sadler, Marie Plowright, Elizabeth Plowright. Unknown person on coach.

Elmswell & District Ipswich Town Supporters Club’s trip to Wembley for the FA Cup Final, May 1978 – pictures on Newsome’s Corner crossroads

left to right, Ted Austin, Frances Austin, Fred Rush, Unknown lady, Roy Vanisbergh, Paul Peachey, Danny Hurst, Unknown man (long-haired at back), Eric Peachey, Brian Rush, Unknown two men (at far back), Timothy Peachey (holding banner), Unknown man (at back), Eric Peachey (holding banner), Unknown man (holding stretched scarf aloft), Lawrence Peachey, Unknown man (at back with right arm raised, although believed to be from Drinkstone Cherry Tree pub), Mr Oliver (wearing glasses), Una Peachey, Christine Peachey, Beryl Scase, Unknown person (at back), Unknown lady (at front, wearing hat), Barry Scase, Betty Peachey.

Elmswell School, 1950

Left to right Front Row – one of the blond boys is Master Robertson (no other names known) Second (from front) Row – Unknown girl, Julie Burch, Lavinia Barnes, Jill Reddit, Pat Horgan, Diane Rose, Julie Death Third (from front) Row – Beryl Bloomfield, Marlene Nunn, Christopher Howard, Eldridge Marriott(?), Lenny Pearson, Unknown 2 boys and a girl

Back Row – Unknown boy, Peter Catchpole, unknown 2 girls and 3 boys, Teacher Mrs Knock (used to bike to Elmswell every day from her home in Tostock)

Elmswell Football Club, 1922-23


left to right Front Row (cross-legged) – 3 unknown, then on far right is Archie “Swannie” Piper

Second Row (seated on chairs) – all unknown Back Row (standing) – Unknown (holding ‘baton’), Joey Sayers (bowler hat), 6 unknowns, Percy “Dido” Manning (wearing trilby hat), Unknown (in flat cap), John “Jack” Scase (wearing hat), Unknown (crossed arms).

Elmswell School ‘Class Π’, 1920-30s(?)
no names known

Methodist Church Sunday School Outing, late 1940s(?)
Photo taken outside Exchange Hall, School Road

Left to right Front Row (kneeling) – Unknown girl, Margaret Miller, Beryl Bloomfield

Middle Row – Sheila Reddit, Wendy Rose, Valerie Scase, Phillips girl, Audrey Goymer Back Row – Phillips girl, 3 unknown girls, Mary Frost, Percy Moss(?), Mary Wright, Unknown girl, Phyllis Cuthbert (lady in hat), Unknown girl.

Methodist Church Page...

Methodist Church Outing on boat, early 1950s(?)


Left to right, Front Row (seated) – Violet(?) Catchpole,
then 2 unknown boys and 2 girls, Charlie Nunn (wearing suit), unknown girl and boy

Back Row (standing), – Mary Wright, Valerie Bloomfield, Sheila Redit, 3 unknown girls

‘Service to your Country’ Certificate,
Dated 1939, signed by 13-year old Princess Elizabeth – to Mrs J “Doris” Bloomfield, mother of Beryl Scase (née Bloomfield)

Elmswell Carnival, 1978
Ipswich Town Football Supporters’ Club, hence (Manager Bobby) “Robson’s Blue & White Army” is written on side of truck. Barry Scase is holding the loudspeaker, with David and Tim Peachey on either side of him. As detailed on the programme, the F.A. Cup was in attendance at the carnival all afternoon, and Barry Scase advises that it cost £80 (a lot of money then!) to pay for the two security guards to look after the cup.

BFP Newspaper cutting, 5th January 1979
E’well Social Club Fancy Dress party

This was held in the old Village Memorial Hall, Cooks Road.


left to right, Organiser Brian Snell (in 2-tone cap), Barry Scase (the “invisible” man in dark glasses), Gavin Scase was Charlie Chaplin (in black bowler hat), Martin Scase was Pinocchio (with long nose), and the ‘woman’ in the hat and dark-rimmed glasses was either Paul Peachey or Peter Stanners.

Ipswich Evening Star cutting, 8th April 1982
Elmswell’s Winning Arrows


Left to right - Tony Sadler, Richard Hunt, Barry Scase, 2 unknown ‘youngsters’, then David Peachey, George Knights (Chairman of ITFC Supporters), Colin Darkin, Geoffrey Goymer.

The report reads “More than 150 people crowded into the Centre Spot on Monday night to see Elmswell receive the Ipswich Town FC Supporters inter-branch league championship darts cup from George Knights, Chairman of ITFC Supporters. George is pictured presenting the cup to Elmswell captain, Barry Scase.” Elmswell are shown at the top of the final league table with 65 points, having won all of their nine matches.