Aerial photo along New Road, west side, 1979

Written on the back: "Taken by Richard from the helicopter, teatime on Wed 2nd May 1979."

On the far left is the pair Rose Cottage* and Lime Tree Cottage.

Southlands is the second house from the left; the tree by the roadside (still there in 2009) partly clouds the forecourt, and there are neither garages nor the extension to the rear, though the small widening on the north side is visible. Then comes Wistaria.

Roseacre is at the right, partly obscured by some mistiness on the window of the aircraft. It still has its extensive garden (sold off for infill housing at the end of the century), but the smithy to the south (left) of it has been replaced by another dwelling, leaving only the rear outbuildings. *Names of dwellings on this page were valid at least over the period 1988-2009