Hawk End Lane

Algy Rice's recollection as to who lived here before WW2
George Russell's recollection as to who lived here
There used to be shops in the south part of Hawk End Lane
Sadly we have not found any old pictures of Hawk End, other than the thatched cottage now known as 'Hawk End Cottage'. Some modern pictures are offered instead...

Hawk End Lane (south) . Full size
Vine House visible far right, with Vine Cottage next to it

Linden Cottage . Full size

Linden Cottage . Full size
Brian King is v. keen on railway memorabilia! The right-hand of the pair is Old Manor House

Vine House . Full size

Vine Cottage . Full size
Orchard House, at the back, is very recent

Nethy and Vine Cottages . Full size

Nethy Cottage . Full size

Hawk End Cottage . Full size
More detail

Yew Tree Cottage . Full size

No.12 . Full size

Yew Tree Cottage. Full size

1891 Census For Hawk End Lane,
Page 1. Full size

1891 Census For Hawk End Lane,
Page 2. Full size

1891 Census For Hawk End Lane,
Page 3 . Full size

Hawk End Lane Shops

George Russell: No.l (on the corner) was a small shop which sold sweets and tobacco. I remember Mrs Hawes, Mrs Clarke and then Mr Elliston owning this shop.
No.4 was also at one time a butchers' shop, run by a Mr Cooper; then by the Goymer family and then Fred Cardy.
Butchers: There were several in the village, [including] Cooper (Hawk End Lane), Elliston (School Road)..... Bill Elliston was a 'back door butcher' and would kill and dress a pig on your own premises.

May Fox: Corner of Hawk End Lane was a shop in a front room, run by Mr Elliston.

Dot & John Redit: They remember a butcher at the corner of Hawk End Lane, but not the owner's name; there was some discussion as to whether it was butcher or grocery. John says Gordon Goymer remembers a double door round the back (of this corner shop) where they used to hang the meat
Dot: Nevvy? Elliston's wasn't a butcher's shop - we got sugar, tea and things like that.

Stan King: First house in Hawk End Lane was a shop when he was a kid, general store just in someone's front room.

Memories of Nina ASHMAN (née Nicholls) born 1946 now living in Somerset (October 2014)
Nina remembers visiting her grandparents who lived in Yew Tree Cottage, Hawk End Lane. Her grandfather died in the late 1950's.

E-mail from Nina, dated 15th Oct 2014
"Looking at your website, I see that you have a modern photograph of Yew Tree Cottage. This was the cottage owned by my Grandparents and, prior to them, to my Great-Grandparents, George and Julia NICHOLLS.
I am attaching a photograph of Julia in the garden, I don't know when it was taken but the 1891 census shows them living at the cottage and by the 1901 census George was 51 and Julia was 46, so it could possibly have been taken around 1910 - 1915. I remember at the end of the 1940's, when I was a small child, Julia was a widow and was always dressed in black.
Trust this may be of some interest to you.

Nina Ashman (née Nicholls)"

Long-time villager, Stan King (sadly deceased April 2015), says that his own grandparents also lived in Hawk End Lane, and he remembers that the Nicholls had one of the first televisions in the village, so Stan used to visit them to watch this “new thing”.