New Road and Cooks Road

New Road . Full size
No telegraph poles yet... The house on the horizon? - as New Road is curved, it must be The Cedars

New Road . Full size; Then and Now
The shed on the left had been the scout hut by the bacon factory drive - Mulley acquired it. Roseacre on the right, where Bob and Margaret Dow lived. See also the aerial photo of this part of New Road.

Roseacre and the blacksmithy . Full size

New Road 1979 . Full size

New Road, 2001 . Full size

New Road, 1912 . Full size; Then and Now
No telegraph poles

New Road, 1925 . Full size
Rannochs first house on the left; maybe the smithy (Redit's) is the last on the left; there is a barn along on the right

Works outing at Rannochs . Full size

New Road . Full size
Myrtle Cottage on the right; Rannochs white house halfway down the left; both electricity and telegraph poles

Cooks Road . Full size

Jeanette Weedon (née Phillips) writes: The properties “Gages” and “Westhaven” (the semi-detached houses adjacent to ... Myrtle Cottage) were built in 1946/47 by my grandfather, Sidney Phillips, for himself and his son, also Sidney Phillips. “Westhaven” at this time was called “Philomel”. My grandfather lived at Philomel until 1964. My aunt and uncle continued to live at “The Gages” until their demise in 1997 and 1987 respectively. My cousin, Avril Baldwin, who sent me the picture, lived at the Gages with her parents throughout her childhood and adolescent years.