Plan and Photographs of the Parish Cemetery

I started from the plan made by the Council in 1980, but there have to be changes…

  • some of the mounds shown then have all but disappeared, and some of the stones
  • there must have been some errors, as I can see stones which must have been there then but which are not shown
  • many interments have taken place since that date

I divided the area into sections, and numbered the graves in each, and coded what there is to see, so if you have the number and the plan you should be able to find the grave (unless Mother Nature has done her thing!).

If you start at the entrance, you’ll pass sections A to I on your left, the graves being numbered from west to east, first the front row then the second, third, fourth; section J is on its own in the new field, then K to T are on the south side as you make your way back to the entrance.

The plan is in three parts (so that they can be printed on A4 paper):