Elmswell History for schools...

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Picture archive
Here you can find two collections of old postcards, and some pictures of the oldest houses in Elmswell.
In the future we hope to include what we can find out about the history of these places and houses.

A Little History
Mr Sinclair lived for a long time in Elmswell, and he prepared some notes about its history for the children at the village school.

Some more facts...
Lots of facts about Elmswell through the centuries: types of farming, population, occupations, and much more.

George's Memories
George Russell is another man who lived for a long time in Elmswell, and a few years ago Mrs Folkard wrote down what he told her about the old days.

1904 map
Almost 100 years ago, there were none of the housing estates we have all around us now. The green dots mark most of the buildings which are still standing, and the red dots those which have definitiely gone. What about the others? See if you can find the old school, and also try to pinpoint where the present Primary School is located.

People in 1881
Every ten years, somebody comes round and records the people in each and every house. Here you'll see the list for the year 1881. Were there any of your family living here in those days? For other 19th century lists click here.