Telephone list, 1951

No direct dialling here in those days: you had to speak to the operator (who was probably in the Post Office) and tell her (or him) you wanted “Elmswell 234”. There were two public call boxes, one in the station and the other at the Post Office.

Just as 01359 does now, the exchange covered other villages: Wetherden, Haughley New Street, Woolpit, Great Ashfield, Norton, Harleston and Hunston, plus Drinkstone Mills and Tostock Old Hall.

Elmswell only

336AndreasenJ. C.St. Edmund's House
246ArmstrongR.J.Hill Farm
228Baker & SonsMillersNew Office
261Ball Garage
349BarrettT. G.Hunston "Lodge
334BorleyW. J.Ashfleld Road
242British BailwaysBooking Office
353BurrowsA.Dagwood Farm
384ChamenG. P.1 Fox and Goose Cottages
284CoeA. J.9 Jubilee Terrace
369CooperE. C.The Willow House
331Co-operative Bacon Factory
263DyballE.Willow Farm House
381FowleH.T.The Cottage, New Road
315Fox Hotel
204GodboldE. V.Street Farm
268GreenMiss E. C."Lnges"
340GreenfleldS. S.Green Farm
275HarborneRev. E. D.The Rectory
249HawesW. W.Printer
316HendersonJ. W.The Cedars
266HicksW.J.White House Farm
285HitchcockB. C.Norwood
207HooperJ. M." Waveney
234JacobMrs. E. V.The Stores
229JacobW. F.The Beeches
209JewersO. C.Corn and Coal Merchant.
310KinderG.Holly Lodge
215KirkwoodJohnElmswell Hall
383LastF. W.Church Avenue
277LastW. E.Station Road
281LeeksW. A.Sub Post Office
270MacdonaldLt.-Col. J. P.The Grange
347MatthewsW. N.Dunelm
374McNeilJ.Old Manor Farm
296MillerB. H.Haulage ContractorRose Lane
233MinihaneT. W.New Road
286Morgan-GranvilIeMrs. R.Sunnyside
278MoyMessrs. T. Ltd.Station Yard
311Mulley Bros.BuildersNew Road
337/8NunnF. J. & SonsBlackbourne Iron Works
382NunnW. O.The Links
365PalmerJ. W.Eastbury, School Road
224Pease Transport Ltd.Ashfield Road
398PhillipsG. A.Philric, Top Road
259PhillipsS. J.Philomel, New Road
211PoliceWest Suffolk County
387PorterCapt. S. W.Eastwood Farm
323/4RannochJohn Ltd.Egg Merchants
306Reckitt & ColemanLtd.Crown Mill
350ReisA.Willow Wood Farm
230VinceF. P.Southview
345WadeMrs. F. R.
366WoolnoughT. E.Bunkers Hill Farm
227WrightF.New Road

All villages on the Elmswell exchange

271AddisonH. C.Butcher and GrocerWoolpit
341Air Ministry Guard RoomGreat Ashfield
336AndreasenJ. C.St. Edmund's HouseElmswell
246ArmstrongR.J.Hill FarmElmswell
314ArmstrongB. W.Motor EngineerNew StreetHaughley
373BakerL. E.Poplar HoldingWoolpit
228Baker & SonsMillersNew OfficeElmswell
261Ball GarageElmswell
294BarkerD. G.Crawley Hall FarmNorton
260BarkerJ. H.Kiln FarmGreat Ashfield
349BarrettT. G.Hunston "LodgeElmswell
304BaulyJ. E.Manor FarmNorton
355BeedellE.Box Tree FarmWetherden
309BennettW. H.Horse ShoesNorton
218BevanMrs. E. M.PlashwoodHaughley
247BlackD. & SonsHardings FarmNorton
380BlackEWhite House FarmWetherden
385BlackBRookery FarmWetherden
265BrewittC. P.High HallNorton
213BrewittT.The CottageNorton
242British BailwaysBooking OfficeElmswell
326Brodhurst-HillMiss R.SouthleighNorton
240Brown & Aitken. Ltd.Wetherden Hall
334BorleyW. J.Ashfleld RoadElmswell
353BurrowsA.Dagwood FarmElmswell
388BurrowsJ.White House FarmHarleston
358ButcherP. N.The HolliesWoolpit
301ButlerW. G.Fish ShopWoolpit
384ChamenG. P.1 Fox and Goose CottagesElmswell
289ChapmanWhite HouseWetherden
220Clover & SonsDrinkstone Mills
284CoeA. J.9 Jubilee TerraceElmswell
295ColemanMiss D. E. P.The ElmsHunston
369CooperE. C.The Willow HouseElmswell
331Co-operative Bacon FactoryElmswell
232Copinger-HillMrs. E. L.Meadow End, Ashfield RoadNorton
360CornishMrs. K. A.Little London FarmWetherden
377CrossA. B.Swan HotelWoolpit
327CrosseJ.Builder and UndertakerHigh StreetWoolpit
245CrothersB. B.SaffronsWoolpit
243CurtisW. J.Little OrchardWetherden
217DiaperJ. H.New StreetHaughley
287DinningB.Hall FarmGreat Ashfield
386DinningT.Lydhurst.Great Ashfield
202District NurseWoolpit
263DyballE.Willow Farm HouseElmswell
364EllisJ. E.Fox FarmWetherden
255ElmerD. G.The BakeryWoolpit
254ElmerMiss N. V.The MillsWoolpit
216ErringtonComdr. B. H.Tostock Old Hall
330FielderD.B.Little FoldHunston Green
381FowleH.T.The Cottage, New RoadElmswell
315Fox HotelElmswell
318GarsonW. A.Pantiles, Little GreenNorton
282GeorgeJ.The BungalowWetherden
204GodboldE. V.Street FarmElmswell
273GoslingMrs. A. I.Mutton HallWetherden
268GreenMiss E. C."Lnges"Elmswell
340GreenfleldS. S.Green FarmElmswell
367HallMrs. A. W.The NookGreat Ashfield
379HallJ.B.Brook CottageGreat Ashfield
238HamlinB. J.St. BriavelsWetherden
275HarborneRev. E. D.The RectoryElmswell
394HarrisonH. J.Church GateWoolpit
283HawesH. S.Rookery FarmGreat Ashfield
249HawesW. W.PrinterElmswell
302HaywoodMiss A.ThedwardsWetherden
256HaywardC. F.Bull InnWoolpit
354HaywardC. F. Ltd.Bury RoadWoolpit
316HendersonJ. W.The CedarsElmswell
205HendersonTurnerHaughley Park
266HicksW.J.White House FarmElmswell
285HitchcockB. C.NorwoodElmswell
207HooperJ. M." WaveneyElmswell
317HewlettA. T.Mill Lane FarmWoolpit
225HewlettG. W.Old Police StationWoolpit
250HewlettR. A.Heathgate FarmWoolpit
352Jack's CafeWetherden
234JacobMrs. E. V.The StoresElmswell
229JacobW. F.The BeechesElmswell
346JamesA. E.Arch FarmNorton
209JewersO. C.Corn and Coal Merchant.Elmswell
272JonesDr. RUpper LodgeWetherden
310KinderG.Holly LodgeElmswell
215KirkwoodJohnElmswell Hall
313KnightMessrs. G. C. & F. C.The Lodge FarmHunston
383LastF. W.Church AvenueElmswell
277LastW. E.Station RoadElmswell
281LeeksW. A.Sub Post OfficeElmswell
293LevesleyH. T.Grange FarmGreat Ashfield
300LunmisH. E.Maypole InnWetherden
270MacdonaldLt.-Col. J. P.The GrangeElmswell
257MacDougallC. E.Red HouseNorton
325MahonyH. N.The Grange FarmWetherden
351MandersP. J.The School HouseWetherden
307MansonRev. G. L.The RectoryWoolpit
235MarstonJ. A.Monks CloseWoolpit
322Mason & Co.Grocers and DrapersHigh StreetWoolpit
347MatthewsW. N.DunelmElmswell
374McNeilJ.Old Manor FarmElmswell
221MilesJ. S.Norton Hall
357MilesJ. S.Lea FarmGreat Ashfield
296MillerB. H.Haulage ContractorRose LaneElmswell
233MinihaneT. W.New RoadElmswell
286Morgan-GranvilIeMrs. R.SunnysideElmswell
248MorleyF. B.ButcherWoolpit
200MossMiss A. F.Esk CottageWetherden
278MoyMessrs. T. Ltd.Station YardElmswell
311Mulley Bros.BuildersNew RoadElmswell
339MulleyMessrs. F. W. & SonsThe Firs, Raggs LaneWoolpit
312NormanP. J.The WheatsheafWoolpit
337/8NunnF. J. & SonsBlackbourne Iron WorksElmswell
382NunnW. O.The LinksElmswell
335OngMrs. A.Little StoresWetherden
365PalmerJ. W.Eastbury, School RoadElmswell
321ParkerMrs. A. M.The GrangeWoolpit
392ParkerD.G. P.Gable Cottage, Green RoadWoolpit
378ParrW. H.The StreetWoolpit
224Pease Transport Ltd.Ashfield RoadElmswell
291PerryJ. B.The Green Road Garage CottageWoolpit
398PhillipsG. A.Philric, Top RoadElmswell
259PhillipsS. J.Philomel, New RoadElmswell
264Phoenix Bros.Harleston Hall
211PoliceWest Suffolk CountyElmswell
212PoliceWest Suffolk CountyWoolpit
389PorterH.C.11 New RoadNorton
387PorterCapt. S. W.Eastwood FarmElmswell
236PoundA.Lawn FarmWoolpit
372PrimmerMrs. M. S.Chapel CottageWetherden
308PriorH.Street FarmWoolpit
206PrymeP. W.The CrosswaysWoolpit
222PyeExors. of R. S.Timber Merchants.
366Rand E. & Sons (Engineers) Ltd.Park GarageWetherden
303Rand E. & Sons (Engineers) Ltd.Bury RoadWetherden
323/4RannochJohn Ltd.Egg MerchantsElmswell
362RaphaelC.Haydon'sNorton Little Green
226RaynerR.Motor EngineerBury RoadWoolpit
306Reckitt & ColemanLtd.Crown MillElmswell
350ReisA.Willow Wood FarmElmswell
393RomeLt.-Col. R. C.EvergreenWoolpit
276RowlandE. R.Ashfield RoadNorton
208Rous (Beyton) Ltd.Albatross Garage
241Royal Automobile Club (Sentry Box)Haughley New Street
262Rushbrook. W. R.Grove Farm
305RustMiss E.TyrrellsWoolpit
333ScholesF.BakeryGreat Ashfield
253SellersMiss G. E.GoshawksWetherden
391Simpson & ScottBrickworksWoolpit
368SmithW.L.Rudlen HouseWoolpit
274SpinkE. W.Willow FarmWetherden
214StevensDr. N.Woolpit
376StiffC.F.Bushes FarmHaughley
348StigglesT.The ManseWetherden
359SwanMrs. C. E.Elm CottageWetherden
297TigheE. F.Clandore Guest HouseWoolpit
363TroakeW. H.Chapel FarmGreat Ashfield
203TyrellH. C.Oak Tree FarmNorton
230VinceF. P.SouthviewElmswell
345WadeMrs. F. R.Elmswell
361WakelinP. S.GlenviewGreat Ashfield
396WaltersJ. S.Slougli FarmGreat Ashfield
395WaringMiss S. C.Rags LaneWoolpit
223WarringtonW. J.Dale HouseWoolpit
328WeaverRev. J.The RectoryWetherden
319WilsonCapt. A. H.Batts FarmWetherden
231WilsonMrs. S.Pine LodgeHaughley New Street
375WilsonMrs. S.J.Moorbridge FarmHarleston
366WoolnoughT. E.Bunkers Hill FarmElmswell
288Woolpit Brick Co. Ltd.Woolpit
267Woolpit Gravel Co. Ltd.Woolpit
227WrightF.New RoadElmswell
280WrightG. H.Kiln FarmWoolpit